Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 10
By Rye Guy

In the small secluded store-room in the basement of the building, Leela sits on a crate and breathes deeply. She removes her wrist device and looks at her bracelet, the one she's had her whole life; given to her by her mother.

"My past..."

Her head lowers. She places a hand on her stomach and a big smile graces her.

"My present..."

She admires her engagement ring.

"My future..."

Skyler peeks around the door and watches silently as she lies back on the crate.

"Fry, I can't wait! I'm so excited just knowing that you'll come back!" She kicks her legs up giddily. "I'm going to go tell my parents the good news and then try to explain everything to the others."

"What is she talking about?" Skyler asks himself. His foot slips on the step and falls through the door. She jumps and turns to see him getting up, blushing.

"How long were you there?"

"Not too long..." He gets to his feet. "It's probably none of my business, but who were you talking too?"

"My husband."

"You mean you and Fry...?"

She smiles and nods joyfully.

"Alright. So, like, where is he?"

"It's hard to explain."

"Try me," he sits down next to her.

"It's just that he's gone missing and none of us know where he is."

"Missing?" he asks kind of in shock to himself.

"And on top of that, I'm pregnant so that makes it a lot tougher."

"So what happened?"

Leela thinks for a moment to try and put it in the simplest way possible. "Basically, he and I were used and lied to for someone else's benefit and that ultimately led to him missing."

"I heard you say you know he's coming back."

"The last thing he said to me was, 'I'll meet you there'. And Fry stays true to his word. When he says he's going to do something, he'll do it."

"Meet you where?"

"That's just it, I have no clue."

"Is there somewhere that sticks out in your mind? Maybe a place where the two of you shared a tender moment or something like that?"

"If that's the case than that could be any number of places."

An awkward silence for a few moments. Skyler looks over to her. "So you really love him then?"

"With all my heart."

"Then stay strong, for him and for your child."

She looks up into his eyes and feels a familiar warmth from his smile. Seeing a kind of glimmer in his eye makes her jump back.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

Disorientated for a second, she responds, "Nothing...so anyway, uh...tell me about yourself. Where are you from?"

"Me? I'm from right here in town."

"Really? I've never seen you around before."

He stutters for a moment, "Well...uh, I'm really more like one of those living the night life kinda guys. You know."

"Oh yeah. I've known some guys like that. They all turned out to be drug pushers or perverts. The type of guys who I ended up falling for because I was so desperate. And the sad part is I'd stay with them even when they constantly disrespected me."


"Look at me, what do you think you were staring at before?" she responds harshly.

"I'm sorry, it wasn't what you thought."

"I told you, I'm used to it..." she trails off and looks down at the floor sadly.

Skyler looks away too but can't help but ask, "But Fry, he's different..."

She beams and sighs happily. "Very different." She gives him a puzzled look. "Why are you so interested?"

He quickly changes the subject, "So, uh, you mentioned something about visiting your folks?"

"Right, I'd better get going."

He begins walking up the stairs. "Be sure to take your coat, the sewers can get really cold this time of year."

"How did you know..." she turns but he's already gone, "...where...?" With a bit of a shiver going down her spine, she stands and walks up the stairs.

She grabs her jacket and begins to slip it on when Zapp approaches her holding a small handheld gift wrapped in newspaper. "Leela, Merry X-Mas." He hands it to her. She unwraps it; it's the pistol he gave her the night before. The same one she used to shoot that creature with through the wormhole. She examines it and sees a small dent from when she threw it against the wall. "I figured you should have it. I mean, it helped you before and maybe it'll help again."

"Thanks, I'll keep it close should something ever come up."

"One more thing..."


"I wanted to apologize for my behavior to you these past few years. Seeing you and Fry last night made me realize how much of an ass I've been."

"That's true, you've been a complete ass from the start," she snaps back.

"I deserve that...so, friends?" he hold out his hand.


They shake.

In the cozy Torunga home down in the sewers... A loud and joyful scream is heard. Inside, Munda is hugging her daughter and jumping up and down.

"I'm gonna be a grandma!"

"Mom, you-you're choking me."

"Oh! Sorry!" She lets go and Leela gasps for air.

"You shoulda seen her when we found out she was pregnant with you," wisecracks Morris. "So Leela, who's the lucky guy?"

"It's Fry."

"Oh, you mean that nice boy who took you out when you became teenagers?" asks Munda.

"The same; only we're both adults now," she chuckles lightly.

Munda pats her on the shoulder. "Oh, I remember how you went on and on about him that day. You just wouldn't stop."

"Yeah, it sounded to us like you were in love with the guy."

Leela shrugs. "Guess I was but I just didn't find out for sure until just recently."

Morris stands. "So, you two got plans to get married?"

She smiles and holds out her hand, showing off the ring. Munda quickly takes hold of her hand. "It's beautiful! When's the wedding?"

"Well, we haven't exactly planned all that out yet. He just proposed to me last night."

"A proposal on X-Mas Eve! How romantic! Reminds me of when your father proposed to me."

"Made the greatest decision of my life that day. It was your mother's birthday, Leela."

"That's sweet."

"So where is our future son-in-law?" he asks.

"Uh...he's gone on a, um, a business trip. A very important and unavoidable business trip."

"That must be hard for you honey. Your fiance being gone on X-Mas."

"Yeah, but it's okay. He promised he'd come back soon. When he does we're going to start planning."

"We're invited, right pumpkin?" asks Morris nervously.

"Of course, dad. I can't imagine having my wedding without you two being there. And I know Fry feels the same way."

And it was true. Fry was too nice of a guy to say 'no' to her parents. He never cared if she was an alien or a sewer mutant, he loved her for who she was and loved everything about her.

If it weren't for Fry, she would have killed her own parents and never known who they really were. "I owe him so much but all he wants is to be with me. He's so selfless. Why didn't I see it sooner," she thinks to herself. She's constantly kicking herself for being so ignorant to her own emotions for so long. But soon, everything would be alright. He would return and they'd live happily ever after. She knew her faith and her friends would get her through.

But in the back of her mind, worries and fear are taking root. She can't quite figure out what, though...

"Could it be..."

"So, where you from?" Amy asks cutely of Skyler.

"Um, around."

"Man of mystery, eh? Well, welcome aboard." She walks over to Kif, leaving Skyler alone at the conference table.

He admires the tree for a while then looks around the room. His mind wanders as he sees all the crew together. "Like a family...I could get used to this." His thoughts are abruptly interrupted by an intense pain. He drops his glass, grabs his head and falls to his knees. He looks up but all around him has become blurred and the room is spinning. He collapses and faints just as the others come to his side.

Skyler is pinned to the wall by the door... He tries to push it off, but it's of no use. Blood drips to the floor for the handle bar has bent out and stabbed through his side. Footsteps are heard as a silhouetted figure looms into the doorway. The figure drops the bloody corpse of a young woman with black hair on the floor. Skyler, infuriated, kicks the door and it falls. He grabs hold of his rifle and pulls the trigger.

He shoots up, screaming in Dr. Zoidberg's office. No one else is there. He wipes the sweat from his forehead and clutches his side. "Not again..." he sighs heavily and sadly.

"So you're awake now." Skyler looks up to see Zoidberg walking in. He looks down to see his shirt and jacket are gone. "Your jacket's hanging up on the rack and your shirt's in the wash. It smelled like it came from a dumpster it did."

"Oh, well, thanks doc." He hops off the table and tries to keep his balance.

"I'm curious, though, as to these scars all over you." Zoidberg bends down slightly for a closer look. There are scars all over Skyler's back and chest, one large round mark on his side, and some on his arms.

"These? They're reminders."

"Of what?"

"Never to get another tattoo," he quips.

A loud beep surprises him. "Relax, it's just the dryer. I'll get your shirt." He scuttles down the hall to the washroom as Amy walks in.

"You okay there, Skyler?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine...not the first time its happened." He scratches the back of his head and yawns. He notices Amy staring at him almost in fear from his scars. "...Tattoo removals."

"What about that one?" She points to a tattoo on his right bicep. He quickly covers it with his left hand. "Why'd you do that? What does it say?"

He doesn't respond at first. Amy turns to leave when Skyler speaks, stopping her in the doorway, "It says, 'With you in your dreams.'"

"What's it mean?"

"My mother-"

He is cut off by Zoidberg's scuttling. "I'm back," he proclaims.

Shirt in claw, he hands it to Skyler. He slips it on followed by his jacket and quickly steps out into the hall. Outside, everyone has gathered around. He pushes past them and heads for the front door.

"Where are you going?" asks the Professor.

"Sorry, but something just came up. I'll see you all later." He continues on and walks out.

"Come back here!" the Professor commands, but Skyler has already left. "Damn it! I need to speak with him!"

"Why?" asks Bender.

"The sensors in my lab picked up a strange surge of energy just before he collapsed. They picked up a similar surge a few days ago; the day you made that delivery to the cheese moon."

Bender scratches his chin. "Hmm, whatdya' think it means?"

"I'm not sure, Bender. But I'm positive that that young man has something to do with it."

In the street just out front of the Planet Express building... Leela climbs out of the sewer and slides the manhole shut. The snow gently falling down around her, she catches a few flakes on her tongue then looks back down to the manhole.

"Well at least they're excited." She turns and sees the P.E. building. "Now to try and explain everything to them." Slipping her chilled hands into her coat pockets, she heads for the door.

Inside, the others are all gathered around the T.V. in the conference room. They are watching the news as she walks in, Bender grabs her arm.

"Leela, you gotta see this! They're talking about last night!"

He pulls her to the table and sits her down. On the news, Linda and Morbo are giving the headlines.

"Strange occurrences last night on Pluto as Captain Zapp Branigan's X-Mas party was interrupted by an unknown alien," Linda starts. "A small disc like craft crashed into the ballroom and an odd looking creature ran out of it and into the crowd. Morbo."

Morbo continues, "The creature was described by eyewitnesses as only about one foot tall, black fur, and three eyes." An artist's rendering of Nibbler appears on the screen.

"Stranger still, the creature took with him the crew of Planet Express along with Captain Branigan and his lieutenant. No word yet as to their whereabouts," Linda finishes.

The screen goes to Morbo. "In other news, a black hole has mysteriously appeared near the delta quadrant around Pluto. Any ships flying near this area are advised to stay clear. Crews are currently working to determine its cause."

Hermes turns off the T.V. "So, now we're all missing? That's just great. You know how much paperwork has to be done to file a missing person's report? Let alone eight!"

Zapp turns in his chair. "Since we're on the subject...Leela..."

She sighs. "Alright, here goes..." She thinks of where to start. "The whole thing started eons ago with the Nibblonians..."

She continues on telling about who the Nibblonians really were, who Bereave is and how he came to be, then of how and why Fry was frozen, the Brain Spawn, the prophecy; everything. Then came the tough part, trying to make it all come together when she told about the events from the night before. Hours go by as she tells the story. There were times when she smiled and even laughed; there were other times where she cried but kept on. They all hang on her every word.

"...and that's when they opened that wormhole," she ends with a lonesome tear in her eye.

Bender slams his fist on the table. "I knew there was something about that Nibbler I didn't like!"

Zapp sits back and drops his head. "Its all just so...I don't..." he stammers trying to put his feelings into words. "Who'd ever think something like this could actually happen?"

The Professor adjusts his glasses. "Yes, it truly boggles the mind."

Amy and Kif hold each other with a slight fear. "It does explain a lot," she says jokingly in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Leela looks around the table to see that someone is missing. "Where's Skyler?"

"He left just before you got back," answers Hermes.

"It was so weird, you shoulda' seen it," exclaims Bender. "He like went into a seizure or something. He fell on the floor clutching his head and everything."

"Is he okay?" she asks quickly.

Zoidberg claps his claws. "Yes, thanks to me."

Leela looks down and wrenches her hands. "Is it just me or is there just something about him..."

Amy does the same. "You should have seen him, though. Must have gone through some rough times, wherever he's from."

"What do you mean?"

"Scars all over him. He said they were from tattoo removals but they couldn't be. They looked more like wounds. It was horrible."

"I don't know why, but I've had this real eerie feeling ever since he showed up."

"We all have," mutters Kif. "But considering all that's happened lately, I guess we're all feeling a bit off."

Leela shrugs. "Guess you're right. I think I'll head home now. Night." She stands and walks to the door; passing Bender, she stops and turns to him with a smile. "Thanks for last night."

"Yeah yeah, you're welcome. But don't expect me do it every time you come over; uninvited, I might add." He smiles and pats her on the back as she walks out and down the sidewalk.

In a nearby alley way... Skyler curls up next to some steam pipes to keep warm. He shivers and rubs his hands up and down his arms.

"Maybe with my salary, I can rent an apartment soon. There's no way I'm living like this for the next nine-"


He looks down the alley to see Leela.

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

"I could ask you the same question. You don't live here do you?"

He nods. "Just for the time being. My, um, I mean I didn't get my rent paid on time. You just go on home now. It's too late for you to be out on your own."

"I can't just leave you here!"

"Sure you can. Turn around and keep walking," he snaps back.

A little offended, she grabs the collar of his jacket and pulls him up to his feet. "Now listen, I wouldn't normally do this but I know somewhere you can stay."


To be Continued

So, now that this Skyler character has entered the scene, what part can he play in this tale? And what of Fry? When will he be coming home? And how about those dreams Skyler's been having? And the Professor's sensors? I'd tell you but then you'd have no reason to wait for Part 11 would ya'? No, you wouldn't. Part 11 coming soon...