The Leela Fashion Zone

2ACV10: A Clone of My Own

At Farnsworth's birthday, Leela was wearing a yellow skirt, a white top with a long white glove on the right arm, and white high-heeled high boots. She was also wearing large golden earrings. The ring in her hair is yellow this time. (Notice how its color always matches the color of her clothes!) Anyway, that's a very fashionable outfit.

Below is a picture by Jon Dixon.

Later, when the gang went to Elzar's, she was wearing a sky-blue dress, with a white belt, white high heels, and small pearl earrings. This time, white hair-ring.

Below is a picture of Leela in that sky-blue dress, by Jon Dixon.

Then, when they went to rescue Farnsworth, Leela and Bender were disguised in Sunset Squad robots. Leela was wearing a black hooded grim reaper robe.