Leela's Lair

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An Unofficial Rendering of the boudoir of any Modern Well-Educated Cyclops of tomorrow.

By now it's obvious to the visitor, or any fan of the latest Matt Groening imagination "Futurama", that the number one lady has only one eye. But being an Aries by nature, birthdate unknown, this doesn't stop the lovely Leela from having her own life and expressing it through her lifestyle. Her personal domain would be just one expression of that lifestyle and personality, yet at the same time would hold true to her cyclopsian nature.

Herein lies a problem poseable only by a wacky animated series: although one-eyed and logically lacking in depth perception, she pilots any vehicle through space and obstacle courses often better than her two-eyed counterparts. Could this be a biological correction within her species, that of either a sixth sense, heightened "female intuition", or possibly a double retina layout within her one eye!?

Either was this look at her private dwelling layout takes into account these factors at a time in the series when the animators have not gone there. So mistakes in design and color may be made.

Bottom line: Lets not forget Such Foolishness and Science Fiction begin with the same letters!

Everyone lives somewhere. We know the Professor has his lab on the top 2 levels of the Tower and his retirement apartment underneath, while Fry crashes in Bender's closet at the Robot Arms. Hermes goes home to his standard issue 2 story, garage and basement added, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, requisition bureaucratic house located in BureauWood. Zoidberg uses the abandoned Hydroelectric plant on the side of the P.E. building in whats left of the Hudson River in New New York while Amy has both a 4 bedroom place at the Wong Wong Wong Sorority, Mars U., and a penthouse suite at the Wong Towers.

Leela, thanks to her Martial Arts skill, her security training, and government pension, has convinced the Professor to stay at the far end of the P.E. building's hangar bay. This way he gets a "watchdog" and a tax break at the same time. With the Animal Control Center and Zoo in walking distance from this end of the building, Nibbler also has a "fast food" place he can go to when the company runs out of Gibblets, Snouts, and Entrails. The 3rd turbotube leads directly to the abandoned nuclear substation where Nibbler's excreta are stored and used to power the building. The 2nd turbotube leads to the hangar bay while the 1st tube leads to the walkway of the conference room, maintenance levels, and rest of the building.

Along the way is a disused viewing platform for the public who the Professor thought would "pay" to see their packages off with a lounge of abandoned vending machines. These machines contain at least 5 of Mom's Viable Valuable Vendys and are used for quick snacks by the crew and "practice" for Bender in raiding. The food marked with bright green labels are fresh while the others are remnants leftover from years gone by. (If Nibbler won't touch 'em, nobody else will!)

Planet Express' Building (click for full-size image)

It's obvious that Leela was brought up in a two eyed world that did not stifle her feistiness but temper it, so she must have had very understanding teachers (except her Martial Arts Bozo), a nice foster family, or very good friends to keep this orphan on the straight and narrow.

Being one eyed, she'd use bright colors and shades to express and highlight everyday objects, such as chairs or tables, while blending them with pastels to soothe and satisfy her feminine side.

She would use patterned art for borders and boundaries the way we use contrasting colors to highlight archways, doorways, etc. Too many patters would create a maze of confusion while too few colors would produce a "fog" effect she couldn't distinguish with. The patters would be her ultra-expressive side, the pastels her feminine, while the brights would be subtle reminders to aid her poor depth perception.

Object de'Art would be profusely collected as a means of feeling like she belongs to the world, most alienated orphans and people fall into this as a compensatory sense of satisaction. Anything provoking good childhood memories or comfort would be snapped up, but it wouldn't be kept in public view where it could be ridiculed or stolen. This would be housed in her inner sanctum where she could retreat when things get too rough. In the Christmas episode we saw a prime example by her storage of a personal photo album in a well-locked locker of the ship.

The most sought after room, for hetero-males, the bedroom, would be very practical in nature and pidgeon-holed as a place of rest. In fact, every room or area in the place would be separate and complete in itself, sometimes blending with the other rooms and sometimes not. She certainly wouldn't want to be "trapped" in any room, bringing back feeling of entrapment in an orphanage, and thus the openess of the place; but she wouldn't want to be too open either!

Bearing all this in mind, let's take a room by room look, starting with the basic floorplan.

Floorplan (click for full-size image)

The Key to the Place

A. Solarium of sorts. Here she can exercise in private or retract a sunroof and tan. A few toys are kept around for Nibbler. The nearby corner closet by the Hovercycle launch area is used to store the tools needed to fix and maintain the Hovercycle she owns.

B. Inner Sanctum if you will. Here she keeps all her "goodies", collectibles, what have you, that have made her feel good over the years. You can bet she's spent time and money into keeping this room safe from prying eyes. The computer library in here has her most personal records and diary accounts.

C. The bedroom. Leela likes to use a romantic touch to her fabrics with a hyperbaric chamber for cleansing her body and rejuvenating her while she sleeps. The library in here features her favorite reading material and bedtime books.

D. The "Den". She has another library, more referential than anything, along with a collection of Vids, CDs, a Mom-gomery Wards entertainment center, and the usual other things a place like this would have. She can unwind before bed here.

E. The Balcony. When not being used as a track for exercise, she hopes the holographic sections she's secretly installed will put the right guy in the right mood at the right time.

F. The Lounge or entertainment area where her coworkers or friends can visit.

G. The Kitchen/Dining area. Of course she does her own dishes in the Sonic washer.

Kitchen and Dining Area Floorplan (click for full-size image)

H. The Entryway, where she first welcomes visitors to her place. Turbotube #1 opens onto this area.

Spa (click for full-size image)I. The Shower/Sauna room with a heart-shaped 7 jet Ma-cuzi Spa. As can be seen, this is next to the bathrooms and the area by Turbotube #3 is used for clothes washing and drying.

Nibbler's Nook (click for full-size image)J. Nibbler's "Nook". Here he can lay all the Dark Matter he wants when the weather's too rough outside. He has a small balcony he can sun himself on and play toys in a small chest. Leela keeps a hoverdolly, a grav-scoop, and an access tube for deposit of the 'nuggets' into the building's powerplant. (Bender refuses to.)