Fan Fiction

The Fry Family, part 3
By xkathyx07x

“ Oh , My God Leela , She's beautiful “ Leela's mother said as she sat holding her grand daughter . “ She's Just like you , when you were a baby” Leela smiled at her mother . “ So Leela where is the father” Morris asked .

“ Well , He’s away doing a delivery right now , but he’ll be back soon , Oh and guess what ‘’ Leela held out her hand to her parents to reveal her ring . They both gasped and looked At each other .

“Aw , Leela your getting married this is great , I remember when we got married Morris , Aw it was the best day ever wasn’t it” Morris nodded in agreement . “ Well , mum , dad it’s been lovely to see you but we really must be going , I’ll come and visit you soon” Leela said .

Leela’s mother nodded and passed her Grand daughter to her mother . Leela hugged her parents and waved good bye and headed out the smelly disgusting sewers with her daughter .

As Leela climbed out the sewers with her daughter , she noticed a beautiful white pram in the window . She smiled and headed into the shop . As she was looking the shop keeper noticed her and walked up to her . “ So , I see your interested in our new , Ah” . The shop Keeper jumped as he saw Leela’s baby .

“ Well , that sure is one scary bab.. , I mean that sure is one lovely baby you have there , she has your eye” . Leela Just looked at him and frowned . “ So what can I get you miss” the shop Keeper asked .

“ Well , I’d like to buy this pram please” Leela asked . “ Ok , or how about I interest you in this this beautiful carrier comes all the way from Paris “ the shop Keeper guided her over to a pink baby carrier . “ No , I Just want that pram” Leela said . “ Are you sure because this is half price “ .

Leela rolled her eye , “ Look , I Just want that Pram OK” Leela said angrily . The Shop Keeper Just Look at her shocked and nodded and headed up to his counter .

Leela walked along the road pushing her daughter in her new pram . She headed into her apartment and sat down . Once she got her breath back she headed into the kitchen to get a mug of coffee when . “ waa “ Leela rolled her eye and headed back into the lounge area and lifter up her baby “ shsh” she said trying to calm her down .

‘” Look , Bender , I'm telling you that guy had the same jacket as me 2 Fry said as he walked up to his apartment with Bender , Bender rolled his eyes , “ Look , meat bag I don't care if he had the same jacket as you “ .

“ yeah , well your not the one wearing it “ Fry said as he walked into his apartment . He looked at Leela who was sitting with her head in her hands . “ Aw , Leela what's wrong “ Fry said and sat down next to Leela and gave her a hug .

“ Oh , she just Won’t stop crying , I’ve fed her , changed her nappy 3 times and still she won’t stop crying“

Bender walked slowly up the her pram and looked down at the baby who was lying down crying her eyes out . But once she caught a glimpse pf Bender she immediately stopped and giggled and reached up to Bender .

“ Hey what’s she doing “ Bender asked . Fry got up and looked down at his daughter . “ Well , It’s as if she likes you Bender “ Fry replied . “ what , Look I’m not standing here all day looking at some silly brat see you meat bags later” bender said and headed out the apartment .

As the weeks passed into summer , Leela was planning for her wedding . " Hey , Leela how about this dress " Amy said as she passed the book to Leela , and pointed to the dress .

" Well , It's alright , but ..." , " Hey meat bags " Bender said as he walked into the lounge area carrying Alice . " so , how was she " Leela asked Bender as he sat her daughter next to her . " The little brat wouldn't stop crying , But she was alright " Bender said . " Yeah , well she better ... " , " A...." .

Leela was interupted by a sweet wee baby voice . They all turned there heads and looked at Alice . " A...." she said again . Leela gasped , " Aw , she's trying to say her first word " . " come on , say it " Amy said in a high pitch voice . " A......s...As ..s..Ass " Alice said and giggled .

Leela and Amy looked at each other and then slowly turned there heads to Bender . " what It's not my fault her first word Ass " . Leela Just looked at him .

“ I Can’t Believe her first word was ass , I mean ass , that’s Bender’s fault , If he hadn’t have taken her out , she might not have said that “ Leela moaned as she walked along the corridor with Fry .

Fry rolled his eyes , “ Look , Leela we can’t stop Bender from saying the word ass , I mean without that word Bender wouldn’t be Bender , any way besides I thought it was quite funny when I heard it” .

“ Yeah , you were chewing that stupid gum , which got caught in your throat , and we couldn’t get it out for 3 ours and we had to take you up to the hospital” Leela replied . Fry rolled his eyes again , and stopped outside Bender’s apartment .

“ Look , Leela Just leave Bender , he’ll be fine “ Leela gave a slight smile and nodded . Fry looked at her and returned the smile , then rang Bender’s doorbell .

They waited , and waited , Then the front door slid open and a blaze of music came out of the Apartment , with Bender standing there with baby Alice in his arm . Leela gasped as she looked at Alice’s face which had chocolate stains . “ Hey Meat bags “ Bender shouted.

“ Da….Meap..Dags” Alice said and gave a slight hick up . Bender smiled and rubbed her head , “ That’s my girl “ Bender replied . Leela couldn’t say anything , she stood there with her mouth wide open , and looking at her baby . Fry looked at Leela’s face , “ Uh , Bender can we talk to you for a second “ Fry asked .

“ sure , Meat bags come on in , but just make sure you don’t scratch the floor I just got it decorated last week “ .

“ Bender how could you” Leela shouted , “ she’s only a few months old and your feeding her chocolate” , “ wow , calm down meat bag , she was fine she love’s it , she love’s beer to don’t ya” Bender said and looked at Alice , who just gave a slight hick up .

“ you let her drink beer “ Leela asked in a shocked way . “ sure , she can drink about a bottle , she’s cool , even I wasn’t drinking that much when I was that age “ Bender said and looked at baby Alice who just gave another Hick up .

Leela just stood there doing nothing , she just looked at bender , then fell back and fainted . “ Leela “ Fry shouted and ran up to her . “ Hey , be careful I just got my floor fixed from a hole in it the other day , I don’t want to pay it again” .

Fry just looked at Bender and frowned . Bender looked at sweet wee baby Alice , and picked her up and got her bottle and started feeding her from her bottle , she just lay there in Bender’s arm sucking the bottle , “ Aw , that’s my girl “ He said .

“ Leela are you alright “ Fry asked Leela as he sat next to her in the hospital . Leela nodded “ yeah m I’m fine , just a bit dizzy that’s all” Leela replied . “ Look , Bender didn’t mean to feed her that stuff I’m sure she’ll be alright” . Leela nodded pretending to agree . Just as Fry was about to say something Amy came rushing along the corridor .

“ Oh , my god Leela are you alright “ she asked trying to get her breath back . “ Yeah , I’m fine now , it was Just Bender” Leela replied . Amy nodded and sat down . “ so , when are you 2 going to tie the knot” Amy asked .

“ Well , we were planning it at the end of the year , but we’ve decided next month” Fry said and smiled at Leela . “ Oh, that’s great wait , I’ll have to find a really nice dress , Oh I have to go now , I’ll see you later” Amy said and ran out the room with a big smile on her face . Fry and Leela just looked at each other .

After about an hour , Bender came along the corridor with Alice in his arms . “ Alice” Leela shouted . Alice started giggling and stretching her arms out to her mother . Bender passed his god daughter to her mother .Leela sat smiling at her daughter and tickling her which was making Alice giggle .

“ Bender are you alright “ Fry asked . Bender nodded . “ I guess , but I know I’m never going to look after Alice again “ Bender said and put on a sad face . “ Damn , right you aren’t you could have killed her “ Leela replied .

“ Yeah , I’m sorry , please can I look after her again Please” Bender Begged Leela . Leela just looked , at him she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him , she rolled her eye , “ why do I always do this , fine you can take care of her” Leela said and folded her arms .

Bender got up and cheered and grabbed Alice and held her up in the air , Alice giggled and smiled . “ yay , you hear that you and Uncle Bender can …. Hm , that’s quite catchy uncle Bender , Well anyway you and uncle Bender and spend more time together” .

“ Bender you spend more time with our daughter than we do , and we ‘re her parents” Fry said . “ So , Oh when you 2 , go away on you honeymoon thing can I look after her , Please” Bender asked , nicely .

Leela and fry looked at each other , “ Well , we were actually…” , “ Thanks , I’ll take good care of her when you 2 meat bags are away “ Bender said as he interrupted Fry . “ Now , come on My little one , let’s go and steal some stuff” Bender ran out the room with Alice , Leela and Fry shook there and smiled .

Leela sat in her apartment looking down at her wedding ring . She sighed then looked up at her beautiful long wedding dress , it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen . she sighed again and thought for a minute . For some reason she felt as if she didn't want to get married to Fry . she got up and headed into her kitchen and started to pour herself a cup of coffee .

Just as she raised her mug up to her lips someone knocked on her door . Leela slowly walked up to the door and opened up to see Amy standing there . " Hey Leela , since it's your wedding tomorrow , me and some of my friends came to celebrate " . Amy moved to the side to introduce her friends . " Leela this is Madge and Kyle from Mars university " .

Leela looked at the small blonde haired women who was only about 5ft tall , and around 25 , and wearing a pink strapped glittery top , with a mini denim skirt, and a pair of flat black shoes . Then looked at Kyle the tall boy who was about 6ft tall around the same age as Madge . All he wore was a pair of wrinkled jeans and a pair of trainers , and his brown hair styled up in spikes .

" But , Amy I don't know these people " Leela said . " Oh , that's OK , We're just here to party " Amy pushed passed Leela , with Madge and Kyle following . Just before Kyle went in , he looked at Leela and said , " Hey , nice eye " Leela just looked at him and frowned .

Bender sat in his Apartment with Fry holding baby Alice , and drinking beer . " Bend....er..Bend " Fry looked up and looked at Alice, " Hey , she's trying to say your name " . " Da...da..da..da" Alice said again and giggled and reached up to Bender ." Aw " Bender said and threw his bottle a side and picked Alice up .

" Hey did she call you dad " Fry and angrily . “ Yep , she did Bender replied . Fry frowned “ Give me her Fry said and reached out to Bender . Bender passed his goddaughter to her father . Fry sat there smiling down at his daughter . But Alice just sat there looking at Fry then busted out crying .

Fry jumped then passed Alice back to Bender . Once she was with Bender in his arms she immediately stopped crying and giggled and reached up to Bender . “ Aw Bender said and patted her on the forehead . Fry just scowled at Bender .

Leela sat in her apartment sipping a glass of moderately , priced , domestic , non-vintage champagne . “ So , Madge , Kyle what do you 2 do for a living “ Leela asked . “ Well , I'm at my last years at Mars University , I'm studying how to be a nurse “ Madge replied . “ And I'm going to join Doop” Kyle added .

Madge rolled her eyes , “ Kyle you can't join Doop , your too stupid to join , anyway , I Don't know why you would want to join , you know what's it's like it's controlled by some fat blonde guy , uh what’s his name again” Madge said , and started to think . “ you , mean Zapp Brannigan” Leela added .

Madge looked up , “ Oh , yeah that Guy Zapp Brannigan” Madge said and slurped down some beer . “ she slept with him” Amy added as she poured herself a glass of wine . Madge all of a sudden spat out her beer everywhere . “ Eww , you slept with Zapp , Branngian” Madge said in a disgusted way . Leela looked up and scowled at Amy , Amy just shrugged and smiled .

“ Well , it was just out of pity , I felt sorry for him , for some reason , but in the end I just found out he was a jerk” Leela said to Madge . “ Yeah , well anyway Leela tell us about yourself , so , your getting married tomorrow aw, congratulations” Madge said to Leela and gave her a hug .

“ Well , there really isn’t anything much to know about me , I was abandoned at a baby , and lived in an orphanage for most of my life , and got bullied about my eye , I ended up finding out my parents were sewer mutants , and well that’s it really “ .

Leela looked up and looked and Madge and Kyle who were just sitting there shocked . “ Oh , you poor thing” Madge said feeling sorry for Leela . “ Oh , it’s alright I got used to it , so what about you 2” .

“ Well , I’ve lived in New new York most of my life , with my mum and brother , I never found out who my father was , I became best friends with Amy when I was young , oh and when I was 17 , Amy introduced me to Kyle , and then from then on we went out , then a year later we got married” Madge took Kyle’s hand and smiled at him .

Leela smiled and sighed , “ Well , I better be getting this place cleaned up for tomorrow” , " Yeah , well it was lovely meeting you Leela , I hope maybe to see you again soon “ Madge said and headed up to the door . “ Bye Leela” Madge said and shook hands with her .

Then Kyle stood in front of Leela and grabbed onto her arms and gave a bit sloppy kiss . But Leela immediately pulled back shocked . “ Bye Leela” he said and headed off after Madge .

“ Oh , don’t worry he does that to everyone Amy said , as she lifted dished into the kitchen . “ So , Leela you nerves about tomorrow” Amy asked while washing a dish . Leela gave a slight nod ,

“ Yeah , really nerve's , “ Well , don’t worry Leela you'll be fine , Oh and also I'm staying over night cause I want too do you hair for you Amy said and started to dry some dishes . Leela gave a slight nod and helped Amy .

Leela sat in the car with Amy , with her heart pounding , and her whole body shaking . she didn't think she was ready to be Fry's wife . She Inhaled then exhaled again , and did the same thing over and over again . Leela sat shaking and shaking and getting nervous by the minute .

Then All of a sudden she felt a cold hand touch hers , " Look , Leela you'll be fine , Don't be nervous " Amy said quietly . Leela nodded , and gulped , and sweat ran down her face . As they turned round the corner , Leela could see the church up a head .

Crowds started forming around outside the church waiting for the bride to arrive . " Amy , I don't think I can do this " Leela said trembling , " I'm really scared " .

" Look , Leela just try to think of like , em , just try to think that everyone isn't there , like it's just you and Fry all alone in the church , " .

Leela looked at Amy a bit confused , " What do you mean " She asked . " Well , It's the people around that's making you nervous " Amy asked . Leela nodded quickly . " Well , Leela just try to think that they aren't there , and it will make you feel better " .

" you sure " Leela asked still trembling , Amy nodded in agreement , " Yes , Leela it will work , at least I think it will " . Leela smiled and Amy , and sat there getting nervous by the minute .

As the car stopped outside the church , The driver , walked out and opened Leela's door . But Leela just sat there frozen . " Leela , come on " Amy moaned . Amy gave Leela a wee nudge , and Leela got her courage up and stood out the car and walked up the churches stairs .

As she headed up she could hear people talking about her , and a few people gasped at her eye , but she was used to it . She tried just to pretend she didn't hear what anyone said . As she stood at the doors to the church , with Amy , Amy looked at her and gave her a smile .

" your doing great " she said , Leela returned her smile . Leela could here the piano music starting to play , she gulped and closed her eyes . Then all of a sudden , the doors opened and everyone stood up and turned round to see the bride . Leela heart was beating faster by the minute .

She slowly started walking up the Isle with her big long dress trailing behind her . As she looked at the ground she could down into the drain where she saw her mother and father standing there smiling . Her mother smiled at her beautiful daughter and a tear fell down her cheek .

Leela couldn't help but smile back . As Leela walked up the Isle, People on either side where looking smiling at her , As she walked up she could she Hermes , the professor , Bender who was holding Alice , and Fry standing looking at her .

As Leela stepped up to the alter , the music stopped playing and she turned round to face Fry . As they stood facing each other on the alter the Robot Priest started his usual words . " Does anyone have a reason why this couple shall not be joined in the irrevocable shackles of holy bliss " .

Leela and Fry turned round , and looked at everyone , but no one , said a thing , except a faint cough in the background . They both turned round smiled at each other and the Robot priest continued . " Do you , Fry take this woman to be your wife " .

The Robot asked Fry , Fry turned round and looked at Leela and smiled , " I do " . " Do you, Leela, copy and paste his response till death do you part " , Leela looked at Fry who was standing smiling at her , then turned her head to the crowd , then again back at Fry , who was still standing smiling at Leela waiting for her to say that word .

Leela smiled , and turned to face the Robot priest , " I Do " she said out loudly . after about 15 minutes , The crowd outside where waiting for the married couple to come out . Then all of a sudden the church doors flew open with Leela and Fry covered in confetti and everyone cheering with the wedding bells ringing .

Leela quickly linked arms with her new husband and got a quick photo taken . " Hey Leela wait you flowers " Amy shouted at Leela before she entered the car . " Oh ," Leela turned her back to the crowd and threw her flowers up in the air . everyone ran and jumped but no one caught them .

" I've got them " Bender called and ran out of the crowd holding the flowers , and carrying Alice at the same time . Fry and Leela smiled . " good catch Bender " Fry said and opened the car door to let his new wife in . Everyone cheered as the new married couple drove off .

" Bender is great , Oh , Bender is great , Bender , Bender , Bender , Bender, Bender is great " Bender sang as he walked along the street holding Alice . " Oh , Bender Is.." Bender held up Alice . " Benda ..... Da ....gate " Alice said and giggled . " Aw , that's my girl " Bender said and gave Alice a hug .

Bender walked into a nearby pub , and placed Alice on the desk . " Oh , what can I get you " The Barmaid , said and gave Bender a wink . " Aw , just the usual " Bender replied . " coming , right up " she said , in a high pitch voice .

As Bender sat waiting for his beer , Timmy Tim came slowly up to Bender , holding a tin mug . " Excuse , me Sir " he said in a cute English accent , " Would you please give up a few pennies for a homeless robot " . Bender frowned and kicked Tinny Tim's crutch which snapped in half , leaving him hopping .

" Get lost , you little homeless Robot , I'm saving my money for my kid here , now get lost " , " as you Please " Tinny Tim said and hopped away feeling down . " Here's your beer " The barmaid , said and handed it to Bender. After drinking about 8 glasses of beer , he headed back to his Apartment to watch all my circuits .

Bender sat little Alice , down next to him on the sofa , and switched on the TV . " Oh , Calculon , please Don't go " , " I Must Monique I just can't stand living here anymore " , " but Calculon , we were meant to be " , " I'm sorry Monique but I have to go " .

Bender looked at Alice who was sitting , looking up at Bender . Bender couldn't 't help it but smile , he picked her up and gave her a hug . " Hmm do you know what this programme is , its called All my circuits , and that gold Robot there , is Calculton , and that fembot is...." .

Bender was interupted by Alice trying to grab his antenna . " Hey stop that " Bender moaned . Bender held up Alice and frowned , bot then looked at her cute baby face , and smiled . " Aw , your cute , little meatbag , your going to be s little brat when your older , anyway those 2 meatbag parents are coming home tomorrow "

" And you'll have to go home then , but don't worry , I'll see you around " . Alice just sat there on Bender knee giggling and trying to reach up to him , Bender smiled and gave Alice another hug .

" So , Bender how was she " Fry asked , Bender as he sat on the sofa holding Alice . " Aw, she was great , wasn't a problem " Bender replied . " Well , I'm glad she was no problem " Fry said and headed out Bender's apartment. " Wait , can't she just stay one more night , I'm really lonely here " Bender begged .

" Look , Bender you've had her a whole week , and me and Leela are married now , and we want to be a family now , you've been spending more time , with her than we have , Don't worry we'll come and visit " Fry walked out his old Apartment leaving Bender alone .

Bender sighed and sat down alone in his apartment watching the usual all my circuits . Fry walked along the road carrying Alice who was crying non stop . As people passed on the street , they stopped and stared at Fry , trying to calm Alice down .

" Excuse , me sir " an old woman said , " But , can you not control your child " . Fry frowned , " Look , you old bag just mind your own business " . The old woman frowned and hit Fry across the head with her bag . " Ow , ow " Fry screamed , Alice just lay in her father's arms giggling . Fry quickly managed to get away and ran .

Leela stood inside her kitchen washing her dishes ans waiting for Fry to come home with their daughter . Fry kicked open the door and came running in with a howling baby . " Here Leela take her " Fry said and passed Alice to her mother.

When Alice was in her mothers arms she immediately stopped crying , and giggled and reached out for her mother , Leela couldn't help bit smile . Leela looked up at Fry who was sitting on the sofa trying to get his breath back . Leela walked slowly up to Fry and sat next to him .

" Fry what's wrong " she asked quietly . Fry rolled his eyes, " Leela , she's so used , to you and Bender , she thinks I'm some sort of stranger , she thinks Bender is her dad , and when she comes anywhere near me she starts crying , she'll never get used to me " Fry moaned .

Leela gave a slight smile , " Look , Fry you just have to spend more time with her , and then she'll get used to seeing your face " Fry looked at Leela . " You think " Fry asked . Leela nodded , and passed Alice over to her father and headed into the kitchen to finish cleaning the dishes , .

Fry sat holding Alice in his arms , he smiled at her , but after about a minute , she immediately bursted out crying again .

" Waaaa " , " Fry , go and feed the baby " Leela shouted to Fry as he slept in his bed . " Fry " Leela shouted again , but Fry just covered his ears with his pillow . Leela got so mad and barged into his room . " Fry " She shouted , " What " he groaned. " get up and stop lying in bed like a kid and go and feed Alice " .

" why have I got to do it " he moaned again . Leela rolled her eye , " Because, you where the exact person , who said yesterday that you , wanted her to get used to you , now get up and feed Alice , and then go and take her for a walk " Leela pulled the covers off of Fry , then threw his blue jeans in his face .

Fry sat up and slipped on his usual blue jeans , stretched and yawned , then headed into the living room . As he walked in he could see Leela in the kitchen and Alice , lying on the sofa crying her eyes out . Fry picked her up and cradled her in his arms . " Here " Leela said and passed Fry a bottle of milk .

Alice sucked the bottle for about 5 minutes then pushed he bottle away and started crying again . Fry tried cradling her but it was no good , she still cried , he tried changing her nappy , but still cried , he tried making funny faces but that just made things worse.

" Aw , Leela she won't stop crying " Fry held her up and frowned at his daughter , " Shut up " he shouted , " Fry don't shout at her Leela moaned . Fry just sat there holding Alice up in the air when all of a sudden. , she kicked him in the face and giggled .

" OW " Fry shouted , Leela came rushing in to see what was wrong . " what's happened " , " she just kicked me in the face " Fry said rubbing his cheek . Leela looked at Alice who was sitting giggling and clapping her hands . " hmm , what ever you did made her stop crying " , Leela then hit Fry across the head with a towel .

" Ouch , hey stop that " he wined . Leela smiled , and looked at Alice who was falling over laughing . " Well , she seems to like it when you get hurt " Leela once again hit Fry across the head , with the towel and headed back into the kitchen . Fry held up Alice , and just looked at her , then all of a sudden she was sick all over Fry's face .

" Aw , yuk " , Fry ran into the kitchen and grabbed the towel , that Leela had . Leela tried not to laugh as Fry's headed back into the lounge area . " I'm going out " Fry said , " OK , well , Don't take all day and make sure she's looked after well " , Leela shouted to Fry as he left , " Yeah , yeah " he replied .