Fan Fiction

Spaceship, Part 6
By GrimSP

Chapter Six: Bad Food


::Fry talks to a soldier::

Fry: Ever since Leela and I loved each other, we wanted to do something for everyone together. So we joined the Peace Corps. We were assigned to an isolated tribe... the Wombats. They had never seen Americans before...

::Now in Fry's memory, we see a forest where the Wombats and Fry and Leela walk to see King Wombat 2::

:::Fry shakes hands with King Wombat 2::

Fry: At first, they thought we were people who harass others.

::Fry shakes hands more with King Wombat 2::

Fry: But soon, we gained their trust

::King Wombat 2 says they are okay::

::King Wombat 2 puts out his hands::

::Fry slaps King Wombat 2's hands::

::King Wombat punches Fry and Fry falls down the ground::

::Then the Wombats play basketball::

::Fry runs to Leela::

Fry: I think they understand basketball, when we re-list, I'll teach them baseball.

Leela: Fry, I don't like it here. Before we did this, we made plans before the war.

Fry: Everybody makes plans before the war, like George Zip.

::Leela gets upset and leaves::

Fry: It was that moment that made me realized that Leela had doubts about our relationship. We only loved each other for 2 months. And that's what led to my drinking problem.

::Fry takes a glass of water and then his glass of water pours on him::

Now out of Fry's memory...

Fry: We did come back to the States, I still worked had my job at Planet Express. I could go on, but I might bore you. You know, I really couldn't blame Leela.

::The soldier takes out his knife and stabs himself in his tummy::

::Then a lady named Elizabeth groans::

Leela: What seems to be the problem here?

Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth and I don't feel so good. I shouldn't have watch The Rock's Head's movies.

Leela: I know. They are all stupid, but keep it calm. I'll look for a doctor.

::Leela picks up the phone::

Leela on phone: Nigel, there is a woman customer that is feeling sick.

Nigel on phone: Airsick or Punksick?

Leela: Airsick, but I never seen it so acute.

Nigel on phone: Okay, find a doctor on board as quietly as you can.

::Curtis comes to the pilot's pit and picks up a basketball::

::Nigel hangs up the phone::

Nigel: Curtis, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

Curtis: No, sir.

::Then we cut to Curtis' parents::

Curtis' dad: I shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee.

::Curtis' dad takes a empty bag and throws up on it::

Curtis' mom talking inside her head: My husband never vomits at home.

::Leela walks to customers::

Dr. Nick: Hi, Leela.

Leela: Hi, Dr. Nick. Thanks for coming here in a short time. Listen, one of the customers is very sick. Can you help her?

Dr. Nick: Sure.

::Dr. Nick and Leela walk to Elizabeth::

Dr. Nick: Okay. Let's see.

::An egg comes out of Elizabeth's mouth::

::Dr. Nick takes out the egg off Elizabeth's mouth::

::Another egg comes out of Elizabeth's mouth::

::Dr. Nick takes out the egg off Elizabeth's mouth::

::Then, another egg come out of Elizabeth's mouth::

::Dr. Nick takes out the egg in Elizabeth's mouth::

Dr. Nick: Hmm...

::Dr. Nicks cracks the egg::

::A bird fly out of the egg that Dr. Nick has cracked::

Dr. Nick: I'll be back in a minute::

::Dr. Nicks brings Leela to the staff room::

Dr. Nick: Tell the captain to land. We have to take this lady to a hospital.

Leela: A hospital! What is it?

Dr. Nick: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now. Tell the captain I must speak to him.

Leela: Certainly.

::Leela goes to the pilot's pit::

::Then at the pilot's pit, Harriet gets sweaty::

::Harriet faints and falls down::

Nigel: Harriet, we are going through rough weather so can you...

::Nigel sees Harriet faint::

Nigel: Ethan, take over!

::Nigel puts Harriet out of Harriet's seat and puts him down the floor::

::Nigel gets out of the pilot's pit::

::Then, Ethan becomes sweaty::

::Nigel and Dr. Nick goes to the staff room::

Dr. Nick: Captain, how soon can you land?

Nigel: I can't tell.

Dr. Nick: You can tell me. I'm a doctor.

Nigel: No, I'm just not sure.

Dr. Nick: Can't you take a guess?

Nigel: Not for another two hours.

Dr. Nick: You can't take a guess for another two hours?

Nigel: No, I meant we can't land for two hours. Fog and rain has closed down everything. We've got to get through Chicago.

::Then the plane begins to rumble::

::Dr. Nick and Nigel falls down then gets up::

::Dr. Nick, Nigel, and Leela runs to the pilot's pit::

::Amy turns around and hit someone with a plate of food::

::Amy falls down then gets up::

Leela: Get him out of there!

::Nigel takes Ethan out of his seat::

::Ethan has fainted and has already worn his basketball clothes::

::Nigel drives the plane and then the plane doesn't rumble anymore::

Nigel: Doctor, what's going on?

Dr. Nick: I'm not sure. I haven't seen anything like this since that Simpsons episode where Marge gets arrested for drunk driving. What did we have for dinner?

Leela: We had steak or fish.

Dr. Nick: Yes, I remember I had lasagna. What did the navigator had?

Leela: Fish.

Dr. Nick. What about the co-pilot?

Leela: He had fish too.

::Amy walks into the pilot's pit::

Amy: Doctor, Zapp Branigan and Richard Nixon's Head are sick, and the other customers are worried.

Leela: Thank god Zapp and Richard Nixon's Head are sick, because they are stupid.

Nigel: Okay...

::Nigel picks up a microphone::

Nigel: And find out what Zapp and Richard Nixon's Head had for dinner.

::Leela and Amy gets outs of the pilot's pit::

::Leela and Amy takes the bodies::

Nigel on microphone: Okay, folks. It's bumpy, but we'll be past it in a few minutes.

::Leela and Amy quietly takes the bodies to the staff room::

Nigel on microphone: As you can see, we are now going on top of the Old Grand Canyon and the new Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, just sit back and relax, O.K.?

::Nigel turns off and puts away the microphone::

::Nigel picks up the phone and talks to the Chicago Airplane Authority, CAA::

Nigel on phone to CAA: Chicago, this Planet Express. We're in trouble. We've got to have all traffic below us cleared and priority approach landing in Chicago.

::We see Curtis' dad not feeling good::

Amy: Is something wrong?

Curtis' mom: My husband's very sick. Can you do something?

Amy: Well, the doctor will be with you in just a moment. By the way, what did your family have?

Curtis' mom: Curtis had steak, and me and my husband had fish. Why?

Amy: Nothing. Just asking.

::Amy turns around and gets shocked::

::Leela walks to the pilot's pit::

Leela: Doctor, Elizabeth had fish, and Amy checked out five more cases and they all had fish, too.

Dr. Nick: Okay. Now I understand... Every passenger on this plane who had fish for dinner will become violently ill in the next half-hour.

::Nigel checks his lunch::

::Nigel sees that he had fish for dinner::

Leela: Just how serious is it?

Dr. Nick: Extremely serious.

::Nigel goes back driving the plane::

Dr. Nick: It starts with a slight fever, dryness of throat.

::Nigel puts his hand in his neck and moves::

Dr. Nick: The victim becomes dizzy

::Nigel looks around everywhere::

Dr. Nick: and begins to experience an itching rash.

::Nigel then scratches himself::

Dr. Nick: From there, the poison works on the central nervous system, causing severe muscle spasms,

::Nigel's right shoulder begins to go up::

Dr. Nick: followed by the inevitable drooling.

::Nigel then drools all over himself::

Dr. Nick: At this point, the entire digestive system collapses, accompanied by uncontrollable flatulence.

::Nigel then farts in a loud sound that still Dr. Nick and Leela still ignore him::

Dr. Nick: Until, finally, the poor bastard is reduced to a quivering wasted piece of jelly.

::Nigel then faints and falls down::

:::The airplane begins to rumble::

::Dr. Nick and Leela then get up::

::A piece of jelly cake begins to shake::

::Then a woman's boobs begin to shake::

::Then Marge Simpson begins to get out of the airplane window and is gone::

::Then Dr. Nick and Leela puts Nigel out of his seat::

Nigel: Put on automatic pilot.

Leela: Okay...

::Leela finds and pushes a button that says Automatic Pilot::

Leela: Here!

::Then a puffy automatic pilot that looks like Homer from The Simpsons::

::Homer then drives the plane::

Dr. Nick: I'll be with the customers.

::Dr. Nick leaves the pilot's pit::

Narrator: Who will be the next to become ill by the bad food? This means....



( This is a parody of Airplane! )

Bender: If you don't want to be bored and sleepy, then stay tuned for SPACESHIP!