Fan Fiction

The Dimension
By Curt Evers


Fry had left Planet Express. No one was sure why or where he went. Most of the crew said he had gone insane. Leela did agree with this. Fry was constantly found muttering to himself, torturing small animals, and was drawing strange symbols. The scary thing was, when he muttered, he often talked about doing horrible, grotesque things to people. Leela heard her own name being used several times. Fry was seriously scaring the crew. When he left, Leela missed him, but she was also glad. At least she wouldn't "have her skin hung from a pole and her intestines wrapped around her corpse." Leela still shudders when she thinks about that.

"We got a lot of deliveries today, mon," Hermes said like he did about every day.

Farnsworth interrupted, "You will make a delivery to Apocalypse 9."

The crew grimaced.

They trudged to the ship. They launched, and Leela turned on the autopilot.

"Why do we keep getting the dangerous planets?"

Amy spoke up, "GUH. Our motto says that we're expendable."

Bender pitched in his own reason, "Because we have low prices."

Leela sighed. "I wonder what Fry is doing right now…"

"Probably torturing a squirrel."

Leela groaned and got up. "Apocalypse 9 is a few hours away. We might as well get a bit of sleep."

Amy and Bender crawled into their hammocks (Amy was now using Fry's) and Leela just fell onto her bed. She soon fell asleep.

In Leela's dream, she found herself in an endless, black void. She walked about aimlessly for a while, until she saw Fry walking towards her. She waved. Fry stopped. Leela walked up to him. "Hi, Fry," she said. Fry didn't say anything. "Fry?" She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She looked down and realized he had shoved a knife into her. She looked at him, and he just grinned.

Leela woke up with a start. "That was a weird dream." She stood up, and walked towards her door. She immediately felt a… presence… behind her. She turned and found Fry. "It wasn't a dream!" he shouted. A knife came plunging down, and it went straight through her throat.

Leela woke up again. "Please tell me I'm really awake this time…" she said to no one in particular. She got up and walked back onto the bridge.

Amy and Bender were already awake. "Oh, Hi Leela! We're at Apocalypse 9." Amy said cheerfully.

Leela groaned. "Lets just get this over with."

The crew stumbled out of the ship wearily. "That was the worst thing to happen to us since Cannibalon." Complained Bender.

"Well, at least they didn't try to sacrifice us to the Pain God." Leela looked at him angrily.

"No, but they still tried to sacrifice us to the Death God!"

Amy came out holding her head. "Spleesh, Leela. Why are you so grumpy?"

Leela didn't answer, she just walked into the meeting room and sat down. Hermes looked up. "De professor has a new invention, mon. Professor?"

The professor dragged in a machine about the size of an average TV. "This is the SpyTech 9000. Enter a name, and it will show what they're doing right now. Who wants to try?"

Leela sat up attentively. She spoke up, "I do."

She walked up to the machine and entered PHILIP J FRY. The screen turned on, and showed blackness. "Um, professor? I think it's broken."

Farnsworth inspected the machine. "Hmmm…" he said. "It appears to be working perfectly, but the screen is still black."

Suddenly, a voice emanated from the SpyTech. "I see you, Leela…" The voice was dry and raspy. "I'm going to come back for you…then you can be with me for forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…"

The voice droned on. Leela stood there, trembling. "Fry…"

Leela sat on her couch, stroking Nibbler. She was mulling over what had happened with the machine. "Was that really him? It sounded like someone else. I hope he's alright…" She slapped herself. "Leela, get a hold of yourself! He could kill people easily! How would he not be alright?" Leela shuddered. "I have a man who could kill me easily coming back! I hope that's not what he is planning…" She yawned and stood up. She walked into her bedroom, and fell asleep for the night.

The next morning, she discovered someone had sent her a letter. She opened it, and discovered it was a folded piece of paper, with the words FOR LEELA scrawled over it. She opened it, and the color drained from her face. The letter said:

"Dear Leela,

"I'm coming back. I've gotten help, and the doctors say I'm only partially insane now. Personally, I think they're all quacks and couldn't help a 2-year-old with the urge to burn things. I guess I'll see you in 3 days!


"PS: I have a weird tattoo now."

Leela dropped the letter. "Partially insane?" she told herself. She shook her head and picked up the letter. She put it in her pocket and took the tubes to Planet Express.

Hermes looked over the letter. "Hm," he said. "This letter must have gotten to Leela's apartment late." Leela looked at him anxiously. "So, Fry will arrive…tomorrow."

Leela almost fainted.

Part of her was happy, but the other was terrified. Amy decided to break the silence. "Sooo…and deliveries today?"

Hermes turned to her. "As a matter of fact we do. We'd better hurry if we want to get done in time to "greet" Fry.

The deliveries were a grueling experience. They had to make a delivery to every single Dog Doo planet, and planet Guillotine. When they got back, they weren't beat up or injured, just tired. They plopped down on the couch, and began watching All My Circuits.

Monique was in Calculon's arms. "Goodbye Calculon… I need to tell you my deep secret…" Calculon listened closely. "I am actually your niece…"

Calculon screamed in the air, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

"Eww…" said Bender. "That wasn't shocking. That was just gross!"

The next day, Leela was a little nervous to come to work. She walked up to the door, sighed, and walked in. She walked down the hall, and stepped into the meeting room. When she came in, she found everyone there. "Is Fry here?" Everyone shook there heads.

They all heard someone knocking on the door behind Leela. She opened it, and just stood in awe. It was Fry, except dressed in black pants, boots, shirt, and a trench coat. His skin was jet black, his hair was white, and he had a skull tattoo over his face. "Hey there," he said, grinning. He hugged Leela, and whispered something in her ear. "Sorry about that skin and intestine thing. I wasn't sane then."

Leela returned his embrace. "He seems sane," Leela thought. "But how am I sure?"

Fry looked up at the rest of the crew. "Hi!"

Amy asked him a question: "What's with your hair and skin?"

Fry shrugged. "When I was in the asylum, this started happening."

Leela's eye widened. "You were in an asylum for all this time?"

Fry nodded slowly.

Leela walked up to him. "Listen, there was a …dream… I had involving you. You killed me twice in it."

Fry winced. "How did I kill you twice?"

Leela twiddled her fingers nervously. "I fell asleep, you killed me, and then I woke up in my dream and you killed me then."

Fry hugged Leela again. "I wouldn't do that to you."

Leela kissed him on the cheek. "I know you wouldn't."

Fry looked up. "Well, I'm sane, so I guess I can return to work. I wonder what weird stuff will happen to us?"


To be continued

Note: So, this was my fic. That last sentence Fry used sort of tells you that weird stuff will be happening in other fics. I hope ya enjoyed it.



The Dimension, Part 1

Fry casually laid on the roof, staring at the moon. He was holding a skull, and was talking to it. "I wonder why they let me out of the asylum so early… maybe I wasn't that insane?" He threw the skull into the water behind the PE building.

Leela walked onto the roof. "Fry, the man from the asylum is on the vid-phone."

Fry sat up, and flung himself inside. He tumbled down the stairs, and crashed onto the floor.

"Fry, you're going to kill yourself doing that," Leela commented.

Fry brushed himself off. "I'm not hurt, though."

"Strange," said Leela. "Now, stop acting suicidal and come here."

Leela and Fry both sat down, and the man started talking without looking up. "Now-" He gasped. "W-what are you doing here?" He pointed at Fry.

"You let me out of the asylum," he answered.

Leela looked at both of them. "Did you release Fry too early?"

The man shook his head. "I don't understand… you should be at the cemetery…"

The color drained out of Leela's face. "Why would Fry be at a cemetery?"

The man looked at her strangely. "Didn't anyone tell you? Fry died in the asylum."

Fry paced back and forth nervously. "I can't be dead… I'm right here…" Leela just sat on the couch, dazed. Fry took his trench coat off. He removed his shirt, and gasped at what he saw on his chest. "Leela…look…"

Leela looked up, and her jaw dropped. Fry had a brand in the shape of a skull with bones fanning out of it sitting in the middle of his chest. "Fry… that is the symbol of the Dead." Fry stood there, gaping at Leela.

A dark-robed figure looked through a milky-white orb, watching Fry and Leela speak. He held a massive scythe, and his robe was tattered around the edges. Five dollars to anyone who can guess who he is. He spoke in a voice that sounded as if its owner had been around since the beginning of time. In this case, that's exactly right. "Fry, you weird little mortal. You know I allowed you to go back. So what if I let you go because you wouldn't stop babbling about Leela? It's not my fault that I'd have to listen to it for the rest of eternity… Shit! I'm musing to myself again!"

Fry and Leela woke up in the middle of the desert.

"How the hell did we end up here?"

They stood up, and immediately dropped back down as several creatures shot overhead.

"What were those?"

They stood up again, and no creatures came over. They turned slowly. Fry tried to block the sun with his hand. "Is that a mountain?"

The two adventurers began the long trek towards the blurry image. They walked about 60 feet before the rumbling started. Leela nearly tripped. Fry caught her arm and pulled her upright. The shaking became more intense.

"Is it an earthquake?" asked Fry nonchalantly.

"Most likely! Aren't you scared?"

Fry shook his head. "I can't die, remember?"

Leela and Fry both fell to the ground. Suddenly, a massive worm shot up out of the ground. It resembled an opaque bag of guts, with a gaping maw surrounded with tiny, gripping claws. The worm was easily over 30 feet long.

"This planet has bug problems," Fry whispered fearfully.

"I thought you couldn't die," Leela whispered back.

"I just remembered I can still be dismembered!"

A shadow passes over them. They look up, and 2 automatic rifles drops down to both of them. They immediately picked them up. Fry runs around to the tail of the worm, and immediately starts climbing its mass. Leela fires at its head, but the hide is just too thick. She fires at its mouth, but years of eating very hard things had strengthened it. By now, Fry has reached the beast's head. He finds a flap that he deducts is an ear. "Listen to this you son of a bitch!" He shoved the rifle into the flap, and unloaded a full round into its ear.

The bullets go through and tear into the eardrum, then pass on and hit the bones that cause hearing. These shatter, finally piercing the brain. The beast moans, and its body collapses. Fry slides off, and falls headfirst into the sand. "Mf mfff mfmmfmf!" he shouts.

Leela pulls his head out, and he says, "That wasn't so tough."

Traude I was the King of the Syau. He was a good soul. Now, his son, Traude II, rules the Syau. The planet that Fry and Leela had just landed on was the Syau home planet, Tredou 6. The Syau had already seen them there. The Syau, thanks to the actions of a certain DOOP captain, did not trust humans. This certain captain had called the Syau "ugly, upright walking, skinny-ass Komodo dragons." In truth, they really DID look like skinny Komodo dragons that walked on their hind legs, but they weren't ugly. Anyway, after this insult, this captain began to bomb certain parts of the planet. The Syau retaliated, causing the DOOP and the Syau to become enemies.

Wait, why am I giving you guys a history lesson? Especially one that I made up? You know what? Let's get back to Fry and Leela.

"It's weird. Deserts are burning hot during the day, and freezing cold at night," Fry commented. Leela just shivered. Fry held her close to him. "I wonder what the scorpions look like here?" Leela huddled closer.



"Please stop talking about the desert."

"How come?"

"Because I'd like to forget we're here so I don't feel so cold."

Fry took off his jacket and wrapped it around Leela. She stopped shivering. "Thanks."

Fry smiled. They sat that way for a few more minutes, until Fry realized that Leela was asleep. Suddenly, a dozen Syau soldiers had surrounded them. They wielded Cutters, a strange golden rifle that fired small near-solid bursts of energy. Fry woke Leela up, and helped her stand.

"Um…" said Fry, "did we do something wrong?"

The Syau did not answer. They shoved their Cutters into Fry and Leela's backs, and marched them towards a cart being pulled by 3 large, iguana-like creatures. The couple fell into this cart, and the soldiers and the cart began moving. Fry and Leela huddled together, and they both slept.

The guards pulled a few furs over Fry and Leela. They began to converse in their people's language.

"They seem to be mates," one commented.

Another shook his head. "No. What we know about humans suggests that mates would be an incorrect term. At this age, it is most likely that they are in the time period called dating."

Most of the others nodded. A guard with a long scar running down his face put in his own thought: "Perhaps they are together simply from fear."

Their captain, who had not spoken the entire time, just sighed. "Shut up. Your babbling is making me want to rip off my own ears."

Fry and Leela woke up in a cell.

"Something is different here…" Fry thought. He looked at his hand and realized it looked normal. He plucked one of his hairs and found it to be orange. "I look… normal."

Leela woke up and stared at Fry. "What happened to your skin and hair?"

Fry stood up. "I think it was the guys who brought us here. I'd like to thank them, if only I didn't think they wanted us as prisoners."

The door of the cell opened.

"Your judgment comes."

They stared at the Syau. He was dressed in gold armor, and a white cloak was draped over his shoulders. His face was covered in scars.

"I am King Traude II. I have decided on what to do with you two…" He grabbed them both by the neck and dragged them to his throne room. "I have seen that you two are DOOP citizens. Therefore, you are our enemies."

Fry painfully choked out a question. "Why did you change my skin back to the way it was?"

Traude did not answer. He kicked open the double doors, and entered the throne room. He let go of Fry and Leela's throats. They rubbed their tender necks, and gasped at what was in front of them. The throne room was a massive dome. A large pit took up most of this room. A portal was stretched across this pit, and a walkway went over it. Said walkway ended above the center of the portal. Traude stood here. He shouted something that sounded like, "Dri Lekwo!" Fry was dragged over to the king. He grabbed Fry, and… tossed him into the portal.

"FRY!!" screamed Leela as her lover spiraled down, and Leela sobbed as he disappeared.

Traude turned to her. "Send her back to the cell." Leela was dragged off, and her grief-racked sobs echoed down the halls.

Fry awoke on a vast, blue plain. The sky was pitch black, and the ground glowed. He stood up, and put his hand on his head. "Wait, what the…" he stared at his hand. It was blue and glowing. He screamed and grabbed a crystal floating by. He gasped at his reflection. His skin and hair had turned blue, with no lines to show where something ended or began. His eyes and mouth were white voids. He let go of the crystal. He walked across the plain. "Is there-" He stopped abruptly. His voice had changed, too. It was his own, mixed with a deep voice, a high female voice, and a screeching sound. Fry sighed. "I wonder how Leela would react if she saw me this way… she'd probably scream and faint." He groaned and sat down. "I suppose anyone would." He laid back, and stared up at the black sky. "This is my new world… and I can do nothing about it."

Leela was thrown onto the cell floor. She immediately curled up and started sobbing. "What happened to Fry? Where did they send him? What happened… what happened…He's probably dead." This caused Leela to burst into a fresh amount of tears. "Why did they take Fry from me? Why?!" She found that Fry's trench coat was still on the floor. She crawled over to it and held it close to her body. She sobbed into it.

Several Syau observed this from a hidden camera in the wall. "She mourns and grieves excessively… perhaps human relationships are similar to that of lovebirds?" the lead Syau pondered.

"You mean that Earth bird species that love their mate so much that one dies if they are without the other?" another questioned.


"Only one can die, though. Death does not exist in the Dimension… yet Life does not either…"

"He will be trapped there until we bring him out."

"His mate might die before then."

The Syau all stared at the grieving Leela. One Syau farted. "Eww!"

Fry discovered that the blue field that eh walked upon was actually floating through the black sky. Fry walked to a small, blue rock on the ground. "Rocks, bare ground, and me." He shook his head. "I wish I could see Leela… just one more time…"

He was struck with an idea. He scooted over to the edge, and jumped. He fell, fell, fell, and fell. He stopped all of the sudden. He felt himself being drawn to the center of this place. He soon reached it. It looked like a massive, blue orb. He felt a tingling. He looked down and saw that his body was being drawn apart. Yet, he felt no pain.

"If I die, then I can at least watch Leela from heaven…" His now disassembled body was sucked into the orb.



Ah ha! It sucked, right? If you said no, then good for you, Part 2 is coming soon. If you said yes, then screw you, you're getting a Part 2. Ah well. Also, if you see a fiction called The Insane, you can thank me for that floating log. I meant it to be a prologue.