Fan Fiction

The Future Is Now
By Mitch

Futurama created by Matt Groening. Developed by Matt Groening and David X. Choen. Owned by Twentith Century Fox Film Corporation. Used without permission.

Susan and her parents created by Mitch.

The anti-robot stance of Susan's father does not represent the opinion of the author.

Act I

(Establishing shot of New New York, night. Cut to the streets near Robot Arms Apartments. Bender is walking with Susan, the pony-tailed fembot with a human mind).

Bender: Susan, there's something I wanna ask ya...

Susan: Sorry, Bender, my parents put their savings in several ironclad trusts.

(Bender stops, as does a now curious Susan)

Bender: Um, not that. I mean...man; I'm bad at this...(he opens his chest compartment and pulls out a small box) Here.

(It opens and there is a silver corkscrew inside)

Susan: Oh, wow...

(The camera pans past her up to Bender's apartment. We go through the window and into Fry's room. We pan to two sleeping forms under the covers, an all natural Leela on a dozing, nude Fry. Leela opens her eye some, perks her head up to look at Fry, smiles, and places her head back on his chest. But her unseen arm notices something. She reaches down, finds it, and pulls from under the covers something small, round, and broken. She gasps and we zoom in on it. There's a label around it reading: CRAZY CONDOMS. We pan back just as Fry stirs.)

Fry: (groggy) What up?

Leela: (a bit worried) Fry, remember when I said we could give into our urges under one condition?

Fry: Yeah?

Leela: A condition was made for us.

Fry: Oh. Is it my fault?

Leela: I think it's our fault.

Fry: Oh.

(Establishing shot, Planet Express. Cut to interior meeting room. Fry and Leela are in their seats. Leela looks shaken up some).

Fry: Sorry, Leela. I should have gotten a more reliable.

Leela: No. I'm the one who asked for it and gave you the money. And you got the best they had, which really scares me. But maybe there's nothing to worry about.

Amy: (sitting down) Worry about what?

Leela: (nervous) Oh. It's...probably nothing, Amy.

Amy: And why are you two sitting so close, even more than you have been lately?

Leela: Well, last night...

Fry: (interrupts) The condom broke!

Leela: Fry!

Amy: (silent at first, her jaw slowly drops) Oh wow! So you two are...?

Leela: (panicking a little) We don't know yet! It must have broke at the last minute!

Amy: But, I thought you two were going to wait until...

Leela: (embarrassed) Well, we were, but...

Fry: Last night felt...special. You know, the atmosphere, Bender was out...

Amy: I'm so happy for you two!

Leela: (blushing) Well, it was only last night. That doesn't mean that we're expecting...

(Just then, Bender and Susan enter the room.)

Bender: Hey, everyone! (he lifts Susan's arm, showing their ring) Look at some real good news for once!

(Fry, Leela, and Amy all gasp)

Fry: You two are gonna...

Leela: Marriage? You?!

Susan: Yeah. I've flown solo for a long time myself.

Amy: You and me both, sister.

Leela: I wouldn't say that about you. In fact, I soon lost track of your "co-pilots".

Amy: Shhh!

(Cut to establishing shot of Apartment 1-I. Cut to the closed door of Leela's bathroom. We hear some violent wrenching. Nibbler comes to the door and scratches on it, as if he is wondering what's wrong with his "mommy")

Nibbler: [Huh? Huh?]

Leela: (muffled behind door) I'm okay, Nibbler! I'm just...(wrenches again). I think mommy needs to see the doctor.

(Establishing shot of Robot Arms Apartments. Cut to Fry lying the couch. His TV is on, but he's not paying attention. He's too busy thinking of Leela. We hear the phone RING. He answers it.)

Fry: Hello?

Leela: (on phone) Fry, it's me. You think you could join me at the hospital?

Fry: (gasps) You mean...?!

Leela: I don't know, but that's why I'm going. But if that's the case, I want you with us.

(Fry smiles to himself. His eyes look almost watery)

(Cut to establishing shot of Taco Bellueve Hospital. Cut to waiting room. Fry is alone and nervous).

Fry: (thinking) I'msoanxiousI'msonervousI'msohappyI'msoanxiousI'msohappyI'mso...

Nurse: (enters, she's a thin, Asian brunette) Mr. Fry?

Fry: (jumps) Ahhh!

Nurse: The doctor will see you now.

Fry: (timid) Okay.

(Cut to examination room. Leela is on an examination table wearing a hospital gown. She looks uncertain; she has mixed emotions. Fry is nervous, but is hiding his hopefulness. A husky, middle-aged doctor looks up from his writing pad.)

Doctor: Well, Ms. Leela, congratulations!

Leela: (shocked, but also in awe) Gasp!

Doctor: (puts arm around Fry) I'm terribly sorry.

Fry: Uh, I think I'm the father.

Doctor: (turning away, to himself) They always do...

Act II

(Establishing shot, Robot Arms Apartments, day. Cut to interior of Fry's room. Fry and Leela are on the couch, his hands are in hers)

Fry: (happy, but confused) I can't believe this! You're having a baby!

Leela: I can believe it. I'm getting reminders of it.

Fry: Wow! I'm going to be a father! I always wanted kids. I didn't know if I'd expect any though.

Leela: Same here, the latter I mean. Fry, I called a sick day. So, let's get baby stuff.

(Establishing shot, a department store of baby things called Baby World, day. It's a floor tall, takes up the space of a street corner, and has a giant, happy, baby head on the roof. Inside, Leela is impatiently waiting for Fry near an asle of baby safety gear. She has a full cart containing a baby seat, baby monitor, a large package of diapers, and a carriage.)

Fry: ( off-screen) Leela! Look what I got!

(Fry appears with a large load of preschool toys! Some are plush Omicronians, some are overpriced Radioactive Man toys, others are toy ray guns, and other realistic toy weapons)

Fry: This is all our kids would need!

Leela: Fry! We are not going to raise our child as a commando!

Fry: Aw! But he can't live without this stuff!

Leela: We don't know if it's a "he" and the real trouble is that we can't afford most of this, except for the stuffed Omicronians.

Fry: Well, okay. (he tosses the stuff away and we hear a CRASH as it lands off screen).

Intercom: Clean up on isle 3.

Fry: (to Leela) So, you've got a lot of safety gear.

Leela: I'm cautious. Besides, I grew up with appalling safety concerns. I don't want the kid to go through with that.

Fry: So did I, but I turned out okay.

Leela: But Fry, your father was a soldier expecting the next world war to come at any moment!

Fry: (SIGHS) You're right. I'm sorry. I guess I didn't get a good example of being treated like a son rather than a soldier.

Leela: (looks sorry) Same here. I mean, I wasn't treated as anyone's daughter and I guess I forgot that for a second. I guess it's stress coming from being a new parent.

Fry: Yeah. I'll go find something less expensive or dangerous. (he sees a female worker with familiar brown hair in the baby clothes and taps her shoulder) Excuse me? Do you know where the gender-neutral baby clothes are?

(the woman turns around. It's Michelle, Fry's old girlfriend!)

Fry: Michelle!

Michelle: Fry! What are you doing here?

Fry: I'm shopping for baby stuff, what else?

Michelle: Oh! Which of your friends is having a kid?

Leela: (approaches them) I am!

Michelle: (a bit surprised) Wow! Congratulations, Leela! (to Fry) I guess a co-worker's pregnancy can bring out the best in you, Fry.

Fry: (nervious) It's...a little more personal than that.

Michelle: What do you mean? (realizes) Wow. (takes Fry's hand) I really hope the best for you, Fry. (whispers to Leela) Start saving your money; you'll come to your senses in three years.

(Cut to establishing shot of Apartment 1-I. Leela and Fry are on Leela's bed. Leela is wearing her tank-top out and has switched to jeans rather than her usual spandex)

Fry: So, do we tell someone besides Amy?

Leela: I think we should tell our families.

Fry: Okay. Mine or yours first?

(a tear appears in Leela's eye)

Fry: (worried) Leela?

Leela: There...there was a time when I thought I wouldn't ever have this discussion with...anyone.

Fry: You mean about a kid or your parents or.?

Leela: Both. Fry, one of the reasons I would steer clear from you is that I couldn't see us as parents. I'm not saying that you would be a bad father or I'd be a bad mother, but I couldn't see us, together, as parents.

Fry: That's it? That's the reason?

Leela: It was one reason. Most of the other reasons...you've been proving me wrong about of late.

(she playfully kisses him on the nose)

Fry: But you would think I would be a good father? Than why didn't we...?

Leela: I just thought, well, it was when we would argue over the remote. But, I guess I'm a bad example of someone knowing how parents are supposed to interact. I guess you had more faith in us.

Fry: Actually, I didn't think that far.

Leela: Well, I know a fair way to tell our families...

(Establishing shot, Planet Express, night. Cut to accusing room. Farnsworth, Cubert, Morris, and Munda are all on the couch. Fry and Leela are looking at them, hand-in-hand)

Farnsworth: (impatient) Well? Get on with it! Are you going to accuse us for negligence? I'll have you know that Cubert is already accusing me!

Fry: Actually, we wanted to tell you that...

Leela: We're pregnant!

Fry: (surprised, to Leela) What? It works for both of us?!

(The professor is shocked, Cubert's happy, and Leela's parents are ecstatic!)

Munda: Congratulations Leela! Finally, grandchildren! (to Morris) You owe me 20 bucks, Morris. You said it would take ten more years for her!

Cubert: Yes! I'm no longer the youngest kid!

Farnsworth: (upset) Oh poo! Another name to remember! Oh, for the days when it looked like I was the last of the bloodline! (he puts his head in his hands and cries)

(Establishing shot, Planet Express, morning. Interior of hanger. The Professor is with a crate on a hover-dollie and talking to Bender, Susan, Fry and Leela. Leela and Fry are holding hands and Leela is wearing an oversized blue shirt as a maternity dress)

Professor: Good news, my lovey-dovey crew. You are to deliver this crate of Brannigan Baby Food to Tempros 9.

Leela: (surprised) Zapp licensed himself to baby food. I don't see the connection.

Professor: Well, The president and the DOOP both decided that it would take the early impressionism of a decorated space captain to urge youth into joining their ranks.

Fry: (slyly to Leela) They should have asked you.

Leela: (flattered but embarrassed) Fry! I'm not decorated, (looks down at herself) especially now.

Bender: (realizing) Oh yeah! What's with the baggy outfits, Leela.

Fry: We're having a baby.

Bender: Oh. (realizes) What?!

Susan: In that case, I think I should go in case Fry gets into trouble.

Leela: That's usually my job.

Susan: Yeah, but I don't want you to stress the new kid.

Leela: (a bit peeved) Okay, but I'm still driving.

(Space, The Temprol Zone. The Planet Express ship flies through space. Cut to interior of bridge. Leela is at the helm in all-business mode. Fry is looking out the windows, while Bender and Susan are cuddling)

Leela: Okay, we're here. Now I'll call the planet on the astro-phone. (dials the number)

Phone: (recording) This number is no longer in service.

Everyone: Huh? What?

Leela: (realizes) Of course! The planet was evacuated when the chronotons in this area destroyed a nearby society! The time-interference caused the Professor to get his call late!

Fry: So, I guess we keep the baby food.

Leela: Yeah, but it will take a while for this kid to.

(Suddenly, the ship shakes! The lights go on-and-off!)

Leela: (worried, on verge of panic) I've lost control of the ship! We're in a chrono-storm!

(Suddenly, FX of a time-slip occurs! The crew is surprised to see themselves carrying Leela out of the bridge. Another time-slip FX happens , and they are surprised again to find themselves in the sickbay with Leela, now larger, on the medical table.)

Susan: I guess these time-slips are occurring weeks, maybe months at a time.

Leela: It must be! The baby's getting bigger...and it won't be long until it's out!

(Everyone GASPS!)

Bender: Just as well. I haven't planned your baby shower yet!


(Interior, sickbay. Leela is at nine months and it shows. She is sweating, groaning, etc. Fry is holding her hand as tight as possible. Susan is wearing organic hands and surgical gloves. She seems prepared to deliever the baby, but looks nervious. Bender looks on, worried)

Fry: Hang on, Leela! You've gone though worse!

Leela: (between grunts) NO...I...HAVEN'T!!!

(another time-slip SFX, Susan pulls a red-haired baby out of Leela. Another time-slip SFX, Susan pulls a second baby out with some purple-hair! Another time-slip SFX, everyone is settled down. Leela is holding her babies. The others are teary-eyed. Susan has her robot-hands back)

Susan: Wow! They're wonderful!

Bender: Way to go, Eyeball!

Fry: (on the verge of tears) I...This is...I'm so...!

Leela: Same here.

Susan: So, what're you naming them?

Fry: We didn't have time. (to Leela) Can we do it the lazy way?

Leela: Giving them our first names?

Fry: Yeah. Philip Jr. and Turnaga Jr.

Bender: Hey, howcum the time-slips stopped?

Leela: I guess we stumbled out of range. We had nine months to do so.

Fry: Hey! We get to be paid for overtime!

Susan: Rats! I was a volunteer!

Bender: (leaves) I'll go see if we got any messages.

Fry: (walking over to Leela, sharing a look with her) Two kids, our names finally put to use. Life is good.

Bender: (off-screen) Uh, is the dark matter engine supposed to be this quiet?

(Susan, Fry, and Leela now look worried)

(Establishing shot, the Planet Express ship in space. The engines are shot and the ship is now floating in space)

(interior shot, bridge)

Bender: We're stranded! The engines have no fuel, the radio's out!

Susan: We have food, baby food, and booze for us.

Bender: But only for a few weeks. We're...we're done for, Susan.

(Susan puts her arm around Bender's shoulder. I guess we won't make it to our wedding.

Bender: Yeah...

Susan: But, we can still make use of our time left.

Bender: (looks at her) Yeah...

(They lean in closer...and we cut to Leela's room, where Leela and Fry are entertaining their babies)

(Leela looks at Turanga Jr. in her arms. The baby is tired, but is trying to look at her mother)

Leela: (uneasy, but trying to be happy) I...I feel like we failed the kids by going on this mission at all,.but part of me is happy because...we finally get to be a family. And that's all I ever wanted.

Fry: That's what I wanted to, concerning us, that is. So, what now?

Leela: The only thing we can do, keep the kids as comfortable as possible until...

Fry: (interupting) Let's...not bring up the end. I want our last few weeks to be as a happy new family.

Leela: (smiles) Okay, Fry. So do I.

(Philip Jr. spits into Fry's face. Fry looks annoyed by it.)

Leela: (giggles a bit, but starts to cry) Fry...

Fry: (now worried) What's wrong?

Leela: (between tears) Nothing. It's just that..this..is so much like my dreams..and there were times when..I thought..I would never see.

Fry: Me being spit on?

Leela: ...My baby vomiting on his dad! It's...it's wonderful!

(She cries out of control now. He walks up to her and they both hold the babies together. They look at each other, still surprised that this would even happen to them or with each other. But they're still very, very, happy about it)

Leela: Fry, I know that I've never said this before, and I should have, but I've been too proud and shortsighted to do so. I think I...I...

(Just then, we hear an engine ROARING)

(cut to the bridge. Fry and Leela arrive holding the kids while Bender and Susan are making out. Fry and Leela GASP at what they see ahead of them, the Nimbus!)

Leela: The Nimbus! Zapp's ship!

(The Nimbus opens up and swallows them. We cut to Bender, Fry, and Leela exiting the ship. Zapp and Kif come to greet them.)

Zapp: Well, well, well. Captain Leela, you're looking as lovely as ever, although your current taste in clothing does not do your body justice.

Leela: (disgusted, but holding it in) Thanks, I guess. So, are you arresting us or saving us?

Zapp: Actually, when you wouldn't answer our radio signals, I simply assumed you were playing hard to get. So we docked in the hopes that we would have more.interaction later on.

(Leela is smiling, but it's an evil smile)

Leela: (playfully, to the ship's exit) Oh, Susan...

(Susan exits the ship carrying their new cargo: Philip Jr. and Turanga Jr.)

Zapp: (shocked) You?! The fembot from the pub?

Susan: (whispering to Leela) What?

Leela: (whispering) That was me when I was in your body.

Zapp: (SIGHS, to Susan) You're right. I should respect Leela. Because I...I...already...

Kif: (SIGHS) He does. He mutters it in his sleep at night.loudly, right above my room.

Leela: (still a little surprised) Well, it couldn't come at a better time. (she takes the babies and presents them to Zapp) Wave "hi" to Uncle Zapp, kids!

(Zapp looks at the twins, then to Fry, and back and forth a few times)

Zapp: (really confused) I...you...me...him...you...him...you...me...(slumps shoulders) I admit defeat. I'wish you well.

Leela: (to Fry) I guess he really is "all man".

Zapp: (commanding) But tell no one! (proudly) Zapp Branigan is a man of reputation, not deeds!

(As Zapp turns away back to the Nimbus' bridge, our heroes now look a bit disgusted)

(Cut to Kif 's small chambers. The babies are in a makeshift force-field crib. Kif is overjoyed, he likes kids. Fry and Leela are there as proud parents)

Kif: Oh, they're wonderful!

Fry: (jokingly) Thanks! We just got them. We're still breaking them in.

Leela: Thanks for letting us stay here until we get to Earth.

Kif: Oh, no problem! I was going on leave to see Amy, anyway. So, if you don't mind my asking, what are you going to do now?

Leela: (looks at Fry playfully) What else is there?

Fry: (hopeful) Coney Island?

Leela: (uncertain) Um, no. I was thinking about making this new family...official.

(Cut to Earth, Temple of Robotology, day. Cut to inside, where the Robot Preacher, in close-up, is finishing a ceremony)

Robot Preacher: I know pronounce you as men and wives. You may kiss the brides!

(We cut to the brides and grooms of this double wedding: Fry and Leela along with Bender and Susan! Fry and Bender are in the wedding garb from their last wedding. Bender is wearing cufflinks and a magnetic bow-tie while Susan is in a simple wedding dress. Everyone they know are in the crowd, even Zapp, Kif, Michelle, Susan's parents, Leela's parents, and the Fry and Leela of Universe-1. The grooms turn to their brides as the latters lift their vails and...the lights go out! They come back on and we see Fry kissing Susan and Bender kissing Leela. The grooms and brides open their eyes, noticing that something feels odd. They realize what has happened and turn to see Cuber and Dwight at the end of the room fooling with the light switch. Realizing they've been spotted, they run. The couples trade partners and kiss again. Everyone cheers).

Leela-1: (smiling, but in tears, to Fry-1) This is so much like our wedding!

Fry-1: I don't know. In our universe, Bender had Michelle hiding in the reception cake.

Morris: (slyly, to Munda) So, wanna try for another kid and see how they're life turns out?

Munda: (slyly) I would have to renew our medical insurance...

Susan's dad: (disgruntled, he's prejudiced toward A.I. robots) I guess I can deal with a robot son-in-law. Our girl's done well with worse.

Susan's mother: (not catching that as an insult) There you go!

Wurnstrom: (SNIFFS) I designed Susan's body for re-defining human-robot relations and I succeeded. (bitterly) And to show up Farnsworth! Hah!

(We cut to the happy couples again and pull back, to a bird's eye view of the temple, to New New York City, to North America, to Earth, to finally to a parting shot of the Milky Way Galaxy. Suddenly we zoom to planet Eternium in it's main hall where the Nibblionians, Nibbler's people, are watching on a monitor.)

Female Nibblionian: About time!