Fan Fiction

Avenging Angel, part 1
By Sam

It was a normal day at Planet Express. Everyone is watching TV. Besides the Professor who is working on a project. He just finished it when he realizes he needs a container for it. Goes into the kitchen area and gets a thermal cup for it and puts on the counter. The second after he does that he completely forgets he was even working on the project and walks a way to his lab. Mean while in the lobby.

Calculon: But I love you.

Monique: I don't love you. Now leave.

Bender: Seen it.

Bender changes the Chanel. Fry is chugging down a Slurm. He runs out of it and shakes the can. Not a single drop comes out. He throws it on the ground and goes into the kitchen to get another. He spots the thermal the Professor had used earlier. He opens the top and looks at the contents of it. It the same shade of green like Slurm. He shrugs his shoulders and chugges it down. It tasted just like Slurm. He thirst satisfied he went back into the lobby. Started to watch whatever was on TV. He didn't feel tired, but with in seconds he was a sleep.

A few hours later.

Fry was being shaked. He opened up his eyes to see the Sun had gone down. The TV was off, and now one else was on the couch. He looked over to see who was shaking him. It was Leela. She smiled down at him. He smiled back.

Fry: How long was i asleep?

Leela: Four hours. Did you not sleep well last night?

Fry: I guess not.

He got up. The second he did there was sharp and sudden pain in his back. He let out a small cry of pain and garbed his back. Leela who had been walking towards the door turned around.

Leela: Are you alright?

Fry: Yeah i'm fine my back just hurts.

He stood up and stretched out his back some. It didn't help much, but he got up and left P.E. any way. He walked with Leela until they had to go there separate ways. He quickly walked home. Every second his back pain was getting worse. He took the elevator up to his apartment. When he got into the apartment Bender wasn't there. There was a note on his door. It read. Went to a robot club. Won't be back for a while. Fry didn't care. He quickly went into the bathroom and got out some Advil. He took two pills and then went and layied down on his bed. He waited for the pain killers to kick in. They didn't. the pain was getting worse. He tried laying in a different position. And then another and another. Nothing helped, and the pain was getting worse. It felt like something was growing out of his back. Finally the pain was just to much. He blacked out.

A couple of hours later.

Fry woke up in a cold sweat. His back wasn't hurting nearly as much as it was earlier. He sat up. He felt like there was something on his back the weighed ten pounds. He stretched his back. He heard something move behind his back. He looked to the right. There was a large white wing. He jumped. He looked to his left and there was another white wing. He got up and walked over to the mirror. there were to large white wings coming out of his back. Fry stared his mouth hanging open. He reached back to feel the feathers. There soft and smooth. He was freaking out.

Fry(Mentally): Why the hell do i have wings!? How the hell did i get them.

Fry stood up straighter. The wings expanded to there full length. There easily more than fifteen feet long. They almost reached from one wall to another wall. Fry just stared at them.

Fry(m): How did they grow in four hours?

He thought for a second.

Fry(m): That stuff that i drank in the kitchen. It must have been something the Professor made.

Fry looked at wings again. Now that he was used to them he sort of liked them. He wondered if he could fly. Or even move them. He imagined them moving. They moved. He imagined them moving faster. The moved faster. Suddenly Fry was coming of the ground. He looked down he was a couple of feet off the ground. His head hit the ceiling. his stopped moving the wings. Fell back to the ground. He looked at his wing in awe.

Fry(m): Now i want to see how i fly in an open area.

He decided to go up to the roof. He noticed one problem though. It would look rather odd if he was just walking around with his wings out. He tried to move them as close as he could to his back. They were as close to his back as they were going to get. He put on his jacket. He looked at him self in the mirror. He looked just like he normally did. He quickly walked up to the roof. When he got up there he took off his jacket and let his wings out. He started to flap them back and forth just like he did in his room. He started to rise. He leaned to the left. He moved left. He leaned to the right he moved right. Then he leaned forward. He moved forward. Then he leaned like he was laying down. He started to go forward faster. Before he realized it he was over the street. He was so busy looking down he didn't see the building in front of him. He looked up just in time. He quickly angled him self up wards. He just barely missed the building. He flew over it and let out a loud laugh.

Fry(m): This is awesome!

He flew around some more. He quickly got the hang of his new wings. All he had to do was angle him self in the direction he wanted to go wand he would go in that direction. He also learned how to do a trick. He was bored and decided to try and do a spiral. It worked, He just almost crashed int a building again. He wondered how he looked from some's view on the ground. Some guy in a t-shirt and jean with wings. That wouldn't be weird at all. He decided it was time to go back to his apartment. He turned around. He was half way there when he heard some one shout. He went lower so he could here more.

Woman: Help!

Fry quickly looked at the nearest alleys. He found the woman. She was in an alley being chased by two men. Fry quickly angled him self towards them. He noticed the two goons where walking close together. He folded his wings in and aimed his feet down towards the goons. He landed on them. They hit the ground hard. Fry got off of them. They were out for the count. The woman looked at him in shock. Luckily Fry was in the shadows so you couldn't see his face.

Woman: Who are you?

Fry didn't answer. He let his wings out. The Woman gasped.

Woman: Are you and angel?

Fry didn't answer he quickly shot up into the night sky and went towards his apartment. He landed on the roof a little ruffly. He had tucked his wings in to early and almost fell. he quickly put on his jacket and went back to his apartment. He walked in with a skip in his step. He didn't realize Bender was there. Watching TV. He looked at Fry with a curious expression. Or at least as curious as his face can look. Fry stopped and sat calmly on the couch.

Bender: Someone is very happy. Did you get lucky?

Fry: What no.

Bender: Then why are you so happy?

Fry: Can't i just randomly be happy?

Bender: I guess so. I'm surprised i didn't run into you down stairs. I just got here.

Fry: Yeah that is weird. Must have just missed each other.

Bender: So what were you doing?

Fry: I went and saw a movie.

Bender: At 12?

Fry: It started at ten.

Bender: what was it?

Fry quickly thought of a movie commercial he had seen on TV.

Fry: Megashark Attacks.

Bender: Was it good?

Fry remembered what he thought of the commercials.

Fry: It was okay. Graphics weren't the greatest.

Bender: Cool.

They watched some All My Circuits. The news came on after it. Fry was just about to go to bed when something Linda said caught his attention.

Linda: Our main story of the night. A Mysterious flying man. Multiple sighting of him across New New York. Mulitpile pictures were sent in. One woman eve clamed to talk to him.

They showed multiple pictures of Fry flying. Luckily you couldn't make out any thing other than it was a man and he had wings.

Linda: Right now we have with us the woman who claimed to meet the winged man. It nice to meet you.

Woman: It's nice to meet you to Linda.

Linda: So tell us how did you meet the mysterious winged man?

Woman: Well i was walking home from work and these two guy tried to mug me. I ran into an alley way yelling for help, and suddenly he dove from the sky and landed on the two men knocking them unconscious. At first i thought he just jumped off a fire escape, but then he undid his wings. He looked like and Avenging Angel.

Linda: Did you see his face?

Woman: No but he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Fry quickly zipped up his jacket. Bender didn't even look at him.

Linda: Well thank you for your time.

Woman: Your welcome.

The woman got up and left.

Linda: So there you have it. Apparently New New York has an Avenging Angel.

It took all of Fry's will power not to jump up in joy. He was a super hero. again. He walked into his room and jumped up in the air. He accidently let his wings out and they ripped through his jacket. He took of his jacket and shirt. Which was very hard. He had to get them over his wings. He put on his pj's and went to sleep.

The next morning.

Fry got up and stretched. That in turn caused his wings to stretch. They expanded to there full length knocking over multiple things. He quickly pulled them together and got dressed. It was much easier to put his shirt on. He had to find another jacket in his closet. He put it on. When he wallked into the living room the news was on. They were doing the Avenging Angel story again. Fry smiled to him self. Bender was drinking a beer and standing by the door.

Bender: Are you ready to go meat bag?

Fry: Yeah.

They left to go to work. On the way there they pasted a news stand. The newspaper had a picture of Fry on the cover flying through the air. Fry smiled some more. By the time he had gotten to work he grinning broadly. When he walked in Leela was sitting on the couch watching TV, and drinking some coffee. Fry happily sat down next to her. She raised an eye brow at him. He just kept smiling.

Leela: Some one is in a good mood.

Bender: Yeah he's been this way since last night.

Fry didn't respond he just watched what ever was on TV and kept smiling. Leela took a sip of her coffee.

Leela: So why are you so happy?

Fry: What i can't be randomly happy?

Leela: I guess so.

Leela looked closer at him. She could have sworn he had gotten bigger.

Leela: Hey Fry have you been working out?

Bender: Pfft. Fry working out? Yeah right.

Leela: I was just asking because he looks bigger.

Bender looked closer at him.

Bender: Yeah your right. Have you been working out Fry?

Fry: Uh yeah.

He moved his wings closer to his back.

Leela: Well what ever your doing it's working.

The Professor walks in.

Professor: Good news every one!

Everyone: Oh great.

Professor: Oh it's not that bad. You'll be making a delivery to mars.

Leela: That isn't bad. What are we delivering?

Professor: You'll be delivering a crate of books to a small school.

Leela: That isn't that bad at all. Lets go.

They all went to the ship. It only took them a couple of minutes to get to the location. They parked in the middle of no where.

Leela: Fry you'll be delivering the crate. The school is only a few miles a way from here so bring so water.

Fry: Aye aye caption.

Fry walked down to the hanger and got the crate. He walked until the ship was no longer visible. He took of his jacket and is shirt and let his wings out. He flew the rest of the way. He stopped flying when the school came into view. He dropped of the crate without a problem. He walked until the school wasn't visible any more then he flew the rest of the way back to the ship. When the ship became visible he stopped flying and put his shirt and jacket on. He walked up the steps of the ship. When he got in the ship Leela looked at him curiously.

Leela: That was fast.

Fry: While i was walking a guy gave a lift.

Leela: Well that was lucky. Alright lets go home.

The flew home. When they all got out of the ship Leela turned to him.

Leela: Fry you might want to take a shower your covered in dust.

Fry looked at him self. Then he remembered his wings.

Fry: I'll just wait until i get home.

Leela: Why you've taken a shower her a thousand times before.

Fry: I just don't want to take a shower here.

Leela: Alright fine.

They walked into the lobby. The Professor was waiting for them there.

Professor: wash the ship. You just got back from mars it has to be dirty.

Leela: It's not that bad.

Professor: Wash it any way.

Fry, Leela, and Bender went back into the hanger to wash the ship. Leela got the front, and Fry and Bender got the sides and the bottom. Fry took one side and Bender took the other. When they both reached the bottom Bender sprayed him. Luckily it only got his jacket wet. Fry took it of and went back to work. He noticed Bender was trying to get him wet again. He dodged the water just in time. Fry knew that if his shirt got wet it would cling to him and show his wings. he quickly finished his side of the ship and went to put his equipment away. Unluckily his back was facing Leela. She noticed how he was avoiding getting wet and decided to spray him. The second the water hit his back he jumped around and faced her.

Fry: Why you do that?

Leela: I don't know i just felt like it.

Fry put on his wet jacket. That would at least hide his wings better. He quickly left Planet Express. No one was in the lobby to stop him. He walked down the street past and old clothing store. He suddenly had an idea. He went in and bought somethings. He quickly went home and put them on. He had bought a black wool hat to cover his hair, a black t-shirt, black pants basically every thing was black. He bough a long strip of you guessed it black cloth. He cut two holes in it and used it as a mask. He looked at him self in the mirror. He was dressed in mostly black. The only thing that wasn't black was the brown leather jacket he had bought. He smiled at him self and tried to get his wings out. He got them past the shirt, but the leather stopped them. He cut two large holes in the jacket. His wings could get out then. He let them out and put them back in to see how it felt. It felt just fine. He smiled and ran out of the apartment. He ran to the roof.