Fan Fiction

The Fry-borg, Part 5
By Luis Gonzales


Yancy stands still, looking at the long silvery gun barrel pointing between his eyes, and the dark silhouette holding it. Suddenly the figure lowers its gun and speaks up, revealing its identity.

LEELA : Why did you follow us?

YANCY : (Hiding his feelings) Because my little brother's a good-for-nothing screw-up that needs people to look after him!

LEELA : He was, but he isn't anymore. He's come a long way you know.

YANCY : Where is he?

LEELA : (In thought) He's… checking himself.

YANCY : (Confused) What do you mean?

LEELA : Come with me, you'll see what I mean

Leela takes Yancy to a storage room for old Cryo-tubes. The door is open and they see Fry looking at himself in the tube.

YANCY : (Scared and nervous) How… What- what's going on here!?

LEELA : This is gonna be hard to explain, so sit down.

Yancy sits at the same desk Fry sat on the day he was frozen and takes a breath of fresh air, as Leela is standing in front of him.

YANCY : (Confused) How can he-?

LEELA : (Serious) You'll understand soon. Fry disappeared on New Years Eve, because he was frozen in here, for 1000 years.

YANCY : That can't be! How do you know!

LEELA : It is, I know because I was his fate assignment officer. Fry was thawed out in 2999 and I was a fate assignment officer working here, I was gonna give Fry a job assignment and a career chip according to his abilities.

YANCY : What abilities? He's a high school dropout, and as dumb as a pole!

LEELA : (Ignores the last statement) He only qualified to be a delivery boy and when I told him so, he pleaded with me not to put its career chip in him, but I didn't listen to him and chased him through New New York. He put up quite a fight, and while I was chasing him he made me realize I didn't like my job either, so when I finally caught him, I made my decision and removed my chip. He got me a job with his only living relative as the captain of a delivery ship.

YANCY : And what does he do?

LEELA : He's the delivery boy.

YANCY : (Surprised) So you're telling me you worked that much for him to end up doing the same thing he ran away from?

LEELA : It's just like him, don't you think?

YANCY : Yes. I kinda missed the little guy, it's amazing how he can grow onto you.

LEELA : I should know, I'm married to him remember?

YANCY : How did you end up marrying him?

LEELA : (Sigh) Well it's a long story. Since the first time we met, I felt I could relate to him, because he was alone. I'm an orphan, and I didn't know my parents, I didn't have many friends either because of my eye, and Fry didn't have a family or friends either. Well, except for Bender, who he met while he was running away from me. He helped him get away by bending a couple of steel bars.

YANCY : (Surprised) That guy must be really strong!

LEELA : He's a robot actually. But anyway, Fry was different than the other people. He asked me about my eye only once, and he never said another thing about it again. I always felt close to him, but he felt something else. He fell in love with me from the time we talked on old New York, but I didn't thought of him like that; Yet he never gave up, no matter how helpless it seemed, he tried to make me feel the same way about him over and over again but he always screwed up after he made a good move. I started to have feelings for him, but I didn't realize it, and I don't remember when, but the first time I knew I definitely did was when he caught the worms.

YANCY : That's unusual.

LEELA : Not regular worms, but parasitic enhancing worms, they made him smarter, stronger and more mature, and that's about all he lacks. But then I said to him "I love what you've become" and he felt he needed to know if I loved him or what the worms made him, so he got rid the worms by threatening their king to kill himself. (sad) but I didn't know that at the time, and I kicked him out of my apartment. (Serious) Afterwards he got several one night stands and even a girlfriend, but he never forgot about me, he just kept on trying. Several times he even risked his life to save mine, taking a deadly sting in the chest, giving me his oxygen when we were in space, and even saving me from marrying a shape-shifting bug, but I was too prideful to accept I'd fallen for him, and his faults were always present. But a few days ago, he suddenly got stronger and I felt a little threatened so I fought him just to prove he wasn't stronger than me. He won, but he wasn't happy because he had to hurt me, so he got depressed and tried to kill himself. At the same time I was starting to realize I loved him and when he didn't go to work the next morning I got worried and went to look for him. I saw him get in a suicide booth and screamed I loved him. I think he heard me because he tore the suicide booth apart and survived, and right after that we got married.

YANCY : It doesn't sound anything like him.

LEELA : I guess he's changed over these years, after all he's got a really large responsibility.

YANCY : But you still haven't told me how can you be here, 1000 years in the past. And what's that big responsibility?

LEELA : I hope you didn't have trouble believing the last part of my story, because this is even more unbelievable.

YANCY : You told me my little brother was frozen until the third millennium and married a Cyclops, I don't think it can get more incredible that this.

LEELA : (Sighs) There was something else about Fry I didn't know until recently. Fry is a bit dumb because he lacks the delta brain wave, which we all have.

YANCY : So he's a retard? We already thought that.

LEELA : The important part is that a few years ago, Fry said he saved the earth from some giant brains that make people dumb. Of course no one believed him, me included, but he actually did. Those giant brains are called "The brain spawn" by a race of aliens that froze Fry because he's the only life form that could stand up to them. He defeated them twice and saved the world, but the aliens kept erasing our memories and no one knew about it but Fry.

YANCY : (Shocked) So you're telling me my screw-up brother is the most important guy in the universe!? Get real!

LEELA : It's the truth, but I didn't believe it either until one of those aliens told me so. He was also there to tell me that those giant brains were gonna try to kill Fry now when he was still frozen in the tube. So we got here using the same time machine they used to transport the guys in charge of killing him and you know the rest already.

YANCY : I think that's a bunch of crap! You got any proof!?

LEELA : (punches a few buttons on her wrist-comp) Wait… (Shows Yancy an image of the planet express gang in front of the ship) these are our co-workers standing in front of the delivery ship.

YANCY : (Takes a while to speak)… Well, you're both there so I guess that's proof enough… Wow! This is all too much to take in! And what's with the lobster?

LEELA : I guess it is. What lobster? Ah, he's the medic, but he can't even tell which human is male and which is female.

At the same time, Fry is holding the old gun from behind the safe, looking at himself frozen in the tube, deep in thought.

FRY : (Thinking) I always thought I was just a slacker, a slob and a worthless idiot. My life never had any meaning to me… until I met Leela. She makes me feel like I'm the only guy in the universe. Coming to think about it, killing those giant brains didn't matter that much to me, and I never felt I did something heroic.

But then, Fry's self-destructive side speaks up.

FRY : That's because it was all luck. Leela has always saved your worthless ass.

FRY : Yeah, but I fought those brains on my own, and Leela didn't have to clean up after me.

FRY : Would you've done it if you'd never met her!?

FRY : …no.

FRY : You see! You haven't done anything yourself! If it wasn't because you're too stupid to be mind-controlled, you'd still be just a stupid pizza boy!

FRY : That's a lie!

FRY : That's your big comeback? You're so stupid you can't even fight yourself, and you're dumb!

FRY : I'm sick and tired of you! You know what? I don't care what you call me, I don't even care what I am! I got the woman of my dreams and I'm not letting her go!

FRY : You see! You're already thinking about her as a thing that you own! You don't deserve her and you know it!

FRY : I… (Sighs) no, I don't.

FRY : That's right, you know you'll just hurt her, even if you don't wanna, so why don't just shoot at the tube and finish this before it starts?

Fry's eyes narrow as he slowly but steadily raises the gun and aims it at his head in the cryo-tube. He takes the safety off and prepares to shoot… to end the confusion… to take the easy way… to end his pain. But then, as his finger is already on the trigger, he realizes what was obvious.

FRY : NO! If I kill myself now, Leela will be trapped here forever!

FRY : She's a strong girl, she'll move on, and live better without you holding her back.

FRY : I don't care! I'm not doing this until I'm sure Leela is safe!

YANCY : But why are you using these weapons? Don't you have lasers or ray guns and stuff? And why didn't the aliens come back themselves?

LEELA : The time gate creates a field that makes the modern power sources unstable, so they might blow up, and those aliens have a strict no-intervention policy where it can be avoided.

Just as Yancy is about to ask another question, a rumble that grows louder and louder is heard and the building trembles slightly. Fry comes running with the old gun Leela used to shoot down the apache.

FRY : Leela!? What is that!?

LEELA : I don't know!

YANCY : (Looking out a window) I do!

Leela and Fry rush to the window and spot an M1 tank coming down the street, near the building. It's being followed by a bunch of squad cars that uselessly shoot at it with their guns.

FRY : (Scared) What's the problem with the US army!? Can't they keep their keys locked!?

LEELA : (Determined) It doesn't matter, we can take that thing.

FRY : But how!?

YANCY : Remember! Dad must have said something bout these things!

FRY : (In thought)… Got it! Leela, shoot at it from here, I'll get down there and take care of it! (Grabs his backpack and hands Leela the big gun)

LEELA : Any other tips?

FRY : Shoot at the hatch so they can't get out, and hold your fire when I get close.

Fry gives Leela a kiss and runs to the stairs, while Leela starts to shoot at the tank, riddling it with small bullet marks but doing no other damage. The hatch of the tank opens and a man in a red velour uniform uses the machinegun to shoot back at Leela, who in time takes cover. The bullets from the tank start to carve the walls and smash everything in their path, as they fly just over Leela and Yancy's heads. Fry is finally out on the sidewalk, and shoots the man behind the machinegun but fails, he draws his attention however and the man starts to shoot at him, but he gets cover in a small alley beside the cryogenics building. The cops in the squad cars hit the man behind the machinegun with a shotgun blast, sending him back into the hatch, which quickly closes. The tank starts moving towards the building, but Leela shoots at the tank's tracks, which finally get jammed and stop. But then, the tank's turret spins. Fry watches as the tank's turret raises and locks on to the window where Leela is. Determined and with tears in his eyes, he primes a pair of grenades in his backpack, and runs at the tank, determined to stop it with his own life. Another man in uniform opens the hatch and raises a pistol at Fry, but Leela shoots him. Fry is about to dive into the tank and close the hatch shut, but suddenly, Leela's sad face pops in his head, so instead he grabs his backpack, and throws it into the hatch, then runs away. One of the men tries to get out but gets shot by the police, and then the backpack explodes, sending the other one flying out of the tank. The squad cars try to pick up Fry but he runs to the alley he used for cover and loses them. Leela slumps over a bullet-hole riddled wall and lets out a loud sigh, the searchlights from the street bathing the room with light.

YANCY : You don't get bored together, do you?

LEELA : (Smiles) I guess we don't.

They both chuckle a bit and then Fry walks into the room, which is full of pieces of concrete, broken glass and wood, and bullet holes. Fortunately, there seems to be little damage to the electrical systems and cryo-tubes.

FRY : Are you okay?

LEELA : I'm fine.

YANCY : A-ok.

LEELA : (Excited) We really kicked some serious ass!

FRY : (Unenthusiastic)You can say that again.

Just about then, a red laser dot appears over Leela's chest, coming from a shadowy red figure from a building across the street.

FRY : (Alarmed) Leela! Watch out!

LEELA : (Scared) Wha-!?

Leela doesn't spot the red dot, but Fry does and without thinking, in a split-second, tackles Leela, taking her place and getting shot on the chest. He falls on the floor unconscious.

LEELA : (Getting up) Fry are you alright!? Fry!? FRY!!??

She quickly drags him behind a wall, leaving a trail with his blood which flows profusely from the wound on his chest.

LEELA : (Taking Fry's pulse) I can barely feel his pulse. (Worried) Fry, don't die on me now! Not after all we went through these days! DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME NOW!!!

Fry slowly wakes up and widens his eyes, quickly takes his hands to his wound but doesn't feel anything at all. Confused, he looks around to see he's not in the cryogenics lab, but in a rather strange room. Its walls are so black it looks like he's in deep space, and strange noises take the confusion further. Fry gets back on his feet and hears steps behind him.

FRY : Leela?

FRY : If I'm not, would you stop breathing?

Fry turns and looks at himself. Dressed in black clothes, with red hair instead of orange, combat boots, and a bit more muscular, he also has a different look in the eyes.

FRY : (Innocently) Hey, you're the voice that told me to kill myself! You're my evil twin?

FRY : (Serious) Not exactly. I'm you, and you're me. The brother of light, and the brother of dark.

FRY : (Confused) Huh? I'm sorry, what were you saying?

FRY : (Sighs) No I'm not evil, but we do have one thing in common.

FRY : (Narrows his eyes) We use the same T-shirt size?

FRY : (Sighs) No you dumb shit, we both love Leela!

FRY : Well you're not getting her, I won't let you hurt-

FRY : -I'd never hurt her, but I'd probably kill anyone else that got on my way.

FRY : If you're me, why are we so… different? And why didn't you talk to me like this before?

FRY : Because all of those feelings you were afraid to let out, all of that pain and anger made me. I'm made out of all the thoughts you shunned, so I'm much more mature and smart.

FRY : So I'm actually smart?

FRY : You were, but you let it go to be "cool" and "nice" remember?

FLASHBACK : A 12 year-old Fry is behind a desk studying for an exam, Yancy gets there and challenges him to a pong contest and Fry accepts, leaving his books strewn all over the desk. A 15 year old Fry walks in front of a bookstore, but gets distracted by a sexy blonde girl walking on the sidewalk across the street.

FRY : And you did that to turn into this…

FLASHBACK : Fry arguing with the trucker where he got the worms, Fry confusing a suicide booth with a phone booth, (Dammit people, just see "dare 2 be stupid")

FRY : Huh, what's the point?

FRY : The point is, my dense brother, that everything you were ashamed of, everything that didn't punch thru that dumb exterior you are, got stuck inside your head and became me.

FRY : Yes, I got that, but how come you weren't so… noticeable before?

FRY : I think it might be a side-effect of whatever the Nibblonians did to our body.

FRY : But if you're me, why did you try to make me kill you? -I mean me- well you know.

FRY : (Frustrated) Because, if I have to save your ass once again just to be thrown back into your head, I'd rather kill both of us!

FRY : So that's what happened when I fought Leela!

FRY : Yeah, but I felt bad too, that's part of the reason I tried to make you commit suicide. I knew that hurting Leela was the worst thing I did, so I made my mind and decided I'd never forgive us if I had to do that again.

FRY : Well bad news, I'm not doing it, and you can't force me to.

FRY : (Smiles) Not now, but when I take over, I can pretty much do what I'd like.

FRY : (Scared) What do you mean?

FRY : You'll see, I'll make YOU see THE TRUTH!

Suddenly, loud sirens and unholy sounds came to life inside Fry's head, causing him to shake in pain, bending his knees and falling to the floor. He writhes insanely on the floor until he gradually loses consciousness.

LEELA : (Desperate) FRY! FRY!!

YANCY : (Worried) Is he?…

LEELA : (Crumbling) NO! HE ISN'T! HE CAN'T BE!

YANCY : Don't you have something you can use to fix him!?

LEELA : (Thinking) I totally forgot! (To her wrist-comp) Nibbler! Are you there! Answer!

NIBBLER : What happened?

LEELA : Fry was shot and I can't feel his pulse anymore! What can you send me!

NIBBLER : (In thought) …Nothing, there are no medical supplies that can go through the gate that you can not get yourself, and there is nothing from that time that is still functional after 1000 years. (Sad) I am afraid you are on your own.


NIBBLER : (Sad) Well I am sorry, but I can not do anything about this. The mighty one knew the risks involved with this mission and he was ready to face the consequences of failure. He was indeed brave and will be forever remembered.

LEELA : (Regaining control) No! He's still alive! And I won't let him die, help me or not! (To Yancy) Where's the nearest hospital!?

YANCY : It's about 11 blocks from here, but I don't think he'll make it.

LEELA : I don't care! I'll save him or die trying!

Leela grabs Fry, throws him on her shoulder, and starts running to the hospital, Yancy barely keeping up with her.

Meanwhile Fry wakes up again, this time in the applied cryogenics building, in the room he got shot. He tries to get up but the wound on his chest has returned, making the task a hard and painful experience. He sees Leela, lying on the floor, her tank-top soaked in blood.

FRY : (Alarmed) Leela! What happened!

LEELA : (Turns her head to face Fry) Fry, I'm so relieved you're okay. I'm sorry if I'm not enthusiastic but I'm bleeding to death. (She coughs blood)

FRY : (desperate) But why!?

LEELA : Because someone shot me, don't you remember? You threw yourself out of the way right on time.

FRY : (Scared) No! This can't be! I'd never… I-I took the shot!

LEELA : You took a flesh-wound to your arm, remember?

Fry checks his chest and in effect it's intact, but when he tries to pick up Leela so she can rest against a wall, he feels sharp pain on his arm, revealing a medium-sized wound on it.

FRY : No! This can't be! I remember I saw the red dot over you and then!-

LEELA : And then you jumped aside and took cover behind your brother Yancy, remember?

FRY : What!? Yancy's dead!?

LEELA : Of course not, if he was I'd still be okay.

FRY : (Determined) Leela, hang in there, I'm gonna get something to fix you.

Fry runs out of the building and towards his house, taking only 15 minutes. He arrives panting to the smoldering pile of rubble that used to be his house. The corpse of his father is near the entrance to the fallout shelter. Fry kneels next to it and in sign of respect, closes his still open eyes.

FRY : I'm sorry that I had to choose between my blood and my soulmate, and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you either, sir.

Fry then opens the door to the shelter and walks in, to discover the room is practically painted with blood, and that her mother is crying.

FRY : Mom, what happened?

LAURA : (Sad) The Knicks lost again!

FRY : (loses his temper) Can't you ever talk about anything but sports!?

FRY : (In Fry's mind) You see? It feels good to cede control to me! Give it up already and stop wasting our time!

FRY : (Out loud) No! Never!

LAURA : I guess it's natural you lost it after your father died.

FRY : Yeah, saw the corpse. But I'm not crazy though, and I need something to-

LAURA : -Take care of that scrape you have on your arm? You've always been so damn whiny; just check that medicine cabinet over there.

Just then, the last member of the strike team shoots Laura in the head, killing her instantly. Just as Fry is turning to see him, Yancy jumps out of the dark and primes a grenade that the assassin had in his pocket. He blows up along with Yancy, sending blood and body parts everywhere. Fry falls to his knees, staring in disbelief, while the dark side of him walks out of the smoldering crater.

FRY : (Maniacally) Hahahahaha! You see! You're just a useless delivery boy! You couldn't save them then and you definitely can't save them now!

FRY : No… No! NO! This can't be happening! It's all lies and I don't believe them!

FRY : Do whatever you want! You're the one attached to these people, and you're the one responsible for their deaths!

FRY : … (Determined) I can't give up! I can still save Leela!

Fry runs to the cabinet and tears it from the wall, running back to Leela afterwards. He's about to collapse from both emotional and physical exhaustion, yet he doesn't feel a thing, he's too focused on saving Leela to worry about himself. He gets to the room where Leela lies pale on a pool of blood on the floor and keels beside her, frantically unpacking the contents of the cabinet.

FRY : (Pleading) Please Leela, hang in there.

LEELA : (Stirs) I thought you'd never return.

FRY : I'd never leave you to die.

LEELA : (Sigh) I used to believe that…

Meanwhile, outside of Fry's head, Leela finally reached the hospital and an exhausted Yancy comes behind her. She feels some vibrations on her back and checks Fry's pulse.

LEELA : (Excited) It's back! His pulse is back!

YANCY : (Gasping) Good…for…him!

LEELA : (Worried) But we still have to get him to the hospital, he's lost a lot of blood!

YANCY : Well how are we gonna get in? It's not like you can mix with the crowd.

LEELA : There has to be a way!

YANCY : Shhh, tone it down, you don't want people to look at you… I know, if I'd walk with him to the ER I'd just get some brief questioning and then you could slip in unnoticed to his room.

LEELA : (Thinking) How can he be so obnoxious to Fry. He doesn't sound like he cares a lot for him, but he acts in a different way… I guess it's a brother thing. (Out loud) Ok, but you gotta hurry.

Leela hands Fry over to Yancy, and he takes his arm over his shoulder, dragging his feet to the hospital lobby. Leela runs to a window to see what's happening. Yancy is barely able to drag Fry to the entrance, but as soon as he's spotted by the personnel, Fry's taken away by some paramedics and Yancy talks to a desk employee. After a while, Yancy sits near the window and Leela pokes her head in.

LEELA : (Whispering) Yancy, what happened?

YANCY : (Whispering) They took him in, they're working on him right now.

LEELA : Did they say anything else?

YANCY : (Sad) They said that they'd do what they could, but that I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Leela remains silent and Yancy keeps talking

YANCY : (Sighs) I've never told him how much I appreciate him.

LEELA : (Sad) I know what you're talking about, I didn't realize what he meant to me until I was about to lose him.

YANCY : It's not the same, I've always cared for the little guy but I've never told him. (Sighs) I'm gonna miss the screw-up.

LEELA : Don't talk like that, he's gonna live. He's been thru worse and he's still here. He'll make it, I know so.

Meanwhile, inside Fry's head, Fry's desperately struggling to save Leela.

FRY : (Frustrated) Damn, I'm trying my best but there's not much I can do!

LEELA : (Whispering) It's okay Fry, you tried your best, you always do… too bad it's never enough.

FRY : (Crying) Why am I so stupid! This is all my fault! Please Leela, don't leave me!

LEELA : (Touches Fry's face) I wish I could stay with you forever. But it's not my choice anymore. (Shakes) Goodbye… (Coughing blood) Fry… (She gets tense and then loosens up, unmoving)


Fry puts his head on Leela's body, sobbing madly. The other side of Fry appears near the door.

FRY : Now you see? Without me you're lost! You're nothing! You couldn't protect the only thing that mattered to you, the person you truly cared about, the best thing that happened to us is now dead! And it's all YOUR fault!

FRY : … (Sad) Yeah, you're right… (Getting up, angry) I'm a worthless bag of shit! (Sad) I can't believe I actually thought I deserved her… (Angry) What was I thinking! I was never up to her standards! She did the right thing all those times she rejected me, I was not good enough for her! (Sobbing, he falls to his knees)……

Meanwhile, Yancy is asleep in the hospital lobby, slumped over a chair when a nurse comes and wakes him up.

NURSE : Mr. Yancy? (Yancy wakes up) Mr. Fry is in stable condition, you may go see him at room 112. But remember he's still unconscious and needs some rest.

YANCY : (Sleepy) Thank you.

The nurse turns around and leaves Yancy alone. Yancy peeks out the window and calls Leela, also waking her up.

YANCY : Leela! Hey Leela! (Leela wakes up and stands behind a bush, twigs on her hair) A nurse just told me, Fry's stable and we can see him now.

LEELA : (Excited) That's great, (Puzzled) but how am I gonna get past those people?

YANCY : Hmm…

A while later, we see a doctor dressed in surgery clothing pushing a stretcher with a covered body on it. Leela and Yancy watch from a window while they're climbing the building.

LEELA : Damn! Why didn't I think of that?

They keep climbing until they get to the indicated room. Fry is on a hospital bed, hooked to several devices, including an ECG. Leela and Yancy get in thru the window.

YANCY : (Confused) Why didn't you just cover your eye like you did when I met you?

LEELA : (Annoyed) …Because it didn't work, remember!?

Leela goes over to Fry and checks the ECG. The machine is beeping merrily in contrast to the dark, depressive mood clinging over the room, filled with monotonous furniture and the smell of sadness. Leela sits on the bed, next to Fry, and Yancy leans on the door. Leela is leaning over Fry, about to speak to him. At the same time…

FRY : Now that your eyes are finally open, will you cede control of our body to it's right owner?

FRY : (He gets back up and walks to the other Fry) … Yes (Sighs), I'm prepared to go… Without Leela, it's not worth it to live.

The dark Fry grabs the normal Fry by the shoulders and the room gets dark. Lighting comes from the two of them and the normal Fry is in great pain.

Back in the real world, Fry suddenly starts to shake violently, knocking Leela off the bed and alarming Yancy. Leela quickly recovers and holds Fry, while Yancy locks the door. Fry finally stops shaking, and Yancy checks the machinery.

LEELA : (Facing Yancy) What's wrong with him!

YANCY : (Checking the ECG) …I think he's… gone…

LEELA : (Shocked) No…

Yancy just stands silent, insecure of what to say until Leela breaks the silence.

LEELA : (To herself) I pushed him away for so long… and now, when we're finally together, he's taken away from me… It's not real! This is not happening! I won't give up on him!

YANCY : (Frustrated) There's nothing we can do… This is final… I never told him how much I missed him… And now (Sigh) he's gone…

Yancy seats on a chair, desperately struggling to keep his emotions under control. Leela grabs Fry by the collar and shakes him a little bit, crying.

LEELA : (To Fry) You gotta fight Fry! You gotta be strong! Don't give up! (a tear rolls down her cheek) Please! (the tear falls on Fry's face) I love you…

Even as the outside of Fry remained cold and silent, the ECG started to move again

Fry and his dark side were about to mold together when Leela's tear touches Fry's face in both realities. Fry, his eyes shut from the extreme pain, is having his last thought.

FRY : (Thinking) I hope Leela will be happy. (Leela's voice only) I love you…

Fry's eyes quickly shot wide-opened as he heard these words, followed by the sensation of the tear falling on his face and his mind reacted.

FRY : (Thinking) Leela is crying for me… (Out loud) I can't give up on her! I won't give up on her!

FRY : It's too late! I'm almost in control now! You can't stop the unification! If you stop the union now you will lose your mind and die! What are you!? Stupid!?

FRY : I'm always stupid! But now I'm in love!

Suddenly the void starts to fill with light, coming from multiple holes that appear on the walls. Fry wrestles with his dark side and finally pulls away, ending his pain and making his will to prevail stronger.

Meanwhile, Leela is quietly crying, holding Fry's body against hers. Yancy suddenly breaks the silence with a small, simple sentence filled, as was his expression, with disbelief.

YANCY : (facing the ECG, sad) I'm so…. (Incredulous)No way… NO WAY!

LEELA : (angry) What!?

YANCY : (Facing at Leela) He's alive! All by himself!

LEELA : (In disbelief) This is not the time for cruel jokes!

YANCY : Check his pulse!

Leela reached for Fry's neck and felt his pulse… It was back again. Leela froze from the shock and started to yell at an amazing speed directly at Fry.

LEELA : (Excited) Fry! Don't give up! You never gave up on me! Every time I rejected you, you just kept trying harder and harder! I love you, and if I lose you I'll never forgive myself!

Meanwhile, inside Fry's mind, Leela's words echo loudly around the two Frys.

FRY : You hear that!? We feel the same way about each other! And I'm not giving up on her!

FRY : You couldn't protect Leela before! What makes you think you deserve her now!

FRY : Maybe I don't, but she loves me and I love her, that's all I care about now!

FRY : Ha! I didn't think It'd get to this, but I'll just have to destroy you!

The dark side of Fry lets out an ear piercing scream as he kneels down. Fry is confused, but soon, his dark side mutates into a taller, muscular version of him. The room spirals and swirls and finally transforms into the empty PE hangar. Fry looks around confused and doesn't notice his dark side running towards him at all speed, grabbing him by the throat with a single arm and tossing him across the room. Fry crashes into a wall and looks very weakened.

YANCY : His heart is slowing down! He might die at any moment!

LEELA : He won't (to Fry) You won't! Fight god damn it FIGHT!

Leela's words bounce in Fry's head louder than before. Fry shakes the pain off and gets to his feet on a fighting stance, ready to face his dark side. But he wasn't strong enough and the first punch he blocked still knocked him down, but as his counterpart got ready to end the fight crushing Fry's skull underfoot, Fry rolled out of the way of the incoming foot. Of course, Fry saw the opportunity to take a shot at a "sensitive" area, so he mustered all of his strength and kicked dark Fry's crotch really strongly, which made him (the dark Fry) collapse and cry in pain. Fry got away from his dark side and got into a fighting stance.

FRY : (thinking) This is my mind! I know that's gotta be worth something! Maybe if I focus, I might…

Fry draws on his memory and a holophonor appears, he gets frustrated and throws it away, then a beer bottle appears and he throws it as well, until finally a small pistol appears in his hand. He aims and pulls the trigger… But not before his dark side ran at full speed towards him and, with a single punch, knocked him down. But Fry managed to finally open fire in his face, blinding him. Fry tackled him and discharged the entire clip, but soon he was back on his feet, although not unharmed. Fry was soon grabbed by the collar and punched on the stomach, face and ribs. He felt his death was near and everything was over…

FRY : If I can't make it out… I hope she won't miss me… goodbye… Leela.

As his monstrous counterpart was extending his arm backwards, about to finish him, an unexpected Cyclops spin-kicked the monster and sent it flying against a wall.

FRY : Leela!

LEELA : I'm not exactly Leela, I'm your memory of her. I told you I'd never let you die.

FRY : But if you're not Leela… I'm very confused… didn't you die a little while ago?

LEELA : You brought me back when you thought about her… when your love for her made me alive again.

Before this conversation could go any further, the monstrous Fry grabbed Leela by the neck and lifted her into the air. Fry was about to pass out, but when he saw this, his blood boiled and he lost his head. Before the dark Fry could react, Fry had punched his ribs with such an incredible force that both bones, knuckles and ribs, cracked. But the ribs gave in, and at this stage, Fry couldn't feel pain anymore, so he punched into the hole again and again and again until his dark side released Leela and fell to the ground unconscious. Fry was exhausted both physically and emotionally, his knuckles covered in both his blood and that of his rival. He didn't pass out, he was too worried about Leela, even if she was just in his head, to let himself be weak.

FRY : Leela!? Are you hurt!?

LEELA : I told you, I'm not Leela. I'm okay, just a little shaken, that's all.

FRY : I underestimated you.

Leela vanishes and is replaced by Fry's dark side, which is back to normal. The room fades and darkness surrounds them both, masking their expressions. Fry charges at his doppelganger but he raises his hand and speaks calmly. Fry stops.

FRY : (raising hand) Stop! That's enough. I think you passed the test.

FRY : I'm not good at tests and I'm not gonna be good with you! (Fighting stance) Where's Leela!? What are you talking about!?

FRY : Did you really think if I was you I'd ever hurt Leela? (Fry relaxes) I just wanted to see if you were capable of doing something meaningful without me having to watch your back

FRY : So this was all a stupid test!? You had me risking my life for a f***ing test!?

FRY : It wasn't just a test; If you had failed, I was going to take over and run this alone, but since you did manage, I'll just slowly combine with you over time. You won't even notice it.

Before Fry could ask anything, everything around him disappeared and the darkness turned into a reddish light. Then he opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful thing he'd ever lay his eyes on.

LEELA : (Tears on her face) Fry! You're alive!

FRY : I'd cheat death for you anytime.

Fry kisses Leela passionately. They are both interrupted by someone hitting the door to Fry's room. They thought it was just some hospital worker… They were wrong. It was the sole survivor of the strike team. Before they could react, he quickly pulled out a pair of smg's and shot everything in the room. Fortunately, Leela, Fry and Yancy ducked out of the line of fire and the man ran away from the room as soon as his guns were empty, discarding them on the floor. Unable to give chase, Leela helps Fry out of the bed and into his clothes. They quickly exit the building via the same window Leela used to get in. They get down to street level and prepare to part.

FRY : (Hiding feelings) Well, then goodbye bro, I'll miss ya.

YANCY : (Also hiding feelings) Whatever, just don't get killed!

Fry, Leela and Yancy get out of the building and go separate ways (Fry and Leela are together of course). Fry and Leela get to an alley and prepare to wait until the police stops patrolling the street.

FRY : (Sits on a dumpster with the lid on) This day has been totally unreal, I feel like I'm Rambo or something.

LEELA : (Sits beside Fry) Yeah, I know what you mean, although I don't know who this "Rambo" is.

FRY : (Giggles) Ah, doesn't matter.

After a short silence, Leela looks at Fry in the eyes and takes a deep breath.

LEELA : Fry, why did you try for so long?

FRY : (Confused) Try what?

LEELA : You know, you were always after me, even when I shouted at you and dated other people.

FRY : (Smiling) Because I love you! Why else? I know you didn't mean those things, you just had a rough childhood.

LEELA : But you also had a rough childhood and you aren't anything like me.

FRY : (Confused) What- How do you?

LEELA : (Shamed) I… saw it on the memory helmet you left on Hermes's desk. (Fry keeps smiling) You're not mad?

FRY : How can I be mad at you?

LEELA : (Smiles) You are really sweet Fry, forget all those times I said you needed to change. (Takes Fry's hand) Don't ever change. (Gives him a small kiss)

FRY : I'm the luckiest guy alive.

LEELA : No Fry, it wasn't luck. It was you. You showed me the true beauty of the moon, you understand me and accept me the way I am, you stopped me when I was gonna marry Alkazar, you gave me things I never had, like family and friends, and a job I'm happy to do. You are incredible Fry, but that has nothing to do with luck, it's because of who you are.

FRY : How about you? You saved my life countless times, you gave me hope when I was down, you gave me a reason to live, and you make me the happiest man alive. I love you Turanga Leela, and it doesn't matter to me what you are, I love who you are.

They kiss and embrace, and fall exhausted on each other's bodies. The scene changes to show the PE gang in the meeting room.

To be continued…

Author's notes : As always, send me feedback and huge thanks to Alexei.