Fan Fiction

The Terminator Mutant


In the year 2951,there is a war like no other:The War Between Man and Mutant Machines. During the war,the Mutant Machines had built their latest weapon:the one-eyed,human-like fembot Terminator Mutant(TM-101). As the year 3000 came about,a man had encouraged man-kind to fight back against the Mutant Machines. His name was Philip J.Fry. When the Mutant Machines found out about Fry,they immediatly responed by sending a TM-101(aka Leela)back to the past to terminated Fry's mother,Mrs.Fry,before he was born.So Fry sent a robot(aka Bender),who was one of his soldiers,to protect Fry's mother from the TM-101...

Chapter 1: The Arrivals

At 6:26 A.M.,in New York City,1974,on an overlook,a Time Sphere started to come out of nowhere. It grew bigger and bigger until it was 15 feet wide! Then the sphere disappeared to reveal a woman lying face down on the ground,it was the TM-101. She got to her feet

TM-101: I have made it.

But then the TM-101 realized she was naked,but she didn't have to go far to find clothes. Nearby,a woman was parking her motorcycle. She was wearing a tanktop,a black leather jacket,brown pants,boots,black sunglasses,and her hair done in a pony-tail. The TM-101 walked up to the woman.

Woman: Hey,you!Who are you,where are your clothes,and what's with the eye?!?

TM-101: I am a TM-101.I need your clothes and your motorcycle,NOW!

Woman: You're a what?

Then,without warning,the TM-101 used sleeper hold on the woman. The woman passed out. The TM-101 walked away 4 minutes later,wearing clothes with the sunglasses and her hair in a pony-tail. She rode away on the motorcycle with a blank,yet focused look on her face. Meanwhile 2 hours later(about 12 miles away in the city itself)another Time Sphere appeared,only this time it was in mid-air. Bender fell out of the sphere and landed flat on his back.

Bender: That was weird. Now I got to find Fry's mother,Mrs.Fry. OK,now Fry told me that his house was easy to find because some parts of it were damaged--Oh wait there it is...

Chapter 2: Meet Mrs.Fry

Mrs.Fry was a young woman at the age of 33,she had a husband named Yancey Sr.Fry and a son named Yancey Jr.Fry and she was the homemaker of the house.Mrs.Fry was 3 months pregenant. So life was quite simple for Mrs.Fry,but what was going to happen to her in the next 38 hours,she never saw it coming. There was a knock at the front door.

Yancey Jr:Yeah?

Bender:Hey,kid,is your mother home by any chance?

Yancey Jr:Mom! Some tin can here to see you!

Mrs.Fry:Hello. Can I help you?

Bender:Are you Mrs.Fry?


Bender:I need you to come with me,I'll explain later.

Mrs.Fry hesitated for a minute,thinking. Then she said to Mr.Fry.

Mrs.Fry:Yancey! I'm going out somewhere!


So then Bender and Mrs.Fry left the house and went down the street. Mrs.Fry then stopped and wondered what Bender was.

Bender:Listen,I've come to protect you.

Mrs.Fry:From what?

Bender:A Terminator Mutant.

Mrs.Fry:What's a Terminator Mutant?

Chapter 3: TM-101 Collects Her Weapons

Meanwhile,the TM-101 was at a weapon shop,getting what she needed:guns.

TM-101:The 45 pistol with laser sighting.

Shop Owner:We just got these.That's a well designed weapon,you just press the button on the gun and the laser aims where you want to shoot.

TM-101:The 10 Gauge shotgun.

Shop Owner:You really know your weapons there,ma'am. Most of these are good for home defense.So what will it be?


Shop Owner:I might close early today! Now let me check the price.

The TM-101 leaned over and took a gun shell,inserted it into the shotgun,and cocked the gun.

Shop Owner:You can't do that,ma'am.

TM-101:Wrong!(Offscreen gunshot)

Chapter 4: The Chase(Part 1)

Bender:The Terminator Mutant is a cybernetic organism,living tissue over a metal endoskelaton. She looks human,but she only has one eye. For some reason,they built her that way.

Mrs.Fry:Why was this thing sent to kill me?

Bender:It's about your unborn son,Philip J.Fry,the Terminator Mutant was sent here to kill you before Fry's even born.And I was,as I said,sent by Fry from the 31st century to protect you.

Mrs.Fry:How does my son end up in the future?!

Bender was explaining to Mrs.Fry about why the TM-101 was sent from the future,Mrs.Fry's unborn son becoming a great military leader in the future,and how Mutant Machines control man's destiny.

Bender:Fry becomes cyogenically frozen on December 31,1999---

Then Bender stops. With his specialized vision,Bender sees the TM-101 riding the motorcycle ahead. He and Mrs.Fry start to run as fast as they can. Bender then finds a car and both he and Mrs.Fry drive away with the TM-101 right behind them.

Bender:Quick,Mrs.Fry,take the wheel!

Mrs.Fry:What are you doing!?!

Bender:I got an idea!

Bender leaned out the window facing the motorcycle.He instantly shapeshifts his right hand into a cannon and shot at the motorcycle,blowing out the back wheel of the bike.The bike spun out of control and crashed. A police car drove up.

Officer:Come out of car with your hands up!

Bender opened the door,but Mrs.Fry stopped him.

Mrs.Fry:No,Bender,No! He'll arrest you...

Chapter 5: Self-Surgery

The TM-101 snuck into a vacant building and went to the 3rd floor,turning on a light. When she turned on the light,it revealed an injury:the TM-101's human eye was badly damaged in the crash. Not only that,but her arm was also injured.

TM-101:I must fix myself up.

The first injury the TM-101 worked on fixing was her arm. She grabbed a small knife and cut a hole in her arm,revealing a robotic joint inside. The TM-101 then grabbed a screwdriver and started to repair her robotic joint. After 20 minutes or so,the TM-101 had wrapped a cast around her arm and began to put water on her damaged human eye.She hesisitated for a second.

TM-101:I can't keep this eye forever,better remove it.

She took the knife and started removing the eye.After throwing out the eye,the TM-101 looked at her one robotic eye and hesisitated again. She put on the sunglasses(which nicely hid the hole where her eye was). Then she left the building,with her 10 Gauge shotgun...

Chapter 6: The Questions

3 hours after being caught.Bender and Mrs.Fry were at a police station. Bender was in a room with some officers answering questions and Mrs.Fry was recovering from shock in the next room.

Mrs.Fry:I-I-Is Bender c-c-crazy??

Mental Doctor:Well,that's what we're going to find out,the only proof we have that Bender's not crazy is what he is:a robot.

Meanwhile in the other room...

MD:So,you're a soldier. Fighting for whom?

Bender:For all of human and robot-kind.

MD:And what time period did you say you came from?

Bender:The year 3000. I was sent by Philip J.Fry to protect Mrs.Fry from a cyborg called the Terminator Mutant.

MD:And how did you and this"Terminator Mutant"get here?

Bender:Time Travel. The Terminator Mutant,though,is sent naked because,as I said,she's a cyborg with human skin. I bet your doubting everything I'm telling you,are you?!?


Bender:Look,you have heard enough! Now I have to see Mrs.Fry! That Terminator Mutant is gonna hunt Mrs.Fry down and kill her unless I do somthing! That's what she does,THAT'S ALL SHE DOES!!!!!!

Officer:Remove this thing.


MD:This thing's a loon...

Chapter 7: "I'll Be Back!"

Several minutes afterward,the TM-101 walked into the police station,still in her mission to terminate Mrs.Fry.

TM-101:I'm a friend of Mrs.Fry. I was told that she is here. Could I see her,please?

Officer:Sorry,you can't see her,she's making a statment.

TM-101:Where is she?

Officer:Look,it may take a while. If you wanna wait,there's a bench over there.

The TM-101 hesisitated for a moment,then looked around. She then looked closer and said...

TM-101:I'll be back.

...and walked out to the parking lot.20 seconds later,she drove a car through the enterance! The TM-101 stepped out of the car with her 10 Gauge shotgun and 45 pistol. An officer walked out to see what happened,then(gun shot)he was down.The gun shot woke Mrs.Fry,who was napping. Bender also had heard the noise. The TM-101 continued firing the guns,killing more people along the way. The officers started to fight back. Bender had to do something,and fast! With all his strength,Bender broke his hand cuffs and knocked out the guard. Bender looked around for Mrs.Fry.

Bender:Mrs.Fry! Where are you?!

Mrs.Fry:Bender! C'mon,let's get outta here!

TM-101:Come back here you asshole of a robot!

Bender:(offscreen)Bite my shiny,metal,ass!

TM-101:That is it!

Chapter 8: The Chase(Part 2)

Mrs.Fry and Bender found a car and drove away as fast they can. The TM-101 jumped into a nearby Semi truck and drove after them.

Bender:Faster! Drive faster!

Bender lit a dynamite stick and threw it at the Semi. It exploded,but the Semi drove right throw the explosion. Another dynamite stick was thrown. It worked. The truck exploded and crashed into a telephone pole.

Mrs.Fry:We did Bender! It's over!

Or was it? From the flames,the TM-101 was still standing,the skin was all burned off,revealing the metal endoskelaton! She started to walk slowly towards Bender and Mrs.Fry.

Bender:This isn't going to as easy as I thought it would be!

Chapter 9: Terminated!

The TM-101 followed both Bender and Mrs.Fry into a machine factory. Bender shut the door behind them and locked it. From behind the door,the TM-101 started head-butting a hole in the door. Mrs.Fry started to run.


Mrs.Fry:What are you doing?!

Bender:I'm turning on these machines. So she can't track us.

The machines came to life and started doing their normal functions. Then the TM-101 kicked the door off it's hinges and looked around. Mrs.Fry and Bender tiptoed away from the enemy,but right around the corner,the TM-101 appeared!

Bender:Mrs.Fry! Take cover,NOW! I'm going to whip this menace!

The TM-101 and Bender began to fight. Bender got hit a few times in the face,and the TM-101 got kicked several times. Finally,Bender lured the TM-101 into the compactor.

He pushed the button.

Bender:Your terminated,you metal bitch!

The compactor crushed the Terminator Mutant flat. Once the compactor was off,the TM-101 was dead.

Mrs.Fry:Thanks for saving me,Bender.

She gave a Thank You kiss on Bender's metal cheek.

Bender:Oh,shucks. I wasn't afraid of that machine. I'm pretty brave once you get past my macho exterior. Well Mrs.Fry,I must return to the future.

Bender pressed a button on his chest,then he disappeared...to the future.

Chapter 10: The Future of Philip J.Fry

Mrs.Fry:(voice over)6 months had past since I was saved from being killed by a human-like machine,the Terminator Mutant. I was now 9 months pregenant,I was also deciding whether or not I should tell my newborn son about his future. But I guess I have a while till my son,Philip J.Fry,is old enough to understand. But he has a very important future ahead of him.....


Based on the film,"The Terminator",directed by James Cameron

Based on the characters created by Matt Groening

Cast of Characters-

Turanga Leela: as the TM-101 Terminator Mutant
Bender Rodriguez: as himself
and Mrs.Fry: as herself