Fan Fiction

The Poem, part 2
By Singer1108

(That night, Fry sat on his bed with a notebook in his lap. His mind was racing with the thoughts of what happened that day)

Fry: Ok, ok. I just need to calm down and think. Leela asked me out? What’s the catch? Is she sick? Did I hear her right? Am I dreaming? (pinches himself) Ouch! Ok, no, I’m not dreaming. Then she really did ask me out! Now I really have to wow her so she’ll do it again…or at least not reject me if I ask her out.

(Fry turned his head and stared out the window. The city lights twinkled against the lavender sky. Snow began to slowly fall onto the cold streets of New New York)

Fry: Now that is a beautiful sight…just like Leela.

(Almost as if something has hit him, Fry showed a look of surprise on his face.)

Fry: THAT’S IT! I know what to write now! Thank you mother nature!

(The next day, Fry woke with a smile on his face. Today was Valentine’s Day. The one day he had alone with Leela and he finally had the perfect gift.)

Bender: Hey Fry, me and a couple of friends are going out for some drinks, you wanna come?

Fry: Bender! It’s nine in the morning!

Bender: So?

Fry: It’s a little early to be drinking, don’t you think?

Bender: No, I’m a robot. Alcohol is required no matter what time of day it is.
Fry: Well then you go. I’d like to stay clean for my date with Leela tonight.

Bender: (Shocked) You mean she didn’t reject you? What did you do, drug her?

Fry: (angrily) No Bender! I didn’t do anything. It was her who asked me out.

Bender: That doesn’t sound like Leela. Well, whatever, meatbag. If you get lucky tonight, don’t tell me.


(The clock read 6:30 when Fry started to make his way to Leela’s apartment. The frigid air caused him to shiver a little. Finally after a few minutes of walking, Fry entered a familiar building and stood in front of Leela’s door)

Fry: Well, here goes. (he knocked on the door and waited. A moment later, Leela opened it and revealed herself in the doorway causing him to drop his jaw)

Leela: Hey, Fry.

Fry: Leela, you look…absolutely beautiful!

(Leela was wearing a fitted solid black cocktail dress. Her long hair had been straightened and let down, draping over her shoulders. She wore small red ear rings in the shape of hearts and a golden necklace with a lock on it.)

Leela: (blushing) Thanks. You look adorable yourself. You look great in a suit.

Fry: Thanks, Happy Valentines Day. I picked this for you. (he handed her a beautiful red rose)

Leela: Oh Fry, you shouldn’t have. Here, come in while I put this in some water.

(Fry obeyed and walked behind Leela into her apartment)

Leela: Wait here.

Fry: You got it.

(Fry watched her walk away and smiled. She really did look beautiful.)

Leela: There you go little guy, drink up.

Fry: So, Leela, where we goin’?

Leela: Oh…uh…follow me.

(Leela lead Fry into a small room lit only by candle light. There was a table set up for two.)

Fry: Romantic night in?

Leela: I hope that’s ok. I tried to make reservations but it’s impossible to on Valentines Day.

Fry: That’s ok. I like this much better.

(Leela smiled. She took fry by the hand and lead him to a chair. She then proceeded to hid in one across from him. As the night went on, Fry grew anxious to ask Leela the one question that had been bothering him.)

Fry: So, Leela, there’s something I wanted to ask you.

Leela: Yeah?

Fry: Ok, well, don’t take this the wrong way because I’m extremely happy you did, but why’d you ask me out? I didn’t think you cared about me like that.

Leela: Well, to be honest Fry, something has been bothering me. I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks because of it either. I guess it’s guilt, but I just felt bad for not giving you a chance. I put a lot of thought into how to ask you out and I knew Valentines Day was the perfect day. To be honest Fry, the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like this was going to be a pity date, but I really am trying. I want to see what happens. I’m having a wonderful time with you, Fry. I always did, but my fear of being hurt again kept me from being happy.

Fry: Leela, you know I would never hurt you. You mean more to me than my life. I’d do anything for you. (He reached across the table and took Leela’s hand in his. Leela looked up and smiled. Fry returned the favor and removed his hand from Leela’s revealing a neatly folded piece of paper.)

Leela: What’s this?

Fry: Just a little something I wrote for you.

(Leela took the note from her hand, opened it up and began to read)

Place your hand in mind.
Trust you’ll never be harmed.
You’re never alone, I promise.
You’ll always have my arm.
You’re hair, true beauty, like the early evening sky.
You’re lips, so soft, like the snow beneath my feet.
You’re passion, so true, it bewilders my mind.
You’re the only girl for me, Just you and I.
If loving you is such a sin, then send me straight to hell.
Because Leela, it’s not going to stop.
     Love Fry.