Fan Fiction

Season A - Episode 2: The Suit
By Alex 'MKTai' Fuller

Leela's Apartment

"Get up Fry, we're going to be late!"

"...huh.... what's the rush?"

"I've never been late before, not including the times I was blind, in a coma and so forth, and I don't want to start now."

"You need to relax more, it's not like we do anything important anyway apart from listen to the old guy's latest crack-pot inventions."

"Fry, get up before I kick you."

"Ok, I'm up."

Leela flung some clothes to Fry.

"You can put those, we leave in two minutes."

"Come on, we've got plenty of time."

"Didn't Hermes say you'd be fired if you were late again."

"Oh dammit, hurry up we haven't got much time!"

Planet Express HQ - Meeting Table

Fry and Leela rushed in. Professor Farnsworth looked at Leela.

"Ah Fry, just in time."

"What? I'm not Fry."

"Really? Oh my."

"Hey Fry, why are you wearing Leela's tank-top?" asked Amy.

"Huh? Argh! Leela, can I have my clothes back?"

A quick change later...

"Ok, now everyone is wearing their own clothes, we have some important issues to address," said Hermes. " From now own, employees dating each other will have to fill-in these highly personal forms detailing their relationships. Fry and Leela, there you go."

"Why?" asked Leela.

"The Central Bureaucracy were unhappy about the level of bureaucracy currently going on at Planet Express. Also, we have been receiving complaints that packages have been damaged before arriving at their destinations. As this has begun at the same time we banned blernsballs and various other balls from the office in order to stop certain people playing catch in the office, Fry and Bender will only be allowed to handle packages in the office if Leela signs this form allowing them to."

"Spoilsport," muttered Bender.

"Why do I have to fill out all these forms?" complained Leela.

"Because Fry doesn't know how to use a pen and Bender steals the pen."

"Anyway, I have good news," said the Professor. "You'll be making another peace offering to the planet of Omicron Persei 8 in order to stop them invading Earth again."

"Are you sure about this? Last time we did that the ship was almost destroyed," said Leela.

"Oh my yes, it's over there," said the Professor, pointing to a huge box.

"What, behind the huge box?" asked Fry.

"It's in the box you idiot," replied the Professor.

"How are we supposed to load that onto the ship, the lifting equipment was mysteriously bent out of shape," said Leela. Bender whistled innocently, or as innocently as he could.

"I didn't know you could whistle Bender," said fry.

"I'd sing opera if it would change the subject," came the reply.

"As I was saying," interrupted Leela. "How are supposed to lift it onto the ship?"

"I'm glad you asked me that as this gives me the perfect opportunity to show you my new invention. To the lab!"

"Oh great," said Leela.

"Zoidberg has kindly been volunteered by me to demonstrate my new invention, the Power Suit," explained the Professor when they reached his lab.

"Hurray, I'm useful." Zoidberg went behind a screen where he changed out of his doctor clothes and into a tight black suit with red trim on the arms and legs which covered everything apart from his head.

"The Power Suit magnifies everything that Zoidberg does by an unspecified and variable amount. For example, his claws are now so powerful that he can crush this diamond, the second hardest substance known to man. However, the diamond is valuable so I'm not going to let him "

"What's with the red trim, does it make him faster or something?" asked Fry.

"Oh my no," replied the Professor. "It makes the Suit look more stylish, in fact speed is one of the few things this suit doesn't affect."

"Haha, now Zoidberg has the power! Bow down before I crush you!"

"Fortunately," continued the Professor, "the Suit is disabled by a simple electric charge." He prodded Zoidberg with his electric stick and Zoidberg collapsed in a heap.


Planet Express HQ - Ship Hangar Bay

"Wheee, this thing is great!" said Fry as he zoomed around the hangar bay having discovered a set of jet-powered rockets on the suit a few minutes beforehand.

"Fry, stop mucking around and help me with this box," called Leela.

"Fine, I'll have fun later." Leela and Fry lifted the box with the help of the Power Suits onto the top of the ship where Bender held it in place with various cables.

"Can I start having fun again now Leela?" asked Fry.

"Oh, very well," replied Leela, smiling as she turned and left the hangar bay. Fry started using the jet-powered rocket to fly around the hangar bay again.

"This is boring," said Bender. "I think I need to liven this up a bit." Bender went and got a hoop.

"Hey Fry, bet you can't fly through this."

"Sure I can." Fry flew through the hoop Bender held up with ease.

"Eh, that was easy. Bet you $10 that you can't fly through it when I throw it up into the air."

"You're on." Bender went a corner of the hangar bay while Fry went to the opposite corner.

"Ok, go!" called Bender. Fry started flying towards. Bender threw the hoop up, but not very far away from the wall.

"Yes! I did -" said Fry as he flew through the hoop and promptly crashed into the wall.

"That was fun," said Bender. "I owe you $10."

Omicron Persei 8

Lrrr and Ndnd were sitting in their palace watching 1,000 year-old Earth television.

"This is another strange thing on Earth's shows," commented Lrrr. "If Zoidberg wants people to notice him, why does he not simply chop everyone's limbs off?"

"Perhaps he is making sure they are in good condition when he eats them?" suggested Ndnd just as the doorbell rang. Lrrr and Ndnd went to the front door of the palace.

"What do you want?" snapped Lrrr at Leela, Fry and Bender who had brought the package to the door. Fry and Leela were both wearing the power suits.

"We bring a peace offering from Earth," replied Leela.

"Again? I hope this isn't another collection of those disgusting hearts about that emotion called 'wuv'."

"You and be both," said Bender.

"Well, it's big. That's got to be worth something right?" said Fry.

"It is true that humans think big presents are good," said Ndnd.

"Very well, let us go and see what these primitives has brought us." They walked over to the box.

"Well, how do we open it?" growled Lrrr.

"Um, don't you have any lifting devices you can the lid off with?" asked Fry.

"I knew that! Bring the hover-crane!" The hover-crane was basically a green box with what appeared to be a big laser on top. Unsurprisingly, it also hovered.

"Lift the top off the box," demanded Lrrr. A beam of green light came out of the 'laser' and lifted the top off the box.

"That's great," said Lrrr sarcastically. "I would still like to know what it is."

"Why not just cut it open with a laser or something?" suggested Leela. Lrrr used a small hand-held laser to remove one of the side of the box. He seemed pleased.

"Excellent, a giant bomb. With this we terrorise planets much more easily."

"Seems a pretty strange sort of peace offering," muttered Bender to Fry and Leela, who nodded in agreement. Lrrr was giving the bomb a closer examination.

"Ooh, I like this part, very fearsome...hang on a sec."

"What?" said Leela, slightly worriedly.

"Why does this thing say 'armed'?" he said, pointing at a display.

"'Armed', isn't that when the bomb can go off at any time?' said Ndnd.

"You mean these pathetic humans are trying to destroy us?"

"No! We...just...um..." stammered Leela.

"Cheese it!" yelled Bender. Fry, Leela and Bender ran off towards the Planet Express ship, pursued by the Omicronians and occasional bursts of laser fire.

"Why'd you park the ship so far away?" complained Fry.

"I'm not using pay and display!" replied Leela. "Almost there!" She ducked a loose wire that was hanging from a nearby light. "Fry, look out for the wire!"

"The wha-" *zap* Fry crumpled into a heap as Leela and Bender made it onto the ship and took off. They watched as Fry was dragged away by the Omicronians.

"We have to get him back!" cried Leela.

"Nah, I'm good," said Bender.

"Bender! How could you do that?" said Leela.

"I dunno, something to do with there only being two of us and lots more of them."

"If I could make a suggestion," said a voice behind Bender.

"Who said that?" said Bender, startled.

"Me," said Nibbler.

"Nibbler! You can talk! Why didn't you tell me?" asked Leela, stunned.

"Actually, I already have but I made you forget."

"Really? Why?"

"Because it is imperative to my mission. However, this is not the time, we must save Fry."

"I get why me and Bender -" She glared at Bender. "- would want to save him, but why do you care?"

"Because we have prophesised that we will need him to save the Universe again."

"What? You need Fry to save the Universe? Again?"

"I would tell you further details, but seeing as I will have to erase all the parts of this trip involving me from your memory it would be pretty pointless."

"Oh, ok then."

"So, Mister 'Eat Everything in Sight and Poop Wherever I Want', what's the big plan?" said Bender.

"Leela sneaks into the Omicronian Palace and rescues Fry."

"That's it?" startled Leela. "Why me? Why not this stupid robot?"

"No no, the plan is good," answered Bender.

"Because the Power Suit doesn't work on Bender," answered Nibbler more helpfully.

"How do you know about this?" said Leela, pointing at the Power Suit she was wearing.

"What do you think I do all day, eat, sleep and poop?" inquired Nibbler.

"Pretty much..." admitted Leela, looking a bit embarrassed.

"I am a member of an ancient and highly powerful and intelligent race, I do other things," said Nibbler. "The Professor put an invisibility function on the suits."

"Why?" asked Leela.

"He muttered something about not being able to make a cannon come of the chest area so he had to make-do with that."

"Right, so you want me to sneak into the Palace using the invisibility function and rescue Fry."

"That is pretty much what I said a few minutes ago."

Omicronian Palace

Lrrr, Ndnd and other Omicronians were gathered around the water cooler discussing what to do with Fry, who was in a cage behind them examining his toenails.

"Kill him," growled one of the Omicronians.

"We've already agreed on that, you idiot," replied Lrrr. "We Just can't decide how."

"Why don't we eat him?" suggested another.

"nah, too many experience from eating humans."

"Excuse me," said Fry. "But why do you have to kill me at all?"

"Something to do with you bringing an armed bomb onto our planet which almost killed us all."

"Yeah, what did you with that out of curiosity?"

"Let me put it this way, you are going to be killed by the overlords of what is technically now Omicron Persei 7..."

"I didn't know we were delivering a bomb," pleaded Fry. "Destroy Earth, they were the ones who sent us."

"Usually we would, but have you seen the taxes on dark matter fuel recently? It costs 7 Gllrbks just to get one ship to our neighbouring star system 20 light years away."

"7 Gllrbks is a lot right?"


"Fry, stop drawing their attention to you," said Leela's voice.

"But I like attention. Wait a second, who said that?"

"Who said what?" said Lrrr.

"Oh, nothing. Go back to deciding on how to kill me."

"Try not to talk too loudly this time Fry," said Leela's voice.

"Where are you?"

"Right, in front of you, I'm invisible."

"I can see that."

("Why not force him through a thin wire mesh?")

"So, you are going to rescue me right?"

("What about the mess? I just put fresh flooring down.")

"Yeah, stand back a second." A laser appeared to come out of nowhere, although it really it came from Leela's wrist gadget, and cut through some of the bars on the cage.

("Put a bucket or something underneath then.")

Fry climbed through and started to sneak away.

"So it is settled, he shall be forced through a wire mesh into a bucket. Where did he go?"

"Uh oh," said Fry.

"Grrr...." Said Lrrr. He fired his laser at Fry who screamed and dived out of the way just in time. However, the laser seemed to stop in mid-air and less than a second later, Leela appeared.

"Ah crap, he hit the invisibility thing, what are the chances of that...err, hi," said Leela.

"Get them!" bellowed Lrrr.

"Let's start running shall we?" said Fry.

"Let's," replied Leela as they started running away. After of minutes of escaping, Fry and Leela were sight of the ship. As they got passed the same light as the first time they were running away (the one with the hanging wire) Leela called out -

"Remember to look out the wire this time Fry."

"The wha-" *zap*

"Oh for God's sake." Leela turned around, lifted up Fry and carried him to the ship.

"So this means that God really did create the Universe, but it built it too small and it ended up exploding in the Big Bang?" said Bender.

"No, I was talking about why my species excretes dark matter," said Nibbler.

"Oh, well the conversation I heard was far more interesting."

"Oi you stupid robot, you could come and help," exclaimed Leela angrily.

"I could," said Bender.

Leela carried Fry over to his chair and sat down in the captain's chair, pressed some buttons and the ship took off.

"Grrr," said Lrrr. "Oh well, let's go and watch in that series about the American Civil War."

Nibbler - "And with that, the saviour of the Universe was saved. When he will be called into action, we cannot say. But when it does, we must put all our hope in Fry... again."

Author's notes - Not much I can of saying about this episode really, so instead I'll just say that the plan is to finish Episode 3 before January 1st 2005. A very basic idea for it is in development in my mind as I type this.