The Leela Fashion Zone

2ACV09: A Bicyclops Built for Two

I've got material in that episode!

First of all, the netsuit invented by Prof Farnsworth. That's not really "clothes", but anyway!

Leela is awoken by a crying Alkazar, so she gets up to find out what's wrong. Eventually, he convinces her to listen to his stories about "her" people's past, on her bed, encouraging her to take off her green jacket, which she had over her pink nightdress. Things, eventually, lead onto other thing!

Below is a picture by Jon Dixon.

Then, Leela changed her hairdo and clothes the way Al wanted it. And that's how we got Mrs Leela Bundy! First of all, she made herself a perfect Peg Bundy hairdo. She was also wearing a lime green top, magenta pants, white Peg-style high heels, a white belt, large golden earrings and a golden bracelet. Just take a look at the framegrabs. If you want my opinion, I really prefer the normal Leela!

Picture of "Peggy" Leela by Jon Dixon.

Then, at her near marriage with Al, she was wearing a wedding dress. The dress is pink, with a pink veil, a golden tiara, white gloves, and white high heels. She was also wearing a golden beads necklace, and golden earrings. She's still got this awful Peg Bundy hairdo, but the dress really looks good.

Picture of that pink wedding dress by Jon Dixon.