Fan Fiction

By GrimSP

Chapter One: A New Job

Fry: Oh! Bender, watch that lady!

Bender: Stop bothering me, Fry! I wanna see her in very romantic way!

Leela: Guys, when are you gonna stop playing that video game?

Fry: Oh, Leela. "The Woman Who Cried Starcraft" video game is the best this year.

Leela: Fry, I'm dissapointed at you after you have been no good to me and my heart and my liver.

Bender: And your hips.

::Leela slaps Bender::

Bender: Hey! Take it easy on my memory card!

Hermes on Speaker: All staff workers, please come to the meeting room... now!

::A fart is heard on the speaker::

Hermes on Speaker: Um.... that wasn't me.

::Hermes run to the meeting room::

Amy: Farnsworth, next time, bring a golf cart.

Farnsworth: Why do you ask, Lisa Simpson?

Amy: It's Amy!!!

Farnsworth: Sorry. Why do I need a golf cart anyway?

Amy: Because to go faster.

Farnsworth: Hold on!

::Farnsworth speaks chinese words::

::A golf cart appears and Farnsworth sits on it::

Amy: What those words mean again?

::Amy smiles::

(At the meeting room)

::Farnsworth drives the golf cart and hits the table ::

Fry: Whoa! Take it easy.

Hermes: Everyone's here...

::Hermes smiles and then frowns::

Hermes: except Doctor Zoidberg!

::A bird comes in then gets blown away by Hermes' loud scream::

Dr. Zoidberg: Sorry, everyone. I was gonna clean my laundry but then watched my uncle Harold Zoid in one of his new movies in the 1000 network.

Fry: What was it called?

Dr. Zoidberg: The Amazing Three.

Bender: Oh, yeah. That movie. I almost got boned by Calculon.

Dr. Zoidberg: Then I watched one of his movies, which I loved!

Hermes: Zoidberg, I got two words for you.

Dr. Zoidberg: What?

Hermes: Shut-up.

Dr. Zoidberg: Oh!!! Those two words come together as shut up.

Hermes: Shut up.

Dr. Zoidberg: Okay. Fine.

Hermes: Okay. Since we have that got out of our system.

Fry: No we don't.

::Bender puts Fry's face in the table::

Fry: Ouch!!!

Bender: Taken care of.

Hermes: Thank you, Bender, mon. Now we have to talk about our money problems.

::Hermes shows a chart that shows lines going down::

Hermes: As you can see, we have gone to 1 zillion to Zero.

Farnsworth: Well, that sucks.

Hermes: Does anybody have ideas to get us rich again?

Fry: I've got an idea. Leela, are you happy now?

Leela: No. But I've got an idea, how about we do something new besides doing package delievery.

Bender: That's good... Not! It's a good idea but what are we gonna do if we're not gonna do package delievery.

Fry: How about we use our spaceship for traveling to somewhere and it'll be faster.

Farnsworth: That's a great idea since our spaceship is the fastest that anything in the whole wide universe.

Amy: That's a great idea, Fry!

Bender: That's a great idea, slut, I mean, Fry.

Hermes: That's a great idea, mon.

Dr. Zoidberg: That's great. Now, will someone clean my laundry? I can't do it because ruin my hands.

::The gang moves backward and stays away from Dr. Zoidberg and his dirty laundry::

Fry: Well, what do you think of my idea, Leela.

Leela: Still not great. Just good. As long as this goes well, maybe I'll love you again!

Fry: WooHoo!!!

::Fry puts his arms up and everybody smells his stinkness::

Leela: Maybe I'll think about it slut.

::Fry puts down his arms::

Fry: D'oh!

Hermes: We'll start this great idea tommorow.

Fry: Great! Come on Bender! Let's play "The Woman Who Cried Starcraft" .

Bender: I'm right behind there, Fry.

::Leela groans::

Fry: Maybe you go ahead. I'll be right back.

Bender: Whatever.

::Bender plays the videogame and Fry and Leela hears video game noises::

Fry: Leela?

Leela: Fry?

Fry: Can I make it up to you?

Leela: I just said. We'll one is gonna make me a little happy.

Fry: Which one is it?

Leela: Take a shower.

Fry: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::Fry coughs and then continues::

Fry: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leela: You want me or not.

Fry: Fine.

Leela: Besides, you'll feel good and your eyes will feel better too. Come on, I'll watch you take a shower.

Fry: Okay.

Leela: Okay, since you haven't taken a bath for two months, let's make this cold.

Fry: Oh no.Then my private parts will become frozen.

::Leela turns on the shower::

::The options on the tower says Cold, Hell, and Opera::

::Leela turns it to Cold::

Fry: AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next day...

Everyone takes a shower then dresses, then drinks beer, then eats breakfast, then gets ready.



Bender: If you don't want to be bored and sleepy, then stay tuned for more SPACESHIP!

This story is a parody of Airplane!