See? It could be worse!

This one wasn't for real.

This 'layout' only appeared on the main page; every other page kept the purple layout. This change was directed especially to Aaron (mtvcdm), who had mailed me after I put the purple layout back, telling me that I better kept it. So, I just grabbed Paint Shop Pro, made a firey title, pasted together pieces of previous layouts, and uploaded it; then sent him a message saying "you see.. it COULD be much, much worse". After getting his reply, I changed the layout for a new one. This is the kind of thing that you can do with a small fan website that I'm certain I couldn't get away with now that Futurama Madhouse is visited by thousands of people every day.

This layout, of course, didn't last: was online on 2000.08.18 and 2000.08.19; two days.

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Yep, I change the layout just to annoy visitors out of their minds.
I love layout-related hate mail!

Still reading??? Well, then I'll tell you the other reason is that I want to know what mtvcdm will say this time!