Fan Fiction

The Fry-borg, Part 2
By Luis Gonzales

Hi everyone, I just want to say before you start reading that I felt that my previous story was lacking something, but it was when I already had submitted it. Comments,  criticism and suggestions for the next chapter are welcome. As long as they got a point, and are not stupid one-liners such as “This sucks”. You can send these to : Luis30702000_219@hotmail.com. I’m sorry about my bad orthography, but I only speak and write limited English. Thanks to Krazy kora, read his story, it’s excellent. Also thanks and check out Alexei E’s work in the fanart section (Really good stuff).


Leela and Fry were still laying in bed in the captain’s quarters in the PE ship. Leela woke up first, stirring sleepiness off as she went into the shower smiling. Fry woke up next, and started to put some of his dirty clothing on as he realized he still had some gunk in his hair from yesterday, and heard the shower water running. He thought correctly that Leela was in and thoughts dirtier than his hair started racing through his mind, he stopped dressing himself and went straight towards the shower. As the bathroom door started to open, Leela turned back to the noise, seeing a figure behind the curtain, which through the blurry gray shower curtain looked like Fry.

LEELA : (Sexy) So Fry, you want more of this?

Leela opened the shower curtain to reveal…

BENDER : (Filming Leela) Smile for the bender-cam skintube.


BENDER : Hey, I’m not a pervert, I’ll post them on the internet, not look at them myself!.

LEELA : (Still furious) Don’t you dare!

BENDER : Fine!. Then I’ll sell them to your good friend Zapp Brannigan, I’m sure he’ll pay a good amount for this!, HA HA HA!.

However Bender was too busy to notice Fry walking into the bathroom.

FRY : (Confused) What’s going on here?.

LEELA : Just get the bastard!.


Bender ran out of the ship before they could chase him (They were both nude), and got out of the PE building as Fry and Leela were just getting out of the ship.

FRY : It’s useless, Bender is probably out of here already.

LEELA : (Mad) He is made of metal, there is no way he can run that fast!.

FRY :Anyone that is running from an angry Leela can, and I say that from experience.

LEELA : This is no time for jokes Fry, that son of a bitch just taped me wet and naked!

Fry’s jaw dropped and he started to drool at the mental image before quickly snapping back to reality.

FRY : Don’t worry, I’ll get the images from his memory and erase them before he can post them publicly.

LEELA : (Calming down, but still mad) He said he’ll sell them to Zapp Brannigan!.

FRY : Ow shit, if he was telling the truth, he just needs a videophone for that.

We leave Leela and Fry to see Bender who is, as supposed, making a collect call to a ship we all know, directed to the stupid captain nobody wants to know…

ZAPP : Kif, prepare to fire at my command!.

KIF : Sir, the target is a neutral vessel.

ZAPP : Yes, we are going to rid the universe of their evil neutrality for good!, now…

KIF : (Interrupting Zapp) Sir, there’s a collect call for you from Earth.

ZAPP : Oh, maybe it’s the exotic and ever sexy captain Leela?.

KIF : Ah, she hates you sir.

ZAPP : Nonsense Kif, no woman can resist the Zapper, now patch me trough!


Kif then presses some buttons in a console and a screen comes down hitting Zapp in the head. Kif hides the laughter.

ZAPP : (Rubbing his head) Ow!, Kif!, tell the mechanics to adjust this stupid screen right after you are finished cleaning my toilet and bid-ey!.

Kif no longer struggles to stop the laughter, as these words depressed him.

ZAPP : Well if it isn’t the sexy… wait, it isn’t!, oh well, bye then.

BENDER : Wait!, I got something that you might want.

ZAPP : What?.

BENDER : A video…

ZAPP :(nervous) Kif, I thought I ordered you to get rid of all the copies of that tape!.

BENDER : What tape!?


BENDER : I’m talking about a video of Leela in a… natural state if you get what I mean?

ZAPP : (Calmed) Oh, (Grinning) Well, how natural are we talking about, be blunt and descriptive.

BENDER : (Also grinning) Let’s just say it’s the naked truth, and that the naked truth is not cheap!.

ZAPP : (Stops grinning) Exactly how much not cheap?

KIF : Sir, that’s not how it’s said…

ZAPP : Kif, that’s exactly why you will never get to be a lieutenant, you always go by the book.

KIF : I am a lieutenant.

ZAPP : Yeah whatever, so how much for the tape?

BENDER : Like I said, this tape is not cheap, I think about… 1,500 bucks

ZAPP : I’ll give you 2,500 and no more!


ZAPP : Fine!, 5,000!

BENDER : SOLD! Nice doing business with ya skintube, I’m interfacing with the phone and sending you the data right now.

ZAPP : That’s what you get for trying to outsmart the Zapper!.


ZAPP : Kif, cancel the attack, and tell everyone not to disturb me (Grinning as he grabs a disc with the video from a nearby computer) I’ll be in my quarters doing some personal affairs, meanwhile tell HQ to get Leela’s location (he then runs off).

KIF : (thinking) they’ll be more personal than affairs I guess (He laughs out loud).

We now see Bender standing near a phone.

BENDER : (Smiling) And now to spend this credits…

He turns around to walk to a nearby bar… to see Leela and Fry at less than 5 steps away from him.

LEELA : (Mad) I’m gonna bust you into shrapnel!.

FRY : (Also mad) How could you!.

Bender tries to run the other way, but he’s tackled by both Fry and Leela. Leela pulls out a small but powerful magnet and places it near Bender’s head.

LEELA : Gimme the tape!

FRY : Or at least give it to me!.

LEELA : (Now looking at Fry) This is no time to be a pig, besides you already got me, you don’t need the tape!.

FRY : (Embarrassed) Yeah, I forgot, sorry.

BENDER : I Already sold the info meatbags.

LEELA : To who, and you better talk or…(She grabs the magnet and cuts a hole in Bender’s mouth with a laser pistol) This little buddy goes in to screw your hard drive!.

BENDER : FINE, I sold it to that Brannigan dumb-ass, now let me go!.

FRY : Where’s the money!

BENDER : It’s 5,000 in credits meatbag, and you’ll never see ANY of it!.

FRY : You better give the money back and get that disk!.

BENDER : What do you care!.

FRY : I don’t want a video of my wife naked in the hands of any pervert but myself!.(Suddenly he realizes what he said and slaps himself on the forehead)




Leela takes the credits with her wrist-comp, connecting it to Bender. They let Bender go and he runs off, not without a few last words to them.


LEELA : Well, it looks like I’m not gonna get that video back.

FRY : (Suave) If it makes you feel better we can film a much more interesting one…

Leela glares at Fry. Fry thanks god because if looks could kill, Leela’s would be a planet buster.

FRY : (Trying to get out of the situation) Or we could go to that bar and discuss ways to get the disc back…

Leela mutters something rather unpleasant under her breath and walks to the bar with Fry.

FRY : Well we can’t take it back with force, since now it’s probably in the nimbus.

LEELA : And I definitely won’t ask him to give it back.

FRY : Well it’s not like he’ll come here unarmed, unguarded, with the tape in one hand and looking for us, we have to think of some way to…

Zapp walks into the bar unarmed, unguarded and holding the disc in his hand, a pack of preservatives in the other. Zapp yells to Leela and interrupts Fry.

ZAPP : Hi there sexy, I’m here to make all your sexual fantasies come true, I got that video of you here for inspiration, so get rid of the carrot-top next to you so we can part-ey.

Fry’s face changes to one of anger and he’s about to let the “Zapper” into a comatose state, but Leela stops him, and reminds him that Zapp is a DOOP officer, so he’d be in serious trouble if he punched him.

ZAPP : (Grinning) You know what my favorite part of a woman is?

LEELA : (Annoyed) The boobies.

ZAPP : Correct!.

Just then Fry starts to smile.

LEELA : Fry, what is wrong with you!?

Fry points to a previously unseen sign near the entrance of the bar, it says “All DOOP militia members in uniform go near this bar at their own risk, as this establishment’s employees will remain neutral at aggression. You are responsible for your own security”

FRY : (Whispering to Leela) You with me ?

LEELA : (Whispering back) Of course.

ZAPP : So will you ditch the mop-top and go out with a real man?. Hey wait!, what are you two doing!, I don’t go for this kinda thing!, stop!.


Fry and Leela grab Zapp and drag him to the men’s restroom. Leela stays in front of the door, closing it behind them and locking it shut.


ZAPP : Step aside mop-top, this is between the sexy Leela and me, you don’t have anything to do in here!.

Fry punches Zapp on the face, his wedding ring leaving a mark on his cheek. Zapp feels the stone in the ring cutting his face and then looks at it angry.

ZAPP : You are married, you got your own woman now, so stop interfering!.

Fry sighs and calls Leela. Leela enters the restroom and grins evilly as she sees Zapp’s eye swollen and his cheek cut.

FRY : He doesn’t get why I care about the disc.

LEELA : I see.

Leela punches him on the other side of the face and cuts him with her own wedding ring. Zapp stares at it for a second before realizing that her ring was identical to Fry’s.

ZAPP : What is this!, some stupid joke!?

LEELA : No, I’m married to the man I love.

ZAPP : No you aren’t!, you are not married to me!.

LEELA : I said to the man I LOVE!.

Leela punched Zapp, and he collided against the mirror, cracking it.

ZAPP : OUCH! You’re gonna pay red head!.

Zapp then went against what he considered a weaker target, Fry. He tried to punch him in the chest, but Fry seized his forearm and snapped it back against itself, breaking it in several places. With his arm still grabbed by Fry, Zapp cried in pain, keeling on the floor.

FRY : (Maniacally) Come on Leela, MAKE HIM SQUEAL!.

LEELA : (Also maniacally) WITH PLEASURE!

Leela kicked Zapp in the face, and fast-punched him in the jaw six times, then Fry released him. He stood up and was about to run when Leela spin-kicked him on the side of the chest and threw him against a sink and back to the ground. Zapp tried to get up once again.

FRY : Now it’s MY turn!.

Zapp was about to get up when Fry grabbed his healthy arm and pulled it, making Zapp crash against a wall. Then Fry grabbed his neck and slammed his face repeatedly against the sink, then he threw him back into the floor. Zapp didn’t even try to get up as he saw Leela walk up to him and kick his stomach, throwing him back to the opposite side of the room. Zapp quickly tried to open the door but his hand was grabbed by Fry, who broke his wrist. He dragged him near the toilet, took the disk, and looked at Leela.

FRY : (Grinning) If you’d do me the honors?.

LEELA : (Also happy) Oh you’re so nice Fry.

Leela picked up the half-dead Zapp Brannigan and slammed him head first on the toilet bowl, splattering the more than repulsive water around the seat. She then washed her hands on the bloody sink and waited for Fry next to the door.

FRY : Don’t forget to flush.

Fry pulled the lever, washed his hands calmly and got out of the room, leaving an unconscious and severely injured Zapp behind, head stuck in the toilet.

LEELA : (Relaxed) Well that was fun!.

FRY : So this is how you feel when you kick someone’s ass?

LEELA : Yes. isn’t it great!?.

FRY : I guess… Hey it’s kinda late and I’m really tired, I think I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe we’ll even move my stuff to your apartment. Not that I have much stuff to move anyway.

LEELA : Yeah, and I need a shower, considering how Bender interrupted the last one. Yeah, see you tomorrow… And Fry?

FRY : Yeah?

Leela gives Fry a small kiss on the lips.

LEELA : Thanks.

FRY : Anytime.

Fry and Leela go to their own apartments. Next we see Leela in her nightgown, lying in her bed, thinking about the recent events.

LEELA : (Thinking) This last days have been rough, but they also have been good. Fry seems more willing to change than ever before, but he’s still childish. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, I do enjoy that he makes me laugh, and besides, that makes him look sort of cute. But sometimes that’s what bothers me the most about him.

LEELA : So, you finally listened to me and took a chance. Tell me, did the earth explode?

LEELA : Very funny, all’s well and good so far. But I’m worried about Fry’s childish behavior.

LEELA : Well, you could probably change that. But are you sure you want to?

LEELA : I don’t know. On one hand, that’s just so annoying of him, and gets us in trouble many times. On the other hand, I do enjoy laughing with him, and sometimes at him, but I guess that’s what makes Fry be Fry.

LEELA : Well, if that’s all there is, we could change him just a little, so that he can be both responsible sometimes, and childish at other ones.

LEELA : That’s not the only thing that bothers me. He still gulps down slurm like there’s no tomorrow, and he hangs out with Bender too much. He’s such a bad influence to him.

LEELA : Don’t you think you’re mothering him? And besides, It’s not like we’re perfect either.

LEELA : No, I’m not perfect either. But I’m more functional than he is.

LEELA : Bottling your feelings inside until they explode is not functional.

LEELA : I know, I know. But now that he’s with me, I can finally talk to someone about everything. Coming to think about it, the only time he is serious is when he’s talking to me alone, face to face, and he’s even smarter too. He hasn’t been too childish lately either. Maybe the “Stupid, childish slob” is just a façade to the real Fry. But why is he hiding his real self?.

LEELA : Maybe he put out that appearance because he’s afraid?

LEELA : Afraid of what?

LEELA : You know. Isn’t it obvious, he’s afraid that if he show the real Fry, he’d still be rejected by people. At least when he’s dumb and immature, he’s able to understand why he’s rejected, but if he was always smart, mature and sensitive, and he was still rejected,  he would be crushed.

LEELA : But that’s nonsense. Why would someone live a lie and hide from himself like that?

LEELA : I think you know why.

LEELA : Yeah, I guess I have been hiding from my feelings. But if I could face them and something good came out of it, I think he can do that too.

LEELA : But if he’s gonna get rid of those traits, he’ll need you to support him one hundred percent. It’s not going to be easy.

LEELA : I know. But we all got to start somewhere, at some point. I just hope Fry will be up to the challenge.


At the same time, Fry is drinking a beer in another bar, also thinking about something that happened a few days ago. Something related to these recent events, but that he somehow can’t fully remember.

FRY : (Thinking) These last days have been the best of my life. It seems like I’m finally heading somewhere. I’m married to Leela, I still got a job and I’m not as wimpy as I used to be. But there’s something that happened recently… or a long time ago… maybe it was a dream. But it was so real… I know, I should ask the professor for help.

Fry finishes his beer and pays the bartender. He gets out of the bar and goes to the PE building. He calls the professor via the intercom. The professor hears the intercom buzzing and pushes the call button. However, halfway to the intercom, he forgets what he’s doing.

FARNSWORTH : Hi, I’d like a synthetic, pre-chewed cheeseburger with mashed fries on the side and an ice cold IV pack to go please.

FRY : Professor, it’s me Fry.

FARNSWORTH : Yes!, I said I’d like some fries with that! Now what do I have to do to get some decent service here!?

FRY : No. It’s me, Fry, your uncle.

FARNSWORTH : Hmm… Okay, I’ll Fry my uncle as soon as he gets here, I’ll call him. Fry!, FRY!, WHERE ARE YOU!?

FRY : SIGH. I’m right here.

FARNSWORTH : Oh my. When did you get a job at the burger place?

FRY : (Frustrated) Forget it.

FARNSWORTH : Oh my, yes… Fry?, what are you doing outside?, come in!, have a seat near that big pond of boiling oil (Rubs his hands together).

FRY : (Steps inside and looks at the bubbling, hot oil) I…(Smiles nervously) No thanks.


FRY : Professor, do you have anything that records memories directly from the brain?

FARNSWORTH : No, that’s completely preposterous! There’s no way that can happen! Try my mind-recording helmet instead.

FRY : O…Kay… Where is it?

FARNSWORTH : (Smiling evilly) It’s in that hot pool of oil.

FRY : (Sarcastic) Yeah… right… (serious) So where is that helmet again?

FARNSWORTH : Oh, it’s in the first cabinet of my desk at the lab.

FRY : Okay, thanks.

FARNSWORTH : Yeah, whatever, just leave me alone while I order something to eat. (Picks up the phone and realizes what happened) Oh my…

Fry gets into the lab and shivers lightly, but he doesn’t know why. He then got the helmet out of the cabinet, pushed a switch on the top if it, and wore it. He’s just about to ask the professor how to use it when he drops unconscious to the floor, drool dripping from the side of his mouth.

FARNSWORTH : (Yells from the previous room) Fry! Wait! That helmet has the nasty effect of… (Finally catches up with him)… oh well, at least I can get some blood and DNA out of him now.

Fry is woken up by a loud “ding!” from the helmet a while after that. He checks it and finds out that it’s done, a LCD indicating him to connect it to a computer, holo-projector, or Wrist-comp to see the results. He gets off the floor feeling drowsy (partially from the helmet, partially from the lack of blood) and goes to Hermes’s office. He connects the helmet to the computer and starts sifting trough the data from the helmet.

FRY : (To himself) That’s a lot of info. There must be a way to narrow down the search. Let’s see… got it!, now within this month… this week… There’s something weird that happened about 3 days ago… Not enough data!? DAMN!.

Fry hits the desk with his fists breaking it a little, but sees a message on the screen. It says “extrapolating video from available data, please wait”. Then slowly but surely, the screen starts to play a video in which we see Fry kicking the professor's device thru the wall, revealing a weird room and entering it. The screen then shows another message: “Unable to reconstruct memory any further”.

FRY : (Thinking) Well, I guess that’ll have to do… Hey!, What about the weird room!.

Fry quickly gets off the chair, jumps over the desk, and runs to Farnsworth’s lab. He looks for the hole in the wall, but there is none. He punched the wall where the hole was to reveal… that he Isn’t as strong as to punch thru a concrete wall.

FRY : YEEAAAWWWCHH!!!. Stupid wall!, Why won’t you break!!??…(Thinking) Maybe It was just a dream? I think I better go home and put some ice on my hand.

Fry goes to his apartment and decides to call it a day. Unfortunately, he left the computer and the memory helmet on. He is being watched high above by (No, not god you morons) Nibbler on a holographic display.

NIBBLER : (Thinking) This is it, we got to act now, he won’t be deceived for long. (Speaking up) Ensign!, set the course for earth, and send my request for an intervention mission.(To himself) If the mighty one wants the truth, we will give it to him.


The next day Leela (as usual) is on time for work while Fry (Also as usual) is late and probably in an hour at least. Leela is annoyed by this behavior, but decides that maybe it’d be best if she grabbed a page from his book and slack off while he gets there. She gets a drink from the fridge and sits on the couch. As she is about to turn on the TV, Hermes (who gets there before everyone but the professor), stops her.

HERMES : Leela, did you use my computer?

LEELA : No, I didn’t. Why?.

HERMES : Well, it was already on, there was a helmet besides it, and it said something about you on the screen.

LEELA :  Maybe I should check it.

Leela gets off the couch, and walks to Hermes’s desk. She examines the memory recording helmet, and then turns her attention to the computer screen. The screen is displaying Fry’s memories.

LEELA : (Thinking) Oh my god, is this what I think it is?…

LEELA : It looks like it…

LEELA : Let’s look at them a sec.

LEELA : Isn’t that an invasion of privacy!? We shouldn’t rummage thru Fry’s memories…Aw forget it, lets just take a peek.

Leela searched quite easily through the files. One was of a 16 year-old Fry asking out a young blond girl and being rejected.

LEELA : (Sad) Poor Fry…

Now she opens another file. This time we see a 9 year-old Fry being laughed at by a bunch of kids around him, he is crying.

LEELA : That’s one more thing that we have in common.

Now we see another video on the screen. This time it’s the day that Fry was frozen.

LEELA : (Thinking) No wonder he was happy to be frozen.

But then another file shows. It’s Fry’s Memory of him and Michelle going at it at Michelle’s place.

LEELA : Well, this is very unpleasant.

LEELA : As unpleasant as the time when you and Zapp…

LEELA : Don’t say it!.

LEELA : Whatever…Hey, maybe Fry knows what really happened during the time slips. You should search for that.

Leela does and we now see Fry looking at the message that he wrote on the stars. Now we see an attachment on the file. It’s when Leela suggested he tricked her into marrying him.

LEELA : (Depressed) I feel like crap…(Leela straightens up and notices the last file opened yesterday) I’ll check this last one and no more.

Leela opens the file… and her jaw drops. She does the same as Fry and hurries to the lab. She examines the wall and finds a dent in it (From Fry’s punch), but otherwise it’s normal.

LEELA : Maybe Fry is going crazy, I can’t see anything weird in this wall.

Nibbler runs into the room, and startles Leela. Leela picks him up.

LEELA : Hey little guy, what are you doing here?,(Ironic) do you think Fry is crazy too?. I wish you could answer that…

NIBBLER : I certainly can. I disagree, he is not crazy.

LEELA : (Surprised) You can talk!.

Nibbler stunned her with a flash from his third eye. Leela wakes up on her apartment.

LEELA : Nibbler!. Thank god, I thought I was going crazy. I had this weird dream about me peeking into Fry’s memories, and that you could…

NIBBLER : (Cuts Leela short) Talk?

LEELA : (Scared) Ahhh!…(Nervous) Ok!, ok, calm down Toronga, you are still dreaming, you will wake up and go to work and everything will be like it always is. (Pinches herself) Ow!, I’m still here!, why?…

NIBBLER : Because, oh ham-giver and guardian of the mighty one, you are not dreaming.

LEELA : (Curiosity picked but still nervous) The mighty one?

NIBBLER : I have much to explain, but I need your attention and I also need a promise from you. Do you commit to never disclose this information with anyone but the mighty one?

LEELA : What if I don’t?

NIBBLER : Then I will erase your mind and it will be like this never happened.

LEELA : … Ok. I promise. But why do you trust me?

NIBBLER : Because I know you. I have known you since the day you were born.


To be continued…