The Leela Fashion Zone

1ACV04: Love's Labors Lost in Space

At the very beginning of the episode, Leela was in a restaurant with that lizard tongue guy. She was wearing a very nice black evening dress, a golden necklace, and earrings. She also changed, a little, her hairdo: the locks of hairs by the side of her face are a little curly. She usually does that when she goes to the restaurant. And, have you noticed: her scrunchie, which is usually black, was purple? We only see Leela sitting at the table in that scene, so we can't see what shoes she's wearing.

Below is Jon Dixon's take on this dress.

At the end of the episode, before going to sleep, Leela was writing in her captain's journal. She was wearing a pink top, and pink panties. Here's the framegrab.

And here's a pic by Jon Dixon