Fan Fiction

The Time of the Great Giving, Part 3
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 3

Back on Earth, at Planet Express, Farnsworth checked his watch.

"Strange," he said. "They should be back by now. I hope nothing happened to them. It just wouldn't be Xmas without everyone here! They should hurry back. The Xmas dinner is in three hours!"

Back at Yuletide, the ship had landed in the northen mountains of the planet. Surrounded by high mountains, was a large cottage.

Louis knocked on the door.

"Madame Winter?" he called. "Are you here?"

On the other side, Louis heard a voice.

"Let yourself in. The door is open."

Louis opened the door and stepped in. Fry, Leela, and Bender followed him.

Inside, they found a small library. Seated at the table, was a beautiful young woman with white hair, and dressed in a white robe and white shoes.

"Madame Winter," said Louis as he and his companions approached the table, "we need your help."

Madame Winter put down the book she was reading. "I'm sorry," she said. "I can't be of service."

"Why not?" asked Louis. "We came so far to seek your help!"

"Alas," said Madame Winter, "I've been disenchanted. I have no more powers."

"No powers?" asked Leela. "But you're an enchantress!"

"I used to be," said Madame Winter. "My power is fueled by the Christmas spirit of the people on this planet. But since Christmas has been outlawed, and the people's Christmas spirit destroyed, I've lose my powers. I can't even do card tricks!"

"Can't you even make it snow?" asked Leela.

"I can't," said Madame Winter. "I've lost my powers. As long as I had my powers, the snow never melted on this planet. But now, all the snow has melted."

"What happened to make you lose your powers?" asked Leela.

"Tragedy struck this planet one year ago," said Madame Winter. "A giant made entire of ice and snow stole away a beautiful maiden, the mayor's daughter. But the giant was created and sent by a person of great evil. My sister, the Snow Queen."

"The Snow Queen?" said Fry.

"Yes," said Madame Winter. "My sister is the one behind all this great sorrow and misery. Her heart is filled with hatred for the people of this planet and their celebrations. Many years ago, she tried to destroy the Christmas holiday. She failed and was banished to Yuletide's moon. There, she became a shadow of her former self. Her flesh was replaced by solid crystal ice. She made her home by forging a palace out of solid ice on the side of a great mountain. Then, she tried a second time to destroy the Christmas spirit of Yuletide. This time, she succeeded."

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Leela.

"Go to Yuletide's moon," said Madam Winter. "You're on your own from there. I wish I could be of more assistance, but what's an enchantress to do without her powers?"

"Thank you Madame Winter," said Fry.

"Yeah! Thanks for nothing!" said Bender.

"Bender!" said Leela. "She gave us her advice! We must take it!"

"Thanks for the wisdom Madame Winter," said Louis. "We must go now!"

Back at Planet Express, Hermes opened the oven and checked the turkey. The skin was toasted to a golden brown crisp.

"Perfect!" he said. "Bender will be most pleased."

He took the turkey out of the oven and put in the chicken that Morris and Mundy brought.

Amy comes into the kitchen.

"Smells great in here!" she said.

"I just took the turkey out," said Hermes. "I've also baked a cake for the feast tonight."

Resting on the counter, was a large round chocolate cake.

"Amy, while I'm baking the chicken, would you ice and garnish the cake?"

"Sure," said Amy. "I'll get Kif to help me."

"The icing and decorations are next to the cake," said Hermes. "Have fun!"

Meanwhile, the Planet Express ship descended into the atmosphere of Yuletide's moon. Everyone was dressed warm in parkas.

"The sun has never shone here," said Louis.

"That explains all the ice and snow," said Fry looking out the window at the surface.

Sure enough, the moon's surface was covered in snow and beautiful ice crystals.

In the distance, Leela spoted a tall mountain. On its side was a gothic palace made entire of ice.

"I see the castle!" she said. "Buckle up everyone, we're going in!"

Fry sat down and buckled his seatbelt. Louis and Bender did the same.

"You really think what's her face lives here?" asked Bender.

"Has to," said Leela. "Only one so cold could live here this dreary place."

She flew the ship towards the mountain.

"Leela, look out!" said Fry. "Or we'll crash into that mountain!"

"Relax Fry," said Leela. "I'm not gonna crash into that mountain."

Suddenly, from the sides of the mountain, emerged a giant made entirely of ice and snow.

"Unless it stands up!" Leela cried. She steered the ship away from the monster.

The giant opened its mouth and breathed out a blast of cold freezing wind, freezing the turbojet of the ship.

"Uh oh!" said Leela. "This is gonna get alot worse before it gets better!"

The ship began to plummet downwards.

"Does anyone have an asprin?" asked Fry. "I feel a headache coming on."

"Forget the headache Fry!" said Leela. "We're going to crash!"

"That's the headache I'm talking about!" said Fry.

"Hang on everyone!" said Leela.

The ship crashed into the snow, and skidded forth until finally, it came to a complete stop.

At Planet Express, Amy and Kif finished icing the cake with green, white, and red icing.

"Let's take a short break while we're at it," said Amy.

"What do you wanna do now?" asked Kif.

Amy dangled mistletoe above her head.

"Good idea!" said Kif. And he kissed Amy.

Back at Yuletide's moon, Fry, Leela, Bender, and Louis climbed out of the ship.

"Sorry about your ship Leela," said Louis.

"We just have to wait until the ice on the jets melt," said Leela.

"Not sure we'll be able to live that long," said Fry.

The ground began to shake. And again. And again.

"We've got company!" said Louis as he, Fry, Leela, and Bender turned around and looked up.

The frost giant approached menacingly.

"I believe now would be a good time to run!" said Fry.

They turned and ran away from the towering monster as fast as their legs could carry them.

The giant stopped, opened its mouth, and blew out an icy wind at the four adventurers.

That was the last thing they remembered, for the icy wind had literally frozen them in their tracks.


To Be Continued