Interview - Frosty, November 18, 2011

MC: Hey there everybody. MC here for the latest in our on-going series of interviews with artists and fan fic writers. Today, I’ve relocated myself from the Windy City to just outside the Motor City where we’ve got a double whammy. Mehgan, aka Frosty, an accomplished writer and an artist of no small repute, is today’s subject. So, first off, how’s it goin’?

F: Good. The knee’s a bit sore, but other than that, I’m good.

MC: Good, let’s get started then. How did you get into Futurama?

F: Honestly, I just found it one late summer night on Adult Swim when I was in 7th grade. The rest is history.

MC: That seems to be the popular way that people here in the US got into it. What first got you interested in writing?

F: I think I first became interested in writing as a hobby after I started reading Nicholas Sparks books. After all my first fic, Dear Fry, is based on a few of his books as well as A Mark, A Mission, A Scar, A Brand. But after taking journalism and honors reading/composition classes, my writing became stronger and I became more serious about it. In fact this year when I start college I plan on going into English and creative writing. Even though when my friend read a story I’m working on (non-Futurama) she looked at me and said ‘I hate bad writers.’ Turns out she meant that she liked my writing and it made her more angry when she had to read bad material. That’s what I’m believing anyway, hehe. Futurama was defiantly a big inspiration though. I think that one of the first fan fics I read was Silverwolf’s Leela’s Return and I thought, 'Hey writing my own story could be fun.'

MC: What types of stories do you like to read? Any particular authors you like?

F: I really like murder mysteries. James Patterson is one of my favorites as well as the ghost written Richard Castle books. I also really enjoy Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, and Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Mystery wise, The Poet by Michael Connelly is one of my top favorites. I still love those bittersweet heart tuggers by Nicholas Sparks. None of those bodice-ripper love stories though. Some of my favorite stories on Futurama Madhouse are Beat The Parents by BumbleBee Theta, The Real Decoy by coldangel_1, and your own The Ties That Bind and It’s Moidah!

MC: Thanks for that. As you know, it’s always nice to be appreciated, and especially by a good writer, such as yourself. But, back to you. What got you interesting in writing fan fiction?

F: I found the Madhouse and read a number of the fan fictions, to the point where my eyes hurt from staring at the screen, haha. I wrote my first two fics and then got hurt in Track (a torn knee that required surgery). With all my spare time I began writing more and became addicted to it.

MC: Do you write any other types of fan fiction?

F: I’ve written two fics for the J.J. Abrams show Fringe. Well, actually one. I never finished the other one because the file got deleted when I switched computers. Now I’m working on my own original material.

MC: What type of stories do you like to write?

F: I’m getting into writing dramedies: mystery drama with a touch of humor. There’s nothing wrong with making people laugh, even if it’s gallows humor. And of course I have to have some romance in my writing.

MC: Since writers and artists are often their own worst critics, what do you think of your material? How has it changed from when you started? Do you have any favorites and has that opinion changed over time? Anything, looking back, that’s particularly cringe-worthy?

F: Not trying to sound self-absorbed, but I do like my work and I think it’s good. I enjoy rereading some old material, Time Of Your Life, A Mark A Mission, A Scar, A Brand and Second Chances are some of my personal favorites. But sometimes when I read my older fics part of me says 'What were you doing?! Mostly it’s tense shifts and grammar errors, but some are glaring.

MC: Do you have any advice for prospective writers?

F: I have my six R’s of being an author: Read, Read, Read, Write, Write, and Write…wait a minute…Anyway, it’s important to read a lot and write as often as you can. It’s also very, very important to proofread (something I don’t do enough) and make spell-check your best friend. Another good idea is to keep a pen and notebook handy at all times. There has been too many times where I’ve been away from my computer and got a great idea and then forgotten it once I got home. I now carry a pen and a little notebook.

MC: Let’s switch tracks a little and move onto your art work. How long have you been drawing?

F: Since I was little, like any kid. I usually just draw whenever I feel like it.

MC: Have you ever taken any drawing classes, or is it all natural talent?

F: Other than elementary school art? No, I’ve never taken any classes.

MC: Natual talent, then. I hate you for that, mostly because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. I kid, I kid. What tools to you use, both physical and on the computer?

F: I hand draw, go over it with a felt pen and then scan them and color them on the computer. Sometimes I do use markers though.

MC: Do you consider yourself an art perfectionist?

F: Robot Hell, no! I draw everyone once in a while and when I haven’t drawn in a while I do practice by tracing outlines and adding details and then get back in the rhythm of things.

MC: Is feedback important to helping you grow as an artist?

F: It’s nice and it makes me want to continue drawing and writing. Constructive feedback is always good, it makes me work harder.

MC: What other artists out there do you appreciate the work of? Which other Futurama fanartists do you like?

F: My favorite painting is “Starry Night” by Van Gough. And I do like a lot of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. Futurama fan artists I like are Futurama_Freak1 and coldangel_1

MC: What makes you decide what kind of style to do for a picture?

F: I don’t really know. Some ideas just come to me and I’ll just sit down and draw them. Most of my artistic ideas are spontaneous.

MC: Got any new pictures in the works?

F: I have some ideas (I’ve been studying 20th Century in school and I’ve got some ideas for some WWII themed pictures) but I don’t know when I might get around to doing them. I usually need some sort of reference picture in front of me so drawing at school isn’t the easiest.

MC: What made you venture into the field of Futurama fanart?

F: Honestly? I thought the Matt Groening style of drawing was fun and easy to do. Well, not easy but easier than any other type.

MC: What inspirations do you use for your fanarts?

F: My fan fics, movies, music and episodes of Futurama.

MC: Do you have any advice for the budding artist out there?

F: Just don’t worry about being perfect. Draw if you want to draw and just ignore any nasty comments like “You suck” or things like that. If you like drawing, don’t stop.

MC: Well, that just about wraps things up here, I think. Thanks for doing this.

F: Hey, no problem. Anytime.

MC: Any last words for the people?