Interview - Atomic Raygun Attack, December 6, 2007

Tim: I'm speaking with Eric of Atomic Raygun Attack, a band from Fredericksburgh, Virginia, USA who has a collection of Futurama inspired songs based on the episode "The Sting". This interview appeared on the main page on March 28, 2008 and the band and their "The Sting" album were featured on December 4, 2007. So, Eric, are all three of you Futurama fans, or just one or what?

Eric: All three of us are huge Futurama fans. We all have all the episodes at home and have watched them WAAAY too much, to the point of Futurama quotes working their way into our common daily speech. Plus Andy, the drummer can do a *killer* Zoidberg impression.

Tim: How did you decide to do a collection of songs based on Futurama?

Eric: Clint and I have wanted to do a "concept album" for a while now. After working on a new yet-to-be-recorded album we wrote some music that was more "progressive" than our normal pop-punk music and decided it would be a good chance to do make the concept album with those songs. But then we realized we didn't really have any ideas for the actual concept, so we decided to find a good story someone else had already written and just base the CD off that. As we are Futurama nuts it was pretty easy to decide to just use one of their episodes.

Tim: Why did you choose "The Sting"?

Eric: We tend to like the heartfelt episodes of Futurama the best. All of the episodes about Fry dealing with the future and his admiration of Leela actually have some poetic girth behind them, so we decided an episode based on one of these topics would be the best. We ended up breaking it down to either "Jurassic Bark" or "The Sting". In the end "The Sting" had more imagery that could be portrayed in lyric form, so it won. Even though Jurassic Bark is a better episode, if you ask me. Haha.

Tim: Any other pearls of wisdom pertinent to Futurama that would make good copy?

Eric: Cheese it!