Interview - Kryten, Nov 2004

Kenneth: I'm here with one of three premiere interviews for FM:TLZ with none other than Kryten, the PEEL Ubermod, much lauded fanfic writer and Amyholic. Kryten has helped keep PEEL running smoothly and is the author of no less than 11 stories hosted at our site, including "There's Something About Amy," the "Secrets and Eyes" series, "Amy's Wedding," and most recently, "Catastrophe." Kryten, welcome!

Kryten: Hi, Ken. Glad to be here.

Kenneth: When did you first get into with Futurama, and how?

Kryten: Probably when it first aired. It's been a while, I have a bad memory.

Kenneth: What other shows do you like to watch?

Kryten: Well, there are a LOT of cartoons I like. Some of the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon offerings, especially CN's late night stuff.

Kenneth: Do you have any favourite books?

Kryten: Yeah, I'm into Terry Practhett's work.

Kryten: Things like that.

Kenneth: No wonder why you go for very humorous styled writing.

Kryten: Yeah...

Kenneth: Which leads to the next question: what made you decide to start writing fanfics based on Futurama?

Kryten: I'unno... I guess I saw others writing fanfic and said to myself, "hey, I can do that."

Kenneth: What are you working on at the moment?

Kryten: I'm planning a Futurama/Harvey Birdman crossover. Unfortunately, "Catastrophe's" stalled until I can get up enough determination to work on it again.

Kenneth: That's a shame.

Kenneth: Which pie would you rather eat: puppy, kitten or seal pup?

Kryten: Kitten, definitely.

Kenneth: Good choice

Kenneth: Your stories are generally regarded as some of the funniest ones out there. How easy is it to write good jokes, and how important do you think humour is in a story?

Kryten: It all depends, really. Sometimes, the jokes just pop into your head, other times, you're sitting there for minutes at a time trying to pump out the words.

Kenneth: What type of humour is your favourite? e.g. character based, satire, observational, etc

Kryten: As for humor... it all depends on the tone of what you're working on. If it's based on comedy, then, yes, humor's very important. If it's drama, humors still a little important, to give occasional relief from the angst.

Kenneth: What kinds of things inspire your imagination?

Kryten: Stuff I see around me. And old TV shows.

Kenneth: Any particular examples you can think of?

Kenneth: From your previous stories?

Kryten: Well, "The Frychurian Candidate" was inspired by my own trip to the dentist.

Kenneth: Hehehe

Kenneth: What would you consider your best story to date?

Kryten: I think "Looking for Snu-Snu in All the Wrong Places" was probably the best work I've ever done. It all came together so perfectly...

Kenneth: Are there any other authors that you look up to or admire, both published professionals and other fanficcers? You've already mentioned Pratchett, any others?

Kryten: Well, there's Steven King, Peter David, Robert Jordan, off the top of my head, among pros...

Kenneth: Any amongst other fic writers?

Kryten: Other fanficcers I admire are Allen Tanner, Brad Rousse, Andy Robertson,

Kryten: There's more, wait...

Kenneth: Hehehe

Kryten: Christina Nordlander is another favorite...

Kryten: Also some guy called Kenneth White, maybe you've heard of him.

Kenneth: LOL

Kenneth: Christina's a good friend of mine. I'm a great admirer of hers myself.

Kryten: I love the way she works in those "real" historical tidbits.

Kenneth: If John has two apples, and Mary has seven apples, how long would it take a pink monkey named Bill to kick all the seeds out of a dil pickle?

Kryten: THREE, damnit. It takes THREE licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Kenneth: LOL

Kenneth: What is your general feelings towards Shipper stories, and what is your take on the Fry and Leela relationship overall?

Kryten: Shipper stories are like every kind of story... there's some very good stuff, some very BAD stuff, and a lot in the middle.

Kryten:: And Fry and Leela are most likely going to get together, once Fry cleans up his act and Leela loosens up a bit.

Kenneth: Good answer.

Kenneth: I think too many people tend to think that only one of them needs to change to make it work. I agree with what you said.

Kenneth: How do you feel about the way Fox treated Futurama, and do you think there's a chance it'll return via Cartoon Network?

Kryten: Well, you know how some shows "jump the shark"?

Kenneth: Hehehe, are you reading my notes?

Kenneth: Because, my next question is: Do you think the show *should* make a comeback if possible, or is it best left alone in case it falls the fate of Jumping the Shark?

Kryten: Futurama was mugged in a back alley, beaten half to death, raped a couple of times, then fed to the shark.

Kenneth: So you don't think it could return as good as it went out then?

Kryten: I think there's a shot. We'll see how good Family Guy is when it comes back, though. That may indicate what could happen.

Kenneth: Good call.

Kenneth: Do you have an opinion regarding Futurama's older yellow-skinned cousins, The Simpsons?

Kryten: Yeah. I think it should've been cancelled a while ago. The new episodes still entertain me on occasion, but most leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Kenneth: I'd have to agree myself there. I haven't enjoyed the show for a good while now.

Kryten: A lot of people feel that way...

Kenneth: Do you think fanworks are doing a good job at keeping the show alive for the fans?

Kryten: Yeah... they're keeping the show in the fans' hearts and minds, in case one day we DO see a real Season 5.

Kenneth: Here's hoping!

Kenneth: In the future, will there be robots like those on the show?

Kryten: They already have a robot that partially runs on alcohol... it's not much of a stretch to have one that smokes cigars and commits multiple felonies, is it?

Kenneth: Hehehe, probably just a matter of time then.

Kryten: Yeah.

Kenneth: Do you see animated human heads in the future for real?

Kryten: Animated heads? I dunno... would anyone really WANT to live like that?

Kenneth: Good point.

Kenneth: What's your favourite episode?

Kryten: Hmmm... "Amazon Women in the Mood".

Kryten: But it changes depending on which episodes I've seen recently.

Kenneth: Amy is definitely your favourite character. Like to outline why?

Kryten: She's cute, she's klutzy, and she has a dirty, dirty mouth. What's not to love?

Kenneth: Hehehe

Kenneth: Amy or the girl next door then?

Kryten: The girl next door. At least until medical science comes up with a way to turn me into a cartoon.

Kenneth: Hehehe

Kenneth: Which do you prefer: slutty Amy or tied-down-with-Kif Amy?

Kryten: Slutty Amy. I'd REALLY prefer SMART slutty Amy, but they started to turn her into a bimbo, which kind of annoyed me...

Kenneth: If you had a reformatted robot and could pick any celebrity to download into it, who would you pick?

Kryten: Eliza Dushku. Faith from TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Kenneth: If a woodchuck could chuck wood, *would* a woodchuck chuck wood?

Kryten: Most woodchucks I've known are pretty lazy. So, no, they'd probably let the wood pile up, and some other animal'd wind up having to do it.

Kenneth: Hehehe

Kenneth: What people and/or websites would you say have helped keep the online community so alive even over a year since the final episode?

Kryten: CGEF, Futurama Madhouse, and the late, great Scan Art Central.

Kenneth: Do you think the show will still be as alive for fans a year from now?

Kryten: Probably.

Kenneth: How do you think Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone can help keep the show alive for years to come?

Kryten: The most important thing is to keep updating.

Kenneth: We'll do so as long as we keep getting content to update with :-)

Kenneth: If you could kill one person without getting in trouble with an item from a toolshed, who would it be and with what tool?

Kryten: Dick Cheney, with a crowbar.

Kenneth: Excellent option!

Kenneth: Let's do some word association: What's the first thing you think of when the following 12 words are mentioned (one at a time):

Kenneth: Planet Express

Kryten: Ship

Kenneth: New New York

Kryten: Yankees

Kenneth: Puppies

Kryten: Cute

Kenneth: Bush

Kryten: Idiot

Kenneth: Paul Hogan

Kryten: Shrimp on the Barby

Kenneth: Elvis

Kryten: Vegas

Kenneth: Amy

Kryten: Hot

Kenneth: Amy

Kryten: Very hot

Kenneth: Naked flesh

Kryten: Amy

Kenneth: Amy

Kryten: Naked flesh

Kenneth: Kif

Kryten: Dead man

Kenneth: Axe

Kryten: In Kif's head

Kenneth: Hehehe, interesting responses there

Kenneth: Before we wrap up, is there any advice you can give to new authors out there who want to write their first fic?

Kryten: Yeah... don't write to please others. Write to please yourself.

Kenneth: Good advice, I agree fully.

Kenneth: Anything else you want to add overall?

Kryten: No, I think that covers things...

Kenneth: Thanks for doing this Kryten, and good luck with your writing.