Fan Fiction

The Loss
By Joey

Just another day at Planet Express, the professor was busy making his experiments at the lab. Suddenly he collapsed on the ground in pain. Fry walked in while licking his lollipop. When he saw the professor on the ground groaning and holding his chest. Fry dropped his lollipop and rushed to the professor to help him.

Fry: Professor what’s wrong?

Professor: My heart! I’m dying.

Fry cried for help and Leela ran to the door to find Fry by the dying professor’s side.

Leela: Oh my god!

Leela grabbed her cell phone and called for the ambulance.

Professor (Whispering): Fry, if I die please finish my work.

Fry: Why me?

Professor: I’m dying dammit. I don’t feel like calling out and you’re the closest to me.

The ambulance came running to the lab and carried the professor to the van. They put the heart monitor on and it showed no heartbeat. The doctors started shocking him but there was no change.

Doctor 1: Time of death, 5:38 pm

The other doctor went back inside to announce the tragic news. The group gathered.

Doctor 2: I’m sorry but he’s moved on. There was no heartbeat.

The group began mourning for the loss, except Bender who started smoking a cigar.

Bender: Well life goes on.

Leela: Bender, someone has just died! How could you just say that?

Bender: He’s dead? I thought he just moved away.

Bender started crying with the rest.

Later on in the evening, Leela walked around Planet Express when suddenly she bumped into someone. It was Fry. His eyes were red from the crying.

Leela: How you doing?

Fry: I’ve lost the only person that was related to me, what do you think?

Leela: I know. This is awful.

They walked around to the lab.

Leela: Well what should we do with the Professor’s equipment and experiments now?

Fry: The professor told me to finish his work if he dies.

Leela: You?

Fry: He told me because I was closest to him.

Leela: I don’t think that’s a good idea.

They looked at the plans for the experiment. It was a bomb that would clear the greenhouse gas surrounding the atmosphere. It was to be flown up and dropped at the right time it reached the greenhouse wall.

Leela: This is crazy. You wouldn’t be able to do this. No one could.

Fry: Well I made a promise to him. I have to do it.

Leela: Fry no!

Fry didn’t listen. He put on a white suit and went to work. Leela ran out to warn everyone about the dangerous bomb Fry was attempting to build. Fry had put all the things to make the bomb blow up inside. It was very powerful. All he had to do was put a steel case over it. He didn’t notice his jacket was caught on the trigger.

Bomb: Detonation in 30 seconds.

Fry: What?! Oh no!

Everything was shaking and sirens were going off. Fry started to panic and tried to run to the door but fell through the floor.

Everything was dark. Fry woke up to find himself in a dark place. He used a match to lighten things up and found a switch. He turned it on and the lights switched on. The place was made of strong steel and had two staircases, one going up and other one down. Fry went down and found a secret room. It was a cloning room. He saw 5 tanks with human forms inside. First one had Leela’s clone in it. He looked at the next one and found Amy’s clone in it. The professor had tried to make more clones but failed.

Fry (Thinking): Man the professor can be bizarre.

All the tanks had the Planet Express employees’ clones in them. The paper on each tank said ‘dud’. Fry walked out of the room and walked up the stairs. He tried to open the trapdoor he had fallen into but didn’t open. Fry used all his strength to push the door open and it opened. What he saw was basically nothing. The Planet Express building was gone and so were a lot of buildings. He called out to the street but no one responded. Fry was scared. A storm was staring to come. He ran around the city for hours looking for a life form. But there was nothing. Not even a bug in sight. Fry started crying.

Fry: Why didn’t I listen to Leela? Of coarse I can’t do it! I can’t do anything! And now I’m alone. It’s all my fault!

He started sobbing when he spotted an arm. He went to see if the owner of the arm was alive. He stared digging through the rubble and found the person. It was Leela. She was stuck under so much metal that it protected her from the explosion. She blinked her eye and looked up at an orange blur. The blur merged into Fry. Fry tried to help her up but she smacked him across the face.

Leela: I don’t want your help. I can take care of myself.

She noticed her leg was broken so she used a metal pole to help her up.

Leela: Satisfied?

Fry: Leela, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to screw up.

Leela: But you did. Exactly why did you do it instead of listening to me? You knew you couldn’t do it.

Fry: I wanted to prove you wrong and keep my promise.

Leela: Good job! You have destroyed everything. And even though we might be the only two I think we should go our separate ways.

Fry: Please no. I don’t want to be alone again.

Leela: You should of thought about what you were really doing before destroying the world.

Fry watched Leela limp off. She then fell over and Fry ran to help her out.

Fry: Leela are you ok?

Leela looked up at Fry with a tear rolling down her cheek. Fry helped her up and walked her to shelter. Rain started to fall but it was burning Fry and Leela. The rain was acid. They ran to the shelter before the rain could do some serious damage. Fry looked at Leela’s wounds. They weren’t as bad as her leg. Fry had a big burn on his back. Leela cleaned some of the blood off of the wound. Fry grabbed his jacket and tied it around Leela’s leg. Fry and Leela cuddled up together as the rain fell.

Fry: Do you think things would be better if I didn’t exist?

Leela. No but I think things would be better if you had listened to me.

Fry: Yeah.

Fry started to hum “Walking on sun shine”. Leela fell asleep on his lap. The shelter started falling apart. The acid rain was eating the metal. Leela woke up and they started to panic. Then Fry found the trap door he fell into earlier on. He pushed Leela down and went in after her. They both went down stairs to the cloning room.

Fry (weakly): The professor attempted to make clones of us for some obsessive reason.

Leela: He really was weird but I can’t believe he’d make clones of us. Is there any chance they can come to life.

But then she noticed the labels on each tank said ‘Dud’.

Fry collapsed on the ground. Leela ran to him. She noticed a big hole on his right hip. It was bleeding badly.

Leela: Oh my god how did this happen?

Fry (Weakly): A metal stake went though me as I went in. Maybe it’s for the best.

Leela: No! I’m not going to let you die on me now.

Fry coughed and blood went all over Leela’s clothes. She wiped his mouth and kissed him.

Leela: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this sooner. But I love you.

Fry (weakly): I’ve waited so long to hear those words come out. I’m glad it was before I die.

Leela: Don’t leave me! Not yet!

Fry (weakly whispering): I love you Leela.

Fry stopped breathing and dies on Leela’s lap. She sobs hardly.

Hours later after Fry’s death Leela walks outside. The rain has stopped but it is still dark and stormy. Leela finds a knife under the rubble and grabs it.

Leela (thinking): Everyone I care about is dead. I may as well end my life too. I refuse to live alone.

Leela stabs herself in the heart.

Leela: I’m coming Fry!

She falls to the ground and dies. Back in the cloning room, Leela’s clone opens her eye.