Fan Fiction

The Dimension, Part 2
By Curt Evers

Fry found himself strapped to a table in a cold lab. Several Syau shuffled in the background. One noticed he was awake and turned to the others. “Troskuy nolas trea’de!” he rasped, and they all walked towards Fry. A Syau kneeled down, and opened a drawer near the table. He pulled out a syringe, and many other nasty looking tools. “I really don’t want to know what you’re going to do with that.” Fry commented fearfully as he looked at the instruments. The Syau with the syringe looked down at Fry. “What we are about to do to you is not that much different from when we resurrected you.” Fry’s eyes widened.

“You mean…”

“Yes. What is strange is that the female seems to already know this.”

A Syau picked up a scalpel. “Very strange. Now, we must stop speaking and test the Apocalypse Serum.” Fry could not ask what this serum was, as a Syau clamped its claw over Fry’s mouth. “Don’t worry.” It said as it stared into his eyes. “It will feel slightly less painful than being run over by a rhino.” The syringe came close to his throat. “Have a good mutation!” said the Syau sickeningly cheerfully as the syringe plunged into Fry’s neck.

Leela covered her ears as a scream resounded through the halls of the palace. She sat up and ran to the door. She pressed her face against the bars. “What was that?!” she questioned the guard. He simply ignored her. Leela sighed and sat against the wall. “I’d wish you’d talk. It’s soooooooooo booooooooooring in here.” The guard turned and shouted exasperatedly. . “I’d wish you’d shut up so that I can get my shift over with.” Leela was taken aback. “You can speak Basic?” The guard sighed. “Yes. Now shut up. You’re worse than my mother when she drinks too much coffee.”

Traude II pressed a few keys on a massive console. “Telkala nos dreche.” He said as he finished. (NOTE: I will provide translations from now on.) A guard walked in. “Troske? TRANSLATION: Are you done?” (NOTE: Screw translations. I’ll just make them speak English.) Traude turned on the guard.

“I’ll tell you when I’m done.”

“Are you sure that this is a good idea?”

“Many of the citizens are against it, but what do I care? It will definitely help us win this war.”

“But sir, if we follow through with this, two thirds of our population will be obliterated.”

“And if I follow through, I will destroy the place where those DOOP bastards have their headquarters… Earth.”

Leela was let out of her cell to speak with Traude. The guards marched her down the hallway. They pushed open the door to the throne room. She saw the massive portal that had taken Fry. She looked about, but saw Traude nowhere. She wandered around the room. She heard a door open. Traude stepped out of a passage set in the wall. He seemed to ignore her. He stepped over to a console, and began typing something into it.

“What do you want?”

“I want to ask you about Fry.”

“Who? The male?”

“Who else would I be talking about?”

Traude glared at her. “Do not speak with me as if I were one of your friends. I suppose I could tell you about the… male.”

“Please do.”

“I doubt you will be able to comprehend the deviousness of my plan, but very well. I need to ask you something.”


“Do you ever wonder why the male went insane?”

“Of course I would!”

“You can thank us for that. What caused him to go insane was the early design of our Serum.”


“Yes… Serum. The Apocalypse Serum, to be exact. But we have perfected it… if you could call the male becoming transformed into a massive, obedient, war machine perfection.”

Leela gasped. “What?”

“Yes. And we will-“

‘Dad! We’re home!”

Traude groaned. “Why do they always come home from the camp whenever I have prisoners?”

Two Syau barreled into the room. “Hi! Who’s this?”


“Ooh, can we torture her? We learned tons of new methods at camp!”

“No. I have a plan.”

Leela was tossed into a large, circular pit. The walls were too smooth to climb. Traude stared down at her and cackled.

“Now you-“

“Dad! Where’s the Mountain Dew?”

“In the fridge!”


“Don’t interrupt anymore!”


“Anyway…” He turned back to Leela. “Do you know where the male is?”


“Do you want to know?”


Traude grinned and pulled a lever. A metal grate lifted, and out walked a grotesque beast. It had dark-red skin, large, yellow eyes with slit pupils, large forward-raking horns running from the bottom of its back to the top of its head, and to top it off, long, serrated claws. This monster bounded out onto the arena, and began stalking Leela. It growled menacingly. An orange mane sprouted along its horns. Foam dripped out of its mouth. The beast leaped over Leela, and circled her, coming closer each time it revolved. Traude sneered.

“Say hello to my pet!”

“Is this what you did with Fry? Did you feed it to this monster?!”

“Idiot! It is the male!”

Leela gasped, and stared at the creature. It continued to growl. Leela trembled as the claws grew longer. Fry stood up on his hind legs, and charged at Leela. She screamed and dove out of the way.

“Fry, it’s me!”

Fry slammed into the wall, but quickly recovered and continued his attack. He roared and his claws gashed Leela’s left arm. Leela was knocked on the ground, and stood over her. He grew larger, so his head was level with the top of the walls. She moaned from pain. Fry stopped, and licked Leela’s blood off of his claws. Leela stumbled backwards. Fry finished cleaning his claws, and a spiked tongue shot out of his mouth. This tongue retracted quickly, and Leela discovered blackness was creeping along the edge of her vision. Traude laughed.

“Looks like I forgot to mention the toxin…”

Leela got one more look at Fry’s new face before everything went black.

The PE ship landed in the middle of the desert. The crew stepped out. They were immediately surrounded by Syau soldiers. Bender took out his cigar.
”I ain’t scared of you guys.”

A Syau fired at him. Bender jumped.

“Scratch that.”

A pit opened up beneath them. The entire crew fell down into the darkness. Bender landed with a loud metallic clang, and the others simply thudded. Off in the distant darkness, an eye opened. Bender stood up and heard the sound of tinkling and sloshing in his chest compartment.

“Dammit!” he exclaimed. “My beer bottles broke!”

The others stood up. “Splug!” Amy muttered angrily. She looked up and cursed in Chinese. She looked over and saw Bender emptying broken glass and beer on the floor. Zoidberg sat up quickly. “I’m hearing something and it doesn’t sound like a pizza boy.” Hermes glared at him. “Why’d ya remind us of food, mon? Though I did tink I ‘eard somtink out dere in de darkness…” The PE crew stared into the darkness, and all screamed when dozens of yellow glowing eyes stared upon them. An unearthly screech was heard, and something launched itself out of the shadows.

Fry pawed at the chain around his neck. It was woven between his horns, so he couldn’t pull it off. He continued to work at it, until he finally gave up. He stared forlornly at Leela’s unconscious figure. Although he was insane, he still regretted harming her. He grunted and laid down on the cold, stone floor. He rested his head on his arms. He growled in annoyance when he felt his neck elongate. He shifted himself so he was once again resting his head on his arms. He felt something drop on his head, and roared. He saw it was a large animal corpse, and rolled his new eyes. He was faced with a choice: eat or sleep. He decided to do both. He gorged on the carcass and rolled over contentedly, almost resembling a demonic dog. He fell asleep that way. Meanwhile, Leela finally awoke. She glanced fearfully at Fry’s sleeping form. She felt severely weakened from Fry’s toxin. She whimpered weakly and turned on her side. She laid that way for a little while, and mustered up the strength to move over to Fry’s frightening bulk. A thought passed through her head. Maybe he was tortured until they drove him insane? If so, then why he attacked me was explained. She froze when Fry stirred. His eye opened, and he stared at her. “F-fry?” Leela stuttered. The beast groaned, and it began to shrink. When it stopped, it resembled Fry, but he still had an orange mane, claws, and, thankfully, a raggedy pair of dark pants. She shuddered when she realized that Fry’s clothing must have fused with him when he mutated. He sat up, and she realized he still had the beast’s eyes. He spoke. “Leela, what happened? I feel like I ate Bender’s cooking.” Leela didn’t answer. Instead, she hugged him. She ran her fingers through the mane running down his back. “Leela, why do I have claws and fur?” Fry had fear creeping into his voice. “What happened to me? Why won’t you tell me?” Fry looked upon her nervously. She finally answered him. “You went insane and turned into a monster.” Fry gaped, and then fainted.

The PE crew screamed at the beast. It had a black, snake like body with spider legs along its upper body. Two red spikes grew side-by-side out of the end of its tail. It had a head that looked like that of a tarantula. Several more of these creatures flew out of the darkness. They circled the crew, saliva dripping out of their grotesque mouths. Amy, Hermes, and Farnsworth backed behind Bender and Zoidberg. Bender planted himself firmly with a determined look on his face.

“If the Professor dies, I won’t get paid anymore! And I can’t let that happen!”

“And Zoidberg needs friends or I’ll be alone, I will!”

The creatures leapt towards the two brave co-workers, and the fight was on.