Free Waterfall: you call THAT a Futurama layout?

"The Leela Zone has announced plans to change their design. This is beginning to look like a running gag. We've only given them enough time do do the logo. Thank God."

The above line was published in the Futurama Fan-o-Rama newsletter while the previous layout was online. It was that sort of feedback that quite encouraged me to turn this constant layout change into a running gag indeed. After all, season 2 had ended and the updates were coming slow; plus after all the problems that had happened with the previous layout, I wanted something completely different. And you can't deny that this is... different. The graphics come from the Megaman X2 game for the Super Nintendo (the Megaman games were my favorites back then). There was a countdown to Season 3 just above the title, at the beginning of the waterfall. Planet Roadmap labeled it as a "strange, strange layout... clouds, rocks, seashells... you can barely tell it's a Futurama site, except for the only pic of Leela at the top".

And Aaron's comment was "As I said in the newsletter about a month back: CUT IT OUT, CAN'T YA?!"

That line was what prompted the next joke layout.

This layout was online from 2000.08.05 to 2000.08.07; two days. I still like it... it's certainly different. As weird as it gets, but different.

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