Fan Fiction

X-mas Accident
By Singer1108

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I think of that day as I sit by your tomb

of that x-mas night where you met your doom.

I was walking home when I got the call

I hung up the phone and began to bawl.

Memories flush back to earlier that night,

we sat by the fire, everything felt right.

You took my hand, I didn't pull away

it was my way of saying, "I'm here to stay"

You smiled at me, I did the same

you looked up and whispered my name.

I followed your eyes and noticed mistletoe

and the two of us, directly below.

You leaned in, as did i.

And our lips met, i felt sparks fly.

You told me you loved me, the best gift of all.

At that moment, in love with you, i did fall.

The hours went by, we were still alone

until we decided it was time to go home.

We said our goodbyes, and shared a kiss

I whispered "I'll never forget a moment like this."

I was almost home when my cell phone rang

The news brought tears without any restraint.

You were just walking home, a smile on your face

until the heart attack came, without a trace.

There was no one around to save your life

until a passerby saw you laying in strife.

By then it was too late, you were already gone

Still, they decided, call 911.

The ambulance arrived and took you away

leaving me alone, scared, not knowing what to say.

This event took place two years ago

on a cold x-mas night in the glowing white snow.

I'll never forget the words I never said

"I love you Phillip Fry" but its too late, your dead.

You'll be in my heart, I'll never forget.

When I die, I'll be buried beside you, my mind is set.

So wait for me, and we'll live happy together.

and we'll embrace again, and make everything better.