Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 5
By Rye Guy

Fry, Nibbler and Leela are in the captain's quarters. Fry and Leela are sat down on the cot and Nibbler paces back and forth on the coffee table.

"Now will you answer my question?" barks Leela.

Nibbler ceases his pacing and turns to them both. "Yes."

"Alright then, why haven't you talked before?"

"I have, but I was forced to erase your memories of those events so as not to affect the future negatively."

"I remember you talked when those brains attacked, but everyone else just thought I was crazy," Fry states. "Whatever happened to those guys anyway?"

"Well Fry, some time back you sent them to another dimension but there were certain... complications... which I wiped from your memory."

"What do you mean, what complications?"

"You see, Fry, this may be hard for you to hear..."

"What is it?"

"The night you were frozen, I pushed you. When you found out from the Brain Spawn, you came back to stop me, but then when you realized that there was something in the future worth saving, you pushed yourself into the freezer."

"And you erased my memory of that whole thing?!"


"But why are you telling us all this?" asks Leela.

"Because the entire universe is in peril and only you two can save it."

"Why us?"

"Our ancient sages foresaw that the fate of the universe would rest in the hands of two virtuous warriors... and you are those warriors."

A silence fills the room.

"This has got to be a dream or something," remarks Fry.

"Think, Fry, think. Look in your heart. You know it's true. You've felt it inside of you all your life. Every time you've looked up into the night sky and watched the stars; you've felt that you would travel among them one day and that you were destined for greatness."

"Well, you've explained him but what about me?" asks Leela.

"You, Leela...it pains me to say this, but I am also the cause for the suffering throughout your life. I had your parents abandon you at the Orphanarium."

She begins to cry. "Why? How could you do that to me? It's your fault! All of it!"

"Please, Leela. I didn't want you to suffer but-"

"Shut up! Every insult still echoes in my head! My life has always had an emptiness inside! And it's all your fault! You did it!"

Fry puts his arm around her.

Nibbler lowers his head. "Yes, it is my fault. But you must understand that I had no choice. If you hadn't lived the life you had then you never would have met Fry and all would be doomed."

"What makes us so damned important?"

"Only together can you defeat this evil."

"What evil?" asks Fry.

"That thing from your dreams..."

"You mean that nebula?"


"What's so bad about it?"

"Eons ago, an evil was created. We do not know who made it or why, but all we know is that it wanted one thing...annihilation. I led an army of our bravest and strongest soldiers, but to no avail. Countless many were slaughtered; many of them close friends of mine. Even though this evil was only at half strength it still defeated some of the mightiest races. Our elders managed to encase it in suspended animation, trapping it inside of that nebula; but we knew that one day it would reach full power and escape. Ancient texts of our people spoke of two warriors who would rise and defeat this evil when it returns. So, we waited patiently for countless years until we found Fry. So, I froze him to ensure his presence here. Then we found Leela almost a thousand years later. We knew you two were the saviors, but the texts said that the two would be united as one and bound in the ties of love."

"So, you wanted to see if we loved each other, right?" asks Fry.

"Well, yes and no. See, we have telepathic abilities; meaning we can read your minds. It was obvious from the moment you met that you each felt something in your hearts. You, Fry, knew you loved her and was able to express your feelings. But you, Leela, because of your past, were afraid to let out your true feelings for him in fear of being hurt. So we were forced to take more direct measures; not to force you, but merely to help you in conveying your emotions. So you're affections were and are your own, we just gave you that little extra push."

"Well, I guess I should thank you for that. I'm happier now with him than I ever was with anybody else." She takes Fry's hand.

"That's good to hear, but it appears that we have some unexpected problems."

"Problems?" they both ask in unison.

"Yes. It has reached full power much sooner than expected. To make matters worse, it's locked on to you and is following us at an increasing speed as we speak. We have little time left."

"Wait, I remember you telling me that the Brain Spawn were the worst force in the universe," says Fry.

A deep voice emanates throughout the ship, "The Brain Spawn? Please, those lumps of compost work for me. Who do you think created them?"

"Who said that?"

Nibbler's face turns a pale white with fear. "He's here."


To be continued

Okay, I know what you're thinking: this was so short. Well don't worry, I shortened it on purpose because starting with part 6 is what you've all been waiting for. Something big, shocking and unexpected is going to happen, and I promise that it will blow all of you away. So get ready for a thrill a minute with the next installments of "The Other"... part 6 coming soon...