Uses for a Hacker

Smiley's Explanation for Use 387

Just as the Sgt. Pepper album cover of the Beatles needed an explanation, so does the Use of "Loser Band Manager". Surrounded by 2 huge oil well fires, with barbed concertina wire and outriggers, the slobbering hacker ProSportsCar drips venom as he introduces his band staged atop the concrete and steel cover of an ICBM bunker.

In the right hand corner we have a withered old Hemp plant representing George Bush senior being coveredand protected by a younger Marijuana plant with a cracked pot leaking blood, representing the new George Bush. This Georgie B is in his headcase, or is a headcase, joyfully singing and supported by three skulls, while flanked by 2 female-marked beer bottles representing his drunken underaged daughters who used fake IDs to buy beer from Texas convenience stores once he was President.

Above and to the right is Silvio "George" Bertusconi, wearing the tricolor hat of Italy, admiring his Beretta 9MM Full Auto rifle/guitar and carrying wads of cash in both hip pockets.

Beside ProSportsCar we have a young Tony "Paul" Blair, kneeling with his back to the people and his white trimmed outfit featuring a yellow streak up his back. He seems oblivious to everything else and playing in his own world.

On stage and in back is the first to "jump on the bandwagon" Jose "John" Aznar, who in reality was the first to pledge his support for the USA in any confrontation. He is busy, oblivious to the people, hammering away with his USA built M60 machine gun. His yellow and red outfit perfectly representing the country that will soon sell its Naval and Air Force bases back to the USA for joint funding in government affairs.

Last but not least, we have Musharraf "Ringo" with his Fools Gold plated drumset, sitting on a 20 Megatonne Warhead bass drum, wearing his flag over his left reast, and holding his drumsticks like the new ICBMs that Pakhistan now possesses.

Clearly this band can only sound one note, and any of the one notes will clearly end their careers in the burning holocaust that surrounds them. Aren't I a meeeeeeeeean widdle kid?