Fast to load, fast to go

This layout got online the day after the counter hit 10K visitors; at that time, that number was a big deal. It has very few graphics, so it loads blinding fast; back then most of the web still ran on dialup, so I thought people would like it... but most people wanted the previous layout back. So this layout was online for exactly one day.

Around this time, I had installed a script for Interactive Stories, where visitors could write a story that branched in the Choose Your Own Adventure way, and these stories were quite popular at the time. A regular poster in them was David Curtin, who made good entries. I was getting quite sick of the Interactive Stories getting filled with junk, so I asked him if he wanted to be a moderator, and he accepted; he did a lot more than just moderating, though. He became the site's second webmaster in June 6th.

This layout was online for 20 hours (well, count it as one day), on 2000.05.15. I had my revenge, though: this layout, with a different graphic instead of Leela's face, was the design of Si Se Calla El Cantor Rock Magazine, an argentine music fanzine, for several months.

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