Fan Fiction

Space 1999
By Gav

This is my first Fan Fic I hope you all like it, I am open to any (nice) criticism and pointers for this and future fan fics. (The Plot Is set sometime after 'The Why of Fry')

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Futurama sets or characters

Part 1: An Evil Plot

Opening Scene+Theme tune (caption: Back to the Future…again)

Cut to: the large white dimension containing the brain spawn and the giant super brain (the infosphere!)

Super Brain: Mwahahaha at last we can destroy the universe once and for all

Brain 1: uh yeah why don't you just shut up, every week you come up with a new idea But it just keeps backfiring and we end up in even stranger more isolated dimension…

Super Brian: well I don't see you come up with any good ideas Mr. I'm the Greetest…

Brain 1: (sigh)…… well what is it then

A bright light breaks through time, space and all dimensions creating a time rift

Super Brain: Mwahahaha now I have made this rift connect to earth space 1999 where We can travel back and destroy earth and its savior …Fry!!!

Brain 1: ooooooo (mentally claps)

A vast army of Brains Disappear into the rift,

Cut to P.E. Ship Bridge flying through space returning from a delivery. Where Fry, Leela, Bender are sitting at there normal stations Nibbler is curled up on Leela's lap.

Fry: Man I never wanna make a delivery to a planet with the word rabies in it Ever again.

He wipes some drool from his mouth then turns to Bender

Bender: You and your weird diseases, I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out you Meat bags, just when you think you know enough about them they turn round And bite my shiny metal ass!

Bender Looks at the dents in his ass in a reflection in the window and starts to rub it

Leela: Look Bender if you hadn't have gone off and provoked them and actually helped us deliver the package you wouldn't have gotten into that mess.

Fry: Yeah (turns to Leela) what was in the package?

Leela: a two year supply of dog biscuits…

Fry: Awwww man I love Biscuits

Bender: Pffft (mutters) you humans with your stupid food and stupid organs

With that he gets up take a beer out of his compartment chugs it down and strolls off the bridge muttering something about preparing fine cuisine in the ships kitchen.

Fry: (seductively) So Leela while we are here all alo… (Cut short by leela)

Leela: (sigh) Sometimes I really do love your optimism Fry, but cant you just Get it though into you head that I just want us to be friends, (harshly) and before You ask there is nothing more you can do to make me fall in love with you! Fry: (sad) oh… well…I'll just (coldly) go away…

He gets up and silently and walks off the bridge, Fry's sobs can be heard as the door closes behind him.

Leela: (in her head) I shouldn't have snapped at him like that…hmmm...He be ok he Always is….isn't he?

Leela's conscience: No, you know he basically dies inside every time you reject him...

Leela: (in her head) …I know… I should go and say sorry..

Leela stops her mental debate; she looks at nibbler and talks to him

Leela: Oh nibbler I wish you could understand what im going through….

There us a buzzing coming from Nibblers Cape, He instinctively jumps up and runs off the bridge to (making his usual animal noises like something's up). While in the Corridor Nibbler is informed of the situation of the Brainspawn and is instructed to recruit the savior of the universe, he silently slips into Fry's cabin and the scene cuts back to the bridge.

Leela: Nibbl….oh what's the point he can't go far,

She turns on the auto pilot and walks off the bridge to her cabin as she gets to Fry's cabin she hears voices and puts her ear up next to the door.. (Meanwhile in Fry's Cabin)

Fry is sobbing in his cabin until he rolls over and notices Nibbler staring up at him

Fry: Oh hi Nibbler what you doing in here...? (Wipes the tears from his eyes)

Nibbler: (makes his usual animal mumbling noise)

Fry: whatever… I wish you could understand what im going through, I love Leela But I just can't get it though to her, she just rejects me and I feel even more Like a loser, im just so unimportant.

Nibbler just stares at him blankly, Fry trying to cheer up changes the subject

Fry: you know what it would be cool if you could speak and Fly around in a little ship And stuff.

Nibbler: Yes I can do that! and also other amazing things, which I had blanked from Your memory!

Fry looks at nibbler blankly

Fry: (astounded and confused) Errr did it involve pancakes?

Nibbler: No Fry it did not contain pancakes it contained you saving the universe from The evil Brainspawn.

Fry: What those geeky flying brains?

Nibbler: Yes

Fry: But no one believed me they said I was making it up

Nibbler nods

Nibbler: That was the the first time Fry, you saved the universe again when you trapped The brainspawn in an isolated dimension.


Nibbler: enough of that, our time is important, I have just received a message from the Elders on planet Eternium that the Brainspawn have escaped their prison by Creating a warp time fluctuation enabling them travel back to your earth in 1999 To destroy and all life on earth before the events that have transpired…

Fry stares blankly for a second trying to take in the information

Fry: (angrily) Now it's personal

Cut to outside Fry's cabin where leela has been listening in

Leela: I don't believe it….Fry…savior of mankind, the universe…and life as we know it?

With that she opens the the cabin door just as Fry has finished speaking; all look at each other in astonishment…

Fry: (gasp) Leela?

Leela: Fry?...Nibbler?

Nibbler: Ah yes ms.Leela, the other, it is nice of you to join us

Leela: (astonished) what is going on? Is what I just overheard correct?

Nibbler: Affirmative what you have eavesdropped is indeed correct

Fry: (confused) the other?

Nibbler: ah yes, Ms.Leela is in fact, the other, the last time you saved the universe, When you pushed yourself into the cryogenic freezer I spoke of the other, She is the only other person in the entire universe, That could save the universe from entire peril. And it all rests on the mental Bonds that you share.

Leela: so what you're saying is that me and Fry have to save the (cut short by Nibbler)

Nibbler: Affirmative, now we don't have much time, we have to immediately re-route the Auto pilot sub-commands to take us straight into the time rift.

Leela: why can't I just pilot the ship?

Nibbler looks at her blankly and walks out of Fry's cabin to the Bridge, leaving Fry and Leela alone in Fry's cabin. They just stare at each other taking in what they had herd, slowly they break the silence

Leela: (astonished) wow…so everything was true, you really did save the universe ….twice!

Fry: (also astonished) yeah I guess I did (a childish grin forms on his face) And all without the help of those stupid worms. I guess, I am much more Of a man than anyone thinks I am!

Leela: (apologetically) I guess so (she remembers the events of 'parasites lost' And a look of guilt form on her face)

Fry: I wonder what the dumb poop-machine meant about out 'mental bond'. Does That mean we are like super geeks or something?

Leela: I don't know Fry, but I guess we are gonna find out sooner rather than later.. (She stops for a second) come on Fry lets go to the bridge.

They both get up and walk out of Fry's cabin and head for the bridge then Bender stops them dead in their tracks

Bender: where do you think your going?

Fry+Leela: (kinda robotronic-like they have practiced for this situation) No time for food we are needed on the bridge…

Fry and Leela make a break for the bridge, but Bender manages to extend his arms and catch them and push them into the mess room. As the door open an aroma of out of date eggs and soapy water hits them (Fry and Leela's faces turn a shade of green) Bender stands in the doorway in a proud stance. Fry and Leela sit down and they attempt to not open their mouths incase they gag, when Bender starts to question them.

Bender: Well them waddaya think? I slaved for hours over a greasy stove to make this…

Fry and Leela simultaneously look down at the greenish bluish pulsating blob that seems to have something still alive within it

Leela: (trying not to gag) well it's very….interesting and creative of you Bender

Fry: (badly attempting not to gag) uh….yeah…whatever Leela said

Bender: (proud) thanks you guys, well now tuck in we still have a long journey back to Earth

Suddenly the ships alarm goes off and red lights start to flash

Autopilot (intercom): Dangerous special anomaly detected, it is advised to change course Immediately.

Leela: Quick Fry we are needed on the bridge, uh sorry Bender um maybe you can Cook for us later…or re-heat it…or something?

Fry: uh yeah um yes what Leela said

Bender: (sadly) aww man you skintubes with your pointless alarms, fine I'll make an Even better more exquisite dish for later

Bender Pulls a chefs hat out of his compartment and puts it on, Fry and Leela rush out of the mess room down towards the bridge

Fry: phew saved by the Bell

Leela: uh that's an alarm Fry not a bell

Fry: whatever

The bridge door opens and Nibbler is sitting in the pilot seat wearing his little flight suit And a small blue helmet (like the one fry wears in 'when aliens attack') out the window there is a big blue time rift (looks like the quasar but all different shades of blue with the occasional grandfather clock shooting out in random directions)

Fry: Oh man it's like that drug trip I went on when I watched that movie with a guy who Was On a drug trip hallucinating about someone on a drug trip…

Leela and Nibbler just stare silently at him; Nibbler breaks the short uncomfortable silence

Nibbler: That is the Interspacial time rift, by traveling though this we are immune to Changes in history and for the duration we stay will cause time to go back, But it is very unstable and dangerous, so I will be piloting

Leela: (annoyed) Hey why can't I fly, I am the captain after all!?

Nibbler: The wormhole is small and complex one miss calculation due to your Incurable depth perception could be the catalyst to end all life as we know it

Leela: (sighs)….fine

Leela sit down at Benders station and Fry sits himself down on the couch and puts on some oversized shades. Cut to: out side the P.E. Ship, it flies towards the dead centre of the time rift and the ship its gets sucked in like the Titanic did in the black hole. There is violent turbulence and all goes black.

Part 2: Into the Void

Fry opens his eyes, there is no main power but the slow dim flashes of the red emergency lighting he picks himself up off the floor and stares out the window into the wild vortex. (This bit is like in startrek: first contact when you see the Borg take over earth ...Kinda) He sees earth in the foreground but as a barren brown shell of a planet surrounded by more giant super brains and fleets of smaller ones. He stares at earths peril as he notices something and remembers what Nibbler said about staying in the flux. He sees all the brains are moving backwards and slowly but surely earth turns back to a Green and Blue paradise (compared to what he had just seen), and one by one the brains disappear.

Instinctively Fry jumps into the pilot seat to see the year timer counting down fast

Fry: oh gees what the hell am I gonna do, 2007,6,5,4,3,2,1,0,1999!

Fry quickly pulls the control stick back and the P.E. Ship is shot out of the rift and into earth orbit in the distance The Super Brain and the Small fleet of Brains are moving towards earth. The ship suddenly overloads and powers down and all remaining emergency functions come online, Fry gets up and searches for Leela and Nibbler who are on the floor knocked our at the back of the room. The door opens and a large figure enters the room with a large metal object in its hand

Bender: Hey Fry I thought you could use this bucket of water to wake up Leela and the Rat

With that Bender tips out the water and smacks the bucket over Leela's and Nibblers heads, slowly but groggily they come too.

Leela: (groggily) Wha….happened…..turbulence….my head...The console…blackness

Fry helps leela sit up

Fry: Don't worry everything is ok, im just glad you're not hurt (he smiles)

Nibbler: Indeed Fry we are not harmed, though I am surprised you managed to pilot us To the correct time period

Nibbler points at the Year Timer showing 'Year 1999: Stupid Ages'. Bender Looks at Nibbler with an astonished look (if robots can look astonished)

Bender: What! Did that rat just speak?

Nibbler: Yes Bending Unit and I can do other amazi…(gets cut short by Fry)

Fry: Gees save us your life story..Again

Nibbler: very well but now time is of the essence and we should start to accumulate Our plan on destroying the Brainspawn

Bender: Brainspawn? 1999? What the hell is going on meat bags?

Fry: take this and don't ask any questions (he hands bender $10) long story I'll Tell you later

Bender: (quickly swipes the money) whatever meat bag you're the boss

Bender walks off (probably back to the kitchen) leaving Fry, Leela and Nibbler on the Bridge

Leela: Nibbler if all Fry's ramblings are true, wont the Brainspawn be able to take us Over,..apart from Fry, and even then we won't even remember what has happened

Nibbler: Yes a valid question Leela, after Fry had trapped the Brainspawn in the isolated Dimension, we decided to scan Fry's Brain waves and harness its power into These!

(He pulls out cheap little tin foil caps with long tinfoil antenna on the top from behind his jumpsuit… um think the tin foil hats in 'Signs')

Nibbler: (continuing) When these Anti-Delta wave caps are worn they block all signals That attract the Brainspawn thus making you invisible and immune to their Mental attacks.

Fry just stares at the caps and laughs

Leela: well I don't know about you Fry but I think they are quite ..'Futuristic"

Fry falls on the floor crying with laughter, Leela puts the cap on but Fry just laughs even harder. Leela glares at him, Fry slowly stops laughing and tries to put on a serious face and gets back up.

Nibbler: From now on me, Leela and bender will have to continue wearing these caps If we are to succeed in our clandestine operations.

With that nibbler puts a cap on his head and runs out of the bridge to go and find Bender.. Meanwhile in orbit on the over side of the planet….

Super Brain: Mwahahaha see it is only a matter of time before we conquer and destroy The human race and with them finished off there will be no one to stand in Our way.

A small Brain scout patrol report to the Super Brain about their sightings

Brain1: Overlord, we have discovered a vessel!

Brain 2: Yes, and also it seems to be from around our time period

Super Brain: Any life signs?

Brain 1: Nope, nothing more than a dead lobster or week old road kill

Super Brain: Brain waves?

Brain 2: Nope

Super Brain: Peanuts?

The other 2 brains ignore his comment and just float off screen

Super Brain:… (Sighs) ah if only we hadn't evolved past the needing of physical foods…

(He sobs and floats off screen) Cut to: the P.E. Ship everyone is preparing the for the worst on the ship and trying to conduct a plan to stop the brains, Nibbler is holding a meeting in the mess hall

Nibbler: I have finally conducted a plan, just incase I put all these emergency previsions In this closet where nobody bothers to look

Nibbler opens the door of the closet and a sleeping Zoidberg falls out, he hits the floor and wakes up, everyone jumps back in astonishment, Zoidberg woops around the room till he finally calms down and sits down

Leela: Dr.Zoidberg? What the hell are you doing here?

Zoidberg: (ashamed) I live here, the closest has been my new home ever since the Professor dismantled the Alien Cross Pregnancy Machine he did

Zoidberg puts his hands to his head and sobs, Nibbler hands him a Foil cap and Zoidberg woops with glee, he puts it on and scuttles round the room happily

Nibbler: Now where was I? Ah yes the emergency provisions

He picks up some inflatable dolls, a handful of brainwave emitter chips and some good old 20th century C4 (way past its use by date)

Bender: oh you're God, (his eyes zoom at of his sockets when he sees the hooker dolls)

Leela: (disgusted) hmmm a bit, archaic really…

She turns around to see Fry giving the thumbs up to Nibbler

Leela: Fry!

Fry: (puts his head down) sorry captain (he mouths to Nibbler) I'll come back later

Nibbler: Very well, but first I haven't told you the plan!

Everyone's attention is directed at Nibbler

Nibbler: This plan is so simple a chimpanzee can do it blindfolded

Fry: Hey why can't I do it?

Nibbler: A. we don't have a blindfold and B.You would probably need help putting The blindfold on , and C. lets not go down that path ok!

The rest of the crew chuckle and Fry glares at them

Nibbler: Anyway, what we do is, inflate the dolls pack them full of this ancient substance The 20th century humans call C…4… then attach the Brainwave emitter chips, Then plant them in the super brains superstructure and activate the chips. Then When the brains try to scan them it will set off the explosives thus blowing them Into Mc.Nugget sized brain chunckletts thus killing the last of the Brainspawn Once and for all.

Everyone claps apart from Zoidberg who is searching the floor for scraps and Bender who is lighting up a Cigar.

Nibbler: Now the only problem is that the C4 is out of date so im giving you 150 20th century Dollars to buy some, and yes this will mean going to the planet Surface.

Fry: WOW! I get to walk around old New York City, just like I used to when dogs where Chasing me cos' I had pizza on my shoe Everyone ignores Fry comment and continues to listen to Nibbler

Nibbler: Anyway, you will be dropped at exactly this point

(He points a hologram showing the alley at the back of Panucci's pizza)

Nibbler: (continuing) the only problem is, that this particular ancient pizzeria is Where Fry used to work!

Fry: oh cool I can go and see Mr.Panucci and Seymour and stuff

Nibbler: No Fry, you cannot interact with anyone you know in this time period Incase come across your past self and if you do you could create At time paradox which will cause the universe to cave in on itself

Fry: But I killed my Grandfather and Slept with my Grandma (He shudders) but that didn't destroy the universe!

Nibbler: That is not the point Fry; the point is you have to save the universe so just Do as instructed

Fry: Fine, take away all the fun

The crew head out for a late night landing

Cut to: earth above the alley behind the pizzeria the ship Flies low behind some buildings until it stops at the drop point Cut Back: inside the P.E. Ship cargo bay

Nibbler: Right now if you would all stand on the main cargo door and prepare to Transport to earth

Fry dressed in his usual attire and Leela who is wearing Sunglasses and her Jacket step onto the pad (Unfortunately Bender can't go down because they will be found out immediately and Zoidberg…uh let's not go there)

Fry: Hey I though you don't have transporters in the future?

Nibbler: A what?

Nibbler reaches up and pulls a lever and the cargo doors open suddenly Fry and Leela fall out and land in a dumpster and the P.E. Ship Flies back off into the atmosphere, Leela then puts on a hat to cover her Foil cap and they pull themselves out of the dumpster.

Fry: awww man I think I broke something… (Turns round to see a needle in his ass) Nope it's just this (he pulls it out any throws it back in the dumpster.)

Leela: Stop messing around Fry this is serious!...Hey Look!

Fry+Leela look down the alley to see the street, everyone is walking around like zombies and bumping into things, and the Flying Brains can bee seen patrolling the streets

Fry: oh man it's too late

Leela: no it isn't Fry if we just get the explosives back to the ship as fast as we can We could still save this hellhole of the past

Fry shrugs and they walk down the street, the Brainspawn bump into them from time to time but are completely oblivious to them, eventually they find a shop named 'Lil' Jimmy's Military Junk', They walk in to find a dumb guy in overalls behind the counter

Jimmy: Duh?

Leela: Excuse we need some Military Grade C4?

Jimmy: Duh? (He looks confused and points to a sigh in his shop that shows a big Explosion that just happens to the the explosive section)

Leela: Thank you sir, come on Fry

Jimmy: Duh?

Fry: eh?

Leela: oh no Fry I thought the Brainspawn's attack couldn't harm you

Fry: eh? No I was just looking at this magazine (he picks it up to show leela the cover Says 'Top Gun Babe')

Leela: (sigh) come on Fry I found the explosives

Fry: cool

Fry and Leela walk to the back of the shop and pick up a large amount of C4 and stuff it into some duffle bags that are hanging on the wall

Leela: This should do it

Fry: I recon this much explosive could cook you a year supply of Turkey

Jimmy: (smiles) DUH!

Jimmy walks over carrying some turkeys and lights the other explosives on the counter with the vacant cigar in this mouth, Immediately Fry and Leela Sprint out the store with the duffle bags and drop the money on the counter. Jimmy walks back to the counter as the explosives kerplode! The explosion throws Fry and Leela across the street and Jimmy is shot out the window into another building that just so happens to have the sign cushion factory above the door. There is a series of angry clucking noises, and feathers burst out the broken door.

Fry and Leela pick themselves up but only to find that Leela's cap has been blown off, suddenly a small army of Brainspawn spots her and she starts to act dumb

Leela: Oh no! Cognitive Fac..lties….umm….errr….Fry…duhhh….Help….Duh?

Fry: Noooooooooo, I'll save you Leela

Quickly he throws both bags onto his back and picks up Leela, he then sprints back to the ally when he hears a familiar voice

Past Fry: What the hell is going on? Is it a public holiday or something?

Fry's Mind: Oh crap it's me, if I see me and me see's me then…..oh gees im getting Myself confused….I'll just keep away from me

Fry Quickly runs into the ally just as the Past Fry walks past they miss seeing each other by inches

Fry: Phew!

Past Fry:….did I just here me? Nah it couldn't have been, I knew I shouldn't have eaten That out of date peanut butter…

The past Fry walks off in confusion, (Normal) Fry walks round to the dumpster waiting to be picked up, suddenly the P.E. Ship swoops down and a long pair of metallic hands pulls Fry and Leela up into the ship, as soon as the Ship came it had gone and no one was the wiser. Cut To: P.E. Ship cargo bay. Quickly Nibbler gets a replacement cap and puts it on the flailing Leela's head

Leela: Duuuh Cogni…tive…Faculties….back,..what the hell just happened?

Fry: There was a little explosion and you lost your hat thingy so we had to make A break for it and we were being chased and it was like all ahhhhhh! And They were all like zooooom give us your peanuts …and now were are here

Leela: I really doubt it happened like that, but ok

Fry: wow! You actually agreed with me for once!

Leela: well in light of the circumstances...Yeah

Fry: so does that mean you will go out with me?

Leela:………not now Fry

Fry: (sadly) oh ...Ok, so do you reckon we could have dinner later?

Leela: (cross look)…………

Fry: ok I'll be quiet

Fry walks over to the bags and starts to unload the C4 onto the hover dolly in the corner of the cargo bay

Nibbler: Come on people we have a lot of work to do in little time

Everyone sighs, Zoidberg goes and helps Fry unload the C4, Leela starts to blow up the dolls and Bender comments on biting his shiny metal ass and walks off in a strop, Nibbler then jumps up and bites him in the ass and Bender Storms out of the Cargo bay with Nibbler still hanging on…..this is gonna be one hell off a long night.

Part 3: The Final Countdown

It's the early hours of the morning and everyone is crashed out in the cargo bay, Zoidberg is huddled in the corner and Leela is sitting in the centre of the room she walks over to Fry and lies next to him, by accident she wakes him up and he looks astonished

Fry: Leela? What are you doing?

Leela: Oh, Fry, I um errr must have passed out from working too much, um yeah that's It…….

Fry looks at her with a face of total disbelief

Fry: Yeah working too much, you always work and never pass out…what's really on Your mind?

Leela sucks in her pride and bites the bullet

Leela: Well…all of this is getting to me; I mean we!, we are the saviors of the universe It's all too much to take in, I mean if we screw up were dead, every one...every Thing will be dead, I just want someone to confide in with the same problems Someone who will…..keep me safe for once….

Fry: Really? Well im sorry I can't really help you take it all in, it's still pretty much a Surprise to me, I mean the dumb-ass of the universe is actually the savoir of it I really didn't see that coming! And Leela I … (is cut short by Leela)

Leela: I also wanted to say something else….today weather you did or didn't rescue me Back on earth, when I saw your face with a warm look of relief I think I felt Something..

Fry: really! What was it like a pineapple or something?

Leela: (a little bit cross, but soon changes to a softer tone) no… like feelings She Leans up and stares longingly into his eyes

Fry: (smiles)…oh!

Leela yawns and Fry does the same, Leela closes her eye and snuggles up next to Fry. Fry Relaxes and smiles, he takes his jacket off and puts it over Leela, he puts his arm round her and falls to sleep. All is quiet.

Cut To: The Super Brain surrounded by the smaller Brains

Brain2: Sir we encountered resistance but I put a stop to it…I think

Brain 1: Yes, we were attracted to a large explosion, those dumb earthlings Cant do anything right

Brain 2: well they stopped you sorry assless ass Mr. Im the Greetest

Brain 1: ……….shut up!

Super Brain: enough we are now nearly ready to complete our task and destroy the Universe Mwhahahahahaha..hahahaha….hahahaha…haha..ha..ha…

Brain 1: why does he always have to laugh like that?

Brain 2: Beats me

Brains Float back to earth. Cut back to the P.E. Ship cargo bay where everyone is waking up apart from Bender and Zoidberg. Bender is standing on a box smoking a cigar and chugging down a Beer, in his other hand he is holding a scrap of food and is teasing Zoidberg with it making him jump around

Bender: hahaha stupid lobster

Zoidberg gets frustrated and runs out of the cargo bay towards the kitchen wooping, catching onto his plan Bender Suddenly Sprints after him

Bender: (shouting) Come back you dumb lobster I have food in there..dont make me Cook you!!!

Bender shouting wakes up the rest of the crew and they slowly get up but when they realize they are behind schedule they wake up quickly

Nibbler: everyone quickly we are 2 minutes behind schedule and every second counts!

Fry: aww man cant I just have 5 more minutes

Nibbler: Negative

Fry: Damn!

Leela sits up and looks over at the explosive hookers in the corner

Leela: Is this really going to work?

Nibbler: Affirmative now come on we only have a few more hours before the Brainspawn wipe out all humanity

Leela and Fry get up, Leela smiles at Fry and Hands him back his jacket still smiling she Gives him a small kiss on the cheeks and walks off

Fry: Yes! now that's two cheeks im not washing….not like I wash them anyway

Leela: (sigh) come on Fry we have a lot of work to do

Fry: Yes ma'am

Fry, Leela and Nibbler walk over to the other end off the cargo bay just as A yet again wooping Zoidberg scuttles in being chased by Bender

Bender: When I get my hands on you im gonna cook so much shellfish zoidJERK!

Zoidberg: (sadly) awww that was uncalled for it was

Zoidberg goes off and sobs in the corner again. Scene cuts back to Leela, Fry and Nibbler standing next to the hover dollies

Nibbler: Amazing these inflatable beauty's of doom are made to exact specification

Fry: Yeah, that's what taking a whole pot of Prozac does to you

Fry's hand shakes violently, but he slaps it and it stops

Leela: All we need to do now is put our final plan into action

Nibbler: Yes and just incase Fry was called upon again I installed these behind This useless panel

Nibbler points to another small cupboard and presses a button out fall 2 Scooty Puff senior.

Fry: oooooooo!

Nibbler: when I move the ship into minimal detection range from the super brain you And Leela will have to ride these to the drop point; they are too small to be Detected by the Super Brains Super Ship Scanner!

Leela: Ok, well it's all settled then me and Fry will gear up and (gets cut short)

Fry: wait, no Leela I can handle this alone I don't want anything to happen to you!

Leela: Fry you can't do it alone its impossible you will be killed you need my help

Fry: You don't understand I love you Leela, if you go and something goes wrong I couldn't live with myself; my life would be pointless without you…

Leela: I know and that's why I have to help you, so we have a better chance of Surviving this

She kisses Fry on the cheek and he comes to his senses

Fry: Thank you, (he takes her hand in his) Leela I love you, (determined) Now lets save Mankind once and for all!

Leela: I love you too Fry (she smiles)

Fry's spirit soars to the strength of 10,000 men and he quickly pulls on his space suit and loads up the Scooty Puff seniors. Leela then pulls on a space suit and carefully puts her helmet on over her antenna cap. Nibbler runs off to the bridge and Bender and Zoidberg walk out of the cargo bay preparing for room decompression.

Nibbler (over the intercom): Fry, Leela, I am commencing the decompression of the Cargo bay

Leela: Ok, over and out

Fry: uh whatever over and out

The room decompresses and the main cargo door opens a few small things fly out of the cargo bay door, Leela and Fry harness themselves on there Scooty Puffs and turn on the engines

Nibbler (intercom): Good luck

Zoidberg (intercom): Yes Good Luck Fry, Leela, I hope you come back with some Injuries I can heal

Bender (intercom): Hey meat bags come back alive ok, I haven't finished screwin' You over for all your money yet!

Fry: awww Bender I didn't know you care so much

Leela: (sigh)

Cut to: out side of the P.E. Ship it is stopped near(ish) to the Super Brain and Fry and Leela on their Scooty Puffs Rocket out Heading towards the Super Brain. ….Meanwhile

Super Brain: How are our plans coming along?

Brain 1: Great, we have enslaved 99% of the population with only a few who oppose us But they are too dumb to do anything anyway

Super Brain: Mwahahahha, so how long till the final destruction of humanity

Brain 1: um, one hour and five minutes

Super Brain: Good!, oh and before you go, can you put the kettle on?

Brain 1: (sighs) whatever, (he just floats away whispering) Dumb ass

Super Brain: I heard that!

Brain 1: Eeek (quickly flies off screen)

Cut back to Fry and Leela on the Scooty Puffs whizzing through space

Fry: How much longer till we get to the drop points?

Leela: About five minutes Fry…

Fry: Ok, I can't wait till this is over and done with, cos im starting to get hungry

Leela: um Fry I need to confide in you

Fry: Sure what's up?

Leela: I suppose this should be the most frightening experience in all my life, But…with you here I don't seem to be scared (she smiles)

Fry: (smiles back)

There is Bleeping on the Control panels of the Scooty Puffs Fry and Leela turn their face forward to see the massive super brain looming above them!, they spot a small opening that says 'Fire Escape'. Fry and Leela slow down and put bike locks on the handle bars of the Scooty Puffs and throw the bags stuffed with the inflated dolls over their shoulders Clamber into the Super Brains superstructure.

Inside they see the huge Brain surrounded by fleets of small brains; they slowly climb up the side of the brain until they get to the computer station at the top, Fry and Leela unload the Dolls and stand them around the consol, Leela reaches into a pocket and pulls out the Brain emitter chips and some sticky tape and starts to attach the chips.

Fry: Man im gonna miss these (he pats one of the dolls on the back)

Leela looks up in an astonished and confused look

Fry: (looks back at leela) um don't worry, it's a joke…yeah a joke

Leela: (sigh) ok Fry but whatever you say, just no goofing off ok were almost done

Fry nods at Leela and Notices a small bleeping red light still in Leela's pocket, it one of the brain emitter chips, activated!

Fry: Leela, Nooooooooooo

Fry jumps on Leela and pulls out the chip and Runs, Several Brains notice the chip and chase after Fry.

Leela: (shouting) Fry what are you doing, the Brains!!!

Fry: (shouting) Go Leela! Save yourself there's no time

Suddenly all the Brain emitter chips activate and Leela stares in horror Glued to the spot, The Brains stop chasing Fry and lock onto the dolls, as quickly as they do the Dolls explode in a hellish Fury, Leela and Fry are thrown off the brain and fall into the depths of the super structure…..all goes black

Part 4: The End of an Era

Slowly Fry and Leela wake up to a deep evil laugh (Mwahahaha), they see themselves suspended above the Super computer consol on the brain (like Fry was in 'The Why of Fry). There are pieces of brain scattered everywhere but the super brain seems to be unharmed.

Super Brain: Ha-ha you thought you could simply..Blow..me..Up!, well guess again My mental powers are so superior that they can repel even the strongest Explosive!

Fry: Well at least we took our best shot at saving the universe…to bad it had to end This way….

Super Brain: Yes they were spectacular fireworks I'll give you that but now its time For you to witness the end of you pitiful…humanity! Mwahahahahaha!

Leela: … (Scared) Fry I guess we are done for, all is lost…I love you Fry!

Fry: (a sudden brainwave!) WAIT! I get it, the mental bond, the other, everything, I get It, that explosion musta really blown some sense into me!

Leela: what the hell do you mean Fry?

Fry: Don't you get it? Our so called Link is the key all we have to do is use it Use it to destroy the Brainspawn,…if its easy for me it must be easy for you!

The Super Brain is in a state of confusment and them finds itself scared about what could happen

Fry: come on Leela you think what I think. (Fry's mind) just concentrate on escaping!

Leela: Fry I could here that, but how? What?

Fry: (angrily) just do it!

They concentrate and their fleshy prison the bonds disintegrate and they fall to the floor, The super brain starts to get scared and slowly moves towards the time rift.

Super Brain: Mwahahahaha, you think that's going to stop me! Im gonna go back in Time and crush you before you even deduct your simple plan! You think Your simple bond of Love!? Is going to stop the destruction of eternity?

Leela: So that's it, that's why it's going to take the two of us to defeat this giant white Geek!

Fry nods and glares at the brain and starts to mess around with the computer consol

Super Brain: No! Stop! You are messing up my trajectory!

Fry: you see Leela it's kinda like telekinesis all you gotta do is focus and it will happen!

Leela: wow I didn't know you could use such big words!, so its kinda like mind control

Fry: mind wha?

Leela: don't worry

Cut to: space the Super brain is starting to move away from the Time flux but is heading back towards earth! Cut back to inside the Super Brains super structure

Super Brain: Ha! You still think you can stop me, now I will just destroy earth and Humanity in a blaze of glory Mwahahahahahaha

Fry: Would you just quit that stupid laugh im trying to work!

Fry is still tapping away at the consol when he comes across a file labels Super Structure cascade. He opens the file and it show schematics of all the weak points that hold the structure together and keep it from smushing the Brain! Its cuts to back in space and it shows things hotting up a bit as the Super Brain gains a fire trail as it hurtles towards earth. Cuts back to the inside. In the mean time Leela is nowhere to be seen

Fry smirks and the brain is getting very anxious

Super Brain: Even if you do create a cascade you won't have enough time to escape!

Suddenly Leela Busts in on a Scooty Puff

Leela: Come on Fry Lets Blow this joint!

Fry: But First! (He smirks)

Fry concentrates hard on some large metal beams supporting the top of the superstructure He nods at leela to do the same; the brain just continues to laugh at their futile attempt. But then cracks start to form in the beams and they begin to crumble, Fry and Leela snap out of their trance and fry clambers onto the back of the Scooty Puff.

The Brain ensnares the Scooty Puff and lets out a tyrannical laugh and all hope seems to be lost for our heroes!

Cut to: the P.E. Ship Bridge where Nibbler, Bender and Zoidberg are staring at the collapsing Brain as it cascades there is a huge white light and an explosion chunks for Brain and scrap metal are shot all round the cosmos. Slowly out of the wake a lone Scooty Puff comes into view, Cut to: the lone Scooty Puff Sr.

Leela: Fry! We did it, we actually did it, can't believe we (cut short)

Fry: (chuckling) save it for later, we still have to make it back to the ship

Leela: Oh I love you Fry

Fry: I love you too

Leela: (seductively) you know Fry when we get back im gonna make it up to you For all those times I made you feel bad….

Fry: Huh? (Catching onto what Leela said) Oooooooooh! (He smiles)

As the Scooty Puff enters back into the P.E. Ship cargo bay the crew rushes down to meet them the cargo doors close and Nibbler, Bender and Zoidberg enter

Nibbler: Congratulations Fry, Leela, you just saved existence as we know it

Bender: Yeah congratulations on surviving meat bag (he turns and whispers to Zoidberg) I owe you 25 bucks!

Zoidberg woops with glee

Fry: Wow we made it……wait what about the other brains on earth?

Nibbler: Well thus killing the Super Brain the mental hub of all Brainspawn Consciousness, effectively leaving them….brain dead, so I called for A clean up crew on a secure channel.

Cuts to Nibblonian Fleet at the other side of the planet, then cuts to the earth surface showing millions of Nibbloneans eating the brains then quickly flying off the planet before all the humans re-gain consciousness. The fleet of ships then goes into hyper drive and fly into the dark abyss, cuts back: P.E. ship cargo bay

Nibbler: there is still much work to be done we still need to get back to our time and Destroy the time rift

Leela: Alright then let's go!

They all head into the Bridge and strap themselves in and Nibbler takes the P.E. Ship back into the wormhole this time the Year Clock is going up in time 1999,2000,01,02,03 ect.

Nibbler: Now everyone be quiet I am trying to concentrate

Fry: uh whatever

He walks over to the pilot seat and pushes Nibbler out of the way and nudges the control stick with his ass, luckily the time clock just happened to say. 'Present Day: Bingo!'

Nibbler: (shocked) um good work Fry, err now all we have to do is destroy the Time rift

Leela: Leave that to me

She gets up and walks out the room and comes back with the microwave (they got a new one) she turns the dial and smashes the door then she places it in the airlock and fires it into the vortex. Suddenly the rift turns a bright shade of red and gets sucked into the microwave, suddenly the microwave implodes and there is nothing left for scrap metal.

Fry: cool, how did you know how to do that?

Leela: I didn't I just had an impulse to do it…

Nibbler: well now I have set the course for earth it should take at least and hour to reach Our destination

Bender: well im gonna go and drink some beer and finish my glorious master Piece 'Road Kill a la Bend'

Everyone just vacantly stares

Zoidberg: I think I shall search for a new closet I will, after you ruined my privacy Earlier you did!

Fry: And I think I should get some R and R

Leela: (seductively) in my cabin (she kisses Fry)

Fry: (smiles) I like the sound of that

They both stare into each others eyes longingly and walk to the Door; Nibbler stops everyone dead in their tracks

Nibbler: im very sorry I have to do this, but if the knowledge in your brains gets Into the wrong hands it could be the end of the universe…again, so regretfully I will have to blank you memories, though some feelings may still remain or you May suffer short term flash backs due to this ordeal!

Fry: So you mean we are all going to forget what has happened! Me and Leela will Forget and go back to normal?

Nibbler: Affirmative

Fry+Leela: Nooooooooo

Quickly Fry and Leela Kiss again and there is a bright light and everything has gone back to the way it was, Suddenly Leela breaks off the Kiss with Fry

Leela: What the Hell!

Fry: awww man

Bender: Why the hell are you two wearing spacesuits?

Zoidberg: and what are this fashionable headwear we seem to be wearing?

Fry: Beats me

Leela: (angrily) Fry lets just forget this ever happened

Leela has an accidental flashback of when she was huddled next to Fry and opening her heart out to him

Leela: (softly) let's just talk about it when we get back ok? (She makes a warm lopsided Smile at Fry)

Fry: ok…..

Everyone yawns and realizes the time they all head off to their quarters for some shuteye whilst the auto pilot takes them back to earth

Cuts to: P.E. Building the ship is landing in the hangar and the crew walks out of the ship To see an angry Farnsworth

Professor F: Where have you been, your (looks at his watch) right on time for once

Everyone ignores him and decide to close up P.E. for the day;(well its past closing time anyway) the Professor in a bad mood goes off to the angry dome!

Cuts to even later in the evening: Fry is the last one to leave the building, he keeps having Flash backs of what happened and tries to put 2 and 2 together (remembering the events of 'the day the earth stood stupid') he decides in his mind that no-one would believe him anyway and just phases it out of his mind, though he feels a lot more for Leela than he did when he started the Delivery.

Fry Switches off the Lights and Locks up P.E. (this is like a first for Fry!), He walks round the corner where Leela Walks out in front of him, obviously she was waiting for him

Leela: Hi Fry,(stammering) im not sure how to put this, but I keep seeing things and you Would probably think crazy but I think I have feelings…

Fry: Really!? Is it like a pineapple of something?...

Leela: (cross) Fry that's a stupid answer, (softens up) No I mean for you

Leela Leans in and kisses Fry, Fry just stands there in shock then suddenly breaks the silence

Fry: Dejavu!... do you feel it Leela?

Leela: Yeah, it's like this has kinda happened before

They both get a brief flashback of just before their memories were erased but decide not to freak each other out, so they just stand in yet another awkward silence

Fry: uh Leela, I think Elzar's is still open you wanna, you know

Leela: Id love to Fry, Hey how you gonna pay you never have money

Fry: Gees Leela, just calm down it's not like it's the end of the world

Leela: your right (she smiles and Kisses him again)

They walk down the street hand in hand in the Moonlight, the scene zooms out to reveal Nibbler overseeing and smiling.

Nibbler: until the next time…and im sure they will defiantly be called upon for A next time….

The End! - end credits

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