Fan Fiction

Spaceship, Part 5
By GrimSP

Chapter 5: Still It's Not Working


::Leela goes to the staff room::

::Leela puts away the magazines and looks at Fry, who is talking to William Hung::

Fry: How did you get here, William Hung? I love your music, my favorite song is She Bangs.

William Hung: Just call me William. And thank you for loving my music. Anyway, to answer your question, I just time traveled here to fly on this plane from Prof. Frink.

Fry: Ah... from The Simpsons.

William: Yeah. Anyway, would you like to ask me more questions?

Fry: Well...

::Leela remembers a moment in her head::

A long time ago at the beach...

::Leela and Fry run at the beach then stop and lay down::

::Leela and Fry make-out::

::Fry stops::

Leela: What's the matter?

Fry: Tomorrow, I have to fight in the war between Bender and Kenny. We'll be back as soon as possible.

Leela: Oh, Fry. Please be careful. I worry so much about you everyday. When will you be back?

Fry: I don't know because I can only think of you who I love.

::Leela and Fry still make-out::

Now out of Leela's memory...

Curtis: Excuse me, you said you'll take me to the pilot's pit, when am I going?

Leela: Um... Amy will take you.

::Leela whispers to Amy to take Curtis to the pilot's pit::

Amy: Okay, let's get runt, I mean Curtis.

Curtis: Yeah!

::Amy moves her head at Leela::

Amy: you owe me a cheese burger and...

Leela: Bye.

Amy: Damn!


At the pilot's pit...

Whatever on the phone: You are now approaching some rough weather so be careful.

Nigel on the phone: Whatever, Whatever.

::Nigel puts down the phone::

::Amy opens the door::

Amy: Hi, guys!

Harriet: Hi.

Amy: Well, we have a boy named Curtis who would like to see you all. The pilots are...

Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate: I'm Chicken "Breast" Withballs.

::Nigel and Harriet laugh a little::

Amy: This is Mr. Nigel Nelson, and Harriet Hartman.

Nigel: Okay. Hi, Curtis. Now, Mr. Withballs, can you control the plane now, okay, Chicken Breast.

Chicken: Okay.

::Chicken becomes mad but doesn't let any one notice or hear him and still he pilots the plane::

Nigel: Have you ever been in a pilot's cockpit before?

Curtis: No, sir.

Nigel: Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Curtis: No, sir.

Nigel: Curtis, have you ever hang around in a gymnasium?

Curtis: Yes, sir.

Amy: Well then, I'll be leaving.

::Amy leaves the pilot's pit::

::Then Curtis looks at Chicken::

Curtis: Wait a minute! I know you, you're Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate! You play basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Chicken: No. I'm Chicken "Breast" Withballs. I'm the co-pilot.

Curtis: You are Ethan! I've seen you play! I think you're great but sometimes my dad thinks you suck at basketball.

::Chicken grabs Curtis' neck::

Chicken: Listen kid... If I were you in this kind of crap, you'll leave now! And tell your dad he also sucks at basketball because he doesn't know how to since he's a asshole!

::Chicken puts away his hand on Curtis' neck::

::Curtis gulps::

Nigel: Curtis, do you like movies about gladiators?

Curtis: No,sir.

::Curtis still gulps::


Now with Leela and Fry sitting on the seats...

Fry: Leela, just hear me out. It will be like the 20th and 30th Century way, remember?

Leela: I just heard say Holy Shit when Scruffy made the mistake breaking the windows when the airplane came in.

Fry: I did, I thought I might Holy She. I mean, I know. Thank you, Bender. Anyway, please love me back.

Leela: I won't love a man who lives on the past.

::Leela leaves::

::Fry remembers something in his head::

Bender: You're doing I say you meat, so your decision is yours okay.

Out of Fry's memory...

Fry: I can't believe she doesn't love me because I haven't been nice to her since the Knife War, which was Bender verses Kenny. Stupid Bender, why ask me.

::Fry leaves his seat and goes to the staff room::

Amy: Since you order your food while waiting for the plane to arrive from The White House, will be giving you your food now.

Richard Nixon's Head: I hope this food is good...

::Then you see a soul names soulkid2000::

soulkid2000: I'm thinking of a new fan fiction story called... The Spacekillers, or Gotherka.

Charlton Jon Villavelez: Let the people decide, they should just email at gwapo64@optonline.net.

Gwapo64: Yeah, baby!

Amy: Would you like some coffee?

FRy: Amy, I've drunk coffee and never will. I just drink Slurm and water.

Amy: Oh, yeah.

Amy: Would any of you love to have some coffee?

Zapp Branigan: I'll sure love one, baby.

::Zapp takes the coffee and drinks it::

Zapp: Whoa! This blows my mind more than watching All My Circuits.

Calculon: Shut up you Gaylord.

Amy: Hi, Kif.

Kif: Hello, Amy, who I love.

Amy: Would you like some coffee, Kif?

KIf: Sure. Thanks.

::Kif takes the coffee and drinks it::

Kif: Wow.

Amy: You're welcome. Would any of you like one?

Curtis' mom: I would, but my husband wouldn't.

::Curtis' mom takes the coffee and drinks it

Curtis' dad: You know what, I'll have one.

::Curtis' dad takes and drinks the coffee::

Curtis' mom talking in her head: My husband never drinks more than one cup of coffee.

Amy: Hi, William.

William: Hi.

Amy: Can you sing for Lisa Simpson?

William: Okay.

::William puts out his arms::

::As William walks with his arms out, he hits people's head::

People: Ouch!

Amy: Lisa, William Hung is here to play for you.

Lisa: Great

William: I find a girl...

::Then everyone looks at William Hung singing::

::Then there is a guy upside down looking at William::

Wiliam: And she bangs, she bangs.

::William's hand takes out Lisa's lifeline::

Lisa: Help!

::Nobody is paying attention to Lisa::

William: Oh, no but when she move, she moves...

::Lisa puts back her lifeline::

William: Then she's fine...

::William hits Lisa's lifeline again::

William: She bangs, she bangs

::Marge tries to help Lisa, but then Lisa froze::

William: She bangs, she bangs!

::People still don't realize Lisa is frozen only Marge::

Narrator: Will more die soon? Find out in another chapter which means....



Note From soulkid2000: My real name is Charlton Jon Villiavelz. Also you can decide which fanfiction story I should do next.

( This is a parody of Airplane! )

Bender: If you don't want to bored and sleepy, then stay tuned for more SPACESHIP!