Fan Fiction

The One Free Man, Part 3
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 3

Once Farnsworth and Gordon Freeman had finished cleaning up Audrey's remains, Farnsworth left the laboratory. "I'm going to take little nap. Look after the lab for me ok Mr. Freeman?"

Gordon nods.

Once Farnsworth is gone, Freeman goes right to work. He opens the container with Substance F to verify its contents. Satisfied, he closes the lid, then writes "Substance F" onto a piece of paper. Then he logs onto the computer, finds the SubF file, and erases it out of existence.

On the television in the living room, the gang are watching the news, when suddenly, a familiar group of aliens appear on screen.

"Pathetic humans!" said Lrrr. "We have returned to once again invade your planet! Recently, one of our females entered a beauty pageant for all races on Earth, and she didn't even get a single vote! This is an insult against our entire species, so until the pageant overturns its decision, we will make your lives a living hell!"

"Oh no!" said Fry. "They're back!"

"Well guh!" said Amy. "If someone insulted our species, we'd invade their planet too!"

The sun was beginning to set as Gordon Freeman walks outside the laboratory after completing his work, only to hear...silence. Something is wrong...very wrong.

Gordon runs down the corridor, still clad in his HEV suit.

Suddenly, from outside, he hears what sounds like a giant stomping down the street. Looking out a window, he sees a titanic tri-pod similar to one seen in the movie "War of the Worlds" walking down the street. Standing on top is Lrrr and Ndnd. Both are laughing maniacally.

Then suddenly, Freeman hears shrieks of horror coming from down the corridor.

"Please don't hurt us!" Hermes voice calls out. "We're just helpless humans!"

Remembering his days at Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman pulls out his MP5, loads a fresh clip into it, and runs down the corridor towards where the voices are coming from.

Inside the living room, two Omnicrons are holding our favorite crew hostage.

"This is too easy" one said to the other.

"Tell me about it. I've killed twelve dumbass humans and not one of them fought back! This sucks!"

The door is suddenly blown open by a grenade. Before the Omnicrons can react, Gordon Freeman charges in and opens fire.

"Be careful what you wish for!" said Fry.

Gordon launches a grenade at both Omnicrons from the attaches grenade launcher on his weapon.

"Take cover!" shouted one of the Omnicrons. But the grenade explodes before they can do anything.

Satisfied that he's saved his new co-workers, Gordon puts his weapon away.

"Gordon! Man are we glad to see you!" said Fry.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Leela.

Gordon points to each of the others then motions with a thumb behind him.

"Glad to oblige a fellow scientist" said Farnsworth.

"Ok, we might live longer if we work together" said Leela.

"Yeah, we might stand a better chance if we team up" said Hermes.

"Ok, why not? I didn't want to die alone anyway" said Bender.

"Ok, we'll cover you" said Zoidberg.

"Roger that! Let's run like hell!" said Fry.

The crew follow Gordon towards the exit. Farnsworth opens the doors.

"You're going to have to leave me here Gordon" said Farnsworth. "I've got to stay and defend my lab!"

Gordon nods and leads the others out.

"Not so fast humans!" an Omnicron shouts pulling out his weapon.

Gordon pulls out his Glock pistol and shoots the alien's gun out of his hands. Terrified, the Omnicron retreats.

"Man! Did you see that shot?" asked Amy.

"We all did!" said Fry. "Wherever you're from Gordon, you sure learned how to shoot!"

"Take this!" an Omnicron shouts as he throws a grenade at the crew. Gordon pulls out his Gravity Gun, picks up the grenade with its power, and launches it back at the alien who threw it. It explodes in his face.

"Wow! That'll look nice in your trophy room!" said Zoidberg.

The tripod carrying Ndnd and Lrrr continues to stomp down the streets.

"Foolish humans!" laughs Lrrr, "you cannot stop us now!"

Gordon leads his crew members down an alley towards the street. A large crowd has gathered on the sidewalk.

Gordon pushes his way past the crowd and runs into the street towards the tripod.

"Who is that crazy guy?" one man asked.

"Gordon! Come back!" cried Hermes.

Gordon stands on the street as the tripod approaches.

"What? Who is this?" asked Lrrr. "Another stupid human to oppose me? I'll smite you where you stand!"

The tripod lifts one of it's legs and stomps it down towards Freeman. Gordon leaps out of the way and pulls out his Gauss Gun. He charges it up to full power and launches an orange beam upwards. The blast sends a pulse of energy into it's engines, shutting it down. Then pulling out his rocket launcher, Gordon aims carefully and fires a rocket at one of the tri-pods legs.

The rocket connects with its target. A series of explosions occur, causing the it to collapse to the pavement.

The crowd cheers.

"Way to go Gordon!" said Leela.

The crowd stops cheering as Lrrr and Ndnd and numerous Omnicrons appear to aid their leaders.

"Who does this guy think he is?!" Lrrr angrily says. "Do you have any idea who you're messing with?!"

Gordon rolls his eyes in his sockets. Another comic book style bubble appears with the following words.

"Doesn't he know I can't talk?"

"Smite them Gordon Freeman!" shouts Fry.

The Omnicrons' fury changes into shock and horror.

"Gordon Freeman?!" exclaimed Lrrr. "He singlehandedly brought down an entire alien empire!"

The crowd gasped in disbelief.

The Omnicrons chuckle. "Ok Mr. Freeman" said Lrrr, "we don't want any trouble. We'll just leave right now!"

As the Omnicrons leave Earth, the crowd cheers.

"You did it Gordon!" said Amy.

"Hooray!" cheers everyone.

Gordon as usual doesn't say a word.

"Well said Gordon" said Fry. "No comment!"

Night had fallen as the crew return to Planet Express.

"That was incredible Gordon!" said Bender.

"We should all have a celebration tonight!" said Hermes.

"We're all lucky you came to us!" said Leela. "Wait till we tell the professor!"

Leela is about to open the front doors to Planet Express, when they are suddenly thrown open by themselves by the frantic Farnsworth.'

"I've been robbed!" he cried.

... To Be Continued