Fan Fiction

Spaceship, Part 7
By GrimSP

Chapter Seven: Don't Panic


Peter on phone: Come in, PA. This is Chicago.

::Leela picks up the phone::

Leela on phone: This a Leela speaking. WE have all pilots and the navigator ill, and also some customers are ill too by eating fish.

::Peter gasped::

Peter on phone: Okay, Leela, can you give me a hotdog?

Leela on phone: No, over.

Peter on Phone: Okay, don't panic. Do you know how to fly an airplane?

Leela on phone: No. I only know how to drive a spaceship. This is a spaceship turned into a airplane.

Peter on phone: Okay. Listen. My name is Peter. Now get somebody on that plane who can fly that plane but also who didn't had fish for dinner.

At CAA...

Peter: Okay. Everyone! Suspend all meals starting at LA. Also cancel all planes at LA. Also we've got to look for a landing field to land that spaceship or airplane, whatever the hell it is! We need someone who can help that plane! Johnny, I need coffee.

Johnny: No thanks.

::Peter picks up a cigarette::

Peter: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking. Damn, we need someone who can help that airplane.

Johnny: How about Fry?

::Peter gasped and puts down his cigarette::

Peter: Get me Larry Seinfeld!

At the airplane...

Peter on phone: Okay. Now next to the throttle is the air speed gauge. What speed does it indicate?

Leela on phone: 520 miles per hour.

Peter on phone: Good. Very good. Now, check your altitude.

Leela on phone: 35,000 feet.

::Homer begins to almost die out of air::

Leela on phone: No, 34,000 feet. Wait a minute, it keeps droping. Why is it doing like that?

::Leela looks a Homer::

Leela on phone: Oh my god! The automactic pilot is deflating.

Peter on phone: It's okay. All you have to do is that you have to blow the hollow tube on Homer's belt line.

Leela on phone: Okay.

::Leela hangs up the phone::

::The airplane begins to rumble::

Dr. Nick: What the hell is going on there?

::Dr. Nick leaves his patient::

::Leela blows the hollow tube of Homer's belt line::

::Dr. Nick comes in the pilot's pit::

::Dr. Nick sees Leela having snu-snu on Homer::

::Dr. Nick gasped and leaves the pilot's pit::

::Then Dr. Nick froze then is thinking about something::

::Homer's head turns around and then nods his head said Yahoo!::

::Dr. Nick comes in the pilot's pit::

Dr. Nick: Leela.

Leela: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Nick: You're a member of this crew. Can you explain some weird facts?

Leela: No.

Dr. Nick: Now, even though I get those disgusting people in the hospital, I'm not even sure if we can save their lives. Is there anyone on board who can land this plane?

Leela: Well...

::Fry drinks his water put his water pours down on him::

Leela: No, no one I know of.

Dr. Nick: Well, we can't use Homer because all he does is to have snu-snu on you. So, Homer is dangerous. But, we need to find someone to fly this plane, but also who didn' had fish for dinner.

::Then thunder is heard::

Leela on microphone: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Leela speaking. We regret any inconvenience.

::Amy queitly puts Nigel in the staff room::

Leela: By the way, does anyone knows how to fly a plane?

::Then people start to scream::

Mike Himes: What's that sound? Let's go.

Julie Hime: Okay.

::Then Mike and Julie Himes heard the annoucement and start to run naked::

::Mike and Julie Himes hides in the underground-plane zone::

::People start to run and fight::

At CAA...

Larry: I'm here. Now what?

Peter: The story is right there.

Larry. Hold on a minute.

::Larry takes off his sunglasses but he still had his sunglasses::

Larry: I'll help them okay.

Peter: Good.

At the airplane...

::People remain calm and return to their seats.

Amy on microphone: We're sorry that you heard that but we were just looking for someone who knows how to fly a plane.

People: That's okay.

::Amy puts down the microphone::

Amy: Leela, how about we use Fry?

Leela: No way, only you, me, and Fry are the only ones in this plane, okay. Let's not use Fry.

::Fry comes to pilot's pit and tries to fly it::

Leela: Alright, let's use Fry. But he only know how to fly a plane without so much stuff, like people.

Dr. Nick: Just use him.

::Fry flies the plane::

Leela: I don't know if we're gonna be safe for a while.

::Thunder is heard::

::A doll that looks like Jesus says D'oh!::

Fry on Microphone: We're sorry. And Iraq Guy, there's no such thing as Iraq.

Iraq Guy: What?!

::Iraq Guy explodes::

Dr. Nick: What did you eat, Fry, anyway?

Fry: Surely you can't be serious.

Dr. Nick: I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.

Fry: I ate steak. I didn't eat fish because I think the smell of it stinks.

With Curtis' parents...

Curtis' mom: I have to get out of here!

::Amy shakes Curtis' mom::

Curtis' mom: Ahh!

Amy: Relax man!

William Hung: Let me take do it.

::Amy leaves::

::William Hung shakes and slaps Curtis' mom::

Curtis' mom: Ahh!!!

William Hung: You're gonna me fine!

Dr. Nick: Let me do it, young man.

::William Hung leaves::

::Dr. Nick shakes and slaps Curtis' mom::

Dr. Nick: You're gonna be fine, stupid.

Kif: Let me do it.

::Dr. Nick slaps Curtis' mom and leaves::

::Kif just slaps slowly and shake slowly::

Calculon: Let me do it, you slowpoke.

:: Kif leaves slowly::

::Calculon shakes and slaps Curtis' mom::

::Then Calculon leaves::

::The rest of people have guns, bats, rakes, kinfes, scissors, and also they go shake and slap Curtis' mom::

Dr. Nick: Fry, do you know how to fly a plane?

Fry: Only when empty and without people. Also I only know how to drive a spaceship, and a half airplane. Leela erased her memory about driving an airplane because she only wanted to drive a spaceship, not an airplane. So she gave me half the memory of how to drive an airplane the other half is in the trash at the Planet Express buliding.

Dr. Nick: Okay, let's see you try...

Narrator: Will Fry will not save people's lifes? This means...



( This a parody of Airplane! )

Bender: If you don't want to be bored and sleepy, then stay tuned for more SPACESHIP!