The Leela Fashion Zone

2ACV04: Xmas Story

In that episode, Leela wore some winter clothes: blue-green pants, green top, and white fur boots (synthetic fur, most likely, as she claims she loves every living creature). And this time, the ring in her hair is sky blue.

Below is a picture by Jon Dixon.

Later on, she's wearing a green ski outfit, and a yellow ski sunglass. Strangely, the ring in her hair is green this time.

Below is a picture of that ski-suit, by Jon Dixon.

I also included her prom dress picture. Blue dress, sky blue top, white long gloves, and blue high heels. She also had shorter hair. Anyway, she looks good! Makes you wonder how she managed NOT to get a prom date.... Plus, Leela may have some really good hidden tailor skills... that dress really doesn't look like it's made of carpet remnants!