Fan Fiction

The Fry-borg, Part 6
By Luis Gonzales

Author's notes : Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I wrote part 6, sorry, I was busy with.. meh, I don't wanna bore everyone. Anyhow, here's part 6, enjoy, and I got a huge load of thanks to my friends Alexei ehrensperger and AsylumFry, who helped me a lot, not just on my fic, but on life, check their fanstuff, it's great.

Meanwhile, at planet express. The PE crew members (minus Leela and Fry) are discussing an extremely important subject.

AMY : (Angry) We need more budget increases for pink nail polish! I can't work under these conditions!

BENDER : Yeah! And more beer! We demand more beer! Right Fry?… Hey, where's Fry?


BENDER : Fry! The red headed skintube you have for a great, great, great… (time lapse, the professor is asleep and drooling, Hermes is gone and Amy is polishing her nails) … great uncle!

FARNSWORTH : (Waking up) Uh, what happened?

BENDER : Fry's gone!

FARNSWORTH : That's completely preposterous! (Points his finger at a lamp) He's right behind you, you drunken excuse for a tin can!

AMY : Professor, adjust your glasses

FARNSWORTH : (Fiddles with his glasses) … Oh my, that's not Fry! Where's the lazy idiot?

AMY : I guess he's with Leela in-

FARNSWORTH : -good news everyone, you'll be getting their jobs while they're gone

BENDER : Crank it up your piehole!

FARNSWORTH : And also their salaries in addition to yours.

AMY/BENDER : Whoo-ho!

HERMES : (Running into the room) Oh no you don't! Under the official "Abuse from the management" act of 2998, the employees have "no claim to anything that a senile frontman of a business, privately or publicly declares".

AMY : Who made up that stupid law anyway!

HERMES : Well after Bill Gates turned over 1000 years old, things started to decline in Microsoft and eventually-

BENDER : -Bite my shiny metal ass! This is clearly a case of discrimination against robots!

HERMES : No, it's a case of discrimination against underdogs, which is completely legal and encouraged.

Time lapse. Bender and Amy are loading cargo into the ship. Bender is carrying a small cardboard box while Amy is pushing a big wooden crate. Bender's whistling while Amy of course is cursing in Chinese. They load the cargo and the ship takes off. Amy is sitting in the captain's chair while Bender is where Fry usually sits.

AMY : (reading a map) Strange… it says here we have to deliver a cargo of hams and BBQ sauce to a remote DOOP outpost. Why would they ask for something like that?

BENDER : Don't know, don't care. (takes a puff from his cigar) I kinda miss the stupid skintube.

AMY : Kinda? He's your best friend! In fact, he's your only friend!

BENDER : (Annoyed) Whatever baggete, if you're so fond of him, why don't you marry him or something!

Amy is caught off guard by Bender's reply and pauses. After several awkward seconds, she replies

AMY : (In thought) Because… (Angry) Because I love Kif, that's why!

BENDER : You meatbags and your stupid emotions. If you're gonna be on my shiny metal ass all the trip, I might as well go with the cargo!

Bender gets up and exits the cockpit. As soon as the door closes, Bender runs to his (and Fry's) quarters and checks Fry's bunk. He pulls out a picture of him and Fry (who is drunk in the picture) and locks the door.

BENDER : (Sad) Stupid skintube. (Angry) Why did you have to go after one eye! You're my only true friend, we have fun just the way things are. Even though you're not even the sharpest meatbag, you should know better… (Angry)You shoulda known better!… (Sad) I miss you buddy…

Bender starts weeping and grabs the photo, stashing it inside his chest. He takes out a bottle, not of beer, but rather hard liquor and takes a swig. He searches Fry's bunk again and, crying, pulls out some cash and also pockets it.

Meanwhile, back in the present (?), Leela is waking up near the dumpster next to Fry. She looks at his face while he's sleeping and smiles to herself, but then looks down to see the bandages and frowns. She pushes a button on her wrist comp and begins typing.

LEELA : (Typing) Turanga's log, daylight. I woke up to the sound of passing cars, the 21st century is really primitive. I can't believe I'm still alive… I can't believe how much Fry has changed, and I can't believe the events of these last days. I never pictured my life with Fry like this. I always thought he wasn't someone important, even to me, but here we are, trying to save the present and the future. I feel guilty about the way I treated him for so long, especially after the way he almost died protecting me. But now isn't the time to be down. I gotta be strong, we gotta be strong… for the sake of eachother…

Fry slowly wakes up and startles Leela. She quickly pushes another button and the wrist comp closed and saved the document. Fry groans and stretches, then looks at Leela.

FRY : (Sleepy) You're already up? Can't we just sleep some more?

LEELA : (Smiles) Of course not, we got a job to do. (Sexy) And the sooner we do it, the sooner we can get back to my place and get busy…

FRY : (Frowns) Aww, more work? I'm already tired and hurt, and I need some sleep before we deliver more-

Leela winks at Fry (in her special way) and Fry looks confused… for about 3 seconds before the drool starts to cascade off his jaw. Leela looks annoyed but inside she holds back a smile of amusement. She lifts his chin to close his mouth and gets up on her feet, helping Fry up. They head for the bushes near the hospital to pick up the equipment Leela left behind, careful to avoid policemen and guards on the way. They both get there, find the backpack and split the equipment between them. But, as they're packing up and getting ready to leave, Nibbler immediately calls them by wrist comp.

NIBBLER : (on the wrist comp) I'm glad to see the mighty… Fry is safe.

LEELA : (Annoyed) No thanks to you!

NIBBLER : (sighs) Yes, I have not been of much help, but that is going to change. We found some more weapons and equipment for you to use, we will transfer them. But first, the reason for my call. There has been a change in time caused by the interference of the strike team, you got to solve it in order to get back to the present.

FRY : But we are in the present

LEELA : No, this is the past

FRY : But we've never done this before, how could this be the past?

LEELA : (Confused) Uh… (To Nibbler) Yeah, how?

NIBBLER : (Confused) I do not know, my race does not have the ability to travel through time. But back to the subject-

FRY : I thought this was the subject?


LEELA : (rolls her eye) This could take awhile…

While Nibbler and Leela waste their time trying to explain a matter of this complexity to Fry, we go back to the cockpit of the PE ship to join Amy. Bender walks through the door just as Amy is descending the ship onto the planet where the base, the same one where the Nibblonians are making their last ditch effort to save history, is located. Amy pushes a button and the videophone comes down.

AMY : This is the planet express delivery service vessel carrying… a bunch of hams and BBQ sauce, are you ready to receive the cargo?

NIBBLONIAN : Yes, land on pad number four, west of your position

AMY : I copy that, landing pad 4, to the west, over and out

NIBBLONIAN : You realize this isn't a radio, right?

AMY : (In thought) Uh… (Awkward) Gotta go, see ya

Amy hangs up the videophone and it returns to the ceiling.

BENDER : (Sarcastic) Having fun replacing one-eye?

Amy curses in Chinese as Bender takes his position and the ship lands on the pad. Amy and Bender go to the cargo bay and mount the crates on a hover dolly. They both get the cargo out and have a look at the base. The main building is still smoldering and has the main door blown off, while the surrounding sections are intact.

AMY : This could be a trap, stay behind while I check this out…

BENDER : Ah yeah!? This is clearly a case of discrimination against robots!

AMY : I Just said I'll check it

BENDER : …Ah ok

Amy, weapon in hand, walks over a metal door and into the base, scouting the room with her eyes. There are bloodstains all over the place and bullet holes riddle the walls, a couple of blast marks now and then. She walks over to the nearest terminal, which displays a message.

AMY : (Confused) I.C. Weiner?…Who th-

Amy didn't have time to finish that sentence as a small Nibblonian ensign shot her with a laser set on the lowest stun level. The last thing she sees before she passes out is the terminal growing distant as she is dragged along the cold metal floor of the base. As she slips into unconsciousness, we hear a familiar voice.

NIBBLONIAN : Heh, stupid humans. It worked over 1000 years ago and it still works now…

Meanwhile in the past, Leela is leaning against a wall, a look of utter boredom on her face and Fry's shaking from mental exhaustion as Nibbler's finishing his explanation on how the past can be changed to alter the future.

NIBBLER : …And that's how the time paradox can be worked around to explain the present course of events.

FRY : (Shaking on the floor) My…head…hurts!…Bad!…

LEELA : (Sarcastic) Well that was interesting… (Annoyed) Now I just wish I had that hour of my life back

NIBBLER : Is Fry going to be alright?

LEELA : In a sec

Leela leans and whispers on Fry's ear, he then gets back on his feet and acts normally. Nibbler notices this and talks to Leela.

NIBBLER : How did you do that?

LEELA : I explained it to him in the only way he'd get it

NIBBLER : (Puzzled) What way is that?

LEELA : (Cheerfully) I told him a wizard did it…

NIBBLER : Ah, of course.

LEELA : (Serious) In any case, what's the problem?

NIBBLER : Ah, yes. The last surviving member of the strike team is not a common soldier like the rest. He is the highest decorated member of the DOOP spec ops corps, Lt. Alexander Romanovski. He is a veteran from the Omicronian, sphere and spider wars, and he is also the only surviving member of his unit.

LEELA : (Calmed) Sounds like he's very good, but why is he the only one left?

NIBBLER : His unit is directly under the command of Zapp Brannigan.

LEELA : (Shocked) WOW! And he's still alive!? He must be really dangerous!

NIBBLER : Indeed. He is not only highly skilled in combat, he also thinks strategically and is extremely resourceful. He was also deemed potentially mentally unstable and a liability. Since he is the only remaining operative, he is going to make a last ditch attempt to eliminate the mighty… Fry. It is 95% certain that he will try to render the cryotube inoperative by any means necessary. You must stop him at all costs…

Back in the time gate generator room, Nibbler closes the transmission from his screen. Another Nibblonian salutes him and speaks to him in a polite manner.

NIBBLONIAN : Lord Nibbler, we have captured the human female and the bending unit as planned and locked them on a cell with constant supervision. Right now, the female is still unconscious and the robot has been deactivated.

NIBBLER : Excellent. Remind the guards that this is protective custody, we need them alive and unharmed, the mighty one and the other could use their help when they accomplish their mission.

NIBBLONIAN : (Confused) Sir?

NIBBLER : This battle might be near to its end, but the end to this war is not… We will crush the brain spawn… Now do not just stand there, bring me a ham!

NIBBLONIAN : (Saluting) Yes sir!

We go back to Leela and Fry, who have just finished concealing their weapons and start to walk towards the applied cryogenics building. They're just a couple of blocks away when they spot a police blockade in front of the building.

LEELA : Oh great! How are we gonna get in there now!?

FRY : I dunno, but maybe this means that Alex guy won't get in either

LEELA : (Staring at Fry)… How come you're thinking at a decent rate lately?

FRY : I dunno… (reacting) …Hey!

LEELA : Anyway, I suppose that guy won't risk coming here with the police out in force and all

FRY : Well, the police always take a break.

LEELA : Yeah, but that could take hours and hours!

FRY : More like 3…2…1… now.

Suddenly, all the policemen get in their patrols and leave as quickly as they appeared when Fry and Leela got there.

LEELA : How did you know that they'd go away right now?

FRY : Because they open the doughnut shop downtown about at this time.

Fry and Leela walks up to the building, weapons drawn and enter. They search the cryogenics lab for Alex, but aren't able to find anything out of the ordinary (as much as a cryogenics lab riddled with bullet holes can be). They finally give up their search.

FRY : Well, I didn't find anything, what about you Leela?

LEELA : Me neither. I wonder why he hasn't come here to try and blow up the place… Double check everything Fry, we might as well be sure.

FRY :Are you saying I don't search for things the right way? I looked really well and I didn't find anything, it's not like I'm some kind of spaz

As he finishes that sentence, he sits on a chair and it collapses, we see the legs were also riddled with bullet holes. Leela rolls her eye and suddenly realizes they haven't eaten anything in days.

LEELA : Fine, then search for some food, I'm starving. And hurry up, that guy could come here any second now.

FRY : (grumbling) Fine, fine, I'll check that small kitchen over there.

Fry does so and finds nothing but a box full of microwave popcorn, some cola cans and a small microwave oven. Fry reads the bag instructions aloud.

FRY : Set to low for… 10 minutes! I'm hungry now (thinking) Aw… well, Leela said hurry up…

As we move away from this disaster waiting to happen, we join Amy who is slowly waking up in her cell. Its metallic walls echo any noise from the inside and block most outside noises, except perhaps for those that come directly from the entrance. There's a thick windowless metal door, and no visible force field. Her captors are nowhere to be found and neither is Bender. Amy is about to open the door and walk out of the cell when she notices a humming becoming more intense as she walks to the exit. She grabs a lipstick and throws it outside, but it gets vaporized halfway through the frame where the window should be. The red colorant now reveals a set of laser bars. Closer inspection reveals what appears to be a shielded, locked, high voltage panel beside the cell.

AMY : Oh great! Now what?… Hmm, maybe Leela said something about this kind of situations before…

Amy seeks on her memory…

LEELA : I got sweaty boot rash!

AMY : No, no, that wasn't it!

LEELA : You have any idea how much an apartment THAT big on the sun would cost!?

AMY : Ho chi min! Wrong again!

VOICE : If you build it, they will come…

AMY : …That's not even Leela! (Curses in Chinese). Argh! Wait, maybe if I fake I'm sick or dead… and maybe if I stop talking to myself…

Amy then screams loudly and drops to the floor, staying completely still. A Nibblonian guard, out of her line of sight, speaks.

NIBBLONIAN : It's useless, maybe if you hadn't, I don't know… SAID IT OUT LOUD! And besides, look in your cell, there's a motion activated security camera, give it up and go to sleep, food time is near.

Amy curses in Chinese some more, then finally gives up and goes to sleep on a bunk bed.

Now we go back to Leela, who is lying down on the desk in the cryogenics lab.

LEELA : (Thinking) Fry has changed a lot in this last days… maybe he'll finally grow up and stop being so foolish and childish.

LEELA : Are you sure that's what you want?

LEELA : What? Why wouldn't I want that?

LEELA : That's not a response, are you sure that's what you want?

LEELA : …I don't know… that's one of the things I always wanted to change about him, but now… I think I got used to it, and in some way, I like it. He cheers me up when I'm down, or at least always tries to, and sometimes I think life would be boring if he wasn't that way… but what if he does change? I can't stop him from growing up!

LEELA : Somehow, I don't think you'll have to worry about that soon…

LEELA : What? What do you-

But then Leela is disturbed by a loud boom coming from the kitchen, and as soon as she turns her eye to the door, it busts open, followed by a red tuft of hair on an avalanche of popcorn. A stunned Fry pops his head out of the popcorn and notices Leela staring at him.

FRY : (Nervously) Hehe… Want some pop-corn Leela?

LEELA : (Thinking) Well, I guess it's better this way, I'd pick him before Adlai again any day. (To Fry) Yeah, sure, why not?

Leela walks to Fry, grabs a fistful of popcorn from Fry's head and eats it. Fry is puzzled by her reaction, yet decides not to push his newfound luck. He gets up, shaking his head to get the popcorn out of his hair and ears.

FRY : So Leela, do you want something to drink with that?

LEELA : Well, it'd be nice, but don't-

Fry jumps into the popcorn filled kitchen to fetch the cola cans.

LEELA : -go back… (sighs) well, at least he's being nice and there's nothing dangerous about-

FRY : (Muffled and from inside the kitchen) Leela! I think I'm lost! Maybe if I eat my way out of here… Owch! I bit a fork!

LEELA : …(sighs)… Ow why not?

Leela jumps into the popcorn too and looks for Fry, eating popcorn in the process. Leela finds Fry and soon enough they're outside of the kitchen, cleansing themselves of popcorn remnants, when suddenly, there's a loud boom and a small tremor, and shortly after the lights go out. The emergency backup power system activates and red light fills the room. Fear invades both of them as they ready their weapons.

LEELA : What happened!?

FRY : I don't know! I didn't do anything! (runs to the desk and checks the computer) It says here the power was switched off, we got 30 minutes before the cryo-tubes malfunction and… the people in them die! We have to do something!

LEELA : Where's the breaker for the power?

FRY : (checking the computer)… In the second floor basement, we have to hurry, there's no time.

They both run to the basement using the stairs, weapons in hand. The basement is dark, as there are no emergency lights there. There's a map of the basement and a flashlight with batteries on the wall beside them. They take them and head for the electrical substation located on the far side of it. As they reach the first junction…

FRY : Where to?

LEELA : Hmm… to the right

Fry walks into the dimly lit corridor and a barely audible "Click" is heard.

LEELA : FRY! Watch out!

Fry takes cover just in time to avoid a stream of bullets which hit the wall in front of him. Leela quickly turns off her flashlight and takes the safety off her gun. The clicks from the guns and the sounds of falling casings reverb and echo along the moist, dank walls of the basement.

ALEXANDER : What's the matter!? Afraid of the dark!?

LEELA : We don't have time for this! I'll go after him Fry, you go and turn on the power

FRY : But-

LEELA : -Just go!

Leela rolls out of cover and sprays Alexander with automatic fire, which he barely avoids receding into the passageway. Fry makes a break for it and runs to the power room. Leela quickly gives chase to Alexander and a bullet exchange ensues as they both run through the maze of corridors, the darkness only receding by the flashes of the muzzles. They both get to a U shaped section of the corridors and take cover on opposite sides.

ALEXANDER : There's nowhere to hide!

LEELA : Where did you get that!? The big book of movie clichés!?

ALEXANDER : Heh! I understand the bullets you see, I make them go where I want!

Alexander pulls out a revolver and fires at the wall behind Leela. The bullet ricochets off and injures Leela's arm. Leela is unfazed by this and empties an MP5 smg on Alexander, which he skillfully avoids by receding back into cover. Leela, reloaded smg on one hand, pistol in the other, jumps out of cover and fires at Alexander's corner. He has no choice but to stay in cover as Leela discharges 30 9mm rounds around him. Leela quickly covers the distance between the two corners and catch him off guard, shooting him on the right arm and leg with her pistol, but before she can finish the job, he rolls into a manhole and when Leela attempts to follow him, she is greeted by a stream of automatic fire. Leela gets a grenade out of her backpack, pulls the pin out and lets it roll and fall into the manhole. The grenade falls and seconds before reaching the end of the tunnel, explodes, the concussion of the blast stunning Leela and knocking Alexander out cold. Leela scuffles and sits, leaning against a wall beside the manhole.

Fry is gasping for air as he reaches the power room. He doesn't find it much easier to breathe, as the air is filled with smoke and dust, but the ambient is dimly lit by some burning fragments of indeterminable origin near the entrance to the power room. The security gates are hanging off their hinges and there are scorch marks on the entrance where the doors should be. Fry gets a pistol from his backpack, readies it and carefully walks through the refuse, shoving the wrecked doors out of the way as he enters the room. He finds the main switchboard, but unfortunately, it's filled with bullet holes and seems inoperative. Fry punches the wall in despair which sounds hollow and metallic. Closer inspection reveals this wall is actually a backup rerouting panel. Fry finds the main switch and activates it. There's a loud humming noise and the whole basement fills with light. Fry quickly runs until reaching the junction where he and Leela split up. Following the trail of bullet holes and empty casings, he finds Leela.

FRY : Leela!? Are you ok!?

LEELA : What!? I can't hear you! Stop whispering Fry!

FRY : I said! Are you ok Leela!!?

LEELA : Yeah! I just had to use a grenade! My ears won't stop ringing!

FRY : Why does this sound familiar…

LEELA : What!? I can't hear anything!

FRY : (rolling his eyes) Yeah, I know…

LEELA : What!?

As we move away from this Abbot-Costello rutine, we join Amy, who is just waking up in her prison cell. She stirs and stretches, and looks for nearby guards, but the hall seems deserted. She sits on the bunkbed and is interrupted by a familiar voice.

NIBBLONIAN : Dinner's here! Get it while it's hot!

AMY: Do I look like I'm going anywhere to you?

NIBBLONIAN : (eyes Amy suspiciously) …Maybe, maybe not. Either way, we're watching you closely, don't try anything stupid…

The guard slips the food in a tiny slot underneath the door and walks away. Amy inspects her food. Nothing looks suspicious, nor out of the ordinary, it's a piece of meat of some kind, a loaf of bread, some baked beans and what appears to be blue jello… until she notices the fork and knife provided are metallic, not plastic.

AMY : (thinking) Hey… this gives me an idea…

Amy grabs a pocket mirror and smashes it into pieces, then grabs a small piece of it and sticks it to the knife using the jello. She blinds the camera using the beans and uses the mirror and knife to blast the control panel, which bursts into flames. The lasers shut down and an alarm goes off, but the "window" offers enough space for her to get out and Amy has enough time to escape the cell block. Many footsteps loudly echo off the cold metal walls of the complex, getting closer to Amy by the second. She looks around for a way out, but gets nervous and realizing guards are coming, she kicks a vent cover and crawls in.

LEELA : Fry, I think I got my hearing back

FRY : Are you sure?

LEELA : Yeah

FRY : …Are you really sure?

LEELA : How could I have answered that if I didn't?

FRY : …I 'unno

LEELA : So, I see you turned the power back on. Now we have to get a move on, Alexander escaped and went down that tunnel, and we have to make sure he doesn't cause trouble again.

FRY : Right. Well, we should get going then, I'll go in first

As Fry climbs down the manhole his footsteps wake Alexander up. He crawls into a smaller section of the tunnel and out of Fry's sight. Fry finds nothing and gives the all clear to Leela, which follows him down. Soon, they are both exploring the tunnel searching for their foe, looking for clues as to where he might be. The tunnel eventually leads into what appears to be an electrical substation. The door has a small trail of blood leading to it.

FRY : Hey! That guy probably went in here!

LEELA : I shot him, but he's probably still dangerous, stand back

FRY : No, you're wounded, I'll go in first. Wait here and aim at the door.

Fry counts to 3 and opens the door to find…