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Look out! It's a banner ad!

This layout lasted a long time. That picture of Leela crashing in the banner ad was cheered at in the message boards; nobody likes ads, and we weren't the exception.

This layout went online in August of 2000, and Dave's site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace had opened. However, there were some bad news: the Sweeet Network, who hosted Can't Get Enough Futurama (and us in it), changed servers and, not happy with filling us with ads, decided to stop allowing subhosted sites; meaning that every site that was hosted in a subdomain (including Planet Roadmap, Planet Express Service Station, Love in Cyberspace, Mass Hypnosis Hour, and lots and lots of others) had to go. Several websites were lost that day, though others (like us) moved to new hosts.

This layout was online from 2000.08.22 to 2000.10.23; then came back from 2000.11.14 to 2000.11.20; and it came back once again from 2000.11.21 to 2001.02.07: this was the layout that greeted Graham as a webmaster in January of 2001. This layout stayed online a total of 147 days.

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