Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 2
By Rye Guy

"Where in Babylon is Fry?" yells Hermes. "Dis is da third time dis week dat lazy bum's been late for work!"

The Professor shakes his fist in the air.

"He's costing me money! I'd fire him right now if he weren't my uncle!"

"That's never stopped you before," Bender quips.

The Professor scratches his chin for a second. "You know, you're right. I'll fire him the second he walks in!"

"And I can file the papers for his unemployment!" Hermes exclaims happily.

Fry walks in wearing his usual attire but with a red scarf around his neck. He loosens the scarf and heads for his chair.

"What up?" He sits down next to Bender, the Professor smiles.

"Good news everyone! Today we'll all be choosing our Secret Santas for X-Mas."

"Uh, Professor? Isn't dere something you were gonna say to Fry?" asked Hermes, anxiously.

"No, I don't think so."

Hermes slaps his forehead in frustration and walks over and stands behind Fry while the Professor continues speaking.

"Now, I've randomly inserted all our names into this hat." He holds up a top hat with seven slips of paper inside and hands it to Amy. "Now, if you'll just take one and pass it down."

The hat is passed around the table. The Professor sees Hermes standing behind Fry and holding a sign. The sign reads, "Fry, you're fired." The Professor adjusts his glasses and tries to read the sign.

"Uh . . . Fry, you're tired."

Hermes throws down the sign and mumbles some Jamaican curses under his breathe as he sits down at the table with the others.

Fry shrugs. "Yeah, I guess I am a little tired. I just haven't been sleeping well the past few days. I keep having these nightmares."

Leela, with a concerned look, glances over at him. "What kind of nightmares?" she asks.

"Well, nah, I don't really wanna talk about it."

"What a coincidence, I don't wanna hear about it," Bender comments.

Leela gives Bender a scornful look. "Please, Fry. I want to know."

"Since when do you care about Fry?" Amy asks harshly as if to insult her.

"What? Can't a friend worry about a friend?"

"Worry?" Fry thinks to himself.

"Fry, you can tell me. Please."

"Well, they're more like memories of when I was frozen and of everyone I left behind. But then, there are these others, real weird ones. They involve all of us. And there's some kind of bright ring like nebula thing out in space."

Leela asks curiously, "What's with the nebula?"

"I don't know. I just remember that you and I fly inside it and then . . ." he looks down.

"Then what?"

". . . pain, suffering . . . like nothing I've ever felt before. More horrible than anything I can imagine . . ." A couple of tears run down his cheek and he uses the end of his scarf to dry his eyes. "I-I'm sorry."

"You humans and your crying. I find it offensive!" says Bender.

"Bender!" yells Leela.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're all a bunch of crybabies. Sheesh! Getting all wimpy over a little pain." Leela kicks Bender's leg under the table. "Ow!" he sniffles "That was uncalled for."

She looks back to Fry. "You gonna be alright, Fry?"

"Yeah, yeah . . . I'll be fine. I just wish I knew what it meant."

"Oh come on, Fry. Dreams don't mean anything. They're just illusions created by our minds when we sleep to keep themselves from being bored. When's the last time a dream ever revealed a secret or predicted the future or had any kind of significance like that?" states the Professor.

Leela's mind is suddenly overrun by memories of the dreams she had during her coma from that Space Bee sting. "Dreams can tell us a lot."

She stands and walks over to Fry. With open arms, she embraces him; throwing her arms around his neck. Fry, surprised at first, slowly wraps his arms around her waist and returns the comforting hug.

"Thanks, Leela. It really means a lot to me."

"Hey, what are friends for?"

Hermes clears his throat loudly, getting the two's attention. Fry and Leela blush at first when they see the whole crew staring at them. They go back to their seats. The hat gets passed all around and finally makes it back to the Professor, who grabs the last slip of paper.

"Hmm, it appears I'll be shopping for Bender."

Bender jumps up slamming his hands on the table. "Those are supposed to be secret, you old crap-chute!"

Amy looks up "Hey, I got Bender too."

"Me too," says Leela.

"So did I," says Fry.

"We all did," Says Hermes.

"What a surprise! All my friends love me so much that you all want to be my secret Santa..." Bender declares, trying to sound surprised. Everyone gives him a sneering look. "What?" he shrugs.

Hermes snatches the hat. "Okay, let's try dis again!"

The hat gets passed around once more. They all read their slips to themselves. Amy got the Professor, Hermes got Bender, Bender got Amy, the Professor got Hermes, Fry got Leela, Leela got Fry, and Zoidberg got Zoidberg.

Fry thinks to himself, "What should I get her? It has to be something special. Something extraordinary. Something that'll gimme a second chance." Fry smiles as he tries to think.

Leela begins thinking to herself, "I have to give him something that'll show him how much he means to me. But what?"

Fry glances at her. Leela thinks, "OH! He's looking at me! I wonder who he got. Maybe it's me! Oh, I hope so! If he did, then I know he'll give me something great. Just like everything else he's given me. He's so sweet."

The two find themselves staring into each other's eyes from across the table.

Hermes stands up and begins reading his clipboard, "Okay den, now you all got a buncha deliveries to make today." He looks at his clipboard. "We've got an order for a crate of Maxo-Laxo to delivered to de cheese moon of Yenkor 6. Amy and I already got it on the ship dis mornin' so Leela; you, Fry and Bender'll make de delivery."

"Whoa, wait. So there's a cheese moon now?" asks Fry. "When did that happen?"

The Professor begins explaining, "Back in the late 2700s, Wisconson made a break through in cheese-production. They created a cheese so potent and so dense that the only place it could be kept was in space. So they launched it on a satellite and, well, there you go."

"Wow. But wouldn't the cheese go rotten after a while?"

"You'd think so."

"We've come so far."

Leela stands and grabs the clipboard from Hermes. "Alright crew, let's roll."

Later, the P.E. Ship lands on the cheese moon of Yenkor 6. Inside, Leela puts a gas mask on and hands one to Fry.

"Why are we wearing these?"

"Remember when the Professor said how potent it was."

"Yeah, but that still doesn't answer my question."

"Do you even know what potent means?"

"Yes," he snaps back. He thinks for a moment. "No."

Leela sighs. "It means it smells bad up here. So you'll need this or you'll pass out."

As Fry straps his gas mask on.

Bender schoffs, "You organisms and your breathing." He takes a puff of his cigar.

Outside, the trio guides the crate on the hover dolly to an Inn. Leela knocks on the door and a small section slides open and a pair of eyes appears.

"Planet Express here with your delivery," Leela reads aloud from the clipboard.

"Oh, good, we've been waiting," replies the person behind the door.

Fry speaks up, "Hey, you mind I if ask you a question?"

"Sure, shoot."

"How can you stand the awful smell here?"

"Smell?" the door opens revealing the creature to be human-like; only shorter, with blue skin, and no nose. "We haven't noticed any smell here."

Later, on the flight back home, Leela's at the helm and Fry's leaning back in his chair. Bender's gone to recharge in him and Fry's quarters.

"Well, another successful delivery," Fry declares as he sits up.

"Yeah, and no screw-ups this time."

She continues piloting while Fry spins his chair around and gazes out the window. Leela glances over and watches him, wondering what he's thinking about. She becomes lost in staring at him. Fry notices her smiling reflection in the window but pretends not to notice.

He's curious. "I like that looks she's giving me," he thinks to himself. "What should I do? Should I turn around and ask or do I just wait for her to say something?" He goes over and over in his mind if he should make a move. All is silent.



"Whatcha' thinking about?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about something that happened this morning," he responds, thinking back to his conversation with the mirror.

"What happened?"

He stutters trying to think of something to tell her. He knows if he were to tell her what actually happened, she might think he was dumber than ever. "I, uh, I got up and then, uh..." He is interrupted by a terrible odor. "Eww, what reeks?"

She sniffs. "Yuck! I don't know. We'd better find out before it gets too bad."

She switches on the autopilot then the two of them leave the bridge and walk down the hall, following their noses for the source. The scent leads them to Fry and Bender's quarters. Fry opens the door and the foul stench is much stronger inside. They see Bender, standing up, but with his eye-lid shut. They walk in, holding their noses. Fry opens Bender's chest compartment and a huge chunk of cheese is stashed inside. Bender wakes up.

"Hey, get away form my stuff!"

"Bender, why did you take that awful smelling cheese?" asks Leela trying not to gag.

"I thought it would be good in some new recipes I'm trying out."

"I want you to toss it out the air-lock right now!" she barks.

"Hey! Don't pounce on my talents!"

"I said NOW!"

"Alright already!"

Later that evening . . . The crew returns to the Planet Express building. It's getting late and it's about closing time so everyone gets ready to go home. Leela's walking down the hall to the locker room, but stops at the door when she hears Fry inside, alone and talking to himself. She hides behind the door and listens.

Inside, Fry stands at his locker and begins to button up his jacket. "I gotta think, what can I get her? Maybe a bouquet of flowers. No, a whole ship full of flowers! Even better, an endless field of flowers! Or maybe something like a . . ." He thinks for a second, his face lights up as he's suddenly struck with genius. "I know, I could do like I did before. I'll borrow the Professor's gravity ray thing and write a message for her in the stars!" He hits the top of the locker hard; Leela jumps "No, last time I did that it ended in disaster." He drops his head and rests it on the locker door. "Everything I do for her ends up being thrown in my face. I'm so stupid!"

Leela, almost afraid to walk in, figures this is as good a time as any. "Hey, Fry."

Fry jumps in surprise and smiles. "Oh, Leela? Hi," he stutters, hoping she didn't hear him and kinda hoping she did.

"I heard something slam, are you okay?" she asks with great concern.

"Oh, that? Uh, I just banged my head on the locker when I stood up, that's all." He tries to avoid eye contact with her.

Leela smiles in an attempt to cheer him up. She opens her locker. "So, who'd you get?"

"Now, you know I can't tell you, that'd spoil the fun," he says teasingly.

"Well then, if you won't tell me then I'm not going to tell you," she responds playfully.

She slips on her jacket as Fry tosses his scarf over his neck. He shuts his locker and heads toward the door with his head hung low. "I'll see ya' tomorrow."

Leela quickly turns and gently grabs his shoulder. "Fry."


"You wanna walk me home?"

He smiles as she shuts her locker and the two head out the door. Bender sees them from around the corner.

"Hmmm, this looks like a job for snooping . . . Bender style." He laughs maniacally to himself.

Fry and Leela walk out the front door of the Planet Express building, Bender sneaks out behind them. It's sunset and the sky is a brilliant glow of yellow, blue, and pink. The clouds are purple with a white outline. The two stop and gaze upwards. Bender peers around the corner of a building and watches.

"Wow! It's so beautiful!" exclaims Leela.

Fry gulps and says nervously, "Yeah, but not as beautiful as you."

Leela blushes and smiles. "Oh, stop. You don't mean that."

"Of course I do."

Leela looks to her right and sees her reflection in the window of the building. She frowns and looks down. "How can you? I mean, look at me. I'm a sewer mutant for God's sake! I don't even belong up here." She throws her arms around Fry and cries into his shoulder. "A lot of guys have said that I was beautiful. But they didn't mean it; they always said those things just so they could use me."

"Leela, what's happeneing? Why are telling me all this?"

"I guess I just needed someone to listen."

Bender's eyes extend out a bit for a closer view.

Fry gently strokes his fingers through her hair and down to her shoulder. "I would never do anything like that to you, I promise." She continues to cry "Leela, you... you know how I feel. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you."

Leela lifts her head and Fry wipes the tears from her eye. She smiles.

"There, I knew there was a smile there somewhere," Fry says lightheartedly.

"We'd better hurry, I still need to take Nibbler for his walk."

The two continue their walk to her apartment. Bender emerges from behind the building and scratches his chin. "Now we're getting' somewhere!"


To be continued

well, that's it for now. Still not making a whole lot of sense yet, but don't worry. more to come and be explained as the story progresses. Stay tuned for Part 3.