Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 17
By Rye Guy

The Other

Chapter 17

by Rye Guy


Eight months have passed...
Leela has searched in every conceivable place she and her friends can remember...
But still, no sign of her long lost love...
The last vestiges of her hope are rapidly fading...
A desperation, the likes of which she has never felt before, has taken over her...
And through it all, those same four words echo in her mind...
"I'll meet you there"...


September 1, 3003...

In the dark bridge of the Planet Express ship, Leela stands at the windshield, watching the stars go by as the autopilot flies the ship. Her right hand presses against the glass as her left hand caresses her belly. The vents near the floor cause her lavender maternity dress to flow. She clinches her right hand, leans her forehead against the glass and cries softly. "What I wouldn't give to see your face again, to feel your arms around me again, to hear your voice. Fry..."

The door opens and the lights flicker on. Leela quickly stands upright and wipes the tears from her eye as she turns to see Amy walking in. "Oh, Amy, hey," she reacts nonchalantly.

The worried expression on Amy's face is accompanied by the same tone in her voice. "Leela..."

"Three weeks."


"Three weeks. The Professor says I'm due in three weeks." She returns to the window. "It's a boy. Can you believe it? I'm actually going to have a son. I know Fry will be happy to hear."

"That's what we've been meaning to talk to you about...all of us."

Leela turns to see that Bender, Zapp, Kif, Hermes, and the Professor have joined them in the bridge.

"What's all this about?"

Amy takes Leela's hand. "Maybe we should talk in private."

The two friends make their way past the crew and down the hall to Amy's quarters. They sit beside each other on the edge of the bed and Leela notices how Amy won't look her in the eye.

"Leela, before I go any further, there's something I want you to know." She hesitates momentarily.

"What's that?"

"You're the closest thing I've ever had to a sister. And you've really been the only good female role model in my life."

"Amy, I'm flattered, but this isn't what you wanted to tell me is it?"

"Well, kinda. It's just that I want you to know how highly I think of you as a friend. That's why it isn't easy for me to say this."

Leela does not know what to expect Amy to say. She never knew she felt this way, but then again, there's been a lot happening that she never dreamed of. "I've learned that anything that needs to be said, whether good or bad, should be said before it's too late," she advises thinking back to her feelings for a certain delivery boy that went unrequieted for so long.

Amy takes a deep breathe and looks Leela right in the eye. "You see, the others and I have been talking alot lately. Even though we do understand that you've been in a great deal of pain since Fry disappeared, we all can't help but agree that you should call off the search."

Leela jolts back to the foot end of the bed, away from Amy, shock now coming over her. "You can't be serious!"

"I hate to admit it but I am. Dead serious."

Leela immediately stands. Her shock now turned to anger. "Fry's out there somewhere! I have to find him!"

Amy jumps to her feet. "He could be dead for all we know!" A hush comes over the captain as she drops her head. Amy suddenly feels a conviction in her heart. "I know you love him. It's pretty clear that what you two have is true love. But sometimes you just have to accept the possibility that he might not come back." She reaches for Leela's shoulder but Leela quickly brushes it off and takes a few steps back.

"He's coming back! He promised me he would! Fry always keeps his promises to me, ever since the day we met."

"I understand, Leela."

"That's just it, you don't," she states giving Amy a deep cutting glare.

Amy looks at her with a heavy heart. "That's what Skyler said."


"He's the only one who didn't agree with us. He's hell bent on making sure you find Fry."

A tear runs down Leela's cheek. "Well, at least I have one friend," she remarks harshly as she heads out the door.

Amy sits back on the bed and begins to rub her eyes as she thinks. A few minutes go by and there's a knock on her door. She sits up. "Come in."

The door slides open and Kif steps in with a concerned expression about him. He stutters nervously for a second, like always. "Should I ask how it went?"

"You can probably guess for yourself," she replies.

"That bad, huh?"

"Horrible." Kif takes a seat by his love. The two lay back on the bed. Kif's head rests on the pillow and Amy's rests on his chest; her arms wrapped around his torso and his hands gently caressing her arms. Amy clutches his shirt in her hand. "I wasn't looking forward to this. God, I can't even begin to imagine how she must feel. She must hate me now."

Kif kisses her on the forehead comfortingly. "It had to be done. This has been going on for over eight months now. There hasn't been a single trace of him anywhere. It's time to move on."

"So what does DOOP think about you and Zapp taking off with us so much these past few months?"

"Zapp just says that it's an urgent mission and he can't go into detail. They buy it surprisingly."

They hear footsteps just outside the door. It slides open and Skyler enters. "Amy, have you talked to Leela yet?"

She buries her face in Kif's chest. "Yeah."

Skyler angrily slams his fist against the door frame causing both Amy and Kif to jump. "Damn it! Where'd she go?"

"I don't know. Probably back to her room."

Skyler takes off down the hallway, running as if his very life depended on it. But in a situation like this, it just might.

In the captain's quarters...

Leela lies in bed, her face buried in her pillow to muffle her crying so now one will hear outside. On the wall adjacent to the bed, there are several photos of Fry taped to it. Most of the pictures are candid shots of him and some of their co-workers at work. There is one photo that she can't seem to stop looking at. It was taken in the lounge and shows Fry and herself on the couch after a surprise birthday party that he had thrown for her. She could tell because in the photo, Fry is wearing a pointy birthday hat. Fry's sitting up with his head tilted back and Leela is laying on her side with her head resting in his lap. Both are sleeping soundly. She remembers that day. She was actually having a real bad day. There were some major delivery problems ealier that morning and her chair had broken when she sat at the conference table causing her to fall and hit her head on the table. And on top of that, no one remembered that it was her birthday. No one, except Fry. He took her up to the roof where he had a home made cake on an old ping pong table with a torn up plastic table cloth. The cake read 'Happy Birthday Leela' and Fry had drawn a crude picture of her in icing. There were two party hats, two plates, two forks,and two chairs. When she saw what he had done, her attitude suddenly changed and she couldn't stop smiling whereas earlier the last thing she could do was even force a grin. It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for her. They sat up there for hours and talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company. Day turned to night and the two gazed up at the stars together, pointing out constilations and remanicing about some of their more memorable deliveries.

That was the day that she first began to develop a crush for him. Ske kept wanting to ask him out, but was too nervous. She found it funny; she could fly a space ship through war zones and navigate between comets flying the speed of light with the greatest ease but was too nervous to ask Fry out on a date. She kept hoping that maybe he'd ask her out again, seeing as how he always does. But he never did. She realized that it was because of all the times she said no when he did. But the one time she wanted to say yes, the question never came. Over the months, her crush grew to love. This made her more nervous than ever to ask him out. She finally got her chance around X-Mas time, but then...


Her thoughts are interrupted by the loud knocking of someone at her door.

She sits up. "Who's is it?"

"It's me, Skyler; may I come in?"

"Sure." She wipes the tears from her eye and tries to pull herself back together so she'll still appear to be the brave captain that she used to be.

The door opens and Skyler takes a step in. There is a dead silence for a moment until the door closes behind him. Now, the only sound that can be heard is the vent as it steadily blows cool air into the room.

"About what Amy said..." he begins but Leela cuts him off.

"Maybe she's right, maybe they're all right."


"It's been almost nine months now and I've found nothing but dead ends and unanswered questions."

Skyler tries to speak, but the words in his mind can't find their way to his lips. All he is able to do is lean against the wall, stare at the floor, and listen.

"I still believe he's out there somewhere; that he's alive. I can feel it. My heart won't let me think otherwise. I just wish he'd return to me so all this will be over. Sometimes at night, I hear his voice whispering to me."

"I know how you feel." She gives him a curious glance. "I mean, I sometimes hear my dad's voice at night when I can't seem to get to sleep."

Leela suddenly sees something in the window out of the corner of her eye. She quickly looks up to the window but only sees the stars.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Uh, nothing. Just, I thought I saw something." She rubs her eye. "Guess I'm just tired."

"Right. Well, I'll let you rest." He turns away and steps out the door.


He looks over his shoulder to her. "Yeah?"


He smiles. "I'm just trying to look after you."

The door closes and he walks down the hall.

She sits there for a moment, with her eye focused on the window. She couldn't explain it, but for the past few months she's felt like someone's been watching her. There was just this unsettling feeling about everything in the pit of her stomach. She looks down to her engagement ring and can't help but smile as she sees Fry's face in the tiny purple diamond. Thinking back to that fateful night he proposed reminds her of how truly happy she felt. Then right after to find out that she's pregnant, that just sealed the deal for her. She looked forward to spending the rest of her life with Fry, raising their child together; the comfort of knowing that he would always be there for her.

Her thoughts are cut short by a painful burning sensation in her left arm. She grabs her arm and the burning grows more intense. It feels as though her arm is on fire. She holds in her screams and after a few moments, the burning stops. Looking down, she sees the long scar going down her arm and is reminded again of that night. The sting of Bereave's sword as it tore through her flesh. That monster enjoyed every minute of it too. Drowziness taking hold of her, she lies back down and drifts off to sleep.

On the busy streets of New New York, Leela has decided to go out for a walk to give herself some time to think. She exits her apartment building and heads toward downtown. Everything about this morning was so peaceful, so placid, it brings a smile to her face. It's been a long time since she's smiled like that. Rounding the corner, the sounds of terrified screams tear through her like scissors through paper. A building down the street falls. Leela looks up to see that the entire city before her has been destroyed. Buildings are now nothing more than piles of debris, vehicles have been toppled over and crushed, there are fires spreading rapidy and dead bodies lying in the street. She looks up in fear to see a large black star hovering in mid-air about a hundred feet or so off the ground. An eerie sense of familiartiy causes her to stumble back. Her immediate reaction is to get to safety so as to protect her unborn son but she finds herself frozen in place with fear.

A beam shoots from the black star and strikes a building in the distance behind her. The building disappears in an exlosion of fire and the screams of the building's inhabitants fill the air as they now face certain death. Leela's eye remains focused on the star as it begins to change. A swirl of white begins to overtake it completely until the black star is now white and glowing so brightly Leela has to cover her eye. One small beam from the bottom of the star shines on the ground and begins to spread, taking her and the entire crumbled city in it's blinding light. Suddenly, the light vanishes. She looks up but the star is gone. To her amazement however, everything around her has returned to normal. The buildings that were just then burning piles of rubbish are now standing as tall as they ever have. All the people who were killed are now again walking the streets and going about their usual business. It's as if nothing at all has happened.

Leela awakens and slowly sits up. As she ponders her dream she rubs her belly tenderly. Her baby can be felt kicking every so often. Reaching under her matress, she pulls out a small notebook with a pen clipped to it. She opens the notebook and there is a photo of Fry taped to the inside of the cover. Flipping through the full pages until she can find an empty one to write on gives her a second to think about the dream. Once she finds a blank page, she unclips the pen and begins writing.

"Dream log: date September 1, 3003. The dreams are becoming stranger and stranger as time goes on. For months now, these horrible dreams have been plaguing my mind as I sleep. What scares me the most is that these feel to real to just be ordinary dreams, and they are too precise to be dreams either. Could they be a glimpse of the future?"

She shudders for a moment at that thought before she continues writing.

"This one involved a black star destroying the city. It then changed into a white star and restored everything it had ruined. Just before I awoke, a voice kept whispering to me. It was hard to make out what it said at first, but i believe it was telling me 'The star of darkness shall bring light'. What does it mean? Am I perhaps losing my sanity because of Fry's absence. There is still no sign of him after all this time. Sadly, even though I don't want to, I am giving up the search. If Fry is still alive out there somewhere, maybe he has found someone else; someone more deserving of his love."

A tear falls to the page and causes the fresh ink from the word 'love' to run. The notebook and pen drop to the floor and Leela again cries into her pillow; an unseen presence in the window keeping a watchful eye over her.

A short time later, Amy and Kif are asleep in her quarters. All is calm and silent as the two sleep soundly together. A gentle knocking at the door awakens Kif. He carefully arises from the bed so as not to wake Amy and walks to the door. Pressing the button, the door slides open and Kif is greeted by a mournful cyclops.


"Hey Kif, may I talk to Amy for a second?"

"Sure." He walks back to the bed and nudges the slumbering Amy's shoulder. "Amy, wake up." She yawns as her eyes slowly open. "There's someone here to talk to you."

She looks to the doorway to see Leela's sillouhette. Still feeling remorse, Amy looks away.

Kif clears his throat. "I'll just leave you two alone." He steps outside closing the door behind him.

Leela stands by the bed but Amy remains turned away.

"Amy, I thought about what you said."

Amy quickly turns to face her. "It had to be said Leela!" she responds harshly. "I didn't want to say it, but I had to."

Leela sits next to her on the bed. "I know Amy. I gave it a lot of thought and..." she sighs "...you're right. It's time for me to move on with my life. So let's head back home, this time for good."

"You're sure now? This is really what you want to do?" asks Amy with concern.

"I'm not sure of anything anymore. I just want all of this to end."

Amy stands. "Should I go and tell the others, or do you want to?"

"I'll tell them, but before we go home, I want to make one last stop."

Leela stands alone, bundling up in her coat for warmth as the chilling breeze of the Plutonian air blows. Standing on the very same balcony that they stood on that night reminds her again of the joys and horrors that soon followed. The ballroom is repaired, the walls have been rebuilt, the chandelier is hanging back up, and windows have been replaced. The building itself looks good as new, as if nothing has happened at all. If only the same could be said for her as she gazes into the night sky and loses herself in thought. With nothing left to do, she walks back inside with a heavy heart and makes her way to the landing pad where the crew awaits patiently in the ship. She ascends the staircase to the ship interior and can only manage to whisper one name.


The next day at Planet Express, Amy is struggling to carry a heavy box upstairs to the Professor's lab as per his request. Since there was nothing good on TV at the time, she figured why not. It would give her something to do for a few minutes. But it was taking longer than that for the box she had to carry was bigger and heavier than she thought. It's contents were some spare parts for the Professor's sensors which have been working overtime the past few months as the same strange surge of energy keeps re-appearing and disappearing randomly. The Professor still had his theories as to the cause, but no real way to test and see if he was right or not. So he was forced to settle with hoping that his sensors would be able to track the energy surge at its source the next time it happened.

Chinese curses fill the air as Amy finally reaches the top step. She drops the boxand bends over with her hands on her knees to catch her breathe. Needing some water before she continues down the hall to the lab, she steps to the water fountain by a door to her left. As she takes a drink, she hears the faint sound of someone talking from the other side of the door. Quietly, she cracks the door open just enough to peer inside to see that it in in actuality the men's restroom. She continues to peer until she sees Skyler leaning over the sink talking to himself.

He runs some cold water on his face and rubs his forehead in pain while taking deep breathes. Seems as though he must have just recovered from another black out of his. She almost closes the door to give him some privacy until she sees him stand upright and gander over at a calendar hanging by the mirror. Retrieving a pen from his jacket pocket, he writes something on the calendar and circles it.

A grin forms on his face. "Hapy birthday to me. But given the circumstances I'm not sure how happy it'll be." He turns and makes his way to the door and Amy.

She panics. She quickly grabs the box and goes a few steps downstairs and turns to head back up. Skyler walks out of the restroom to see Amy reaching the top of the stairs with the heavy box.

"Here let me give you a hand." He grabs the end of the box and helps Amy balance it.

She smiles nonchalantly. "Oh, uh, thanks."

"So where to?"

"The lab."

The two carry the box down the hall and into the lab where they set it on the empty table.

"Thanks Skyler. I guess it was too heavy for me. Now, I just gotta set all this stuff out on the table for him."

"Okay. I'll be downstairs working on the ship with Bender. If you need any help, let me know."

"Sure will."

With a smile, he walks out the door and down the hall where he disappears down the stairs. Amy watches to make sure he is out of sight and that no one else is around before entering the men's restroom. Her curiosity getting the best of her yet again, she immediately steps to the calendar so see what he wrote.

The date September 22 has been circled and in the circle is written 'Skyler's B-day'.

She gets an idea. "A surprise party."

In the lounge, Leela and Bender are relaxing on the couch and watching some TV. Amy enters.

"Bender? Shouldn't you be helping Skyler with the ship?"

He sits up. "I should be, but then I thought that I could be watching TV instead. So here I am."

Amy rolls her eyes and then sits down between the two. "Leela, guess what I just found out."


"Skyler's got a birthday coming up on the 22nd."

"So?" she asks not seeing the point.

"So I was thinking that we could throw him a surprise party."

Leela crosses her arms. "And why would I want to do that?"

Amy thinks for a second. "Because he's our friend and it's the nice thing to do."

"I don't know," she responds sounding rather uncertain.

"What do you mean? Don't tell me you still don't trust him after all these months."

"It's hard to explain, Amy. I mean, doesn't it hit you as strange that Fry goes missing and Skyler shows up the very next morning; almost as if to take his place? I know he's a nice guy and he's really helped us, and me especially, over the months; but there's just something about him I don't trust. He's hiding something from us, I can feel it."

Bender chooses to interject with his thoughts, "Don't forget, that Bereave guy vanished with Fry that night. Remember how we thought that maybe the two of them had a connection?"

"Yeah. But then you changed your mind after spending one afternoon with him," counters Leela.

"I already explained that to you, he's a pretty cool guy. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Fry."

"Don't you think I feel that same way? That's what scares me about him. He and Fry are so much alike."

Amy cuts in, "Alright you two! Cut it out." She turns back to Leela. "Well, I'm gonna throw him a surprise party. Are you in?"

Leela dejectedly sits back on the couch and looks out the window. "Maybe."

Amy spins in her seat and looks to Bender. "How about you?"

"Sure, why not?"

She stands. "It's settled than, we're throwing him a party. Now, we've still got a few weeks left until his birthday so there's plenty of time." With her mind set on planning the party, she smiles and walks out to see if the Professor needs her help with anything else.

Bender stands. "I'm getting' a beer. You want one, Leela?"

She gives him a look of shock at the obvious fact at hand. "Bender, you know I can't have any alcohol while I'm pregnant. It's not healthy for the baby."

"Fine, suit yourself." With that he exits the lounge, leaving Leela by herself.

She grabs the remote and turns off the TV, then she looks down and caresses her round belly. Her mind echoes with the thoughts that she's had periodically, though she didn't want anyone to know that she was struggling to make a difficult decision. "I can't do this without you, Fry. If I am to move on, then I must do this. I did this once and promised myself that I would never do it again. But, it seems as though I will have to break that promise." A painful memory from her teen years fills her mind as she thinks back to the last time she was forced to make this very same decision. Her choice still haunts her to this day. But, will she be willing to go through it again? She continues to ask herself that very question over and over, "Can I live with the guilt?"

A few days later; September 5th, 3003...

After spending their morning playing rummy, Skyler and Bender walk in through the front doors of the Planet Express building and take the elevator to the conference room to get ready for the delivery of the day. Once in the conference room, however, something is amiss.

"Where the hell's the ship?" asks Bender.

Skyler looks over the handrails to see the Professor in the docking bay below working on a broken air vent on the wall. "Hey Professor, what happened to the ship?"

The Professor turns and looks up to him, adjusting his glasses. "Leela took it to run an errand or something. You actually just missed her."

"Where did she go?"

"She didn't say."

Skyler looks perplexed for a moment and glances over to see Bender heading for the door. "Come on Skyler, let's go watch some TV until Leela gets back."

Though a little uncertain, he follows. As the two sit in the lounge, Skyler can't shake the feeling that something just doesn't seem right. He tries to brush it off but can't. Bender watches the morning news with Linda and Morbo with his feet propped up on the coffee table unaware of Skyler's worries. Skyler tries to ignore the feeling and watch TV, but can't even bring himself to look at the screen. To him, it literally feels like his very life is in danger.

A few minutes go by and Skyler has yet to figure out what's bothering him. Suddenly, the door opens and a panic stricken Amy runs in. She's trying to catch her breathe and talk at the same time. Both Skyler and Bender stand once they see the look on her face.

She takes a deep breathe and blurts out, "We need to go to New Jersey!"

"Why?" asks Skyler feeling as though he doesn't want to know the answer.

In a room as dark as the deepest shadow, a lone light shines on Leela who sits on a large stone and metal table. An explosion of fire scares her and causes her to jump. The fire burns so bright that she is able to see everything. All around her she can see robots being tortured by small red devil bots with pitchforks and glowing yellow eyes. She sits there in the bowels of Robot Hell waiting for someone in particular to arrive. The fire dies and the darkness returns except for the lone light beaming down on her.

A sneering laugh echoes and is followed by the clanking sounds of metal footsteps approaching. Leela looks in the direction of the sound and finds herself staring directly into the glowing eyes of the Robot Devil himself. He grins sinisterly as best as his jointed jaw will allow and taps his fingers together eagerly.

"Leela, my dear. What a surprise!"

"You know why I'm here."

"Yes, you had no where else to turn. So once again, I am to lend a helping hand...for a price that is," he chuckles maniacally.

"You're getting to kill someone, that should be payment enough!" she shouts angrily.

"Ooo, temper temper." He reaches into his chest compartment and pulls out a long syringe with a blue liquid in it.

Leela sighs sadly. "I never thought I'd be doing this again. Not after last time. I still feel so much guilt after all these years."

"I'm really not the right person to talk to about trying not to feel guilty, you know. Now lay back and relax. It will all be over soon enough."

She lays down on her back and rolls up her shirt, exposing her belly. The Robot Devil places one hand on her belly and steadies the needle. Leela clinches her eye shut and thinks back to the last time she did this as a teenager. The only difference was that it was done by a doctor and not a devil.

"AN ABORTION!?!?!" screams Skyler at the top of his lungs as he, Bender and Amy are driving at top speed in Amy's hover convertible. His face turns white and Bender grabs the note from his hand and begins reading it.

'Dear Amy.
You are all right, I have to move on with my life. I'll never be able to forget Fry, I can't; he's a part of me now. Not only emotionally, but physically as well; through our son. That is why I have made a very difficult decision that I prayed I would never have to make again. I have gone to see the Robot Devil to have an abortion. Please do NOT come for me. I will handle this in my own way. I am the one who messed up and now I will take the consequences.
Sincerely, Leela'

"Where'd you find this?" asks Bender.

"She left it on the door to my apartment. I hurried over as fast as I could."

Skyler sits up, a look of severe determination across his face. "We'll stop her. We have to!" He punches the dashboard leaving a small dent in it.

They approach a large sign that reads 'Reckless Ted's Funland' and they can see the Planet Express ship parked outside of a ride named The Inferno.

Leela's eye opens. "Wait! I've changed my mind."

"Too late!" laughs the Robot Devil in triumph as severeal of the smaller devil bots grab and hold her down. She struggles to get free but can't. "Keep her steady boys." Leela shuts her eye and a tear runs down her cheek as she feels the cold needle touching her skin. There is a loud *CLANG* and she opens her eye to see Skyler holding a pitchfork in his hands; the Robot Devil laying on the ground holding his head and the syringe next to him.

Skyler stomps on the syringe, smashing it. He holds the pitchfork over his head and strikes the Robot Devil with it, badly damaging him. The Devil holds up his right arm to defend himself but the pitchfork breaks it in half, he screams in pain. All the little devil bots holding Leela down release her and run at Skyler. He swings the pitchfork like a bat, knocking off several of their heads in the process. The rest of them call for reinforcements which can be heard running toward them from down the corridor.

Leela then feels someone put their arms under her and lift her up. She looks and sees that she's now being carried by Bender.

Skyler jumps over the table to them. "Let's go!"

Bender runs, carrying Leela in his arms, and Skyler follows to protect them from behind. They climb a long spiral staricase until they have reached the ground level which is a hallway of fun house mirrors. Once there, Skyler shuts the door behind him and slides the pitchfork through the handlebars and bends it, wrapping it around them to keep them from opening. The doors rumble as the devil bots on the other side pound on it in an attempt to break through, but to no avail.

They run down the hall and finally make it outside to Amy's car, but she is no where to be seen. Skyler looks up at the PE ship and waves. Amy, in the cockpit, waves back and the ship takes off. Skyler jumps in the driver's seat of the convertible. Bender sets Leela dow in the passenger's seat before jumping in the backseat himself. The car speeds away and begins crossing the barren wasteland known as New Jersey.

Though driving, Skyler keeps glancing over at Leela with an expression of horror on his face.

"Leela, how could you even consider having an abortion? What the hell were you thinking?"

She doesn't react.

"Answer me, Leela!"

She turns her head to face him. "I did it once, I can do it again! It's my life; let me make my own decisions!"

A hush comes over the three and there is only the sound of the wind as they drive all the way back home.


To be continued

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