Fan Fiction

Going Insane 2 - No More Sandwiches

[He woke up after a long night, and realized it wasn’t a dream and that there he was really with a hot naked Leela next to him and finally understood Leela was the only one he could ever want to be in love with, the alarm went off.]

FRY: Good morning beautiful.

LEELA: Good morning, what time is it?

FRY: It’s 7:00

LEELA: Alright we have to act natural, you go home and come in like you usually do I am going to get ready.

FRY: All right, but there is something you should know.

LEELA: what?

FRY: I love you.

LEELA: Oh, I love you too Fry.

[They kissed and then got into the shower, and got to work. Then got ready for work.]

[At the Planet Express Building everyone is at the conference table waiting for Hermes]

HERMES: Ok everyone today you are going to make a delivery to Plana 9, the old abandoned space colony.

FRY: What are we going to deliver?

HERMES: Oh you know, food, medicine, laser rifles; the usual

LEELA: Laser rifles what do they need those for?

HERMES: Hey, they are paying five times the normal price for services rendered I am not going do be asken questions like that.

AMY: can I come along?

HERMES: Sure go on ahead; now as I was saying it is at least a 5 days away, so be ready to head out again once you come back

EVERYONE: Awwwwwwww…..

HERMES: And now over to professor FARNSWORTH for his new invention that will surely put you all in jeopardy

FARNSWORTH: Eeeh? What invention? You have nothing on me!

HERMES: Oh not this again, anyway just go on you will have a lot to do when you get back.

FARNSWORTH: Wait I have not shown you my new invention yet. [Pulls out a scanning device] This is my new person locator. You just get some of their DNA and you can follow their trail no matter where they are hiding.

ALL: Wow…

FARNSWORTH: Now off you go, and do not come back without making this delivery or you are going to be fired be Hermes

[Ship takes off with all on board leaving the professor waving goodbye]

FARNSWORTH: poor bastards, nobody ever came back from Plana 9… oh well I will l just get a new crew in accordance with the company motto: the crew is expendable, your package is not.

[On the Planet Express Ship]

FRY: Well I am bored; I will be in my room.

BENDER: Yeah and I am going to guard the cargo…

LEELA: Oh, no you both are not. Bender, you go recharge, and Fry, you keep Bender from The cargo, if we loose it I am not paying for it like that popcorn incident.

FRY: Oh man this stinks

AMY: Cheer up Fry; at least you can sleep when your shift is over.

FRY: And what are you going to do?

AMY: I don’t know, I just came along so I don’t have to drain any more of the professor’s fluids for a while.


[After a long time, in the cargo bay Fry is sitting on a chair leaning back staring at the large crates]

FRY: This stinks, only Leela and I ever do any work around here, I mean every time they all get into trouble and Leela and I are always the center of the plot, like this is all been written down already as some action sci-fi comedy drama.

[Just then, there is violent shaking and the lights go out, so the emergency lights come on]

FRY: that could not be good I had better go see what is going on.

[On the bridge]

FRY: What happened?

LEELA: It looks like we ran out of dark matter

AMY: Hey, we did bring Nibbler right?

LEELA: I told Bender to bring him along

BENDER: I’ll do it when we get back.

ALL: BENDER!!!!!!!!!!

LEELA: Bender how could you even a simple robot like you would know we could never get to Plana 9 and back without more fuel, and Nibbler is the only re-fuelling thing we ever bring along on our missions!

BENDER: Well I would have brought him if he didn’t actually bite my shinny metal ass!

LEELA: Alright well arguing will not fuel this kind of a ship, so we are going to have to find some more fuel, right now we only have enough to get to that abandoned ship there, and Bender you damn well better hope they have fuel!

[They all board the deserted ship]

LEELA: All right, spread out and let’s find some fuel, and Fry, try not to get into too much trouble, OK?

FRY: Oh yeah sure like that happens sooo often..

[Just then he turns and falls down many flights of stairs]

FRY: point taken, I’ll be all right

LEELA: ok then let’s find that fuel!

[Fry walking down a dark confining corridor]

FRY: Oh, man this stinks, where is everyone, I think I am lost, and I have to go to the bathroom

[Just then, he sees a door with a men’s room symbol on it]

FRY: All right, I guess the future is more convenient!

[After doing his business Fry sees a vending machine on the wall]

FRY: well, I am hungry let’s see… baloney 50 cents, pastrami $1.00, and egg salad sandwich 25 cents. Hmmmm….wait a minute I am not going to get the egg again, I think I’ll get something a little more filling; the pastrami will do!

[Fry puts in the money and pushes the button. A small black sandwich falls out, and Fry takes a bite]

FRY: Ehh…I’ve had better, at least this doesn’t have any of those stupid worms in it for Leela to fall in love with, good thing I finally managed to become a little more mature. I practically had to beat her off with a stick and the holophoner practice didn’t hurt either.

[Fry then wandered around until he found Amy]

AMY: Fry where have you been?

FRY: looking for fuel, what do you mean?

AMY: we finished with the fuel an hour ago, hey what are you eating?

FRY: this pastrami sandwich I bought in the bathroom.

AMY (with a shocked look on her face): Fry I don’t think that is such a good idea to eat it.

[Fry look up as he devours the last of the sandwich]

FRY: eeeh…I have had better.

AMY: Gaaaah! Let’s just get back to the ship ok.


[Back on the ship]

FRY: oh man, that sandwich is not making friends with any of my vital organs..ohhhhhh…I am going to lie down for a while, wake me up when it is my shift again.

LEELA: oh God, not another sandwich, Fry how could you?

FRY: well at least it was not egg salad (to himself: parasite lover)

LEELA: what did you say?

FRY: Ugh,…nothing, I just need to lie down for a while.

[Fry goes into his room and passes out on the bed, Leela and Amy are outside]

AMY: I don’t know about Fry, do you think he is over that whole parasite sandwich thing Yet?

LEELA: oh, I am sure he doesn’t even remember those parasites after our date last night.

AMY: date? What date? You never told me.

LEELA: oops! Well you were going to find out eventually. Yes we went on a date and Fry showed me just how much he has changed in the last few days, and he even played his holophoner for me.

AMY: did you…you know?


AMY: that’s surprising; I mean Zapp didn’t even need a date. Not to mention alkazar and the man as interesting as cardboard.

LEELA: do you have a stick of gum?

AMY: yeah sure, want some?

LEELA: yes, please, but just one, you might be needing it later……

AMY: uh right, here you go.


[A really long time later]

LEELA: All right I am going to my room, Amy fly the ship, and Bender; don’t steal anything.

AMY: ok

BENDER: Awwwww…

LEELA: I mean it!


[In Fry’s room]

FRY: ohhh.. My stomach hurts so much.

[Just then, the pain increased 100 fold causing Fry to scream out in blood curdling terror]


[As Leela was nearing Fry’s room]

LEELA: Fry! Fry! What is happening Fry!

[Just then she bust through the door only to see Fry sweating out a black slime from all over as a huge black mass began to form around him emanating from his stomach at an increasing speed.]

LEELA: Fry! Fry!!! Don’t worry, I’ll help you!!

[Leela grabs hold of Fry as Amy rushes in to see what was happening]

AMY: Oh my God! Fry!!

LEELA: stop gawking and help me get him out of this thing!!

[Both Leela and Amy furiously pull at Fry’s head (the only thing left) to no avail and it too Is almost consumed]


[Just then, his head is enveloped in the thick pulsating black mass and the thing swelled up until it took up the entire corner of the room]


AMY: Oh my God, he is gone….

LEELA: We have to get him out of there! Quick get some tools!!

AMY: I am on it!

[Amy runs to a supply closet and grabs assorted tools, like a circular saw, blowtorch, and sledgehammer. And runs back to fry’s room where the black mass had hardened into a thick cocoon.]

AMY: I don’t know if we can cut through that.


[First, they try the hammer, but it shatters on contact]

AMY: that was odd, I am not the professor, but it seems like we need something more powerful.

LEELA: right I am on it!

[She pulls out the circular saw and begins to cut away at the cocoon, but it soon explodes, and the cocoon is barely scratched]

LEELA: Nooooo!!! That should have worked!

AMY: maybe..

LEELA: shut up, and hand me the plasma torch!

[She hands Leela the torch and she begins to blast the cocoon at full power in desperation to get Fry out of there.]

FRY (thinking): gee, it’s weird in here, I can’t move at all. If only I could get out or at least tell Leela that, I am ok. Hmmm…I hope that was me making it warmer in here.

[The torch soon runs out of gas and Leela snaps.]


[She then starts beating the cocoon until her hands become bloody and Amy calms her down]

AMY: don’t worry Leela, when we get back the professor will know what to do…

LEELA: but he might suffocate by then! If only I knew, he was alright.

[Leela then breaks into tears and falls to the floor in anguish over the realization that Fry may be dead.]

AMY: everything is going to be ok, now let me get you back to your room.

LEELA: NO!! I have to be here with Fry! I can’t possibly leave him in his time of need!

AMY: ok then, hey wait if I am here then who is flying the ship?


[Cut to bridge; Bender is steering with his ass]

BENDER: Woooo Hooo!!! Look at me!

AMY: Bender stop that!

BENDER: bite my shiny metal ass!!!

AMY: that’s it! Look here Bender! Fry is trapped in a cocoon in his room and Leela has gone catatonic in a fetal position next to it, and I order you to help Leela through this NOW!!!

BENDER: Sir! Yes Sir!! Gladly Sir!!; what the hell was that?

AMY: my yelling must have activated your patriot chip. Hmmmm….

BENDER: Oh No, I don’t like it when you get that look on your face.

AMY: go get me a soda now private!

BENDER: Sir! Yes Sir! Awe crap!


[Meanwhile in the cocoon]

FRY (thinking): gee, I sure feel different. I wish I knew what day it was. Hmmm…I was trapped on day two, and I don’t think it has been that long since then. It is actually pretty nice in here, although I wish I knew what was happening to me, and I wish I could tell Leela I am ok.

[Cut to ouside the cocoon, Leela is catatonic and curled up in the fetal position next to the cocoon]

LEELA (thinking): Oh, Fry, if only I knew what was happening to you, or if you are even alive in there. Oh, if only I could tell you I love you one last time. Why did you have to go?


[Meanwhile on the bridge]

AMY: get me some snacks private!!!

BENDER: Sir! Yes Sir!, damn it! Stop that!

AMY (thinking): oh geez I am tired, I hope Leela can pilot the ship soon.

[Just then, Leela walks onto the bridge]

LEELA: Hey, Amy let me take over for a little bit.

AMY: but last, I saw you were curled up next to the cocoon in a catatonic state, why did you leave? It is not like you to get over something like this that fast.

LEELA: For your information, I am fine, besides I used my wristamajuggor to set up a video link with the cocoon and see everything that happens on my wrist screen.

AMY: ok then, I am going to get some sleep, wake me up when it’s my shift.

[Once Amy walks out of the room]

LEELA: oh Fry I hope you come out of there soon…alive.


[Day 3 they reach the planet and land on an old abandoned landing pad.]

LEELA: ok let’s deliver this stuff, so we can get back to the professor and he can help Fry.

AMY: Wow, you really care about him don’t you?

LEELA: Yes, he is the only one who ever truly cared about me and kind of understood what life must be like for me. I mean he has given up his oxygen for me, saved me from men who only wanted to trick me into marrying them, and even took on the globetrotters for me, and all I can do is accuse him if tricking me into marrying him, and kicking him to the curb when he got rid of the parasitic worms, not to mention how I totally rejected every advance he has ever had towards me…am I just rambling on or what Amy. Hey where did you go?

[Amy is nowhere in site, then comes up from behind.]

AMY: delivery completed lets go home.

LEELA: did you even hear a word I said?

AMY: yeah something about Fry, anyway, why did it take you so long to fall in love anyway? I mean Fry and I were hitting it off the first day almost, what was your problem I mean it wasn’t as if he didn’t like you it’s just I am much cuter and more likable. Totally not, like you in any way.

LEELA: do you have any more gum.

AMY: sure here you go, say what’s up with you and the gum?

LEELA: I don’t know, lately I have just become more impulsive, and when I told the professor, he said for me to have a stick of gum every time I had an impulse to do something.

AMY: why would he say that?

LEELA: I don’t really know, he said something about seeing it in a movie and then mumbled something about getting rid of his man-eating anteaters or something.

AMY: oh well he was probably senile as ever

LEELA: yeah I guess, although he was pretty shaken about it and I still can’t figure out why I am feeling so impulsive after all this time of not being. Oh well..

[ONE DAY LATER, in Fry’s room when nobody is around the cocoon starts to break open]

FRY (thinking): Hey, I think I can move a bit now! Alright! It wont be too long before I get out of here!

[Just then, the cocoon breaks open and Fry falls out and slides across the floor on the wave of sludge.]

[He then tries to breath, but the sludge got into his throat and lungs, so he begins to cough violently and accidentally crushes the video camera. Meanwhile on the bridge a siren goes off and startles Leela, before she can see what has just happened in the room.]

LEELA: oh what now!

[She pushes some buttons and Zapp appears on the screen]

ZAPP: why if it isn’t the voluptuous and always hot and sexy Leela.

LEELA: what is it now!?

ZAPP: I am afraid I am going to have to put you under arrest for breaking another of Branigan’s laws.


ZAPP: I am afraid you were too hot and sexy in a non-hot and sexy zone, kif activate the tractor beam!

KIF: yes sir (sigh)

AMY: HI KIF! LEELA: Oh, no you don’t not this time!

[Before she could get away the tractor beam already trapped the Planet Express Ship and was bringing it into the huge cargo docking bay of the Nimbus, meanwhile in Fry’s room]

FRY (thinking): alright! I am free! But I still can’t see, I had better go to the bathroom and wash this slime off.

[Fry then went to the bathroom and washed the slime off his face, funny how it seemed like his hands were different and less able to wash his face than usual. And before all else he looked in the mirror, and what he say was would forever fill him with both shock and horror.]


[This remark however came out as a large series of loud growls and roars]

[Indeed, he was a monster. The first thing he noticed was that he was about 10 feet tall, covered in bony plates as hard as steel, had a huge muscular, bony tail, an elongated head that was streaked back, huge hands with razor sharp nine inch nails, and he was coloured black all over. The only thing that made him even look like himself was a tuft of orange hair on his head that looked just like his regular hair.]

FRY (thinking): hey, what do I feel on my back?

[He concentrated on those muscles and huge black bony reptilian wings unfolded from his back, and Fry totally freaked out and started to destroy everything around him in a crazed panic.]


[Back on the bridge]

LEELA: What the hell was that loud roar! And I have lost my video link with Fry! I have Got to find out what is going on down there!

[Leela raced to Fry’s room and banged on the door]

FRY (thinking): oh no! I can’t let Leela see me like this I have to hide somewhere!

[Thinking fast Fry dove into the air vent and escaped into the ducting system just as Leela burst in, however Leela managed to catch a glimpse of his tail and let out a blood-curdling scream.]


[Just then a bunch of DOOP soldiers ran in and arrested Leela. They then took her along with Bender and Amy to the brig of the nimbus.]

LEELA: I don’t know what I saw; it looked like a black snake going into the air vent, and all I know other than that is that Fry was not in his cocoon.

AMY: he wasn’t! Then that thing must have eaten Fry alive and ran off, and is still out there somewhere.


[Just then, Kif enters]

KIF: the captain will see you now.

[They all start to leave]

KIF: no not you just Leela, sorry Amy.

AMY: I understand.

LEELA: Oh, God here we go again.

[Leela is taken away leaving just Bender and Amy in the cell.]

AMY: hey a steam pipe! Maybe we can escape through it.

BENDER: nope it’s full of steam, but we could make a sauna.

AMY: well it won’t help, but it could be fun.

[Bender bends open the pipe and the room fills with steam.]


[Back on the Planet Express Ship Fry has worked his way off the ship and into the vent system of the Nimbus.]

FRY (thinking): Hey, this is cool! I am all scary and strong, I wonder where I should go?

[He then looks through a vent and sees Leela in front of zapp being annoyed again.]

FRY (thinking): that bastard! How dare he try to seduce Leela again after all the pain he has caused her! Besides, I am the one who truly loves her!


[In the room]

ZAPP: my, my Leela, why don’t you come here and get horizontal with me.

LEELA: no way you lying bastard!

[Just then, there is a large crash as Fry leaps out of the vent and attacks zapp, however, in the action he accidentally knocks Leela into a wall and stuns her. He the bats zapp into the bed and knocks him out.]

FRY: ROARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

[As Leela came to, she sees the blurred figure of the monster and then noticed the orange Tuft on its head, which kind of resembled Fry’s!]

LEELA: you damn monster! What have you done to Fry! I am going to kill you!

FRY (saying in a series of roars and growls): Leela no it’s me! Don’t you recognize the hair?

LEELA: and of all things, you keep his hair after you eat him! You make me sick! Time to die you bastard!

[Leela then pulls out a laser pistol and shoots Fry]

[Stunned Fry makes a run for it, he runs into the corridor causing as much mayhem as possible in an attempt to get away from Leela and cripple the nimbus.]

AMY: hey Bender what do you think is happening out there?

BENDER: don’t know and don’t care [he then pulls out a beer and drinks it]

[Fry ran through the corridors swatting soldiers like flies and knocking them out trying not to kill them]

FRY (thinking): that is it! Zapp has caused Leela pain and humiliation for the last time! And now that I have the power, I am going to ruin his career and destroy his life!

[Just then, Fry Fry ran into the main power room and destroys a power control causing the reactors to meltdown, explode. the force field around the cell goes down, and Amy and Bender escape.]

FRY (thinking): oh man that was stupid, good thing I have such thick armour, oh no pain, AHHHH!!!

[The radiation from the reactors mutates him further and his teeth get sharper, nails get longer, armour gets tougher, and in general Fry goes from a regular beast to a super beast]

LEELA: Oh, no it feels like the entire ship is going to be destroyed! I better forget about the monster and get back to the ship!

[Just then Fry, scarier than ever runs from more explosions behind Leela as he escapes to the ship as well]

LEELA: oh my God! Get back you beast!

[Amy and Bender get to the ship and are waiting for Leela. Just then, Leela comes running out and is shooting at the monster (Fry) that is chasing her and is also trying to escape. Leela gets onto the ship and the ramp closes before Fry can get in, so Fry jumps into one of the landing leg compartments.]

LEELA: get this thing started! We have to get out of here!

[The ship takes off and escapes as the nimbus looses power and all the crewmembers are escaping in life pods.]

AMY: that was close, but what did all that?

LEELA: the same thing that ate Fry, that horrible creature not only killed and ate him, but is also kept his hair as a souvenir!

[Leela then breaks into tears and collapses crying over her control panel.]

[Back in the landing leg compartment Fry claws his way out and into the cargo hold with a loud crash and huge roar as he tried to tell everyone he was ok.]

AMY: what was that!

LEELA: oh no its HIM!!!!!

AMY: what do we do?

LEELA: we kill him that’s what! He is not going to get away this time!

AMY: but how will we find him? He could be anywhere.

LEELA: with this.

[Leela pulls out the person locator and puts some of Fry’s DNA into it from a sock on the floor.]

LEELA: if the monster ate Fry, then Fry’s DNA would be within him, so we can follow him using the person locator.

AMY: but what are you going to kill him with?

LEELA: if I can get to the cargo bay, I can use one of the weapons in the storage closet to kill the beast and avenge my beloved Fry!

[They sneak into the bay and see the monster get into an air vent and disappear.]

LEELA: Oh, no we will never be able to track him down!

AMY: here’s a gun.

LEELA: do you always have to do things before I even finish stating the obvious?

AMY: yeah, so what do we do now that it is in the air vent?

LEELA: well we can make it a living hell for him in there, come on I have an idea.

[They go over to a control panel and turn up the heat to maximum. Meanwhile in the vent]

FRY (thinking): boy it sure is getting hot in here, but I just can’t go out there; I simply can’t let Leela or anyone else I know see me like this.

[Back on the bridge]

LEELA: alright he is in the vents now, so Amy you use the person locator to find the general area, and Bender you use your motion detectors to tell is where and how far away the monster is.

BENDER: do I have to..

LEELA: I said now private!

BENDER: sir! Yes Sir! ..STOP THAT!!!!!

LEELA: wow it really does work

AMY: told ya.

LEELA: now let’s go avenge Fry’s horrible death at the hands of that thing!


[Cut to them all waling down a dark hallway]

AMY: the readings on the locator are getting stronger

LEELA: Bender use your motion detectors now.

BENDER: oh all right, thirteen meters strait ahead.

LEELA: alright everyone get ready

BENDER: six meters and closing fast dead ahead!

LEELA: come and get me you Fry killing bastard!

BENDER: three meters, it’s right on top of us!

AMY: I am scared!

LEELA: hold your self together!

BENDER: one meter!

AMY/BENDER: were doomed!

[Just then, a small tuft of orange hair pops out of the vent and everyone panics]


LEELA: oh my God! Fry! Your alive!

[Just then the vent is pried open, Fry (still a monster) comes out, and everyone panics but Leela]

LEELA: take this you murderer!

[She shoots him in the leg]

FRY (in growls): it’s me don’t shoot!

LEELA: eat this you Fry killing bastard! [Shoots him again]

[Fry falls over against a wall and with his last bit of consciousness writes “I Fry” before Collapsing unconscious.]

LEELA: huh!?, what have I done! Fry NOOO!!!!

AMY: did that monster do what I thought it just did?

LEELA: I think so, but until we are certain help me bring him to the cargo bay and chain Him to the floor.

[Later on Fry regains consciousness strapped to the floor of the ship.]

LEELA: Fry? Fry! Are you awake? Is that really you?

[Fry growls weakly to answer]

LEELA: oh Fry, what has happened to you, I thought you were dead for sure, come on we have to see the professor.

[Fry moves a bit, breaks the straps with ease, and walks with Leela to the conference room.]


LEELA: everyone this is the new Fry.

HERMES: my God woman! Are you mad it’s a 10-foot juggernaught of death! How could I possibly be Fry!?

LEELA: I don’t really know exactly, all I know is that Fry was just engulfed by a cocoon and the person locator shows it to have Fry’s DNA, also it wrote I Fry on the wall before it passed out.

FARNSWORTH: oh my intriguing, Fry you tell us what happened.

[Fry lets out a series of roars and only frightens everyone, and then covers his face and runs to a corner whimpering like a dog at the realization of how he was a monster and could never tell anyone anything ever again without scaring them.]

LEELA: Oh, Fry; don’t be sad, we will find a way through this. Now to the rest of you, just because Fry can’t speak anymore without letting out ferocious roars does not mean that we can hurt his feelings like this!

HERMES: my God woman! Look at him! He is a ten foot seven hundred pound-killing machine! How can we not fear him!

LEELA: Oh, Fry if only we could understand you we could fix this.

FARNSWORTH: that can be arranged with my latest invention. It is a universal translator of sorts. Just put this on the head and the person or monster can tell you what they are thinking.

LEELA: give me that!

[She puts an electrode on Fry’s head and immediately they all can hear what he is thinking.]

FRY: oh man I don’t believe this, just as things were going well for me, I mean I got Leela using my own skills, I even slept…hey I can hear what I think!!! Yes, you all can hear me!!!

FARNSWORTH: yes, yes Fry now tell us what happened to you.

[Fry then told them all about the sandwich and the pains and the cocoon, and all of that stuff]

FARNSWORTH: well all we have to do is get some of the sandwich and I can make a cure, now where is it now?

FRY: well I ate the sandwich, but the wrapper must still be in the hall of the ship where is threw it out.

FARNSWORTH: excellent, we need only get it now.


[Some time later in the lab, everyone is gathered around the professor as he examines the wrapper]

FARNSWORTH: it appears the sandwich contained some kind of a retrovirus that must have re-written Fry’s genetic code and turned him into the horrible monster you see before you now. A cure can be made; it will take a few days though.


[Back at the conference table everyone walks back and sit down, Fry sits and his chair breaks beneath him, and as he falls back, his clays shred his part of the table.]

LEELA: Fry it is not your fault.

[Fry then kicks the chair and breaks it more]

LEELA: alright look Fry you have to remember that you are a 10 foot 700 pound-killing machine now, and you are going to have to adjust accordingly.

HERMES: ok then if everyone is seated I can begin today’s meeting, and I have some good and bad news the good news it only one package came in and they are going to pay 500 times the normal price for its delivery, however the bad news is you will be delivering the package to planet DOOM 10 the monster planet. They say nobody has ever survived a trip there, so I will need a new crew. However if you get back alive you will get a pay raise, large bonus, and two weeks vacation.

[Everyone cheers]

LEELA: wait a minute, you only saying that because you know we are all going to die horrible painful deaths, as we are torn limb from limb on that horrible planet.

HERMES: so? There is a lot of motivation here.

AMY: good point, besides, Fry can make the delivery. He will fit right in.

[Fry starts to cry again, and his wails shatter glass and shake everyone out of their seats]

FARNSWORTH: oh wait I didn’t show you my latest invention I made just now when I was supposed to be making a vaccine for Fry.

LEELA: what it is professor?

FARNSWORTH: it is a number of laser weapons specially designed to be fitted on a very large person about 10 feet tall with tremendous strength, but I don’t know of anyone who can possibly wear the stuff.

LEELA: we will take it along professor, I think it just might come in handy.


[On the ship]

LEELA: ok we are almost there, now Fry we are going to have to drop you out at high altitude, because landing is suicide. We will circle above and one the delivery is made you have to fly back to the ship and come in the cargo bay.

FRY: Oh, ok then.

LEELA: ok we are here, now Fry get into the airlock and we will release you.

[Fry gets in and the airlock depressurizes]

FRY: hey wait a minute, I never learned to fly!

[However this realization came a tad too late, because Fry was now falling toward the surface, he flapped his wings and finally stabilized.]

FRY: Hey, this isn’t so hard at all! I think I am beginning to get the hang of this!

[Fry then smashes into the surface of the planet with a huge thud. When he came to, he only sees thousands of little red beady eyes staring at him from all directions.]

FRY (thinking): Oh, boy what have I gotten myself into now? Ok I just have to act natural.

[Fry then started to act as ferocious and menacing as he could and all the creatures ram away. Fry then made his way to the delivery site, where there was a huge cave that had huge metal doors enclosing it.]

[Fry knocked on the doors and they slowly opened, and a huge monster not unlike him came to the door and showed him in]

FRY: um I have a package here to deliver.

MONSTER: call me Fred, now come in please.

FRY: so you live here?

FRED: yes I do. All the other monsters look up to me and treat me like a king on this planet, because I am the most terrifying. Say you are most terrifying yourself, what parts do you hail from?

FRY: Oh, I am from earth, I was turned into a monster from some virus that was in a pastrami sandwich from an alien bathroom vending machine. So what is in the crate anyhow?

FRED: well being a monster and all I am sure you realize how hard it is to keep your nails sharp without all the hassle, so that is why I ordered this axe-grinding wheel. Want to try it out?

FRY: no thank you, I am new at this whole monster thing, and my nails aren’t all that dull yet.

FRED: well that’s just fascinating, your payment has been sent in advance, you have no idea how hard it is to get a delivery around here, I mean either they don’t show up, or they are killed before they even get 10 feet. Oh well then hope to see you around some time.

FRY: will try, well see ya.

FRY (thinking): Gee, this planet isn’t so bad if you’re a monster.

[Just then, there was a huge angry roar from the castle and Fred bursts out most displeased]

FRED: what have you done to my package it is totally ruined!

FRY: um I can explain that, you see I was kind of new at the whole flying thing, so I sort Of fell like a rock and you package broke my fall.

FRED: prepare to die! GET HIM!!!!!!!

[Huge swarms of monsters then come up out of every crevice around Fry and attack him]

FRY: I am getting out of here!

[He flaps his wings and takes off toward where the Planet Express Ship should be Fry then Managed to fly up to the ship and get into the cargo bay]

LEELA: what is going on down there? Did you deliver the package?

FRY: long story, monsters very mad, we have to get out of here!

[Just then, the ship is rocked back and forth and there is a lot of banging all around coming from the outside.]

FRY: oh no! some of them must be able to Fry too! We have to get out of here!

LEELA: we can’t the engines are loosing power you will have to hold them off until Amy Can fix the engines!

AMY: way ahead of you.

FRY: but I am only one monster, I can’t possible take them all on!

LEELA: you can with these.

[She opens the weapons closet and on a rack, there are various large weapons specially Made to fit very large strong people…kind of like Fry maybe?]

FRY: Oh, I get it, well its time to suit up.

[Fry straps on the various components, like lasers that strap to the forearm, and a large pack that has a very large laser with missiles attached to it.]

FRY: wish me luck!

[Fry then jumps out of the airlock and engages in combat with the other winged beasts.]

FRY: take this you evil beasts!

[Fry fires all missiles and blows about 20 of the creatures out of the sky]

FRY: and some of this!

[Fry stars shooting at all the others and picks them off one by one. Just then Fred appears In the sky and attacks Fry]

FRED: you can’t stop me first, I am going to kill you and then eat you beloved shipmates You traitor to all monster kind!

FRY: oh no you don’t!

[Fry lunges at him and they are in each other’s death locks in midair, they begin to tumble Toward the surface]

FRED: if I am going down you are coming with me!

[He holds onto Fry tighter and Fry struggles to get free, just then two booster rockets come out of the pack and fire burning Fred’s arms]

FRED: ahhhh!!! It burns!!!

FRY: alright I am free!

[Just before hitting, the ground Fry come to a stop and Fred smashes into the ground]

FRY: I am going to finish you off once and for all.

[Fry then flies right over Fred and burns him to a crisp with his boosters, Fry then flies Back to the ship and into the cargo bay.]


[Back on earth]

FARNSWORTH: good news everyone, I have the cure for Fry’s monster problem.

[He then shoots Fry with a tranquilizer gun and Fry falls over]

FRY: hey what the hell was that for!? I mean that was anticlimactic!

[He then starts to shake and stops moving]

LEELA: my God professor, what have you done!

FARNSWORTH: what he will be ok I think, he should come out normal in a few minutes.

[Just then, the shell of the monster starts to shake and Fry emerges from out of its mouth naked. He does not realize this and everyone starts laughing,]

FRY: hey wait a minute, AHHH!! I am naked!

[He then runs off and hides in a closet. He then comes out still covered in some slime wearing some pants with an old shirt.]

FRY: I had better get home.

LEELA: wait up Fry, you all should be ashamed of yourselves; I mean you didn’t have to Laugh at him like that.

[Leela runs out and meets up with Fry]

LEELA: where are you going?

FRY: home to take a shower why?

LEELA: I think we need to take a shower.

FRY: Oh, I see, meet you at your place in 10?

LEELA: good idea

FRY: I love you Leela

LEELA: I love you too Fry.



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