Fan Fiction

Just A Dream
By Spot 439

Opening Scene: We see Fry and Leela (who is pregnant) on their way for a check up at the hospital. It is a snowy night in New New York. Fry is driving.

Fry: So Leela, what are we gonna name our little linebacker?

Leela: (patting her belly) Maybe Johnny or Freddy or Eli

Fry: I like Eli, it sounds very babyish and he will be respected.

Leela: So its settled, Eli Joseph Fry

(suddenly, the car stops in the road and a truck rear ends them, Fry wakes up after being in a coma for minutes)

Fry: Leela! Are you okay?

(no answer)

Truck Driver: Sir, your wife is gone, I though you were too, now get outta the car!

Fry: But my wife is in there and pregnant

(he starts crawling out of the wrecked car and tries to get up but falls. He turns around to the wreck as fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. He starts crawling towards the wreck crying and sobbing, leaving a trail of blood.)

Fry: Leela!

(he passes out)

Scene: in the hospital. Fry is laying in a hospital bed with Ivs in his arm .he has his head arms and one leg bandaged. He opens his eyes to find a doctor standing next to him looking at a clipboard

Fry: (weakly) Leela

Doctor: Mr. Fry, your awake, that is a good sign

Fry: Where’s my wife?

Doctor: I don’t know how to tell you this…

Fry: Just give it to me straight

Doctor: She’s gone Fry.

Fry just closes his eyes and starts crying. His wife is gone. His only love and joy that gave him such happiness now gone. But what about their son?

Fry: Where’s Eli?

Doctor: There were only two people in the wreck, was there another?

Fry: No, my wife, Leela, was 8 months pregnant, with a boy, what happened to him?

Doctor: He was delivered by emergency and if alive, he is in the maternity ward where your can see him.

Fry was too sad to go and see his son. His wife was gone and the baby would only remind him of her. A nurse walked into his room with a blue blanket. Inside was a little boy who looked like Fry, with his head shape and little tuft of hair, two eyes and purple hair, he was asleep and breathing heavily.

Nurse: Mr. Fry, would you like to see your son?

Fry: Sure, but I dunno if I’m ready.

( The nurse handed him the baby and he put his bandaged arms around his son, Eli Joseph.)

Fry: (quietly whispering into hi son’s ear) you’re my little piece of Leela ,Eli

Scene: Fry is at his apartment, left with Eli. Bender walks in with a beer and a letter

Bender: You okay buddy?

Fry: I can’t believe she’s gone Bender

(Bender takes a drink)

Bender: You still got Eli, and for a little meat bag, he’s pretty okay, except he leaks a lot

Fry: I know, but Leela. Every time I look at Eli, it reminds me of her, her smile, her hair and her cute little nose (he breaks down)

Bender: Hey buddy, Leela left me with this letter in her will. Its for you.

He hands the letter to Fry and looks down in sadness. Fry opens the letter and reads it out loud.

Dear Fry,
Love of my life. I am so sorry that I never was responsive to your pleads to take me out. I now realize that you have made my life better than it had ever been. Now that we are welcoming out first child together, I know that we will be strong together through parenthood and I can’t wait to see our little miracle. I love you Fry. I only wrote this letter, god forbid something happening to me. But I know that that’ll never happen.
Love, Leela

(Eli starts crying)

Bender: I’ll get him buddy, you wallow in your tears.

Fry: (he goes to his knees and yells out) Leela!! Why couldn’t it have been me!!!!!

Scene: Fry is taking Eli out to the park. Eli is now a couple of months old and walking wobbly. He has a favorite teddy bear that was leela’s. He has fry’s bangs in purple and wearing overalls, a white shirt and a blue blurnsball cap like his mother had.

Fry: Okay Eli, I’ll show you why I loved your mother (he starts to choke up) come on (he pats his son’s back and Eli wobbles alongside Fry to a tree. Inscribed in the tree are the words FRY+LEELA(SHE SAID YES!)).

Eli: Ma Ma?

Fry: Eli! You spoke! This is wonderful!

(he scoops up his son, throws him up in the air and catches him.)

You’re my little piece of Leela

Eli: Ma Ma?

Fry: Yes Ma Ma.

Bender come up behind them with a fembot and a human woman.

Bender: Fry, I want you to meet Bree, she is looking for a man with sex appeal, (whispers) pretend that’s you.

Fry: Sorry Bender, but I’m not ready for a relationship, except for one with my son Eli.

Bree: Oh what a cute baby, he looks like you Mister , except for that hair. The same as his mother?

Fry: Yes and she’s dead, so I would like to continue my walk with my son please

Eli: Ma Ma!

Bender: Hey! He said a word!

Fry: That’s my boy.

Bree: You must be so proud, well Mister, I have to go see my husband bye!

Fry and Eli look at each other in question and then snuggle up together.

Scene: Fry and Eli are in his car and are driving in New New York. Suddenly the car stops.

Fry: Uh Oh, not again Leela please not now! If I do hafta go, take me not Eli!

A truck rear ends them and Fry jumps out of the car which is now on fire

Fry: Eli!!!

(Fry is being shaken and he wakes up)

Leela: Fry FRY!

Fry: wha? Leela? It was all a dream.

Leela: What Fry? And keep it down your yelling into poor Eli’s ears.

The camera zooms out and we see Leela and Fry in bed and a baby boy just like in Fry’s dream. Fry laughs

Fry: It’s nothing Leela (he picks up Eli) All I need for a good nights sleep is you and a little peace of you (he places Eli on his stomach and Eli falls asleep. Leela snuggles next to Fry and Fry puts one hand on Eli’s back and an arm around Leela, but he notices a scar on his wrist. )

Fry : (thinking) Was it really a dream? More like a nightmare. But I am glad to be alive.

(Louise Armstrong’s “Wonderful Life” starts playing at the end)