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This layout is ugly, and it has lots of wasted space in the title bar. The reason for this layout is that Can't Get Enough Futurama, who hosted the website back then, had started throwing banner ads at us. The wasted space in the title was used by a banner ad from CGEF; and the space below the links was used by two CNet ads. Rhose blasted CNet ads even crashed my browser very often.

David Curtin was a great cowebmaster; he kept updating sections, and adding Interactive Stories: the peak of popularity was then, when he moderated five Interactive Stories, and some authors wrote fanfics based on the Interactive Stories, while others wrote interactive versions of their fanfics. However, on July 14, it all went to the trash: because of the way we were hosted, several websites could see each other's files, and some moron hacked into our stories directory and deleted everything he could. The Interactive Stories, Message Board, Futurama Fan-o-Rama... all lost. And a couple of days later there was an extra problem with the FTP, which prevented us from updating the site for several weeks. On August 2 we finally managed to get back... and since the problem was caused by a "hacker", a new section was born: the now infamous Uses for a Hacker by Smiley. The site was never hacked again, but that section remains online to this day, although it went way off topic.

David and I kept running the site, but Dave was also busy with his own project: Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace, a Futurama romance site.

This layout was online from 2000.06.07 to 2000.08.04, although, the site didn't update for two solid weeks during that. Still, was online for 59 days online; way too much. And between the ads, the hacking, and the offline time, it seemed to last longer. I was very happy to trash it.

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