Fan Fiction

The Time of the Great Giving
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 1

December 24th, 3003. On a faraway planet, the people celebrated the upcoming Christmas. Decorations were hung on every building, street light, and telephone pole. The snow never melted on this planet.

This planet was Yuletide, a place where everyday was Christmas. But today wasn't just like any other Christmas. Today, the duke's son was marrying the mayor's daughter. It was to be a joyous event.

But little did the people of Yuletide know, was that tonight, life on their planet would change drastically. Because someone very far away, was plotting to ruin their holiday.

That night, the townspeople gathered in the cathedral for the wedding. The groom stood near the alter, dressed in a black tuxedo and a red tie. He was a young man of twenty-one years old, with medium length brown hair that went down to his shoulders, and brown eyes.

"Here Comes the Bride" began to play on the organ.

All heads turned to the back.

Coming down the aisle with her father, was the bride. Dressed in a radiant blue dress, the beautiful long haired blonde, blue-eyed twenty-year old bride was the mayor's daughter. Her father led her down the aisle by the shoulder. Finally, the bride reached the alter, took the groom by his shoulder. Together, they approached the alter.

The priest opened his bible, stood before the young couple. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Dearly beloved," he began, "we are gathered here tonight to wed Louis Christianson and Cecilia Hutnatch in holy matrimony."

He sipped from a goblet of water, swallowed, and continued to speak after setting it down on the alter.

"Do you, Louis Christianson, take Cecilia Hutnatch to be your lawfully wedded bride?"

"I do," said Louis.

"Cecilia, same question, names revered?"

"Yes," said Cecilia.

"Please exchange rings."

Louis placed a ring on Cecilia's index finger, while she did the same with another ring.

The priest continued to speak: "If anyone here has any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now, or forever hold your..."

Suddenly, the golbet shook and fell over, spilling the leftover water. Ripples suddenly appeared in the liquid as everyone felt a slight tremour. And another. And another.

Until suddenly...

Without warning, the stained glass windows shattered, raining shards of glass into the cathedral. An icy wind blew through. It was so cold, everyone was literally chilled to the bone.

The walls of the cathedral near the windows was covered in ice. Finally, as quick as it had started, the wind stopped.

Everyone in the cathedral, was frozen solid.

Suddenly, a wall smashed open as a huge icy hand burst through. It grabbed the frozen statue of Cecilia and pulled back.

Outside, a giant, made entirely of ice and snow admired its prize and stomped off into the distance from where it had come.

Long after the giant left, the frozen statues in the cathedral melted.

"What happened?" asked the priest.

"Oh no!" cried Louis. "Cecilia's gone!"

"And on Christmas too!" said the mayor.

"Sir, please calm down," said Louis.

"Calm down?! My daughter has been stolen away! And you want me to calm down?!"


"Silence your tongue, young man!"

"But it's Christmas!"

"Bah! Some Christmas! Something terrible has happened, and my daughter is missing! As of now, I'm banning this holiday!"

Everyone in the church gasped.

"Sir! We know you're angry at what happened," said the priest. "But please! Don't take it out upon the holiday!"

The mayor ignored him.

"I want everyone to tear down the Christmas decorations. And I never want to hear anyone mentioning Christmas again, or I'll throw them in prison!"

On that evening, the christmas spirit of the townspeople was destroyed. Tragedy had struck their town.

The people had no choice but to tear down their decorations as ordered by the mayor. In a public square, it was all burned. Already, for some mysterious reason, the snow was beginning to melt all over the surface of the planet. Christmas, was now just a memory.

One year later, on Christmas Eve, the people of Earth were preparing for the upcoming holiday.

At Planet Express, the gang was putting up the decorations, garnishing the tree, and preparing the upcoming Christmas feast.

Of course, on Earth, Christmas was called Xmas.

In the living room, Fry, Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg, were decorating the tree. Bender was in the kitchen preparing the Christmas dinner.

Fry rode a jetpack up to near the ceiling to place the star on top of the tree. Hermes added the tinsel and garland while Amy put up the lights. Zoidberg added colored ornaments.

In the kitchen, Bender was unwrapping the turkey while watching Elzar's cooking show.

In the bathroom, Leela sealed an envelope and flushed it down the toilet. She wanted her parents to be here for the holiday.

Back in the kitchen, Bender was preparing the turkey. At the same time, he listened closely to the television which was now showing Elzar's cooking show.

"On today's episode, I'm going to show you how to make a delicious Christmas turkey. First, preheat the oven to four hundred and fifty degrees and put some water on the boiler."

Bender preheated the oven and filled a large casserole dish with water. Then he turned on the burner.

"Now, while we wait for the water to boil, let's go to a commercial."

"Boo commercials!" the audience jeered.

Elzar raised all four clenched fists.

Some coughs were heard from the audience.

"Yay commercials!" the audience cheered.

Finally, the tree was decorated. Everyone took a moment to admire their hard work.

Everyone around Planet Express, christmas decorations were seen. On every door was a wreath. Mistletoe hung over the doorways. Garland was hung around the rooms.

Over the intercom, Farnsworth voice was heard.

"Leela and Fry, please report to my lab immediately!"

In the lab, Leela and Fry stood before Farnsworth's desk.

"I've just recieved an order from the far away planet Yuletide," said Farnsworth. "I've decided to send six of my best crewmembers. So I'm sending you and Bender twice!"

"How come just three of us?" asked Fry.

"We've still got a lot of work to do to prepare for the holiday. I'll get someone else to replaced Bender to finish making the Xmas dinner. Now head for the ship to get to work. But be sure to dress warm, because the snow on Yuletide never melts. Get going now! Oh and uh, Merry Xmas!"

In the launch bay, Leela, Fry, and Bender loaded a giant parcel into the ship with a grappling hook.

"There!" said Leela. "It's loaded. Now let's get moving! I hope to be home earlier so that I can spend Xmas with mom and dad."

They took their seats and buckled up. Leela sat in the pilot seat and pulled the ignition lever.

The launch doors on the roof opened and the ship ascended into the winter sky. Then it blasted off towards its destination.

Little did they know about the surprises that awaited them within the next few hours.


To Be Continued