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"Futurama" TM and FOX and its related companies. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution is prohibited. This web site and any content included relating to "Futurama" are not authorized by FOX. The Leela Zone is owned and maintained by Mark L***** and co-webmaster Matthew Lenahan with additional help and materials from "Grosse."

Thanks to all who contributed to make this site possible!

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Mark L*****'s era

This was what TLZ looked like the first time I visited it, when it was hosted at There's Something About Futurama. This layout was also created by the site's founder, Mark L*****. Unfortunately, I discovered the site in November, and in December it stopped updating. At the time, my site Futurama Winamp Skins had just been swallowed by Can't Get Enough Futurama and I was siteless, so I mailed Mark and got his permission to revive the site.

This layout was online for 210 days; this was before I took control of it, of course. It was uploaded on 1999.09.04 and stayed online until 2000.03.31. However, the site had stopped updating in 2000.01.11, so the layout was actually "active" for 129 days.

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