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Layout Madness Begins

This layout had several variations (roll the mouse over the title graphic and bottom credits to see some of them). At this point in the site's history, I was doing a little updating at Futurama Latinoamérica, an spanish fansite headed by Marcelo Mottalli; and also had been doing a little stuff at the Futurama Fan-o-Rama, a Futurama newsletter. This was during the second season of Futurama; we had a new episode every week, a great timeslot, and awesome episodes. The Futurama web was full of good, living sites, like the Futurama Outlet and the Futurama Chronicles... those were great times to be a Futurama fan.

This layout was online from 2000.04.08 to 2000.05.14; I changed it then, but the new layout didn't last, and this came back on 2000.05.16 until 2000.06.04; then I changed the layout several times, but by visitor demand it came back again from 2000.08.07 to 2000.08.17; at that point I changed it for a joke layout for one day and then it came back for the last time in 2000.08.20 to 2000.08.21. This is the layout that came back the most times, although it was online for only 70 days.

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