Fan Fiction

Spaceship, Part 3
By GrimSP

Chapter 3: Passengers Arrive


Two weeks later...

Bob Barker's Head: Hi! I'm Bob Barker's head, and tonight this is the opening of the new airline, Planet Express!

::people cheer::

Bob Barker's Head: The Planet Express' spaceship will now be called an airplane, but faster and cool.

::people cheer::

Bob Barker's Head: Now, we have a machine for countdown. It's called Countdown 3000. I'll turn it on right now.

::Bender turns on and activates the Countdown 3000::

Machine: 12, 8, 10, 60, 70, 2, 1, 12, 21, 09, 90, 8, 7, 3, 5, 4, 1, zero!!!!!!!!!!!!

::people charge into the Planet Express building::

Farnsworth: Wait!

::People go to the doors and hurt their heads::

The people: Oww!!!

Farnsworth: The doors are locked.

The people: D'oh!

::people rub their heads::

::Farnsworth activates the doors to open::

People: Yeah...

::Many people rushed to buy tickets::

Dr. Zoidberg on speaker: Please go to the green zone to do something.

Hermes on Speaker: Don't go to the green zone, it stinks.

Dr. Zoidberg on Speaker: The green zone is to make-out.

Hermes on Speaker: The green zone is too do something dirty.

Dr. Zoidberg: That's what I meant, the green zone is used to make-out.

Hermes on Speaker: Forget about this crap.

::Hermes leaves the speaker::

Dr. Zoidberg: Please come to the green zone.

::A couple walks to Dr. Zoidberg and finds him::

Mike Himes: Where's the green house? Me and my wife, Julie wants to make-out.

Dr. Zoidberg: Well, follow me.

Julie Himes: Okay.

::A green color on the floor appears::

::Dr. Zoidberg takes out his Green Zone card and activates the Green Zone::

Dr. Zoidberg: Here's the green zone.

Mike Himes and Julie Himes: Thanks.

::The door closes and Mike and Julie Himes make-out::

Mike Himes: What's that smell?

::The stinky smell gets worse and worse::

::Mike and Julie run out of the green zone with dirty laundry::

::Then the door of the green zone is locked and Mike and Julie Himes are naked::

::The people look at Mike and Julie Himes::

::Then a man whistled and stare at Julie Himes::

::A woman whistled and stare at Mike Himes::

::A man whistled and stared at Mike Himes::

::A woman whistled and stared at Julie Himes::

::Dr. Zoidberg walks in::

Julie Himes: You slut! Here's your poopdeck!

::Then Julie Himes slaps Dr. Zoidberg and Julie Himes takes away Dr. Zoidberg's Green Zone card::

::Mike Himes and Julie Himes enters the Green Zone still::

Dr. Zoidberg: Um... bye!

::Dr. Zoidberg runs away with his dirty laundry::

One week before the opening of the new Planet Express...

Leela: These are just your extra jobs. I'll be the stewardess of the airplane. Fry, you'll be the taxi man. Bender, you'll be the security guard. Amy, you'll be the cashier. Dr. Zoidberg, you're in charge of the private Green Zone. In fact, here's your green zone card.

::Leela gives Dr. Zoidberg the green zone card::

Dr. Zoidberg: What's a green zone?

Leela: It's where people put their stuff and then we get it.

Dr. Zoidberg thinking in his head: Hmm... that gives me an idea to let somebody else besides this crew to clean it up.

Dr. Zoidberg: I understand.

Leela: Good. Now Farnsworth, you be the one get the tickets. Scruffy, you take care of the airplanes stuff. And Hermes, you'll be the one checking any objects from a passenger.

Hermes: Okay dokey, mon.

Now let's check in with the green zone again...

Hermes: Okay. Now put your luggage here in the green zone.

::As people put their luggage in the green zone, their luggage keep on hitting Mike and Julie Himes getting hit::

::But still, Julie and Mike Himes make-out and ignore that they are being hit by the luggage::


Now outside of the building...

Reagan Gray: Taxi!

::Fry stops the taxi and hits his head on the driving wheel::

Fry: Ouch!

::Reagan Gray enters the taxi::

Fry: I'll be right back.

::Fry leaves his taxi and enters the building::

::Outside, Scruffy uses the arrows to show the pilots to land on the left::

Bender: Hey, Scruffy... Do you know where's the snack machine?

Scruffy: At the right.

::Scruffy uses the arrow to show Bender that the snack machine at the right::

::The airplane goes to the right and hits a window and people scream and leave::

Fry: Holy she...

::Bender covers Fry's mouth::

Bender: Mmm.... The Slurm Candy Bar.

Fry: I gottta go, Bender... I have to see... and look for Leela. Enjoy you Slurm Candy Bar!

Bender: Thanks. Okay. Bye...

::Bender eats more of his Slurm Candy Bar::

::Fry runs to Leela::

Fry: Leela!

::Leela turns and looks at Fry::

Leela: Fry!

Fry: Leela, please love me. I mean look, we're getting rich now.

Leela: Fry, it's not about the money are anything of that.

Fry: Then what?

Leela: It's just... you don't behave good.

Fry: I'm sorry. I can change. It can be like the 20th to 30th century way. I've even been practicing of how to fly the airplane.

Leela: Only on one day you practiced how to fly the airplane, Fry. Besides, It takes so many things to make love last, and it takes respect. And I don't love men who doesn't respect me!

::Leela leaves and cry a little::

::Fry also cries a little::

Scruffy on Speaker: A phone call for Nigel Nelson at the white phone.

Nigel: Okay. Hold on.

::Nigel picks up the red phone::

The red phone: The white phone.

Nigel: Opps.

::Nigel picks up the white phone::

Scruffy on Speaker: Phone call for Nigel Nelson at the white phone!

Nigel: I got it!

Scruffy on Speaker: Thank you.

::Scruffy leaves the speaker::

The white phone: This is call from Dr. Body from the Mayo Clinic.

Nigel: Okay, shoot.

::There was a gun bullet sound::

DR. Body: There's a little girl named Lisa Simpson is there for a heart surgery.

::Then there was a noise of the heart beating::

Nigel: You mean the one who used to be president.

::The heart jumps and makes more noise::

DR. Body: Yes. And she is suppose to arrive in Texas. Make sure she doesn't pass out.

::A farting noise is heard not on the phone::

The white phone: Someone named Cosmo Kramer's Head is on line five from the Ham Clinic.

Nigel: Okay. Give me Ham on five, hold the Mayo.

::Then an emergency car comes by and puts Lisa Simpson up to the airplane::

::Also Marge Simpson comes out of the emergency car and helps carry Lisa::

::Lisa Simpson's hat falls down the stairs and hits a man::

Man: Oy!

::people begin to chatter::

Leela: Attention, people!

::people begin to be quiet::

Leela: we just have enough customers. We have 150 of them!

::people say WooHoo! and then begin to talk::

Leela: Thank you. Good-bye. Come back tomorrow.

::the people who weren't able to go to the flight left the building::

Leela: Okay. Let's get ready.


At the pilot's pit...

Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate: Man, people keep ignoring me because I suck at basketball.

::Ethan groans::

Harriet: How about you just fake your name?

Ethan: Good idea, Harriet!


Outside the plane...

Fry: Okay. I must go inside the plane for our first flight.

::Reagan Gray is still waiting for Fry to drive the taxi::

::The money sign on the taxi says 61,000 dollars to pay::

Jim Greigor: I'll miss you, Janet.

Janet: I'll miss you to, Jim.

Jim: Will you write to me everyday?

Janet: Every day.

Jim: Bye.

::Jim and Janet kiss each other::

Trainman: Better get on board, son.

::The trainman leaves::

Trainman: All aboard!

Janet: Bye, Jim! I love you!

Jim: I love you, Bye!

Janet: Wait!

::Janet runs to the airplane::

::Janet gets hit by a person's gun::

Jim: What?!

Janet: When you're there in Texas, make sure you take a picture there.

Jim: Okay.

Janet: Jim!

::Janet gets hit by a bird::

Jim: What now?!

Janet: Make sure you remember to call me!

Jim: Okay.

Janet: Wait, Jim!!

::Janet gets hit by two satellites::

Jim: What now, dum-dum?!

Janet: Make sure you know what time it is from here to Texas.

Jim: Okay.

::Jim closes the door as fast as he can::

Jim: Man, why do I love her? She's an stupid idiot!

::The airplane lifts up and goes bye-bye!::



( This is a parody of Airplane! )

Bender: If you don't want to be bored and sleepy, then stay tuned for SPACESHIP!