Fan Fiction

The Fry Family, part 6
By xkathyx07x

The wind blew fiercely through the streets of New New York , while the rain came plunging down onto the ground . Huge flashes of thunder and lighting tore through the dark sky , which made little Alice shake under her bed covers .

Another huge flash of lighting came which made poor Alice screech . She quickly covered her head with her blanket and tears started flowing down her cold cheeks . Leela came rushing into Alice's room and sat at the edge of her bed to comfort her daughter .

"Alice , calm down it's alright " Leela said in a soft comforting voice . "Mumm-ee , I'm scared " Alice screamed while cuddling up to her mother . "It's alright , here why Don't you come and sleep with me tonight " . Alice looked up at her mother and smiled . "OK , But where's daddy " Alice asked .

Leela turned her head to the front door and narrowed her eye , "I don't know but when I get my hands on him he's in deep trouble , anyway let's go through to my room". Leela lifted Alice off her head and headed next door to her bedroom .

"Hey , meatbag just stay here , and get drunk " Bender shouted over to Fry who was standing looking out into the street . Fry turned round and looked at Bender and lent against the window . "Nah , I don't know Bender , Leela will be going off her head, because I'm not back, and I can't even phone her cause' the lines are down".

"So, Just stay here and get drunk " Bender replied to him and starting gulping down his beer . Fry then just gave a shrug , sat down beside Bender and grabbed a beer . " Say , where's Eliza , shouldn't she be here " Fry asked Bender who was gulping down 4 beers .

" Aw , she's away , she'll be back later on " Bender replied , and burped and a huge flame came flowing out his metal mouth . " So , how are you and Eliza doing "Fry asked Bender . " Aw , we're dong great , though she keeps moaning about me drinking to much and making a mess of the place , but apart from that it's fine "

" Cool , so uh when you going to marry her " Fry asked quietly . But Bender's eyes widened and he spat his beer out which squirted everywhere . " Are you kidding , I'm not getting married " Bender shouted . " Well , why not Bender you said you might " Fry replied .

Bender immediately frowned at him and stood up and folded his arms . " I Didn't say anything like that , I'm never gonna get married , marriage is stupid " . " It , isn't that stupid Bender " Fry replied to Bender .

" Yeah , it is , meatbag , what's the point is marriage " Bender said angrily and grabbed another beer . " Well , if you love someone really much then you'd marry them , you do love Eliza Don't you ? " Fry asked Bender . " Of course , I do " Bender snapped back at Fry .

" Well , then why don't you ask her to marry you " Fry asked again . " Because , I just don't think we're ready , now can you shut the hell up about this marriage stuff , so we can get drunk " . Bender then reached out grabbed a beer and passed it to Fry , and they both started gulping down the beers .

As the hours rode on , the storm that was blazing outside , had settled down . It was around 9am , and Leela stood inside the kitchen wearing her usual daytime outfit cooking breakfast for her and Alice . As she stood frying some bacon , Alice came walking in slowly , wearing her hair in bunches , and a little pink top , black , shorts and a pair of trainers to go with it .

Leela quickly turned round and smiled at Alice who was standing there looking at her mother . " Good , morning sleepy head " Leela said happily as she placed there plateful of egg and bacon on the table .

" Morning " Alice replied quietly and climbed up onto the chair . She then looked down at her breakfast , then turned her head slowly to her mother of was cutting up her egg and bacon . Leela then noticed Alice was looking really glum , and upset . " What's wrong " she asked , " Is something wrong " . But Alice just sat there saying nothing , she just shook her head slowly and looked down at the ground .

But Leela just continued to look at Alice , she could tell right off that something was bothering her young daughter . " Alice what's wrong , you know you can tell me " Leela said to Alice .

Alice then looked up at her mother , " Mumm-ee , why do I have one eye and everybody else has two " . Leela was just about to put a forkful of food into her mouth when she heard what Alice had asked her . " What ? " Leela added . " Mumm-ee why do I only have one eye , is there something wrong with me " Alice asked again .

Leela placed her fork and knife next to her plate and looked at Alice . " Alice , there is absolutely nothing wrong with you , you are perfectly normal " Leela replied . " But , Mumm-ee people at play school , said I'm not normal because I have one eye , they said I'm a freak , what does that mean ? " Alice added .

Leela immediately frowned as to what Alice had said . " Look , Alice there is nothing wrong with you , no ones perfect , those kids have no room to talk , they've probably the ones who've got something wrong , there just jealous because they don't have a beautiful eye like you , now just you ignore them , and if they ever say anything like that again , you come and tell me , OK " Leela ordered . Alice looked at her mother and gave a big smile , and nodded .

" Now , look everyone " Hermes called out to the crew who were sitting round the conference table , " We have a huge problem , the ship is broken , so we can't make deliveries " . " How , what's happened to it ? " Leela asked Hermes , " Well , I .... " But Hermes immediately stopped talking when he noticed Bender and Fry were missing .

" Where is Bender and Fry " Hermes asked angrily . " I don't he never came home last night " Leela replied . But just as Hemres was about to say something , the doors slid open to the side and in came Fry , who's hair was all frazzled , his 2 spikes were was messed up and hanging down in front of his face .

He sat down beside Leela , who as usual sitting next to him frowning along with everyone else . " where the hell have you been " Leela shouted at Fry , . But Fry just sat there with bags under his eyes , and his eyes eyelids closing slowly . " FRY " Leela shouted again , by this time Fry nearly jumped put his skin .

" What " He snapped back at Leela . " where the hell have you been , you didn't even call last night " Leela moaned . " Aw , I had to stay at Bender's cause' it was to bad , to walk home plus the phone lines were down so I couldn't call you " , " So , instead you stay at Bender's and get drunk , and come to work late and in a mess " Leela replied .

And all Fry did in return was gave a slight nod . The 2 of them just stared at each other frowning , but they were interrupted by a cough in the background . " Are you two finished " Hermes asked with a slight bit of anger in his voice . Leela gave a slight nod then turned round on her chair to listen to Hermes .

" Now , as I was trying to say , the ship is broken because someone left bottles of beer , in the engine for some reason , and they have run and destroyed it " , everyone then slowly turned there heads to Fry who was looking guilty and slouching down on his chair .

" So , what I have done is I've is , I've ordered an engineer to come and fix it , so Leela since your the captain you can help him , and also the cost is coming out of Zoidberg's payment " Hermes said to the crew . Everyone then looked around the room , but Zoidber was nowhere to be seen .

" Um , where is Zoidberg ? " Leela asked . " Who cares , anyway where is Bender " Hermes asked Fry who was stretched out on the table with his head in his hands .

" Aw , he's having a bit of trouble with his girlfriend " Fry replied .

" Bender look at the state of this place , I just got it cleaned up , this morning , and you've gone and made a mess of it , with bottles of beer " Eliza shouted to Bender who was sitting with his feet up . " Aw , I'll clean it up later baby , come and sit by me and have a beer " Bender replied to Eliza , and tapped his hand on the seat next to him .

Eliza immediately folded her arms , and frowned, " No , I'm going out , and if this place isn't clean b the time I come back your in deep trouble ". Eliza grabbed her pink hand bag , then stormed out the door , leaving Bender who just finished gulping down another beer , then threw to the back of him .

Leela sat at the conference table , staring at the clock in utter silence . The whole crew had left to do there usual daytime stuff , but she sat there waiting for the engineer to come along .

As she sat there waiting the doors of the conference table slid open and in came a tall handsome brown haired man . He wore the usual engineer outfit , an old dark blue dirty jumper , and a pair of dirty muddy jeans , and a pair of huge black boots . Leela quickly turned round then got up to greet the young man .

" Hi , I'm Leela " she said and put out her hand towards him . But he just stood there staring at her . Then a huge smile came upon his face and he grabbed Leela's hand and greeted her , " Nice to meet , you my name's Johnny , I've been sent here to fix something , I guess it's that ship then huh " . Leela ave him a smile and nodded then led him up to the ship .

" Hmm , let me guess the engines buggered huh " Johnny asked Leela even before she could say something . " Yeah how'd you know " Leela asked him . " Look , I'm a mechanic I can tell these things , well I can tell right off it's gonna take a while , so I'll call you back when it's ready " Leela gave a slight smile then left him to get on with his job .

Back at robot arm apartments , Bender sat on his sofa with his arm around Eliza , and Fry on the other side watching All my circuits . Bender grabbed a beer , then started gulping it down , and within seconds he had drank it all , so as usual he threw the beer to the back of the room .

Eliza immediately frowned and looked at Bender , " Bender I just cleaned this place up for the 5th time today and your just making a mess of it " . " Aw , Don't worry baby I'll clean it up " Bender then pushed Eliza towards him and kissed her , but she was having none of it .

She pushed Bender right back and stood up and walked away , " Hey , where you going " Bender asked her , but she just headed into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her . " OH , she wants some fun ay "Bender said , and rubbed his metal hands together .

"Actually Bender I think she's kinda' angry with you " Fry added . Bender immediately looked at Fry and frowned , " No , she isn't you just watch this , Hehehe " Bender then got up slowly and ran up to the bedroom door and walked in .

But after a few seconds , the door swung open and Bender was kicked out the room by Eliza , then the door slammed again and locked . " See , I told you " Fry said to Bender who was standing rubbing his ass . " Yeah , yeah whatever skintube " Bender shouted to Fry .

Leela sat in the lounge area watching the end of all my circuits , and having her usual mug of coffee . She leaned over took a sip of her coffee then sat back down . Then all of a sudden the doors slid open and in came the Johnny the engineer , covered in head to toe in oil .

Leela couldn't help but stare at him . " well , that's it done " He said and brushed off some dust from his clothes . " Is it fixed ? " she asked . Johnny gave a nod then pulled off his jumper to reveal his muscly body .

Leela's eyes widened as he stood there brushing off dust from his jumper . She couldn't help but stare at him . " Hey , that isn't all my circuits is it " he asked Leela . Leela looked at him and gave a smile , " Yeah , it's nearly finished though , just about 10 minutes to go " .

" Aw , great , I love all my circuits " Johnny said and sat down next to Leela , and put his feet up on the coffee table . The 2 of them just sat there watching all my circuits and not a word came between them .

" So , uh how long you been working here " Johnny asked Leela who was sitting taking a sip from her coffee . " Uh , about 12 years now " Leela replied to him and continued to sip her coffee . Johnny just sat there nodding , " Cool " he replied to her .

" Well , I better be going " Johnny said and stood up . Leela couldn't help but stare at him , he was a really handsome guy , he was strong , muscly , and Leela really was quite attracted to him . " Well , so uh before I leave , I was wondering could I have your number " .

Leela quickly stopped drinking her coffee as to was she heard , she quickly turned her head and looked at him . " My number " she asked him straight . " Yeah , you know your number " Johnny said sarcastically . Leela just sat there thinking for a minute , not surely was this guy going to ask her out , " Well , you see I would , but I'm married " Leela replied to him .

" Oh , right " Johnny said sounding a bit disappointed . " Aw , look I'm not meaning in that way , just cause you seem like a nice woman , and well you know just be friends " he said to her . Leela then gave him a smile , grabbed a pen and paper , and wrote her number down .

" Here " Leela said and passed her number to Johnny . " Thanks , well I better be going , so I'll see you around " Johnny then picked up his box of tools and headed out the lounge .

" So , this guy actually asked for your number " Amy said to Leela as they said in the lounge area of Planet express . " Yeah , but he was a really nice , guy " Leela replied to Amy who was sitting putting nail varnish on .

" Yeah , but Leela that's not the point , even though a guy might be really nice , it's obvious he wants to be more than friends , I just can't believe yo gave him you number , when your life is practically perfect " .

Leela by now was starting to get fed up with Amy bickering at her , " Look , Amy he only wanted my number , he just wants to be friends and stay in contact , it's not like I'm gonna go out with the guy " .

Amy just shook her head as to what Leela had said , " Look , Leela you Don't seem to understand , this guy obviously interested in you , what if he tries to break you and Fry up ?, and he succeeds " .

Leela had , had enough with Amy moaning and groaning at her , she whacked her mug down on the table and stood up and turned to Amy who was sitting there looking at her . " Look , Amy why don't you just mind your own business , and let me handle this " Leela then stormed out the room , leaving a gobsmacked

Amy sitting there .

" So , uh your a married then Huh?" , Johnny asked Leela as they stood walking along the road to planet express . " Yeah , for about 3 years now , just over actually " . " Cool , and how many kids you got ? " He asked her again . " Well , have my daughter Alice , and I'm 5 months pregnant right now " Leela replied to him .

" Oh , cool " Johnny said and looked down at the ground feeling and looking a bit disappointed . " So , uh the Professor had hired you as a mechanic then Huh " Leela asked Johnny and stopped outside the Planet Express building .

" Yeah , he said I did a great job at fixing the ship so he asked me if I wanted a job , and so I took it " . Johnny then opened the door and moved a side to let Leela in , " Ladies first " he said and stood a side . Leela looked at him and gave him a smile and headed in , with George following .

" Good , news everyone " The professor shouted to the crew who sick of hearing the same old line everyday . " The ship is fixed , and we have a new member added to the crew , say hello to Johnny " the Professor moved a side to introduce Johnny who just stood there , and raised his hand to the crew " Hi " he sad quietly blushing .

Everyone else just sat there and either , gave a smile , or just waved at him . " OK , you can sit down now " The Professor said to him and pointed to the seat next to Leela . " Now , everyone listen carefully , soon Leela will have to leave , so one of you will become the next captain " .

The whole crew raised their hand , except from Leela , who just sat there being normal . " And , the new captain is...Leela , I mean Amy " . " Yus " Amy shouted cheerfully and punched the air . " And , now I want you to to go and deliver this box of important documents , and also Johnny will be coming with you , now off you go " the professor then got up out of his chair and shuddered away out of the room .

" Now , Fry , Bender take these boxes and put them in the ship " Leela ordered Bender and Fry who were standing talking to Johnny . " So , your new here , huh?" Bender asked Johnny , who started to help Bender lift the box up the stairs . " Yeah , the Professor hired me because I fixed the ship " .

" Well , welcome aboard pal , my names Bender , and that meatbag over there's Fry " Bender said and pinted over to Fry who was trying to lift up the box . Johnny's eyes suddenly widened , as he found out who Fry was , " Hey , isn't he married to ..." , " Yup , those 2 meatbags tied the know a few years back , well anyway who cares lets get these boxes , up I wanna go and see my girlfriend " Bender said and continued to carry the boxes up the stairs .

" Now , this in here is mine and Fry's cabin , and over there is the eye balls , cabin , you can share with me and Fry if you want " . Bender said to Johnny as he guided him around the ship . " Welcome to your new home " Bender said and pushed open the cabin door , but Johnny just stood there gobsmacked .

The place was a mess , 2 of the usual hammocks at the side , beer bottles all over the floor , and a rotten ham sandwhich which was attracting flies . " Come on in pal " Bender shouted to him , " Sit down there " Bender said and pointed to a stool in the corner .

Bender then opened his door , brought 2 bottles of beer , out and popped he caps of them . " Want one " Bender offered Johnny . " Sure thanks " Johnny said and reached out for one . Just as the 2 started gulping down the beer , Fry came barging into the cabin gasping for breath .

" Thank a lot Bender for helping me " Fry shouted and sat down on his hammock . " Aw , no problem meatbag " Bender replied and smacked Fry on the back . " So , you must be Johnny huh " Fry said and reached out to shake his hand , " I'm Fry , nice to meet you " .

Johnny just gave a happy gesture and shook Fry's hand . " So , Johnny have you got a special woman at home like me ? " Bender asked Johnny who was sitting in the corner saying nothing . " what , no I don't have anyone " he replied quietly . " Aw , come on you must have someone , is there anyone you like ? " Fry asked him sarcastically .

" Well , yeah there is someone... " , " Well , then who is it , do we know her ? " Fry said while interupting him . " Well , yous might know her but I'm not gonna say " Johnny replied . " Right , that's it you 2 meatbags are boring am gonna go and make something , so long loser's " Bender shouted to them and ran out the cabin .

But once Bender left , there was an utter silence between them . Johnny just looked at Fry and gave him a slight smile , with Fry reciprocating . " So , uh your married to Leela , huh ? Johnny asked Fry breaking up the silence . " Yeah , We've been married just over 3 years now " Fry replied .

Johnny just smiled and gave a slight nod , " Well you sure are one lucky guy " . Fry looked at Johnny a bit surprised and gave him a smile , " Yeah , I know , you see for years I tried to be with Leela , but she never really liked me at first , but then for some reason , she ended changing her mind , and now we're happily married , we have a beautiful daughter , and she's 5 months pregnant , I could never be so happy , and nothings ever going to come between us " .

Johnny just sat their staring at Fry , who was sitting smiling and in his own little world . Johnny then got up and passed Fry who was sitting now day dreaming about Leela . He then headed out the cabin and into the front of the ship where Leela as sitting bored out her skull .

" Hey , Leela " Johnny said , which made Leela jump out her skin . " Oh , uh Hi Johnny " Leela replied blushing a bit , " you scared me there " . Johnny looked at her and gave her a smile " Sorry " . " So , uh How are you " He asked . Leela again started blushing , and fiddling with her hair " Oh , I'm fine thanks , you ? " .

" I'm great , now that I've seen you " . Leela then turned her head slowly to Johnny who was sitting smiling at her . But again as usual she started blushing , and gave him a smile back . " So , uh look Leela I was wondering , do you maybe want to go out for lunch sometime ? " .

Leela quickly turned her head to Johnny who was sitting looking hopeful . " Uh , Look Johnny your a really nice guy and all , but I mean I'm marr...." . " No , look Leela " he said while interrupting her , " I Don't mean it in that sort of way , I mean it in like a friendship sort of way , I Don't want to go out with you , why would I when your married " .

Leela just sat there looking at him , thinking for a while , as to what she was going to do . " Well , alright " she said . " Great , well I'll call you tomorrow , and we can arrange it " Johnny said to Leela than headed out the room , leaving Leela alone thinking that she had just made a terrible mistake .

Leela sat inside the Local cafe right across the street from Planet Express . For some reason Fry did not even care that she was meeting up with Johnny . He didn't even mind . But on the other hand Amy was against it all . She knew Johnny was up to something , trying to break Leela and Fry up , but Leela didn't even listen to her .

Even though Leela was married , and had children , there was something about Johnny that Leela liked . He was a nice guy , Gorgeous looks , and a lovely personality . There was just something about Johnny that sparked Leela . He had something that Fry didn't have . Maybe it was just his looks , but for some reason when ever Johnny was around , she felt happy , and safe .

But with Fry on the other hand , she always felt something was going to happen , some kind of horrible accident . He would maybe be careless and break something and cause a huge argument and then Leela would have to save him .

As Leela sat thinking about Johnny , along the corridor came the exact person . she was waiting for . He stood and looked down at Leela who was in her own little world . " Hey Leela " He said to her in his sweet manly voice . Leela then quickly snapped out of her day dreaming and looked up at Johnny , who was as usual looking very handsome .

" Sorry , I'm late I had to change , a wheel for some guy out in the street , and I kinda got all muddy , while I was doing it " . " Oh , not a problem " Leela said to him Happily and smiled . As he sat down in front of her , Leela could feel her nerves rising , and her heart beating faster and faster .

" You , look really nice Leela " . Leela just sat there as usual blushing , and could feel her hands getting sweaty . " Oh , thanks , Johnny , so uh how you enjoying your time at Planet Express " she asked him . " Aw , it's great , really enjoying it and ...." . Johnny quickly went into his pocket , and took out a Little silver flip phone which was vibrating .

Johnny looked at his phone and gave a slight frown then quickly closed it a put it back in his pocket . " Who's that " Leela asked being nosey . " Aw , it's my Ex-girlfriend , she keeps , texting me wanting to talk , you see we split up 2 weeks ago , and well she wants to get back together " .

Leela just looked at Johnny and smiled , which he reciprocated . " So , uh you hungry " Johnny asked Leela who couldn't take her eye off him . " Yeah " She replied to him and gave a smile . " Good , well I'll just go and order it , be right back " .

Back at Planet Express Fry as usual was sitting , drinking slurm , and watching an episode of All my circuits . He reached out grabbed a can , clicked it open , then started slurping it down . Just as he sat there gulping down his slurm , in came Bender smoking a cigar . " Hey , meatbag , I just saw your one eyed wife , across the street having dinner with that Johnny guy " .

Fry then turned and looked at Bender , who was quite impressed with himself . " Aw , I know Leela wanted to go to lunch with him " , " Yes , but you should have seen her , she was like leaning looking at him like she was in love or something like that , doesn't that tell you something , maybe , she's you know " Bender said and nudged Fry on the arm .

" Bender , Don't be silly , Leela would never cheat on me , that's ridiculous , besides aren't you meant to be with Eliza " . Just as Fry mentioned her name , Bender immediately frowned , and sat down beside Fry , " Aw , she threw me out my own Apartment , she says I make to much of a mess , and that I'm lazy , and should clean up " .

" Well , sounds like you and Eliza have problems , Huh Bender ? " Fry asked him . " What , no we're fine , anyway if she doesn't like the way I live then she can just get out " Bender said and pointed to the door . Fry slowly raised and eyebrow as to what Bender had just said , " But , bender I thought you loved her " .

" What , Of course , I love her , I love her more than any Fembot I've ever loved " Bender gave out a sigh and lent his head on his arm . " Well , then why did you say she was to get out " Fry asked him . Bender immediately turned his head to Fry and frowned at him , " What I never said that , shut up meatbag and stop making things up " Bender then grabbed the TV remote of him and started switching through the channels .

" So , uh I guess you won't be a work for a long time then huh ? " Johnny asked Leela as they stood outside her apartment . " Yeah , I'm going to be off for quite a while " Leela replied and gave him a smile , again which was reciprocated . " So , uh Leela , I was wondering , do you wanna meet up for lunch tomorrow " .

Leela just stood there not knowing what to do . She could feel her heart beating faster by the second . " Well , alright I guess we could " she finally said . " Great , well I'll come round tomorrow then , okay see ya then " Johnny gave a smile and waved goodbye to Leela , who straight away headed back into her Apartment .

Leela sat right in front of the door wondering what she had just done . She definitely felt something for johnny . In all her life she had never met a guy like him before . Leela eye started to swell up , and a tear slid down her cheek .

Leela did not know what she was doing . She felt funny , she felt as if her world was turned upside down . She had a pile of mixed emotions inside her , She loved Fry because he was her husband , then again she felt something for Johnny . She knew what she was doing was wrong , but she just couldn't , " LEELA ".

Amy shouted , as she stood in front of Leela , in the Planet Express lounge , . " Leela , what the hell do you think your doing ? " Amy asked Leela who had just snapped out from day dreaming . " What do you think your doing Leela ? , your talking about having feelings for some guy , that you've only known for about 5 days " .

Leela right now just wanted to be alone , she just wasn't in the mood to have a conversation with Amy which obviously lead into an argument . Amy stood there frowning at Leela , who was sitting with her head in her hands . " Well " Amy said angrily . " Look , Amy I really Don't want to talk about this " Leela answered her quietly .

" well , Leela someones got to warn you , your putting your whole marriage in jeopardy , your just sitting there as if you've done nothing wrong , your going out with a guy when your 5 months pregnant , your married , and you have a 3 year old daughter " . Leela just looked up at Amy with a red swollen eye . Leela in all her life had never felt so down , and also she had never seen Amy be so strict .

" Look , Amy yesterday , Johnny took me out for lunch . " It was just you know as friends , but then today , he said I have feelings for you Leela , and want to be with you ". " I told him , nothing would ever come between us , number one I'm married , and number 2 , I had kids , but he just didn't seem to care " . Amy just stood there saying nothing to Leela .

She could tell that Leela , just wasn't usual bossy , but kind self ." And , I actually , think Amy that I have feeling's for him " Leela added . Amy's a

eyes widened as she just heard what Leela had said . She knelt down to Leela , and took her hand , and looked her in the eye . " Look , Leela I'm trying to help you , I know this is hard for you , but you have to let it go " .

" Look , if you keep talking like this , something's terrible is going to happen " . " Number 1 , you'll lose all your friend's and family's trust " . " Number 2 , No one will trust you anymore , and most importantly , your marriage will be over , Fry could not trust ever again , you have to just tell Johnny to back off and leave you alone , even if you have feeling's for him " .

Leela then looked up at Amy , who was trying to comfort Leela . Amy had never before seen her like this . She could tell him her eye that Leela was suffering . " Look , Leela " Amy added . " Just , forget about Johnny , trust me , once he's got what he wants , he'll just leave you and you will have nothing ".

" So , as I said tell him to back off and leave you alone , your married now , you have a family to bring up , OK , trust me , Don't let your feeling over take you " . At last a smile came upon Leela's face , she reached out to Amy and hugged her tight . " Thanks Amy " Leela said quietly .

" Don't Mention it Leela , now what you should do now , is go home , sit down have a mug of coffee and forget him , and just think about your future " . Leela then gave Amy another smile . " Thanks , Amy your a good friend " Leela said and patted Amy on the shoulder before she headed out the Planet Express .

" Hey , meatbag Pass us that bottle of beer " Bender shouted over to Fry who was sitting spewed out on the chair drinking beer . He slowly reached out and grabbed a beer and then handed it to Bender , who was as usual watching Eliza , who was bent down trying to scrub of , beer stains from the carpet .

Eliza sat scrubbing , and scrubbing at the stain which was made as usual by Bender , but then all she heard coming from the back of her was a flirty whistle coming from Bender . She then gave up on the stain , and got up and started took out the hoover and started hoovering .

" Hey Babe " Bender called over to Eliza , " Can you put that off we're trying to watch All my circuits " . Eliza just turned round and scowled at him , then switched off the hoover , then stormed into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her .

Fry sat next to Bender , slurping down his beer . He then wiped his mouth with his sleeve then stood up and stretched . " Right , See ya Bender I'm going home to see Leela " Fry said who was sitting smoking a cigar . " Alright , See ya meatbag " Bender replied , then made sure Fry was out the Apartment before he headed into the bedroom where Eliza was .

Leela sat in her Apartment sipping a mug of warm coffee . She had felt much better after the conversation with Amy . But now she was just trying to forget about Johnny , and settle and think about her future . As she sipped her coffee , there was a knock on the front door , so as usual she got up to answer it .

She stood and unlocked the door hoping it was Fry . But it turned out to be someone she did not want to see . Johnny stood outside Leela's Apartment wearing his usual work clothes , he looked up at Leela and gave her a smile , but Leela face was just blank . She Didn't even look at him .

" Leela , I kinda need to talk you " he asked her quietly . But Leela was not in the mood . " I Don't think that's a really good idea " she replied . " Please , Leela just for a minute , can I come in? " he asked her again . " NO " Leela said straight away .

But Johnny was determined to talk to Leela , " Look , Leela I just need to tell you something , then I'll leave I Don't want to cause any trouble " . Leela finally looked up at Johnny , who was standing with a hopeful look on his face . Leela eventually let out a sigh, " Fine , but 5 minutes " She said and lead him into the kitchen .

As they headed in Leela walked straight up to the sink and started washing some dishes, so that she couldn't look at Johnny . Johnny just stood at the side , with an awkward silence among them . " Look , Leela I'm sorry what I said earlier , but that's truly how I feel about you " . Leela just shook her head .

" Look , Johnny I'm married , I have a daughter , I'm pregnant , do you honestly think I'd give that all up just to be with you " Leela replied sharply . " Well , I don't know " Johnny replied , and walked up beside Leela . He then moved him hand along slowly and touched Leela's . But Leela immediately took her hand away , then looked at Johnny angrily .

But before she knew it Johnny reached out to Leela , grabbed her by the arm , and kissed her on the lips . Leela just stood there shocked for about 3 seconds before she pushed him off . Leela couldn't believe what he had just done to her . She then put her hand to her mouth , then turned and looked at Johnny angrily .

Johnny also just stood there looking at Leela with a smug look on his face . But then all of a sudden , Leela turned her head slowly to the doorway of the kitchen , to see Fry standing there , with his mouth wide open and looking like he had seen a ghost . Leela could just feel her blood running cold .

It was around 4pm in the afternoon and , it was a beautiful warm day , but was starting to get colder as time flew by . Johnny walked down the stairs and stood outside with his hands in his pockets , smiling . He inhaled the fresh air that was surrounding him , then eventually exhaled .

He was feeling very proud of himself , at what he had just done . He kept the smug look on his face then headed along the street . As he passed he could hear screaming and shouting coming from the second floor , but he never even had any pity as to what he had just done to Leela's life .

" Leela , how long has this being going on ? " Fry shouted at Leela , as he stood in front of her . " Fry , there has been nothing going on between us , he came onto me , he grabbed me and kissed me , and I pushed him off , I haven't been cheating on you " Leela replied , and sat down on the sofa .

" Oh , yeah so you expect me to believe that ? " Fry added . But Leela never even answered him . She sat there with rivers of tears flowing down her face , and with a huge red swollen eye . She knew it was too late , she could tell her marriage was in jeopardy .

" Fry , I swear I never cheated on you " . " He came onto me , I never kissed him , he wanted to have an affair with me but I told him there would never be anything between us " . " I swear Fry I never cheated on you , please believe me " . Leela turned her head to Fry who had his head in his arms .

Fry just didn't know what to do . After what he just saw , he knew it , he was betrayed . He didn't know whether to believe Leela , or to believe what he thought . Loads of feelings and emotions where running through his head .

" Fry " Leela said quietly to Fry who was still sitting with his head in his hand . " what's going to happen " She asked him quietly . Fry eventually lifted his head and looked at Leela . He gave out a sigh and sat up on the sofa . " Well , Leela I don't know what to believe , I just think maybe we should .... " .

" your not going are you " Leela asked him sharply . But Fry never said a word, he just sat looking at the woman he loved . He gave out another sigh , then got up and headed into the bedroom . " Fry , where are you going " Leela asked him sharply , and ran after him .

she stood at the doorway looking at Fry who had already taken out a rucksack , and had started to fill it up , with his spare Shirt , and jeans . Leela raised her hands to her mouth and broke out in tears . " No , Fry please Don't go " she cried . But Fry didn't listen . He just kept filling up his rucksack .

He then zipped it up and walked passed Leela who immediately grabbed his arm . " Fry , please Don't go , I love you " She cried out . Fry just stood there looking down at her . He just didn't know what to do , but he knew that it was best for him to leave . " Yeah , Leela I love you to , but I just think it's best this way " Fry replied then walked away from Leela who was knelt on the ground , in tears .

As Leela knelt crying Alice in the other room lay lying down sleeping , but was immediately woken up by her mothers scream . She kicked the covers off her , and got up and stretched then headed out her room . As she stood outside , she looked at her mother who was knelt on the floor in tears .

Then she turned her head to see Fry just about to walk out . " Dadd-ee " Alice called after her father . Fry immediately turned round to see Alice standing there in her little pink gooney . " Daddy , where are you go-wing " Alice asked her father in her little cute voice .

Fry lowered his had , and gave out a sigh . Then knelt down to Alice and looked her in the eye , " Look , sweety me and your mum, just kind of have a problem , so I'm just going for a while " . " But , why Don't you stay here with me and Mama " Alice asked him .

But at that presice moment Leela walked up behind Alice with a swollen red eye , and a tissue in her hand . " Look , Alice I'm , going to go and stay with Uncle Bender for a while , but I'll come back and see you " Fry said then took his daughter's hand .

But when Alice understood what her father said , a huge cheesy grin came upon her face , " Your going to see uncle Bender , can I come " . Leela's eye immediately widened and she interupted Fry who was just about to speak . " Fry , your not taking her " she said sharply .

Fry then stood up and looked at Leela . He just felt angry , so angry at her , he just wanted Leela to suffer like him . At that moment Fry scowled at Leela , and said " Alice , go and change , and pack your stuff , we're leaving " . " Okay , daddy " Alice shouted happily and ran passed her mum , who was just looking at Fry with pity in her eye .

Back at Robot Arms Apartments Bender was walking along the corridor happily smoking a cigar , as he entered his home he stopped and gasped , at how clean it was . The sofa was neatly scrubbed with out beer marks on it . You could at last see the colour of the floor as well .

Bender then gave a smile when he noticed Alice in the bedroom . He headed on in but stopped as he saw a suitcase full of clothes , and Robot materials . Hey then turned his head to Eliza who was standing packing up her last few things .

" Hey Babe what you doing " Bender asked Eliza feeling bit confused . " I've had enough Bender , I'm leaving " she said sharply and picked up her suitcase , and stormed passed him . Bender could not believe his robot eyes , as the what he just saw .

He immediately ran after Eliza who was just about to walk out the door . " Please , Babe wait " he said . " I'll change I promise , I'll stop making a mess of the place " Bender said feeling a bit scared .

Eliza just looked at him sharply , " Well , you should have thought about that when you started your nonsense " . " What nonsense " Bender asked confused . " Look , Bender I can't live with a man who's selfish , rude , dirty , and who only thinks of himself " .

" what , me selfish , I'm not selfish " Bender said angrily . Eliza just scowled at Bender and pushed right passed him . But Bender grabbed her arm , " Look , baby please don't go , I love you , I love you so much " . " Sorry , Bender I've had enough " she said one last time and stormed off along the corridor .

Just as she headed along the corridor , and old rusty looking robot turned round and gave Eliza a flirty whistle . Bender immediately frowned , pushed up his metal sleeves and walked up to the other robot .

Amy had never heard Leela sound so upset . when she phoned her Leela was screeching down the phone . She could hear her crying , and could tell right off that she was very upset . As Amy headed along the corridor , she stopped outside Leela's apartment and knocked slightly on the door .

" Come in " A quiet voice said from inside . Amy slowly turned the handle and opened the door to see Leela spewed out on the the sofa , with a bulging red eye . Amy slowly walked up to Leela and sat on the chair opposite her .

Leela's was in utter state . Her face was flushed , her eye was again bulging red , with a trail of melted mascara down her cheeks . Amy then looked down on the ground to see 3 bottles of beer and one half empty . " Leela , have you been drinking ? " Amy asked her sharply .

" You know your not supposed to have alcohol " , she said again and frowned and Leela . But Leela just lay there saying nothing . " Leela , what happened ? " Amy asked her . Leela eventually sat up and wiped the mascara off her face . " Fry left me , and he took Alice " Leela replied , with a crackle in her voice .

Amy just shook her head as to what Leela had said . " Leela , what did you ?" , " I didn't do anything , Johnny came in just to talk to me " . " Then he grabbed me and kissed me but I pushed him off , and Fry saw it all , and now he thanks I've been cheating on him , for ages " .

Amy narrowed her eyes . Fry leaving Leela . It wasn't like him at all . She had never even thought that Fry would ever do something like this to Leela . " Look , Leela I believe you , I know you didn't cheat on Fry , OK , so I believe you , I'm gonna try and talk to Fry , I know I shouldn't be interfering but I'm going to , OK , You just clean yourself up and get some rest , OK " .

And again another smile came upon Leela's face because of Amy . Leela reached and hugged Amy tightly . " Thanks , Amy I really appreciate this " Leela said . " Don't mention it , Leela , not remember what I said , go and clean yourself up and I'll go and talk to Fry . " Oh , and let me guess he'll be at Bender's " .

Leela looked up at Amy and gave a slight nod . Amy then rested her hand on Leela's shoulder before she headed out the door . " Dadd-ee why you a bad mood " Alice asked her father as they headed along the corridor to Bender's apartment . " Because Alice your mum did something very bad " Fry replied sharply .

Fry then stopped outside Bender's door and knocked hard on it . But no answer came from the mechanical mans room . Fry then knocked again . But as usual there was no answer . Fry's temper was starting to rise , and he kicked on it door and shouted . " Bender are you in ? " . But still no answer .

Fry then pushed the door opened and popped his head round the corner . " Come on Alice " he said and took her hand and guided her in . " Bender " Fry called . " Uncle Bender " Alice shouted . Fry then walked up to the sofa and gasped as he saw Bender lying spread out of the sofa , with 5 o clock rust around his mouth .

Fry then knelt down to Bender and shook him . " Bender are you alright " He asked . But Bender just lay there not moving anything on his mechanical body . " Uncle Bender " Alice said quietly in her sweet voice . Bender's eye's then opened and a groan came from him . " Ohhh , she's gone " Bender groaned .

" Who's gone " Fry asked . " Eliza she's gone " Bender said . " Gone where " Fry asked bewildered . Bender then managed to get himself , and sat up . " Eliza she's gone " Bender said again and grabbed Fry and gave him a hug . Fry just stayed there being crushed by Bender's arms . " what , do you mean she's gone ? , has Eliza left you " Fry asked him .

But Bender just said nothing . He then let go of Fry , and looked down at the ground . Fry just couldn't help but feel sorry for him , so he got up grabbed a bottle of beer and handed it to Bender . " Come on Bender you need to drink " . Bender just looked at it then , threw it against the wall and it smashed all over the place , " I don't want it " He shouted then rolled over and curled up against the sofa .

Amy hurried along the corridor to Bender's apartment in a serious mad mood . Hearing Fry leaving Leela like that made her angrier by the minute . Not only had he left her , but he took there only daughter . The most precious thing to Leela . Amy then stopped outside Bender's apartment and banged hard on the door .

The door opened and there standing was Fry with a blank face . He just stared at Amy , who had a really angry look on her face . " Fry , your in trouble " she said . "Why what did I do ? " he asked confused . This just brought Amy's anger higher and higher . " what did you do , you left Leela , you took her daughter away from her , and now she's started drinking , cause of you " .

Fry just scowled and shrugged . " Well , she deserved it " Fry added . Amy then clenched her fists , and pushed right passed him and headed in . As she walked into the lounge , she looked down at Bender who was still in the same position as last time . " what's wrong with Bender " Amy asked Fry who had just came into the lounge .

" Aw , his girlfriend left him , and now he's gotten all depresses " . " He's been in that position for about an hour now , and all he says is , ' she's gone ' , " .

Amy couldn't help but feel sorry for Bender . He just lay there moaning and groaning , and not moving a piece of metal on his body .

" Aw , poor Bender , anyway as I was saying , Fry you really taken it too far , Leela wasn't cheating on you , do you think she really would have done it to you " . " Well , I caught her kissing him " He replied . " Fry , he came onto her , she pushed him away , she never kissed him , why Don't you believe her " . Amy asked him angrily .

But Fry couldn't care less , he wanted Leela to pay , he didn't even think at all of listening to Amy . " Look , Amy I Don't care what you say , she betrayed me and she deserves to be punished " Fry then turned away from Amy and folded his arms .

Amy just scowled at him . She knew that Fry wasn't going to listen to her , there was just no point in going on . " OK Fry , you keep being like this , but if something happens to you , you'll be the one running back to Leela , oh and I'm going to take Alice back to where she should be " .

Amy then picked up Alice and grabbed her bag , and headed out the door bu was stopped by Fry . " Hey , you can't take my daughter away from me " Fry shouted at Amy trying to block her from getting out the door . Amy then put the back down on the ground along with Alice , grabbed Fry's jacket and pushed him away from the door then ran out with Alice .

" Hey , stop " Fry shouted and ran outside into the corridor , but by the time he got out there , they were gone . Back home Leela sat on her couch holding a picture of Alice , when she was a baby , She sniffed , and a tear fell onto the picture . But then all of a sudden the door of the apartment was kicked open and in came Amy holding hands with Alice .

Leela gasped then ran up to her daughter and gave her a hug . " Oh , Amy thank you so much " Leela screeched while cuddling her daughter . " Hey , like I said Leela Don't mention it , I tried talking to Fry , but he just wouldn't listen to me , so I took Alice away from him " Amy replied to her friend and smiled .

Leela then stood up with Alice in her hands and looked at Amy and smiled . " Well , Leela I really must be going but I'll see you around " . Amy then gave Leela a hug and headed out Leela's apartment .

Fry sat on the couch in Bender's apartment think about his only family left . He thought about Leela , and Alice and about his baby which was on the way . As he sat daydreaming . He heard another groan coming from Bender , he immediately got up and knelt down to the mechano man ,.

" Bender " he said quietly and rested his hand on the bots shoulder . But Bender was still in his usual funny mood . Fry then rolled hi eyes and went back to eyes and went back to day dreaming .

It had been 3 days since the last time Leela had heard from Fry . He had phoned up just to see how Alice was but didn't even ask how is pregnant wife was . Leela just felt like they were strangers to each other . She had only left the house twice within the 3 days . She would go to her bed and not get any sleep .

Then she would go and sit and watch movies , and eat a box of ice cream . She just felt really lonely and sad , and also with her sickness coming back made her even feel worse . Amy would try and persuade her to come out and get some fresh air , or go shopping . But Leela just would refuse her and sit in all day .

Leela just felt so down . The next morning Leela had only 3 hours of sleep , mostly because of her depression , but also her sickness kept her awake . She got her self up . Pulled open her curtains which revealed a beautiful sunny day outside . At last a slight smile came upon her face .

She went in got Alice up and they both sat down to their morning breakfast . Alice sat staring at her mother , who was just sitting leaning her head on her arm , with a slice of toast and butter and a small glass of water on the table . " Mumm-ee " she said , " What's wrong " .

Leela then turned her head slowly to Alice and gave her a smile . " Nothing , sweety I'm fine , just you eat up and I'll take you to playschool " ." OK , mum-ee " Alice replied and continued to bite at her toast .

After about 10 minutes , Leela picked up the plates and piled them on top of all the other dishes , that were left uncleaned . Alice was only 3 years old , but she could tell her mother , was in a state .

Leela grabbed Alice's hand and led her outside into the corridor , then locked her door and headed off along the corridor . As Leela got outside into the beautiful atmosphere , the sun started beaming down upon Leela , which was stinging her eye .

She was feeling worse as the minutes went on . As she crossed one road and around the corner and into another street . She felt worse . She felt sick , sweaty , and her head was blaring , and felt like someone was bashing a hammer on her head .

As she walked slowly along the road . Madge had just walked out a newagents , with her son Tommy . As she looked up she caught a glimpse of Leela , and ran up to her . " Leela " she called . Leela then stopped and turned round to Madge .

Madge then stopped and just looked at her . She was in a right mess . Her hair was a mess , Her clothes were stained , and dirty , her eye was all swollen . " Oh , my god Leela are you alright? " Madge asked her . Leela just stood there not in the mood for a chat at all .

" No , I'm just not really feeling well " Leela replied . " Why is something wrong " Madge asked her . Leela just shook her head slowly . " Look , Madge I'm really not in the mood to talk , I'm sorry , I just don't feel well , I've kinda had a bit of trouble at home and I just really Don't feel well 2 .

Madge couldn't help but feel sorry for Leela . " Look , Leela you really don't look well , why don't you go home , and I'll take Alice to play group " . Leela then looked up at Madge and gave her a smile . " Would you I'd really appreciate that " Leela replied .

Just as Leela stood talking to Madge , Alice caught a glimpse of Bender across the road . Who was walking along , looking down at the ground , with still a bit of rust around his mouth . Alice thengave a smile and ran onto the road . " UNCLE BENDER " she shouted .

Bender then looked up and his eyes widened To see a Alice crossing the road with a hover car coming along the road at the same time fast . Leela then quickly turned round . " ALICE " she shouted and ran after her . Alice then stopped in the middle of the road and screamed with the hover car coming straight towards her .

Leela then ran onto the road and pushed Alice out the way of the car . The Driver then turned the steering wheel to the side and closed his eyes . But then a huge bang was heard and a scream , and something tumbled on top of his car , then slid down the side . The Driver then opened his eyes and looked to the side of his window where a trail of blood was .

Crowds started gathering round on the road , to see who the driver had hit . Then Madge came pushing through the crowd , and stood in horror as Leela lay on the ground in a pool of blood . Madge knelt down to her and placed her hand on her head . Then looked up and the crowd who were all standing in shock .

" Well , Don't just stand there " she shouted . " Someone call an ambulance , hurry " Madge shouted again . " I will " a small teenage girl replied and started dialing the number . Madge then looked back down at Leela , who just lay there motionless , with her body spread out on he road .

Madge then took Leela's hand , to try and comfort her . But then at the corner of her eyes she saw something . She turned her head slowly to see Bender , kneeling down , on the ground , comforting Alice , who was lying down on her side , at the edge of the road .

Amy scurried along the corridor , of the hospital looking into each room as she passed . Her nerves were rising and her heart was beating faster and faster . She was so worried hoping that Leela was alright . She ran up the corridor , then turned a corner and caught a glimpse of Madge . She smiled and ran up to her .

" Madge " Amy asked , " what's happened " . But Madge just stood there looking weirdly as if she was hypnotised . Amy then turned her head and looked in through the door , where Madge was looking , and saw Leela lying down on the bed , strapped up to a heart monitor .

Amy's jaw fell as she saw Leela . Amy just shook her head and raised her hand to her mouth then turned to Madge who's face was all white . " Madge , what's happened " Amy asked her sharply . Madge then slowly turned her head to Amy and looked at her , with a pale look .

" Leela was hit by a hover car , she was trying to save Alice " Madge replied to Amy . " What do you mean ? " Amy asked her again a bit confused . Madge then let her head fall , and gave a sigh . " Alice , ran across the road to see someone " .

" And a car was heading straight for her , but Leela pushed her out of the way and saved her , and she got hit , and...and " Madge stuttered , then bursted out into tears then fell into Amy's arms for a hug . Amy just stood there feeling numb , her heart was pounding , and tears were forming in her eyes .

" Madge , what else happened ? " Amy asked sharply . Madge then stepped back from Amy and looked at the ground and wouldn't answer Amy's question . Amy by now was starting to feel anger boil up inside her . She then frowned at Madge and shouted , " Madge , what else has happened , I am one of Leela's best friends and have a right to know " .

Made slowly lifted her head to Amy , and wiped the tears away from her eyes . " Amy , Leela los..." . " What? " Amy shouted . " Amy , Leela lost the baby " Madge shouted back at her and then dropped down in tears . Amy just stood stood there feeling like so sorry for Leela , a tear then slid down her cheek and she slowly turned her head and looked at Leela's motionless body on the bed .

" Uncle Bender , it's all my fault " Alice wined to Bender as she sat in the hospital bed . " If , it wasn't for me running across the road , mumm-ee would still be here " . " No , no it wasn't your fault " Bender replied trying to cheer Alice up . " Yeah , it was if I hadn't have ran across the road then mumm-ee would be here " Alice added .

" Hmm , yeah maybe it was your fault " Bender said and rubbed her metal chin . " BENDER " . Bender then jumped and turned round to see Amy standing there with her arms folded frowning . " How could you say that to her , she's only 3 years old " Amy snapped and ran up to Alice .

" Yeah , have you ever thought that maybe it was " Bender added . But Amy just shook her head as to what he said , then turned and looked at Alice who was sitting in her cute little pyjamas . Amy then looked at her arm , which had a cast round it with phrases on it saying , " Bite my shiny metal ass " , and a picture of Bender next to it .

Amy then looked up at Bender and scowled at him . " Hunny , are you alright ? " Amy asked Alice nicely . Alice just gave a slight nod . " My arms a bit sore , and my scratches on my back are to " . Amy just gave her a smile and hugged her .

" Auntie Amy " Alice asked , " Is it my fault that mumm-ee got hit by that car " . Amy immediately shook her head as to what Alice has said . " Of course it's not your fault , it's no ones fault , it was an accident , alright , no you just get some rest while I speak to Bender outside " . Amy then got up and grabbed Bender by the arm and led him outside .

" Hey , hey watch the arm , It's good steal that you know " Bender moaned . " Bender , where the hell is Fry " Amy asked him angrily . " I don't know " he replied . " what do you mean , you Don't know , Leela is unconscious , she's lost her baby , she's been it by a car and her own husband isn't even here " Amy shouted at Bender .

Bender just looked at her and said . " Yup " . Amy just looked at Bender shocked ." Look , Bender go and find Fry , you need to , we have already lost something that was precious to her , now please Bender before it's to late " Amy begged Bender who was just standing there with his arms folded .

Bender then gave in to Amy , and sighed "Yeah , of course I'll go , I know what it's like to lose something that's precious to you " . Amy then smiled and watched him head out the hospital to find Fry .

All Leela could see was blackness . She could hear herself breathing heavily , but all she could see was darkness around her . Then all of a sudden , she could hear a beeping noise coming from somewhere . Then a light started showing in front of her , and her eye flickered open . Leela looked around the room slowly .

There was a small table at the end of her bed with a few roses , and get well soon cards . Then she turned her head and and jumped as Amy stood next to her bed . Amy just looked at Leela blankly then a huge cheesy smile came upon her face and she wrapped her arms around Leela and cried .

" Oh , Leela I'm so happy your awake , I thought you would never make it " Amy cried as she hugged Leela . Amy then pulled away from her and watched Leela push herself up from the bed . Leela had a few cuts at either side of her head , and her face was practically white .

Leela then gave a slight cough trying to clear her throat and managed to get a few words out . " Amy what's happened ? " Leela asked her . Amy then let her head drop , and gave a sigh . " Leela , you were hit by a hover car " .

" Alice was running across the road , and a car was heading straight for her , but you saved her life " . Leela looked feel her nerves rising high . " Oh my god Amy , is Alice alright " Leela asked her sharply .

Amy immediately nodded in return , " Leela , she's fine , she has a few scratches , and she damaged her arm , but she will be fine , but Leela you see.." Amy was interupted by her tears which were running down her cheeks . Leela just looked at her with a worried look on her face . " What Amy " Leela added .

Amy then grabbed a tissue from the box next to Leela's bed side table , and wiped away her tears . " Leela , I'm so sorry , but you..you..lost the baby " . Leela just froze for a few seconds and then fell back on her bed . She could feel her heart throbbing , and tears started running down her pale face as she lay on her bed .

Bender strolled along the cold damp street of night looking for Fry . He had searched all day but Fry was no where to be seen . Amy had kept phoning him to see if he'd found Fry , but it was no use . He felt so down and even more rust was forming around his mouth . Then a huge flash of lightning tore through the sky , and small drips of rain came splattering down on to the robots metal body .

He had felt so down for the last days . With Eliza leaving him , with no one to tell him what to do , he had just felt so down and depressed . He continued to walk along the road when all of a sudden he saw someone . Someone curled up at the edge of the pavement . He slowly walked up and looked down , and there was Fry .

On his side sleeping with a bottle in his left hand . His hair was all dirty and his clothes were getting damp from the rain . Bender then nudged Fry with his foot . But all that came from him was a groan . " Hey meatbag " Bender shouted . Fry then opened his eyes , and lifted his head slowly and looked at Bender .

" Aw , Bender Were am I ? " Fry replied . " Your lying out on the street , half drunk " Bender added . Fry then gave another groan , pushing himself up from the pavement and looked at Bender " Hey , you better go and see Leela " Bender said to Fry who was trying to shelter himself from the rain with his dam jacket .

" Why , should I ? " Fry replied angrily . " Because meatbag , she had a bad accident yesterday , she was hit by a hover car , and now she's lost the baby , and your not even there to be with her " . Fry just couldn't believe what he had just heard , he stood there for a few seconds with his eyes wide open then ran as fast as he could in the direction of the hospital .

Amy stood outside in the corridor of the hospital looking in at Leela , who had at last gone to sleep after the heartbreaking news that she had just heard . She was just full of emotions right now . She could not believe what Leela must be feeling after the loss of her unborn child .

Amy then pushed up her sleeve and looked at her watch which said 10:30pm . Amy then looked up and shook her head , " Where the hell are you Fry " Amy said to herself quietly . Then all of a sudden an echo was heard from down the corridor , and then came along Fry wearing his usual damp dirty clothes .

Amy then gasped as Fry ran towards her " Where the hell have you been ? " Amy shouted at Fry , as he stood trying to get his breath back . " Your wife has gone through so much and your not even by her side , you are so selfish do you no that Fry " Amy shouted again and slapped Fry on the head .

" How is she ? What's happened " Fry asked Amy as he rubbed his head . Amy then let out a sigh trying to calm herself down . " Yesterday , Leela was hit by a hover car , Alice was actually about to be hit , But Leela saved her life and she was hit instead " .

" she will be able to leave in a few days but , she lost the baby Fry " . Fry just stood saying nothing as to what Amy had just said . He then pushed past Amy and slowly headed into the room where Leela was sleeping softly . He then stood at the side of her bed looking down at his beautiful wife .

He felt as if his whole world was turned upside down , he then pulled a chair up next to him and sat down next to Leela and took her hand . A tear then slid down Fry's cheek . He then sniffed and his head fell into his arms . As he sat crying Leela's eye then flickered open and she turned her head slowly and to her surprise Fry was there .

" Fry " She said quietly . Fry then quickly looked up and grabbed Leela and hugged her . " Oh my god Leela , are you alright ? " Fry asked her a bit upset . " Yeah , I'm OK now , I guess " . Fry then sat back on his chair and looked at Leela . " Look , Leela I'm so sorry I left you , I shouldn't have , it's all my fault , if I hadn't have left then this wouldn't have happened " .

Leela then grabbed Fry's hand and looked at him . " Look , Fry it wasn't your fault " Leela added . " Yes , it was Leela , If I hadn't have left you then all of this wouldn't have happened " . A silence then came amongst the couple . " Actually , it wasn't just my fault it was Johnny's fault " .

Leela then turned her head and looked at Fry confused . " What ? " she asked . " I have to go and see someone for a second " Fry replied then barged out the room . " Fry , wait , Fry " Leela called . Fry then barged out the room and passed Amy who immediately tried to stop him where he was going . " Fry , where the hell are you going now ? , I'm not letting you go " Amy said sharply .

Fry then turned his head slowly to Amy who , had grabbed wholed of his arm . " Amy , I'm not letting him get off with this " Fry replied . Amy then screwed up her face as to what he had just said . " What are you talking about Fry ? " . Fry then pulled back his arm from Amy then stormed off down the corridor ignoring Amy .

Fry sat alone in the cold damp cell . He felt cold and hurt , and sweaty . His red jacket was all torn with blood stains all over it , His nose had just stopped bleeding , but his wrist was still swollen . He sat on the hard bench , rubbing his elbow , with drips of water dripping onto him from the ceiling .

Then all of a sudden the entrance door swung open , and in came Amy scowling as usual with the Police officer . Fry slowly tilted his head as Amy stood there in front of the cell shaking her head . " What the hell where you thinking Fry " She shouted as he sat in the cold damp cell .

" You've not only got yourself in a mess but Leela as well , and she can't really be doing with this " She shouted again . But Fry just sat their feeling guilty for himself . " Why couldn't you just leave Johnny alone ? " Amy asked him angrily . Fry then frowned and looked up at her as to what she said .

" Leave him alone , Amy do you know what he did? , this is all his fault , if it wasn't for him doing this to Leela , she wouldn't be lying in hospital now ill , and lost the baby , and you just think I should have left him alone " .

Amy just stood their looking at Fry for a few seconds not knowing what to say . She then tilted her head to the side and gave a slight shrug . " Yeah , I guess your right well anyway Fry , the charges have been dropped so you can leave now " . Amy then moved a side to let the officer in to Fry who opened the cell to let Fry out .

Fry then got up and headed out the cells with Amy . " Oh , and uh Bender's been rushed to the robot hospital " Amy added as they headed out the police station . Fry then narrowed his eyes and looked at Amy , " Why ? , what's happened to him " He asked .

" Oh , he had a nervous breakdown , and collapsed when he saw Eliza in the arms of another Robot , and plus didn't have enough alcohol inside him , so his system failed " Amy replied to Fry as they walked along the dark gloomy damp streets .

Fry then let his head drop , and shook it slowly . " Poor , Bender he must really miss her , God there's so much been happening these last few days " , " Yeah , well it doesn't help with you trying to beat up Johnny " Amy added .

" Besides , the important thing is , that's Bender is alright , and so is Leela sort of , they've both lost something very precious to then and we have to help then through this , not let's go and see Bender " Amy then nudged Fry , then started to cross the street .

Bender lay in his bed , with a blanket wrapped round him , and a beer bottle at the side plugged into him . He sighed then opened his door to reveal a picture of Eliza stuck to the side with magnet . He sighed again slowly and placed his cold metal hand on the photo .

Then at the door , came in Fry and Amy . Bender then looked up and quickly shut the door as his friends approached his bed . " Aw , Go away " Bender groaned and turned over on his side . " Bender you can't spend the rest of you life like this , you have to move on " Amy said quietly to Bender as he lay on his side .

" Yeah , Bender I mean there are other Fembots out there " Fry added . Bender then immediately turned round and frowned at them as to what they said . " I can't I loved her more than anything " Bender said to them angrily . " Even more than that Fembot Angleyne " Fry asked .

" Hey , Don't even mention her , anyway of course I loved her more than any Fembot I've ever loved before , she was different " . Amy then rolled her eyes , " Look , Bender I know this is hard but you have to get over it , I'm sure you'll get another girlfriend soon " She then placed her hand on Bender's shoulder and smiled at him . But Bender immediately pushed her off and turned back round on his side .

Bender walked slowly along the road sadly , with his head hanging and still with a bit of 5 ' o clock rust around his mouth . Never in his life had he felt so down .

It was a beautiful day , the sun was shining , a beautiful clean blue sky , with birds chirping in the background .

But to Bender it just made him feel even more worse . As he headed along the road he stopped and turned round and looked up at the local suicide booth . He just felt so down and the only way to stop his misery .

He gave a sigh then slid the doors open and stepped into the suicide booth .

Bender then took out his usual coin out with attached to a piece of string , slipped the coin in the suicide booth and then pulled it back out and

Leela lay in her bed sitting up looking around her room . It was quite . The only sound in the room was the sound of her breath . It had been a few days since the crash and her scars were just starting to heal up . But the only thing that wasn't heeling was the pain she felt inside about losing the baby .

Everyone around just acted as if nothing happened . As if it wasn't a great deal . But to Leela it hurt painfully . Most times at nights she would cry thinking of the baby . She gave a sigh , as a small tear slid down the side of her cheek . All she needed was someone to talk to , someone to comfort her at this point .

But everyone was gone . Alice was in getting some medical attention while Amy was off trying to get Fry . The Professor and Hermes where back at Planet Express trying to keep it running and trying to control Zoidberg . As Leela lay their footsteps from outside her room was hear and along came Amy and Fry at last arguing .

" Fry , Why didn't you just leave him alone , you've caused so much trouble " , " Look , Amy I'm not letting a guy like that get off with this , he's practically ruined our Liv...." . Fry then immediately stopped talking when he saw Leela sitting up on her bed looking at them .

Amy then turned and looked at Fry , " You and Leela need to have a serious talk , I'll go and see how Alice is " Amy then patted Fry's shoulder and headed out .

Fry stood at the entrance of the room staring at Leela saying nothing . He just looked at her and gave a smile , but Leela just sat there with an awful look on her face . He then shut the door behind him and headed up beside Leela and pulled a chair up next to her . The 2 of them just stared at each other thinking about all that has happened to them .

Lots of things were going through each of their minds . After a few minutes Fry decide to break the silence among them . " So , How are you feeling ? " he asked her quietly . " Fine , just a bit sore that's all " Leela replied with a shrug . Fry then just smiled and nodded , and again a silence came among them .

Leela then turned her head and looked at Fry who had blood stains on his Shirt , . " Why is there blood on you shirt ? " Leela asked him sharply . Fry then looked down at his t shirt . " Oh , that's uh " Fry hesitated . Leela just looked at him knowing what he had obviously done . " Fry , have you done something to Johnny ? " she asked again sharply .

Fry then rubbed his neck and nodded . Leela's eye then immediately widened , " What happened ? " she shouted . " Look , Leela It's OK , it's kinda like this , went to Planet express , where Johnny was , I kinda tried to punch him but he pushed me back and punched me instead ".

" Then I got up and pushed him over , making him kinda hit his face off the ground , then he pushed me again , then he kicked me then , I got up tried punching him and that's when the police came along and took me away " .

Leela just sat there looking at Fry with her mouth wide , she had never before known Fry to do something like that for her . Fry then looked at Leela's arm which was covered with patches of plasters and bandages . He then took her hand and smiled at her .

" Look , Leela I'm really sorry for what's happened , when we get out of here , we can just put all this behind us and move on to what it used to be like " . Leela turned her head to Fry and looked at him . she could tell that he was serious about everything he had said , she then reached out of him and slowly gave him a hug .

" Leela , guess what " Amy shouted happily as she entered Leela's room . " The Doctor said you will be able to leave hospital in 2 days , you and Alice " . Leela who was just woken up immediately , sat up and smiled as to what Amy had just said . " Really " she shouted happily . " Yes " Amy replied and sat down next to Leela .

" And the best bit is , you will also be able to come back to work , isn't it great " Amy said cheerfully and swung her arms open and hugged Leela . But Leela just sat their and then slowly gave Amy a hug back . It felt as if everyone forgot about her . About what she had been through .

She had lost a baby and no one really felt as if they cared . Leela just felt so hurt and un happy , that people acted as if nothing happened . The only person who was comfrotying her and trying to make her feel was Fry . For the passed few days , he had brought her chocolates , flowers , and umpteen different presents trying to cheer his wife up .

But none of them worked . Just the odd we smile here and there , but nothing would ever take away the pain she felt about losing her baby . " So , Leela There's something that's kinda been happening to me " Amy said quietly interupting Leela's day dreaming .

" You see I've not told anyone this but , these past 3 to months have been a bit un usual for me " Amy said . " What do you mean ? " Leela asked a bit confused . Amy then started to scratched her head , and then shuffled up beside Leela .

" Well , Leela you see , I've kinda put on a lot of weight , and I'm starting to feel you know a bit kinda fat " Amy replied . " Plus , I'm always drinking water , and some nights I end up being sick " . Amy by now had Leela's full attention . " Kiff , is thinking of taking me to the doctors , but I'm kinda' nervous , and I think that I might be P...." .

" AMY , LEELA " Amy was immediately interupted by Fry rushing into the room . " What's wrong ? " Amy asked worried . " It's Bender , he tried to kill himself , but then he couldn't do it , now he's locked himself in his apartment , and he's going mad , and he's threatening to set the place on fire " .

" Oh my god " Amy added . " What are we gonna do ? " Fry asked her panickng . " We have to find Eliza " . Fry then screwed up his face as to what Amy had just said . " How can we ? she won't talk to Bender , she doesn't' want anything to do with him " . Amy then rolled her eyes " Look , Fry it's either that or Bender is gonna do something really stupid " . " She is the only thing that Bender will listen to , if we have to try " .

" Fry , have you found her yet " Amy shouted to Fry as she ran along the road outside their local mall . " No , not yet " Fry said shaking his head . Amy then sat down and rubbed her head . " God , what are we gonna' do ? , Hermes is standing outside trying to talk to Bender , but he just won't listen , we have to find her " .

" What ? about those phone numbers that Hermes gave you do they work " Amy asked Fry as they sat outside the mall . " Well , I've tried phoning them but , they don't work " . An awkward silence then came among the two as they tried to think of a plan . " Wait , a minute " Amy said breaking up the silence .

" Didn't you say she used to work in that baby shop in there " . Fry's eyes then widened as to what Amy had just said . " Hey , yeah that's where Bender first met her , in there " Fry replied happily . " Well , come on then " Amy shouted as the both ran into the mall .

" Bender , stop messing about " Hermes shouted in to Bender as he stood outside his apartment . " Come on , Bender you and Amy have to go and make a delivery , now come out " Hermes said again . " Go away " Bender shouted back . " Look , Bender your not making things any better , the longer you stay in their the worse it's gonna' get , now come out and calm down " .

After what Hermes had just said there was a silence in Bender apartment , and his door swung open and Bender threw a bottle which smashed against the wall . " Go away or I'll set this place on fire " . Hermes then rolled his eyes and folded his arms . " Bender , stop saying that your acting like a kid , now come out here now " Hermes shouted with a bit of anger in his voice . " No " Bender shouted and started smashing bottles against the walls .

" Excuse me " Amy said to a woman at the desk , " But , do you know if Eliza still works here ? " . The woman at the desk lifted her head and snarled down at Amy and Fry . The woman was obviously a very posh stuck up person . " Yes , she's over there " the woman replied pointing in the corner of the shop .

" Thank you " Amy replied and hurried passed the desk . Amy and Fry then pushed passe the rails of baby clothes that where in front of them . " Is that her over there " Amy asked Fry who was looking around the shop . " Yeah , that's her " he replied .

" OK , come on " Amy then slowly headed up to Eliza who was standing tall , fixing up some stuff on the shelves . " Excuse me " Amy asked nicely , " But are you Eliza " . Eliza then slowly turned her silver metal head to Fry and Amy who were standing there grinning " Yes , why ? can I help you ? " she asked .

" Well , we're friends of your Ex boyfriend Bender " Amy replied to her in a sweet voice . Eliza eyes immediately widened , " Aw god , I Don't want anything to do with him , just stay away from me " Eliza said sharply and held her hand up pushing them away . " But wait , you Don't understand " Amy shouted and ran in front of Eliza .

" Bender has really been bad since you left " . " Good maybe that will teach him a lesson " Eliza replied sarcastically . Amy then rolled her eyes , " Look ,you Don't understand , Bender has really taken it bad , he's stopped drinking , he's stopped stealing , he's gone mad " .

" He tried to kill himself because you where gone , he really Love's you Eliza , and he needs you , now he's locked himself in his apartment threatening that he's gonna burn down the place , please just talk some sense into him , your the only person he'll listen to " .

Eliza by now had started to listen to what Amy was saying . She then folded her arms arms and thought for a minute . " Please " Amy added breaking up the silence among them . Eliza then let out a sigh , " Alright , I'll see what I can do " .

Bender felt as if his world was turned upside down . Outside stood Hermes and the Professor and a few robots from down the corridor moaning about the racket coming from Bender's apartment . " Hey , what the hell is going on? , I'm trying to sleep , and all I can hear is shouting an screaming and the sound of bottles smashing " an old rusty robot moaned as he walked along the corridor to Hermes .

" Never you mind , it's none of your business now got back to your own room and keep away from here so we can sort it out " Hermes said to the old Robot angrily . The Robot then turned round and scowled at Hermes as he left . " Stupid nosey old thing " Hermes mumbled .

Hermes then walked up to Bender door , " I'll try again and see if he's calmed down " Hermes said quietly then tapped Bender's door . " Bender " he said quietly , " Are you going to come out now " . But no noise came from inside the room . " Bender " Hermes said again , but still no noise came . Hermes then pushed his ear up against the door .

Hermes eyes then widened . " Aw , gawd I think he's actually done it " Hermes said and turned round and looked at the Professor in horror . But just at that exact moment the door of the lift slid open and out came Eliza , Fry and Amy walking briskly along the corridor .

" Oh , thank god your hear " Hermes said and ran up to the 3 of them . " He's been shouting , smashing bottles , throwing things , he's just gone completely mad " . " How long has this been going on for " Eliza asked Hermes sharply . " Few hours now , he just won't listen to anyone " Hermes replied .

Eliza then gave a slight nod to Hermes then stood up beside the door and tapped slightly . " I said Go away " Bender shouted from within the room . " Bender it's me " Eliza replied to him . Then a huge silence came from within the room . " Bender unlock the door let me see you " .

Bender then slowly walked up to the door , and placed his hand on the wall and peaked through the key hole . Bender's eyes then widened and he slowly unlocked the door then stepped backed letting Eliza in .

As the door swung open Eliza slowly stepped in looking in horror as to what she saw . The place was covered in oil , broken glass , and chairs and hi sofa was ripped to shreds . Eliza then slowly turned her head to Bender who couldn't take his eyes off Eliza . He stood with his legs shaking , and a pile of rust around his mouth .

" Poor Bender he looks so down " Amy said quietly as she stood outside Bender's room in the hospital with Eliza . " Thanks , for talking him into coming out Eliza , I think if you hadn't have done that he would have actually have gone mad " , " It's alright , I just can't believe Bender's been acting like this all because of me " Eliza replied .

" Yeah , I know , I mean ever since you left him , he just took it really badly " Amy said then turned her head slowly and looked back at Bender who was strapped up to the bed , with a beer bottle wired into him . " So , uh have you maybe thought of giving him a second chance ? " Amy asked Eliza breaking up the silence among them .

" What ? " Eliza replied with a bit of shock in her voice . " Have you maybe thought of giving him a second chance ? " Amy said again . Eliza then slowly turned her head back to Bender who was lying down sleeping on the hospital bed , " Well I Don't know , I guess , but I'm just gonna' see what happens " she replied .

" OK , well look I gotta go , Leela's coming out of hospital today , so I'm gonna' go and meet , so I'll See you around " Amy said then headed down the corridor . As she headed round the corner a Doctor from inside caught a glimpse of Amy passing by his door . " Excuse me " he shouted to Amy , " Are you Mrs Kroker " .

Amy then turned round and looked at a tall brown haired Doctor about in his late 50s standing in front of her . " Yes , that's right " Amy replied . " Well , Mrs Kroker I have the tests back , please follow me " . Amy then gulped and followed the Doctor into the next room .

" Please sit down " the Doctor asked . " Well , Mrs Kroker it took a while but we've got the results , and the results show that you are indeed pregnant " . Just as the Doctor finished speaking Amy immediately gasped , " I'm pregnant " Amy asked the Doctor . " Yes that's right " he replied .

" Oh no " Amy cried and put her head in her hands . " Is something wrong Mrs Kroker ? " The Doctor asked confused . Amy then immediately looked up and shook her head , " No , nothings wrong , look I'm sorry but I really have to go " Amy then grabbed her handbag then rushed out the room and down he corridor .

Leela never felt better . At last after weeks of being stuck in a painful hospital bed , she was at last free to get her life back on track . She looked up at the beautiful clear blue sky and smiled . Then inhaled some fresh air around her . She had never felt this good in a long time .

As she stood enjoying the fresh air her daydreaming was interupted by Amy rushing along the road . " Leela " She shouted and ran up to her and placed her hand on Leela's shoulder . " Leela , Oh gawd I'm so glad your out , look I kinda' need to talk to you " Amy said gasping for breath .

" What's wrong " Leela asked confused , " I'll tell you in a minute , let's just sit down somewhere please " Amy replied and grabbed Leela's arm and dragged her along the pavement to a bench nearby . As they sat down Leela watched Amy open up her pink handbag and gulp down some water and waited for her to start a conversation .

" Sorry , I was late Leela " Amy said while putting away her bottle . " But , I had to see a Doctor about something " . Leela then narrowed her eye confused . " what " she asked . Amy then tilted her head and started to twiddle her fingers . " Well , Leela remember when I spoke to you about thinking I was pregnant " .

" Yeah " Leela replied knowing what she was going to say . " Well , I went to the Doctor and he said I was " Amy replied to Leela . Leela's jaw then dropped and she opened out her arms and hugged Amy tightly . " Aw , congratulations " Leela said happily .

" Yeah , it's great isn't it " Amy said not sounding very happy . Leela then pulled back away from , and looked at her . Amy just sat their with her head tilted and looking upset . " What's wrong ? " Leela asked her . " Well , Leela look at me , how can I be a mum ? , I'm just not ready for this , I Don't know anything about , changing babies nappied , and feeding them , and the last time I tried to look after Alice I was puked on " .

Leela couldn't help but smile at Amy . " Look , Amy babies aren't all that bad , yes I admit it is hard looking after them , but after a while you'll get used to it , when you have a baby you'll just fall in love with it , When I had Alice I just couldn't believe I was a mum , it was the best day of my life , and it will be yours " .

Leela then placed her hand on Amy and smiled at her . " Look , at the bright side , at least your parents won't be nagging at you anymore " . Amy then looked up at Leela who was sitting smiling at her . " Yeah , I guess your right " Amy replied . " Come on , let's go and get a coffee " Leela added , and the 2 of them walked down the street to their nearest coffee shop .

" OK , sweety I'll see you at 2 ' o clock " Fry said to Alice . " OK , dadd-ee can we then go for an ice cream like you promised " . Fry then knelt down to his daughter and smiled . " Of , course sweety , whatever you want " he replied and wrapped his arms around Alice and hugged her tightly .

" Now , you go off and play with your friends " Fry said and watched Alice run up to a group of girls who were pleased to see her . Fry then smiled and headed out of the play school and made his way along the road . For some reason Fry felt so happy . It had been 3 months since Leela had left the hospital and since then things had changed alot .

Eliza ended up giving Bender another chance and they were back together . Amy's parents had at last finally stopped nagging at her and Amy had come to accept that she was going to be a mother . Leela had also started work again , and had gotten her life back on track .

But still something was bothering her . Even though she had lost the baby their was still something hat was pulling her back , and that was bugging her . Even if Fry tried to ask her what was wrong , she would just tell him the usual , " Nothing I'm fine " . But the good thing was that , Johnny the man who started everything , was gone out of their lives .

After the accident he packed up his things and quit his job as a mechanic and left Planet Express . But Fry didn't care wherever he was , all Fry wanted now was to get on with his life and forget Johnny .

Just as Fry walked along the sunny street thinking about Leela he heard a voice from behind him which he knew . " Hey meatbag " , Fry then immediately turned round and there was Bender walking along the road with his arm around Eliza . " Hey meatbag Whatcha doing " Bender asked him .

" I'm just going to go and see Leela " Fry replied . " OK , well then see ya around meatbag " Bender said then headed along the road with Eliza . Leela walked the side of the pavement in front of her apartment looking in around the shops . It was just another beautiful day and Leela hadn't been outside for a long time .

As she watched people passong her by on the streets and hover cars hover along the road she heard a voice she hoped never to hear again . Leela then immediately turned round and their stood Johnny . Still looking handsome but kith his usual stuck up smug look on his face . He wore his usual day ourfit .

A pair of scruffy jeans and a dark blue covered shirt in oil , and with his dark brown hair styled in spikes . Leela just could not believe who she was looking at , she just stood there looking at Johnny not saying a word . " Hello Leela " he said , " My you look more beautiful than ever " . But Leela just continued to stare at him sharply .

" So , how are you doing these days ? " he asked her sarcastically and with a smug look on his face . But Leela just continued to stare at him ,she then narrowed her eye and could start to feel her temper rising . " Hmm , I see your still not very happy with me " Johnny added then Lent against the wall and smiled .

" So , how's your husband ? I'm sure he wasn't very happy when he caught us kissing " . After Johnny said those last few words Leela's eye widened and her temper was sky high . She then clenchted her fist , raised her arm and punched Johnny in the face , who immediately fell over in pain . Everyone all around her turned and looked at Leela who was standing rubbing her fist .

Leela then looked down at Johnny who sat up rubbing his nose . Leela then immediately turned round and ran away and headed back home to where she was safe . Leela could not believe what she had just done , she ran as quickly as she could along the street and up the stairs to her apartment where she ran into and made herself a mug of coffee and sat down on her sofa .

Whatever she did to Johnny she didn't care . All she wanted was for Johnny to feel the same pain that she felt . But for now all Leela wanted to was to concentrate on being a mum , and a wife . As Leela sat relaxing and sipping her coffee she started to feel funny .

Leela then placed her hand on her stomach , then ran straight into the bathroom and was sick . She then dragged herself over to the sink , and washed her face with cold water . Leela then looked in the mirror and placed her hand on her stomach and could tell that one was on the way.