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The Leela Zone goes to war!

A lot of stuff happened after the last drunky layout got dumped and the blue layout came back one last time to replace it. A regular Fan Art submitter, Paul Metcalfe, opened his own site PaulScans (which later became Futurama Scan Art Central, though it has since dissapeared) and while I was at it, I came up with a layout for it. Dave was very busy with Love in Cyberspace, too, and I was working pretty much nonstop 15km from home, so TLZ was being neglected; December came and went without much happening. When the new millenium began, though, that changed: on January 9 I entered a chatroom and saw Scotty and Paul in there. Scotty asked if he could be a cowebmaster of The Leela Zone, and I said "OK, hop on board, here's the password". Then Paul said that, since his stuff was showing a lot at TLZ, he wanted to be cowebmaster too; I said "OK, hop on board, here's the password". Then, some guy with the nick "Gort" popped up out of nowhere, and Scotty said that guy wanted to help too; I said "OK, hop on board, here's the password". Really, that's how applications to be a webmaster of The Leela Zone were handled.

Paul kept the Fan Art section updated, as I had expected; Scotty uploading some scripts (Message Board and Chat) and doing a game, and Gort... well, let's say he impressed me. He started creating Framegrabs, then doing Sounds, then Video Clips, then managing the Fan Fiction, then finding something else to update and doing so. A day would usually have an update by me, maybe one by Paul, and three by Graham. He added more stuff to the site in one month than I had in six months. To this day, he holds the record as the webmaster who's updated the site the most, with over a thousand posts.

Scotty, meanwhile, was getting his own site Say Argh! ready, so he wasn't updating much. Graham was also helping Scotty with that site, and so soon he was updating there too. Say Argh!, supposedly a Zoidberg site, was a joke from the start: most of the content wasn't and isn't even remotely related to Zoidberg, and the webmasters made it a personal goal to put a joke or ten in each update. One of the first things that Say Argh! did was to declare war on another site called Down With Zoidberg, demanding immediate "surrender" by that site. Displaying tactical maps and other stuff on their site, they "invaded" that site until it was "destroyed". Not happy with that, they proceeded to declare war to another site called Nothing But Nibbler; which had also Scotty and Paul as wemasters. I was staying silent to all this but in February 6 I couldn't shut up anymore, and so I uploaded this layout full of guns: I had "discovered" that Graham had stolen top secret information in the war room of The Leela Zone regarding Nibbler's location and defense sytem in order to attack Nothing But Nibbler from Say Argh!, and that Paul had stolen the "How to cook a lobster" file from us in order to counterattack. I launched an strike with the argentine navy (all three submarines!) and threatened further measures with the secret weapon 101 Uses for a Lobster. Nothing But Nibbler and Say Argh! signed a non-aggresion treaty, while the argentine navy completely obliterated mtvcdm's base at the Futurama Outlet "by mistake", and gave Aaron as a meal for Zoidberg. Nothing But Nibbler and Say Argh!, now allies, launched a joint attack against Planet Roadmap, for some reason that even I don't understand yet, but since Planet Roadmap was a powerful site with the capability to erase The Leela Zone from history, we remained quite neutral, thank you very much. Finally, both agressors surrendered, and peace was restored... for a week or so.

Later on February, Say Argh! declared war against Cubert's Secret Laboratory. Since that was a fairly minor site, and one that I liked too, I did what I could to offer protection: one submarine was dispatched, ready to fire an endless supply of Hackers to Say Argh!, unless Scotty surrendered and agreed to drop any further plan of attack to any other site. That worked very well; after that, Say Argh! didn't attack any other site (although it kept being a quite off-topic site with practically no Zoidberg content and several jokes per update), and the whole war thing remained as a nice in-joke for the sites involved.

This layout can be associated with very fun times; the webmasters of different sites were always ready to joke with another sites and the jokes were in each news update of plenty of sites. Very fun times.

This layout was online from 2001.02.07 to 2001.03.31; lasted 53 nice days.

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