Fan Fiction

The Poem, part 1
By Singer1108

Setting: It’s two days before Valentines Day. Fry sits in his apartment with a pen and some paper. He’s lost in thought as to how he can put his feelings for Leela into a poem and give it to her for Valentines Day.

Fry: C’mon! There’s gotta be a mushy side in me somewhere! Think Fry, think!

Bender: Hey Fry.

Fry: (jumps) Ah! Whoa! Bender, geez, you scared me!

Bender: Sorry. Whatcha working on? Another letter to the slurm factory?

Fry: No, I’ve written enough of those. I’m trying to write a poem to give to Leela on Valentines day.

Bender: Why the hell would you want to do that?Fry: Because Bender, I love her. I just don’t know how to tell her.

Bender: Why don’t you just give her some chocolates and flowers? Chicks dig that right?

Fry: Yeah, but every guy buys their girl chocolates and flowers on Valentines Day. If I did that, Leela wouldn’t be as impressed. I want to give her something more meaningful and not so traditional.

Bender: Well in that case, you better get moving. You’re running out of time.

Fry: I know, I know! I just don’t know how to begin.

(two hours passed. Fry, now pacing, still had nothing written down)

Fry: (thinking out loud) Ok, ok, how about ‘if loving you is such a sin, then send me straight to hell…because Leela, it’s not gonna stop!’…yeah that’s good, but not for an opener. Better write it down though so I don’t forget it. (he shuffled around for a pen and wrote his idea down. He then looks at the clock) Oh my god! 2 AM! I gotta be at work soon!

(He gathered up his papers and packed them away and goes to bed. Hours later, Fry awakens to a chilly February morning. He grabbed his start to his poem, folded it up and placed it inside his jacket pocket. He put on his shoes and made his way to the Planet Express)

(At the Planet Express, everyone but Leela was sitting at the round conference table)

Fry: Oh, hey guys. Where’s Leela?

Amy: She’s running late. She said something about being up late.

Fry: Yeah, me too.

Bender: Writing.

Amy: Really? What about?

Fry: Well…(As he was about to confess what he was writing, Leela entered the room)

Leela: (shyly) Oh…he…hey Fry.

Fry: Hey Leela. You look…different this morning.

(Leela’s hair was down and in a wavy mess. She was wearing a pink tank top and black sweat pants and black flip flops)

Leela: So? Is different bad?

Fry: No, no! Different is…amazing.

(Leela smiled and blushed a little. Fry let out a nervous giggle and took a seat at the round table. Leela followed suit.)

Bender: So Professor, do we have any annoying deliveries today?

Professor Farnsworth: Actually, you don’t. This seems a little odd to me.

Bender: So is there really any reason for us to be here today?

Professor Farnsworth: I suppose not, but would it kill you all to stay here? I’m terribly lonely.

(They all agreed to hang around for the Professors sake. Everyone got up and walked away except for Fry and Leela)

Leela: So…Valentines Day is coming.

Fry: Yeah. Just one more day.

Leela: Yeah. So, did you by any chance forget to get a girlfriend again?

Fry: (suspiciously) Yeah…I did.

Leela: Well, coincidentally, I just happened to forget to get a boyfriend.

Fry: Leela…are you…

Leela: Asking you out? Yes.

(Fry’s jaw dropped. The thought of Leela asking him out left him completely stunned)

Leela: Fry?

Fry: (stammering) Huh? What?

Leela: Do you want to be my Valentines date?

Fry: I…wow…yes, of course!

Leela: (blushing) Great. Meet me tomorrow at my place around 7?

Fry: Yeah! It’s a date.

Leela: Great. See you then. (Leela got up and walked out of the room)

Fry: (thinking) Oh my god, I really need to hurry and finish Leela’s poem! I only have one more day left!

To be continued!