Fan Fiction

Come From The Future, part 1
By xkathyx07x

All Fry could see from underneath the ship was a trail of purple hair. He sat and watched feeling slightly nervous as Leela tried to fix the ships engine. "Fry pass me that screwdriver" Leela said pointing to the tool box. Fry then rummaged in the tool box next to him , then passed a red screwdriver to Leela.

As Leela lay under the ship , a drip of sweat ran down the side of his face and he sat and watched her. "There" Leela said pulling herself out from underneath the ship, "It's fixed ". Fry then turned his head and smiled as Leela stood next to him trying to fix her ponytail which was bent from lying down on the floor.

He continued to watch her as she tried wiping oil off of her tank top. Leela then headed over to her locker and , took out a brush. She pulled out her scrunchy and shook her head to let her hair down. She was about to start brushing her hair, before she noticed in her mirror Fry , who was sitting at the bench behind her staring at her.

" What are you looking at Fry?" she said sharply. "Nothing" Fry replied looking away quickly. Leela just frowned and shook her head and continued to brush her hair. "Hey , Leela" Fry shouted as he sat with his back facing her. "I was wondering , since it's Valentines day tomorrow, you think maybe we could....".

" I already told you , No Fry" She shouted back Sharply interrupting him before he could finish. "I'm not going to tell you again". Leela then slammed the door of her Locker and headed up to Fry , who was as usual sitting looking glum. "Why do you Keep asking me?" she said angrily.

"And why do you keep rejecting?" Fry replied and then got up and stormed off leaving Leela standing shaking her head. As Fry was heading off , Bender came out of the Lounge area as usual with a cigar in his mouth. "Hey Meatbag , you..." but Fry just stormed passed him leaving Bender standing bewildered.

Bender then turned round and looked at Leela who turned away , Bender then headed up to her. "So , you've rejected him again then , Huh!" , "Just keep out of it Bender" Leela replied fixing the stuff in the tool box. "God sake woman, can't you at least give him a chance, I mean I used to think it was funny when you rejected him, but now it's starting to annoy me".

"And , why would you be annoyed? I don't involve you in it" Leela asked folding her arms. "Because , EYEBALL when ever you reject him he ends up coming home , moaning about you I have to pretend I care, when I don't, and besides it's valentines day tomorrow , at least go out with him".

Leela by now was starting to get fed up with Bender, she turned round, and looked at Bender with an angry look on her face. "Look , Bender just keep out of it, stop trying to talk me into it, I'm not going out with him and that's that" Leela then picked up her lime green coat and headed off leaving Bender sitting feeling proud of himself.

"I'm fed up with her, I've tried everything and still she rejects me " Fry moaned to Amy as he sat on the sofa in the lounge area with his arms folded sulking. "I mean What's with her, what does she not like about me". Amy who was sitting applying lipstick , rolled her eyes then slammed her compact mirror shut.

"Look, Fry stop going on when she says no, she means no, she just doesn't feel the same way about you that you do about her". "So , what am I gonna' do , spend the rest of my life trying to go out with the women I love". "Aw , for god sake , I don't know , go and look for someone else , their are other woman out there".

"I don't want any other woman , I want Leela.". Amy then grunted and grabbed the remote that was beside her as clicked the TV on. Fry then gave a sigh, "You see the thing is, I had something planned for her on Valentines day, and all I needed was for her to be there, but I guess I'll just call it off ".

Amy then slowly turned her head and looked at Fry who had is head in his arms. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him. She then placed her hand on his shoulder , "Look , Fry, I'll try and talk to her and see what she says, OK?". Fry who still had his head is his arms just gave a slight nod.

Amy then headed off leaving Fry in the lounge feeling down. She stood outside the Planet express and raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun , which was beaming down upon her. She then caught a glimpse of Leela across the road who was sitting having a cup of coffee.

" Hey Leela " Amy said pulling a seat up beside Leela. "Hey " she replied quietly. "So , are you OK? " Amy asked , Leela just replied with a slight nod , and continued to sip her coffee. "You know it's valentines day tomorrow " Amy added trying to start a conversation.

" I know " Leela replied. "Well , uh Kif is taking me out for a romantic meal , and then to a dance , what you are doing? ". Leela just replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "You know I heard Fry doesn't have a date maybe , you and him could".

" Oh , for god sake Amy " Leela shouted banging her mug down on the table. "Don't tell me Fry has sent you out , as well to try and talk me into going out with him ". "No , it's just he's kinda' really down , and he doesn't have a date , so I thought you and him could go out ".

" Well , I'm not " Leela said sarcastically then turned away and drank some more coffee. Amy then frowned and stood up " Oh forget it , you know what Leela , your gonna' spend the rest of your life alone if you don't give people a chance , no wonder your not with anyone ". Amy shouted and stormed off , leaving Leela sitting on her own.

Valentines day was always favourite of Leela's , but today it wasn't. For one thing she knew , that Fry would try at least one last time to try and convince her to go out with him. Leela , who was just woken up from a good nights sleep , got up and grabbed her dressing gown which was draped along the end of her bed.

She wrapped and tied a knot around her waist , and gave Nibbler a gentle pat on the head before leaving. Opening the door of her lounge , she scurried over to the front door , were to cards lay. First she opened up the bright red one , which was from some Alien kid down the road , who had a crush on her.

The second one she knew exactly who it was from. She opened up the light pink card , and smiled at the small pictures at the front , before opening inside. "To Leela " she read , " I Love you , From F**. A smile then came across Leela's face as she closed the cards shut , and placed them on the mantelpiece.

" Where is she? " Fry moaned as he stood inside the lounge area , staring out the window. "Fry , Why are you waiting on Leela? , I really don't know why you bother with her , on how she treated you ". "Shoosh! Amy , I really don't care I just want it to be surprise" Fry said angrily to Amy as she sat on the sofa.

" But , Fry why are you bothering? , she treats you as if your something scraped of her sho.." . "Wait , here she comes , god I hope she likes them". Amy then rolled her eyes as Fry sat down beside her patiently waiting for her to come up. "OK , what have you done? " Amy asked knowing he was up to something.

" I've planned for Bender to jump out the side , of Planet Express with a bouquet of roses for Leela " Fry replied staring at the door. "You asked Bender " Amy replied. Outside Planet Express Bender stood smoking a cigar , with him arms folded and and with a bouquet of roses.

" Here " Bender said shoving the roses into Leela's face , " Their from the meatbag ". A smile then spread across Leela's face as she reached out for her flowers.

But they were instantly pulled back , and a metal robotic hand put in place. "Come on " Bender said coughing. Leela immediately frowned , " I have to pay for my own flowers " she said angrily.

" Look , I don't stand around here all day for free you know , cough it up or else , their going it the bin". Leela immediately narrowed her eye , rummaged through her bag. Then placed a few notes on his hand , then grabbed the flowers off him , and headed into Planet Express. With Bender being left whistling happily counting the notes in his hand.

The doors of the Lounge area slid open and in came Leela holding the roses in her hand , but not looking very happy. "Hey Leela " Fry said smiling as she came through the doors. "Oh , uh Hey " she replied. "So , do you like them? " Fry asked with a big cheesy grin on his face.

Leela then looked down at the flowers and smiled. "Their beautiful " she added and slowly walked up to him , and gave him a peck of the cheek. Fry then smiled and looked back at Amy , who was sitting staring at Leela with her eyes widened.

" So , does this mean you'll go out with me ? " Fry asked smiling. But once he said those last few words , Leela's face immediately changed. "Oh , don't tell me all this is a trick , to try and get me to go out with you" She shouted at Fry.

Fry immediately shook his head , " No , no it's just I thought maybe we could go for dinner that's all " Fry added quietly. "Well , we're not " Leela shouted and stormed passed him. Leaving Amy who was sitting behind them shaking her head.

Fry the just stood their letting his head fall. Leela them slowly turned round feeling guilty and looked at him. She then let out a sigh , and folded her arms. "Oh alright " she added. Fry's face immediately changed , as he turned round and looked at her smiling , " Really " he said happily.

But Leela just replied with a slight nod. Making Fry jump high in the air. She then watched Fry run out the room like a big kid. "And about time too" Amy added , Leela just looked at her and narrowed her eye.

Leela stood in front of her mirror combing her hair. She quickly grabbed a scrunchy , which was lying next to her , and tied her long purple hair in its usual ponytail. She then clipped two earrings on , grabbed her bag and headed out the room.

She walked briskly along the dark , streets of New new York. Only hearing the sound , of her pink high healed shoes. As she passed a shop, she looked in the window , and turned round to make sure , her short purple skirt , and pink top was OK.

A cold , breeze then blew along the street , making Leela shiver as she walked. It was cold , dark , and quiet , and not a soul in sight. Just around the corner , stood Fry , wearing his usual black tuxedo suit , that he wore to most dinners.

With his 2 Orange spikes gelled back , and in his right hand a bouquet of flowers , and under his left arm , a box of heart shaped chocolates. Fry felt proud , and handsome , as he stood and waiting on his date.

As Leela headed along the pavement , she could hear hard footsteps behind her. Not thinking much of it at first , she continued along the pavement at a usual speed. But the footsteps , got louder, making her start to feel nervous.

As she tried to walk faster , the footsteps got faster. Leela now was scared. She immediately stopped and turned round , but their was nothing. Nothing was behind her. All she could hear was the sound of an old slurm can rolling along the wet ground.

But Leela knew , someone was there. She could feel someone was watching her. She slowly narrowed her eye , and was about to turn round when , a cold manly hand reached out and covered her mouth.

Leela then dropped her pink bag on the ground and tried to free herself, but another hand grabbed her arm and quickly pulled her back into the shadows. Back at Elzar's Fry stood patiently waiting on Leela who by now was 20 minutes late.

He was now starting to get worried. As he stood, a blast of thunder tore through the sky , making him jump , and then came the rain. Fry now was nervous , he knew Leela wasn't the type of person to stand him up.

As he stood waiting , along the pavement came Bender smoking a cigar and two Floozies at either side of him. "Hey meatbag , where's the eyeball?" he asked puffing out some smoke. "I don't know" Fry replied.

"She was meant to meet me hear 20 minutes ago". "Ha ha! don't tell me the eyeball has actually stood you up" Bender said laughing. But Fry just replied with a shrug.

"OK , well then see you later , I've got some business to attend to" Bender said in a flirty voice, making the Fembots giggle as they headed off. By now Fry knew she wasn't coming. He slowly looked down at the flowers and scowled. Threw them , in a bin next to him along with the chocolates , and then headed off down the road , with his hands in his pockets.