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One-Eyed Alien Resurrection!

The reopening of The Leela Zone was delayed two months. At first I had hoped to have it back online by February 1st, but lacking FTP access to the original files and with no help from its "cowebmaster" Matthew, it took longer than expected to convert the existing sections.

At the time, my site Futurama Winamp Skins had just been swallowed by Can't Get Enough Futurama, so I asked its then-webmaster Andie for a place to host the site; he agreed, and so The Leela Zone reopened on April 1st of the year 2000.

This layout's color scheme and banner made it look similar to the previous one, but a closer look reveals a lot of changes, especially in the source code. It was not meant to last, however; I had uploaded it in a bit of a hurry, and just a week later, The Leela Zone had a new look.

This layout was online from 2000.04.01 to 2000.04.07; it also was online for one day in 2000.11.13 when we moved to our own domain, so it was online for a total of 8 days.

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