The Leela Fashion Zone

By Herve

Here you can find the different outfits, clothes, hats, or anything Leela wore throughout the episodes. You'll see that when Leela changes from her usual outfit, she dresses herself with style... most of the time.

For each piece of clothing, you can find a framegrab, and sometimes a nicer pic, when I did find one. Authors are properly credited.

This section has been HUGELY inspired by the Amy Wears section at Andy's ANSTATMAW.

Good news everyone! A futurama fan, named Jon Dixon, has sent numerous hand-drawn pictures, which have been added to their respective episode pages; these are pretty good, so go and take a look!

If you've got pics to submit, do not hesitate to send them. The ideal pictures for this section may be the kind of pictures you can find at the Amy Wears section at ANSTATMAW (ie - pictures where you can see Leela from head to feet).

The pictures of Leela, in outfits she wears in the comic books, have been drawn by Lee Roberts.

Season One

1ACV01: Space Pilot 3000
1ACV02: The Series Has Landed
1ACV03: I, Roomate
1ACV04: Love's Labors Lost in Space
1ACV05: Fear of a Bot Planet
1ACV06: A Fishful of Dollars
1ACV07: My Three Suns
1ACV08: A Big Piece of Garbage
1ACV10: A Flight to Remember
1ACV12: When Aliens Attack

Season Two

2ACV01: I Second That Emotion
2ACV02: Brannigan, Begin Again
2ACV03: A Head in the Polls
2ACV04: Xmas story
2ACV05: Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?
2ACV06: Lesser of Two Evils
2ACV07: Put Your Head on My Shoulder
2ACV08: Raging Bender
2ACV09: A Bicyclops Built for Two
2ACV10: A Clone of My Own
2ACV12: The Deep South
2ACV13: Bender Gets Made
2ACV16: Anthology of Interest I

Season Three

2ACV17: War is the H-Word
2ACV19: The Cryonic Woman
3ACV02: Parasites Lost
3ACV05: The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
3ACV08: That's Lobstertainment!
3ACV09: The Cyber House Rules
3ACV13: Bendin' in the Wind
3ACV14: Time Keeps on Slippin'
3ACV15: I Dated a Robot

Season Four

3ACV03: A Tale of Two Santas
3ACV17: A Pharaoh to Remember
3ACV19: Roswell that Ends Well

Season Five

4ACV04: Less Than Hero
4ACV10: The Why of Fry

Comic Books

Futurama Comic #1: Episode 1: Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!
Futurama Comic #4: D.O.O.P. the Right Thing